The changes in the world around us are moving at quite a fast pace, with the introduction of new technologies. In the case of blockchain, we can see how the metaverse could bring promising improvements in the proposed projects. While many people assume that the metaverse is more than a decade away before it materializes successfully, it may happen faster than anyone can imagine. With that being said, it is also important to notice the increasing attention around projects in the metaverse, especially the metaverse blockchain and crypto projects

How do crypto and blockchain fit in the equation with the metaverse? Will blockchain-based projects in the metaverse introduce any value improvements for the new concept of a completely virtual ecosystem? All these questions can find suitable answers in a detailed reflection on top metaverse blockchain projects in present times. The following discussion presents an overview of popular blockchain-based projects in the metaverse.

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The Sudden Rise of the Metaverse

Among all discussions on metaverse blockchain and crypto projects, the definition of the metaverse finds the first priority. Many companies are vying to get their seats booked in the metaverse, with top names such as Microsoft, Facebook, and NVidia leading the way. The metaverse would basically be a virtual ecosystem, which in turn, would be a collection of different virtual worlds. You can access different services and apps in the metaverse as distinct spaces for various use cases and applications. 

Interestingly, many people doubt the possibilities of growth for the metaverse in the future. On the contrary, the metaverse is developing steadily at an impressive pace. New projects continue to emerge alongside connecting with each other for bridging different aspects of the digital lives of users. However, the promising highlight in development of the metaverse is the crucial role of blockchain in the same. 

For example, the Binance Smart Chain is one of the promising answers to “What is a Metaverse project?” especially with the involvement of blockchain. Binance Smart Chain has already hosted many metaverse projects such as RPG games and a metaverse universe. Furthermore, other projects such as the collectible card game, TopGoal, also showcase the potential for blockchain-based or crypto projects in the metaverse. 

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Relationship between Crypto and the Metaverse 

As of now, the majority of the metaverse projects are practically metaverse games, which offer the 3D aspect of the metaverse. However, there are many other elements that are essential for building the metaverse. Blockchain or crypto can fit the missing piece in the metaverse by offering many key functionalities.

The growing additions in a metaverse crypto projects list would directly imply the productivity blockchain or crypto brings to the metaverse. Here are some of the key aspects in blockchain or crypto which align with the envisioned design of the metaverse. 

  • Proof of Ownership 

Blockchain offers digital proof of ownership for assets in the metaverse. You can own a crypto wallet, and your private keys could prove your ownership of assets or activities on a blockchain. So, metaverse crypto projects could have robust and highly secure methods for establishing proof of ownership and digital identity.

  • Transferring Value

Another essential factor required in the metaverse would refer to the ability to transfer value. In addition, the metaverse would need a method for transferring value while safeguarding the trust of users. For example, crypto is more secure on a blockchain than the in-game currencies of multiplayer games. So, crypto can definitely offer reliable currency for users interested in spending long periods of time in the metaverse. 

  • Interoperability

The feasibility of best metaverse crypto projects also depends on the element of interoperability facilitated by blockchain in the metaverse. Blockchain can enable compatibility between different spaces in the metaverse. For example, projects such as Avalanche and Polkadot allow users to create custom blockchains, which could interact with each other. 

  • Governance

In a digital world resembling the real world, you would definitely need rules, and the metaverse is not an exception. Users would focus primarily on the ability to control rules of engaging with the metaverse. Blockchain offers the ideal foundation for fair and transparent governance in the metaverse. 

  • Uniqueness of Collectibles

The most vital aspect of metaverse blockchain and crypto projects would be digital collectability. You would need to show the uniqueness and originality of assets in the metaverse for the proposed real-life activities. NFTs can help in creating 100% unique assets, while blockchain technology could provide an ideal representation for ownership of physical assets. 

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Top Metaverse Blockchain and Crypto Projects

Top Metaverse Blockchain and Crypto Projects

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The value propositions introduced by blockchain in the metaverse offer adequate proof for the growth of metaverse blockchain and crypto projects in future. Blockchain presents a secure, cost-effective, and transparent solution for aligning with the primary vision of the metaverse. With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the top metaverse blockchain and crypto projects which have immense potential.

  • Decentraland


One of the earliest pioneers in the metaverse, Decentraland, is practically a 3D universe. The 3D universe allows players to develop plots of virtual real estate alongside participating in many other activities. Players could also host events, engage in social activities and create content on Decentraland. 

As a matter of fact, Decentraland is a renowned project in the metaverse well before the buzz around the metaverse started building up. Developed in 2016, the simple 2D game has turned into one of the best metaverse game and metaverse crypto projects, with NFTs pinned at hundreds of thousands of dollars in value. Decentraland also offers its own native ERC-20 standard utility token known as MANA. 

Decentralized has necessary traits which validate its entry into a metaverse crypto projects list, such as a 3D interface. The other traits of Decentraland which fit with the metaverse include in-game events, a digital economy, and elements for social interaction. In addition, Decentraland has been gaining unparalleled popularity in recent times for the virtual real estate NFT on the platform, known as LAND. 

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  • Bloktopia


The second important addition among top metaverse blockchain and crypto projects is Bloktopia. It is basically a VR metaverse game, where you have to play in a setting with a skyscraper. The skyscraper has 21 different floors, representing the maximum supply of 21 million Bitcoins. It basically aims to offer a hub in the metaverse for socializing, work, events, and many other activities. Bloktopia utilizes Polygon blockchain for offering the four primary functionalities of learning, earning, playing, and creating. 

The four distinct functionalities enabled by blockchain in Bloktopia validate its position among top metaverse blockchain projects in present times. It can serve as a vital gateway for learning about blockchain and its significance in the metaverse. Bloktopia also leverages the play-to-earn model through the native token, BLOK. In addition, it also enables advertising opportunities with Adblok alongside facilitating real estate through Reblok. Furthermore, users can also play a wide range of user-build games alongside content and create their own gaming environments. 

  • The Sandbox


Another prominent entry in the list of best metaverse crypto projects would be The Sandbox. It is practically a blockchain game in the metaverse, which allows users to explore a virtual world. The virtual world in The Sandbox includes NFTs, user-created environments as well as other content. The Sandbox has evolved into a complex environment that leverages Ether and its native token, SAND, for powering in-game economy. 

Players could create their own digital avatars and identities, which they can link with a crypto wallet for managing their NFTs and SAND tokens as well as other blockchain assets. With the help of powerful programs, players could create virtual items and games with exclusive economic potential as NFTs

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  • Enjin 


The name of Enjin is also an important addition to a metaverse crypto projects list for its unique capabilities. It is a blockchain platform that helps users in creating NFTs that they could use as in-game items. Enjin has successfully released software development kits or SDKs for facilitating simple development of Ethereum-based NFTs. Since NFTs have turned into an integral aspect in the metaverse, Enjin vouches to develop a secure platform for minting NFTs

The most striking aspect about Enjin as one of the top metaverse blockchain projects is the liquidity for NFTs. Generally, NFTs are plagued with the setback of illiquidity as you must find a buyer for the NFTs. On the contrary, you can convert your Enjin NFT into ENJ tokens and get the desired value for your NFT. Apart from offering liquidity, Enjin also empowers scarcity and digital collectability, thereby qualifying it for the metaverse. 

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  • Star Atlas 

Star Atlas

The final, and probably, one of the most innovative metaverse crypto projects, is Star Atlas. It is a new gaming metaverse built on the foundations of multiplayer video games, real-time visuals and experiences, decentralized financial technologies, and blockchain. One can clearly notice how Star Atlas bridges the gap between metaverse and blockchain technology in its foundations on the Solana blockchain

The gaming metaverse of Star Atlas allows users to buy digital assets like land, equipment, ships, and crew. In addition, Star Atlas also features an in-game monetary system known as POLIS, which primarily serves the different in-game procedures. With so many unique functionalities and promising experiences in-store, Star Atlas can rise quickly among the ranks of best metaverse crypto projects in the future. 

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Bottom Line

Metaverse is the biggest trend in the world of tech right now. The rebranding of Facebook and drastic growth in value of metaverse tokens showcase vital proof for the feasibility of metaverse. On top of it, metaverse blockchain projects offer the right motivation for incorporating blockchain and metaverse together. 

However, we are still in the initial stages of development in the metaverse. At the same time, the number of metaverse projects is also increasing substantially. Blockchain can provide the necessary traits required in the metaverse, such as interoperability, security, ownership, and decentralization. Will the metaverse blockchain relationship flourish in the future? Learn more about the metaverse in detail right now to find your answers.

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