The crypto space has grown to be such a big world. The blockchain technology has aroused imagination, fear, confusion, and curiosity. These feelings are for both enthusiasts and critics alike. Today’s crypto world has so much known while so much also remains unknown. Some of the unknowns are who is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Today we will take a walk through how crypto came into light. The main focus is to try to uncover the greatest mystery behind Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. The person or rather could be persons behind Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin creation

In 2007, the first step towards the creation of Bitcoin took place. Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin Code. The step sounded invaluable then, years later you can be the judge. Do you think it was invaluable a step? I don’t think so.

In 2008, through an online domain, the creator of Bitcoin released a white paper. In the paper, Satoshi outlines how the Bitcoin will work using computer networks. The purpose was to end third parties for the digital transactions.

In 2009, Bitcoin was released to the public. The first Bitcoin miner was Hal Finney who downloaded the blockchain. Later, he mined ten Bitcoins making him among the earliest users of Bitcoin. The other early enthusiasts of bitcoin are; Wei Dai, Nick Szabo, and Gavin Andresen. And their current support grew on from then.

Bitcoin Growth

During the growth period, one name stands out; Gavin Andresen. The American developer took the mantle by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2010. The last message by the creator was the revolutionary Bitcoin was in safe hands. Under Gavin Andresen, the next seven years would prove very crucial.

The growth has happened through striking strategic relationships. In 2013, a learning institution in the US accepted Bitcoin as a legal mode of payment. Currently, the mode is acceptable globally by private institutions and some governments.

The growth happened amidst fights with the government over the years. All in all, Bitcoin developed and grew as the revolutionary idea it was. 2017 was the best year yet for bitcoin as its value grew to over $11,000 for a single Bitcoin.

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The Mystery Behind Satoshi Nakamoto

Amidst all these information about Bitcoin, one mystery remains unsolved. As is nature of humans, curiosity has seen various researches on the topic of who is Satoshi Nakamoto? But, there has not been conclusive evidence on which exactly points out who it is or rather, who they are. We take our chances by entering the world of unknown. You might be lucky to know who it is.

Moving from the known to unknown. We will be keen on detail and see to it that you don’t miss out on anything. Hence, switch on the focus gear and join me on this trip.

But before any form of lead to knowing Nakamoto`s identity, much has been done. Stylometry has been used to link Bitcoin works to the identity of who is Satoshi Nakamoto. The style looks at original Bitcoin texts and relates them to texts of an author.

The style has the possibility of identifying many possible identities. But there are still others who are close enough to be Nakamoto.

All in all, let us first explore what helps us identify Nakamoto.

The Known About Satoshi Nakamoto

Some facts about on whoever Satoshi Nakamoto are so obvious. They are the information out there for everyone.

Satoshi Nakamoto is Genius

A 2011 article in The New Yorker rightfully credits the Bitcoin with near perfect status. The Bitcoin code is without mistakes. By eliminating mistakes, Satoshi Nakamoto created a secure, trustable and safe online platform.
In the words of the article; ‘Only the most paranoid, painstaking coder in the world could avoid making mistakes.’

Satoshi Nakamoto is Fluent in English

Nakamoto`s wrote the code and literature on Bitcoin including its white paper. And they are available online. The literature and code show Satoshi Nakamoto to be very fluent in English. Especially, British English. This premise has fuelled the repeated speculation of Satoshi being a Briton. He may claim Japanese origins, but his grasp of English betrays him. Nonetheless, the grasp of English does not necessarily mean that he is a Briton or he is not Japanese.

Satoshi Nakamoto can be more than one person

There is a massive chance Satoshi might not be a single individual. The possibility that it could be a group of individuals is intriguing. But, where are the claims that they may be a group of people stemming from? Here is where. The claims arise from the nature of the innovation.

The Bitcoin system stands out in today’s society for its brilliance. It is an irreversible, fast, reliable, and global transactional innovation. Moreover, the platform is pseudonymous. Thus, it is possible to register without exposing the real identity.

What is even exciting is the Bitcoin system protects from third-party intrusion. Either from the government or other parties. Owing to the amount of work that goes into such an idea, it may sound right the work may have required a team to create.

One assertion by Laszlo Hanyecz, an early Bitcoin developer supports this thought. So, he had the feeling that the code was too good for one person. He was also privileged to have emailed Nakamoto.

The Unknown

We now have some information on where to start our search. Our solutions to the mystery are within grasp. The field is wide. But we must still keep on. You have come so far to give up on the solution. We must find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is? Do you not want to solve this mystery? If yes, you should proceed on to what is unknown.

So, what is the unknown on Satoshi Nakamoto?

We have dealt with the known but what is the unknown. What adds to all the frenzy on the mystery?

Is Satoshi Nakamoto Male or Female?

We have seen Satoshi Nakamoto could be anyone. Satoshi Nakamoto claims to be Japanese born in April 1975. But, it’s unclear whether it’s male or female. Many opinions point to Satoshi Nakamoto being male for whatever reasons. But, what if it is female? I know right! It could be a genius female. The prospect of having the most innovative idea by a female developer is exciting, to say the least. Even so, it is too soon early to call it. We have to hold on a little longer.

Why Would He Not Stick Around to Take Credit?

If I were Satoshi Nakamoto I would have stuck around to take credit. To appear on television shows to take credit. To pride in my brilliance. Admit it; you would like too. Yet; Satoshi Nakamoto, chose to vanish. So, what was the motivation behind this move? You will find out shortly as this is a well-researched topic.

Possible Reasons Why Satoshi Nakamoto Chose Anonymity

Plenty of Caution

The most reasonable argument that resonates well with any thinker is; he chose to be quiet out of caution. Bitcoin technology is rooted in cyberpunks! Wondering who those are? Cyberpunks are activists who advocate for the use of cryptography. As they are part of a fight for social and political change.

Challenging the government institutions is tough. It can leave you vulnerable to attacks from all quarters. Needless to say, Satoshi Nakamoto, being visionary, he foresaw that. Thus, he opted to stay anonymous for his own good.

Deflect Attention and Political Twists

On inception of the Bitcoin blockchain, Nakamoto had a very clear intention in mind. He wanted to change the financial world. He wanted to ease transactions while also eliminating third parties. So, he wanted to ensure his security for the sake of the project.

We know by now anyone could have been Satoshi Nakamoto. It is also known crime organizations have used the blockchain in their transactions. The fact that you are reading this also shed light you are not the average citizen. So, it’s evident you involve yourself in politics, and you know politics twists stories.

Now, imagine what would have happened had Satoshi Nakamoto put a face to the name. And crime organizations used his technology. The story would have been twisted that the new idea would be deemed inappropriate. His foresight would have him seek to remain anonymous. For the technology to achieve the intended purpose. Guess what? He was right.

The anonymity eased what might have been turned to a political cat chase. However much the political involvement one thing is clear, it would have been messier.

Enjoyed Privacy?

Surprising as it may sound, some people enjoy privacy. Satoshi Nakamoto may have been one of those. To him or her or them a quiet life is enough. Attention only seeks to add misery to their life. So, he opted to remain in the box of anonymity. The fame and attention that came with it did not matter. As long as the revolution was happening, it did not matter if he were to be credited or not.

So, can we put a Face to The Name?

You are making awesome progress. With the known and unknown within your realm can we now put a face to the name? Take up the challenge.

On that account, here are some of the qualities that are a must-have for any possible candidate. He must be a developer, a firm believer in cryptography, a decentralized currency enthusiast, and an entrepreneur.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto: Top Candidates

Here are the top contenders for Bitcoin`s origin;

Nick Szabo – The Bit Gold Creator

Nick_szabo Image Credits: Youtube

Nick Szabo has constantly denied the links connecting him to being Satoshi Nakamoto. But, his writing on ‘bit gold’ when analyzed shows similarity with the original Bitcoin white paper. Moreover, being among the first to explore Bitcoin, it places him a top contender to the face behind Satoshi Nakamoto.

Harold Finney – First Bitcoin Transaction by an American Cypherpunk

Harold Finney
Image Credits: Youtube

Remember Harold Finney who mined the first ten Bitcoins on the same day they were released? Yes, this guy might as well be the creator of Bitcoin doing business with himself. Additionally, the fact he suggested improvement on Bitcoin only after Satoshi Nakamoto is somewhat proof. Circumstantial as it may, Hal Finney could as well turn out to be Nakamoto.

Dorian Prentice – Military Physicist: American Satoshi Nakamoto?

Image Credits: Steemit

Dorian Prentice whose birth name is Satoshi Nakamoto has been subject to media attention. Would be for his name or ingenuity. But, his background as a libertarian and knowledge as a physicist places him in a position to be our Satoshi Nakamoto.

Probably the biggest link of this man to being the creator of Bitcoin is a statement he made. In the statement, he alluded to the fact he no longer was involved in the technology. Claiming there are people in charge of Bitcoin. Is this not enough to raise enough suspicion? Although, he later withdrew the statement.

Craig Wright – Admission Gone Wrong by an Australian Computer Scientist

craig wrights
Image Credits: The Economist

The computer scientist was ousted by a person claiming to work with him. In the e-mail to Gizmodo, the anonymous tip claimed Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin.

Additionally, in 2016, Craig Wright claimed he was our Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the Australian Authority reacted by raiding his home. After which, Craig withdrew his statement. The evidence of proof he claimed he had he recanted.

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Other Possible Candidates

One thing Nakamoto has managed to do so well is hiding his identity. He has given if not all some of the best people to look out for. But the possibility of him not being of them cannot be ignored. Even with that in mind, you can still be lucky to know others who have traits that relate to the Bitcoin creator.

Among top linked personalities includes a student, scientists, sociologist, and mathematicians.

One article linked Nakamoto`s identity to Finnish sociologist Dr. Vili Lehdonvirta. The article still linked Irish student Michael Clear, a graduate in cryptography.

Even Garvin Andersen has also been connected to Nakamoto`s identity in a 2013 article. The argument of the article is Garvin took up the responsibility to develop Bitcoin so easily. Either Garvin knows who Nakamoto is or he is the one.

Another outrageous connection was made to Elon Musk based on expertise in financial software and white paper writing in a 2017 article.

Satoshi Nakamoto Net Worth

As stated earlier, there is no clarity on who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is. But, information on his worth is known. Before vanishing in 2011, reports claim Satoshi Nakamoto mined about 1 million Bitcoins. Currently, these translate to over 6% of all the Bitcoins. With that much Bitcoin, the value ranges in the value of over $15 billion. The value has placed him in the position of 40s-50s in the world’s richest person. It, therefore, is evident the Bitcoin creator is also a wise business person.

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In conclusion, there is the mystery surrounding the creator and developer of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto will remain unsolved at least for now. Maybe we will never know who created Bitcoin. Or maybe we solved the mystery right here right now.

Nonetheless, amidst all the mystery some things remain so clear. That Bitcoin technology is a phenomenal creation. That over the years Bitcoin has grown to be the profound idea it was envisioned to be. It has made the Bitcoin community have a global platform. A platform which is fast, reliable, dependable, and secure for their online transactions.

Moreover, the identity of the creator may not be as significant as the research on the future of Bitcoin. Enthusiasts argue that with the growth of the blockchain technology the potential is massive. Critics argue the growing potential might overload the system. Consequently, betraying that which Bitcoin was developed for – decentralization of currency.

All in all, even if you do not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. You enjoy the fruits of his technology. Other blockchain projects have sprouted from it.



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