The sudden rise of cryptocurrencies is shaking up the whole world now. However, being introduced to the new blockchain technology, people all over the world are talking about it. We created a list of the best blockchain quotes we could find.

Many leading experts, CEO’s investors and all sorts of famous people are now talking about it. So, hopefully, we’ll get a lot of quotes on the blockchain.

And, these are top 20 blockchain and crypto quotes that you shouldn’t miss out! Really, I mean it. That’s why you should definitely check these out no matter what!

So, let’s see what they are!

Top 20 Blockchain Quotes

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto

Let’s start with Satoshi Nakamoto, as he’s the founder of this new tech.

Satoshi Nakamoto blockchain Quotes



However, he stated this right after WikiLeaks stated to accept the whole Bitcoin donation concept.

  1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates blockchain Quotes

Bill Gates is the Co-founder of Microsoft and also, contributor and investor

  1. Professor Milton Friedman

Professor Milton Friedman blockchain Quotes

However, he’s a Nobel Prize winner (in economics)

  1. Hal Finney (Developer for PGP Corporation)

Hal Finney blockchain Quotes

  1. Pieter Wuille (Bitcoin Core developer)

Pieter Wuille blockchain Quotes

  1. Jason King (British television series star)

Jason King blockchain Quotes

  1. Marc Kenigsberg (Advocate for Bitcoin)

Marc Kenigsberg Quotes

  1. Amir Taaki (British-Iranian anarchist revolutionary)

Amir Taaki blockchain Quotes

Thus, it’s definitely one of the best top 20 blockchain quotes.

  1. Jeff Garzik (Co-Founder of Bloq Inc.)

Jeff Garzik blockchain Quotes

  1. Adam B. Levine (CEO of

Adam B. Levine blockchain Quotes

  1. Peter Diamandis (Greek American engineer)

Peter Diamandis Quotes

  1. Max Keiser (American filmmaker)

Max Keiser blockchain Quotes

  1. Edmund C. Moy (American businessman)

Edmund C. Moy Quotes

  1. Charlie Shrem (Bitcoin advocate)

Charlie Shrem blockchain Quotes

  1. Vitalik Buterin (Co-founder of Ethereum)

Vitalik Buterin blockchain Quotes

  1. Tim Draper (American venture capital investor)

Tim Draper blockchain Quotes

  1. Michael Marquardt

Michael Marquardt blockchain Quotes

  1. Charles Lee (A Google employee)

Charles Lee blockchain Quotes

  1. Erik Voorhees (Co-founder of Coinapult)

Erik Voorhees blockchain Quotes

  1. Jackson Palmer (Member of Adobe Systems)

Jackson Palmer Quotes

So, folks, what did you think about these top 20 blockchain quotes? These are definitely something you shouldn’t miss out! The blockchain is definitely creating some serious hype nowadays, however, it’s all the cryptocurrencies that truly brought this wonderful tech into our midst.

Let’s see how it changes our world!

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