No one would have imagined the various ways in which blockchain has transformed many traditional processes, operations, and systems. For example, cryptocurrencies offered a new, autonomous, and secure form of digital currency. At the same time, blockchain has also fuelled the development of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Furthermore, the year 2022 also spurred a lot of discussions about the metaverse, thereby drawing attention towards the sandbox metaverse and other similar projects. What is the Sandbox? Is it the metaverse everyone is talking about? 

No. It is just a virtual space that shows a glimpse of what the metaverse could be. Most important of all, it can be a huge addition to the larger metaverse, a virtual counterpart of the real world. However, that does not explain what the Sandbox is and how the Sandbox crypto token can be a striking highlight in the future of the metaverse

The following discussion offers you an introduction to the sandbox metaverse with an overview of its background and functionalities. You can also learn the fundamentals of using Sandbox alongside possible predictions for its future. 

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Definition of Sandbox

Without wasting any time, let us get to the definition of sandbox right away. It is a virtual world where users can purchase, sell, create, and trade digital assets based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform also features the facility for monetization of gaming experiences with the native sandbox cryptocurrency, SAND, which serves as the utility token on Sandbox. What could be the possible reasons behind the creation of such a platform? 

The founders of Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, and Arthur Madrid, set off the project in 2011, with the primary objective of capitalizing on the video game industry. Both of them perceived a vital opportunity for introducing blockchain into the gaming sector at a time when blockchain and crypto were not so popular. 

They wanted to create a virtual universe that could allow gamers to create and share blockchain-based assets. Apart from offering complete control over the in-game experiences to players, the Sandbox crypto token establishes the foundation for monetizing the in-game assets in Sandbox.

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The Journey of Sandbox 

One of the most common highlights in discussions related to sandbox points towards its future. If you want to know the sandbox crypto future, then you need to take a look at its journey till now. Sandbox started off as a 2D-pixel mobile game, which allowed players to assume the roles of digital avatars. 

Players created their own virtual universes by manipulating different elements. The game enjoyed substantial popularity with millions of downloads since its launch. However, the big leap for the sandbox metaverse arrived with the rise in the popularity of NFTs. As a matter of fact, NFTs have served as the foundational element in driving the growth of Sandbox as a metaverse.


The Sandbox We Know Today

Now, the game is available in complete three-dimensional form with dynamic shading and lighting. In November 2021, Sandbox launched the Alpha version, and the user base is likely to expand profoundly, especially in the NFT space. The sandbox crypto prediction might be favorable owing to the growth in popularity of NFT-based games such as Axie Infinity

In addition, Decentraland, another example of a metaverse, has also registered high popularity scores in recent times. Such promising examples definitely establish favorable prospects for the future of Sandbox. At the same time, Sandbox has successfully garnered more than $93 million as funding for future development. Combined with the previous funding rounds, the sandbox crypto future looks bright, especially with a competent team working on the expansion of the platform.

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Working of Sandbox

If you want to find the answer to “What is Sandbox cryptocurrency?” in detail, then you need a clear impression of how Sandbox works. The two important aspects in the working of Sandbox refer to the technical infrastructure and core products. 

  • Technical Infrastructure

The technical infrastructure of the sandbox metaverse establishes the basic foundation for the operations of the platform. You can find different components on Sandbox, such as a traditional backend supported by cloud computing. The platform leverages Amazon Web Services to support its web frontend. 

In addition, it also uses Amazon S3 for storing the assets of creators before minting them as NFTs. Sandbox runs on Ethereum for documenting token ownership alongside transferring, selling, and trading assets of users. It also leverages IPFS for storing all the information associated with in-game assets, thereby avoiding any unauthorized modifications. 

NFTs serve as a crucial aspect in the sandbox crypto ecosystem for their role in the creation of digital assets in the virtual world. Players could build and upload digital assets as NFTs into the marketplace of the platform alongside integrating games into Game Maker. In simple words, the technical infrastructure of Sandbox includes a decentralized virtual world with opportunities to explore blockchain, crypto, and NFTs in unique environments. Furthermore, Sandbox also introduces decentralized governance with the use of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs. 

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Value Benefits of the Technical Infrastructure

You can also find out more about the future of the sandbox metaverse by reflecting on the value benefits of its technical infrastructure. The use of NFTs delivers the following unique advantages. 

  • Security 

Security is inevitable with the use of blockchain. Tokenization of in-game assets and their trading in primary and secondary markets have the edge with blockchain for reducing theft and fraud. 

  • Digital Ownership

Another important highlight related to the Sandbox crypto ecosystem is the allocation of complete ownership of digital items to players. You can tokenize all the in-game items and experiences alongside trading all items on blockchain protocols

  • Interoperability

The next crucial aspect in the working of the sandbox metaverse is interoperability, which enables the use of shared assets. All elements in the game are applicable in other games, allowing them. Thereby, you don’t have to be restricted to one gaming platform anymore. 

Above all these valuable benefits, Sandbox also supports the creation of 3D games for free by using human-readable visual scripting tools. The game engine has been developed over Unity. The platform will also leverage the Universal Renderer Pipeline or URP to support mobile versions of the game in the future. 

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Core Products

The next notable element in the working of Sandbox is the collection of core products that define the platform’s functionalities. The three core products of Sandbox metaverse offer a user-friendly experience in creation of User-Generated Content or UGC. Here is an overview of the three core products of Sandbox. 

  • VoxEdit

The first addition to the suite of tools on Sandbox is VoxEdit, which helps players in creating voxel models. Players can use the models in the game, and the models could be anything ranging from tools and avatars to decorative items. The user-friendly tools enable anyone to animate and configure the models for in-game use or trading. 

  • Game Maker

The Game Maker is a significant tool for all the in-game experiences in the virtual world of Sandbox. It helps users in creating authentic games with exceptional aesthetic value. The tool helps users organize the different in-game elements as well as NFTs on digital land parcels known as LAND. The different plots of LAND are also a creative approach for the monetization of NFTs. 

  • Sandbox Marketplace

The Sandbox marketplace is the essential component that drives the population of LAND parcels with user-generated content. You can use the Sandbox cryptocurrency, SAND, for purchasing and selling custom creations on the marketplace. Users could obtain SAND tokens through various ways of participation in the Sandbox landscape. Creators could sell their unique creations to players or other creators. Buyers can purchase the creations and add them to their collections. 

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Significance of the Sandbox Crypto Token 

Among all the significant aspects defining the functionality of the Sandbox metaverse, the SAND token often recedes into the background. If you think of it like this, SAND is the fuel for the whole Sandbox economy. As of now, more than 900,000 people have SAND tokens in their wallets. It can serve as an in-game currency, which players can also exchange for fiat currency

In addition, people who ask “What is the Sandbox cryptocurrency?” should know that SAND is useful for governance and staking. With a total supply of 3 billion and an existing circulating supply of 705 million SAND tokens, the sandbox crypto future can bring favorable prospects.  

Sandbox Metaverse FAQs to Know

While the concept of Metaverse and Sandbox Metaverse is getting popular all around, innovative brains like you are getting some questions. So, here are the top Sandbox Metaverse FAQs that you should check.

1. How can players enter the sandbox metaverse?

The best way to enter the Sandbox metaverse are portals on different social hubs such as ESTATEs, under the ownership of The Sandbox and partners. 

2. What are the different types of games you can find in the Sandbox?

You can find open-world, role-playing games, and adventure games. In addition, the Game Maker also offers the right tools for designing other types of games through regular updates. 

3. What are the steps for moderation of games in Sandbox?

Game creators can have the opportunity to use basic moderation tools to define the functionalities in experiences created by them. However, The Sandbox team would review any serious allegations of moderation. 

4. Does Sandbox allow collaboration between creators?

Yes, two different game designers or asset creators can work in collaboration with each other on the Sandbox.

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Bottom Line

The Sandbox is a virtual world that establishes an initial vision of how the metaverse would look like. Riding high on the NFT wave, the Sandbox metaverse brings many promising opportunities for gamers, creators, and designers. The platform allows users to exercise ownership over their in-game experiences alongside the facilities for monetization of their digital assets

As of now, the Sandbox crypto prediction also presents bright prospects with big names like Snoop Dogg, Atari, and Adidas backing up Sandbox. However, you need to understand Sandbox and the best practices to make the most of the platform. Start exploring more details about the Sandbox right now.

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