I’m a huge of memes, I mean who isn’t, right? Memes make us laugh even when we are sad. However, as everyone is now talking about blockchain on social media, it’s likely that there’ll be some juicy blockchain memes lurking around here and there.

I decided that, it’s time for some fun and collected all the best ones so far. So, want to give these blockchain memes a try? Well, these are mainly bitcoin memes as bitcoin seems to be one of the controversial topics now.

Even though you should definitely give these a try! Take a look at this list of blockchain memes. They’ll surely make your day.

Top 20 Blockchain Memes of 2018 Just For You 

1. This is the dilemma of all the people out there who bought bitcoins. As the prices skyrocket every now and then, no one can decide whether to sell them or not!

selling bitcoins meme
Image Credit: bitcoinchuy


2. Well, nothing to say about this one, is it? It’s one of my favorite blockchain memes so far! It’s hilarious!

the effect- bitcoin meme
Image Source: @jwiechers


3. When you can’t figure out whether your bitcoins values are going up or traditional currency values going down. Either way, it’s your win, right?

the uncertainity blockchain meme
Image Credit: Quickmeme


4. One of the classic ones so far. This blockchain meme surely describes the reality. Soon they will take over and no one will remember fiat money.

Crypto taking over fiat meme
Image Source: cheezburger


5. When you work hard all day but still can’t make as much as your bitcoin does just sitting in your wallet.

crazy bitcoin investment meme
Image Source: bitcoinindiawiki


6. Sure you bought bitcoins, but where to spend it, right? It’s a dilemma we all go through.

spending bitcoin meme
Image Credit: @champagneemojis


7. Bitcoins don’t take up much space at all. It’s just a digital program. So, if you have a lot of cash you can’t deal with, why not spend it on bitcoins. Saves space, right?

fiat vs bitcoin meme
Image Credit: Quickmeme

8. It’s no wonder that everyone is curious about Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. No one knows who he is. He just vanished out of nowhere. After some time many users suspected that Dorian Nakamoto is the real “Satoshi”. Needless to say, he wasn’t and he had to prove it! Crazy, right?

Satoshi Nakamoto blockchain meme
Image Source: bitcoinafrica

9. It’s another one of the classic blockchain memes. Everyone reacts like that whenever they buy a new crypto.

new altcoin meme
Image Credit: CryptoHumor


10. People are so crazy about blockchains and cryptocurrencies that they’ll but anything new that comes across.

new blckchains and crypto meme
Image Credit: CryptoHumor


Oh Wait! There’s more where these came from.

11. When you are trying to explain the whole concept of cryptocurrency to your friends.

Trying to explain blockchain meme
Image Credit: @Tank.Sinatra


12. Literally no one knows why the prices of crypto drop or get up. So, if you are thinking hard about this, you’ll probably look like this.

unstability of blockchain meme
Image Credit: Crypto_meme


13. Buying bitcoins can put a lot of pressure too. I mean you don’t know if the prices will drop or not. It could happen any minute.

the pressure bitcoin funny meme
Image Credit: @Tank.Sinatra


14. When you haven’t bought any bitcoins and you’re regretting it like hell. Just go back in time and fix it!

funny blockchain meme
Image Credit: bitcoinchuy


15. When you’re not sure whether this much money is enough to fulfill all your dreams, so you hold onto it. But don’t hold it for too long!

]funny holding onto bitcoins meme
Image credit: Cryptorials


16. Want to impress girls? Why don’t you talk about your bitcoins? Make sure it doesn’t go otherwise like this.

funny blockchain meme bitcoin
Image Credit: @gucci.gameboy


17. Everyone is talking about bitcoins now. It’s likely you’ll get sick of it someday and then misunderstand people. Well, this can go both ways, right?

best bitcoin funny meme
Image Credit: @dkcomedy


18. Another classic pick up line nowadays. Everyone gets crazy about bitcoin.

impressing girls meme
Image Credit: thebraintickle


19. Just bought bitcoin? Can’t wait to see how much you made? Bitcoin is that much unstable that you have to peek every second.

best bitcoin craze meme
Image Credit: thebraintickle


20. When Crypto exchange market is open 24/7. You’ll have a new thing to look forward to.

before and after buying crypto meme
Image Credit: cryptoplace

So, these were the most hilarious blockchain memes I could find online. I’m pretty sure you enjoyed it, I mean why won’t you? These are all great!

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