What is Axie Infinity? Did you hear the term recently among play-to-earn games? Let’s dive in to learn everything about this crypto-based game.

Cryptocurrency is no longer a mystery for millions of people worldwide. Last year, the world realized how crypto could truly serve as the next face of digital transformation in finance. The evolution of DeFi solutions and NFTs have fuelled completely new perspectives on leveraging the value of crypto. 

The Philippines showed the best example of using a crypto-based game, i.e., Axie Infinity, for recovering from a deteriorating economy. As people lost their jobs due to a global pandemic, the play-to-earn game served as an alternative source of economy. Interestingly, many players continue to participate in the game even after lifting the restrictions. 

On top of it all, the game has also been anointed as the Best NFT Game of 2022. Any beginner wondering about “what is Axie Infinity” would obviously look for the reasons behind the game’s popularity. The following post offers you a detailed introduction to the most popular play-to-earn game in the world right now.

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The Foundations for Axie Infinity

Video games have always been one of the popular means of entertainment and recreation for many people worldwide. As of 2019, the global video game market stood at $151.06 billion, with the potential of growth at a 12.9% CAGR. Innovation and technological advancements serve as the two significant factors for fuelling the growth of the video game industry. However, the existing video game industry never goes beyond the scope of centralization as game developers enjoy ultimate control. 

You may have control over buying and trading in-game collectibles, items, and other artifacts within the gaming environments. On the other hand, you can never trade them on external platforms. Worse of all, you may lose all your in-game assets if developers shut down the game. So, what is the point of playing a game endlessly for hours to farm some valuable in-game items only to lose them anytime?

At this juncture, the play-to-earn gaming model serves as an ideal response, especially with popular examples like Axie Infinity. If you take a look around in the tech space, you will discover the unparalleled craze for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Crypto allows access to financial services and instruments without depending on any centralized intermediaries. NFTs or non-fungible tokens provide a distinct verifiable proof of ownership of digital assets on a blockchain. Both of them offer the ideal foundation for the play-to-earn gaming model. Let us find out more about the popular play-to-earn game for learning how the model works. 

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What is Axie Infinity?

The first thing in any discussion about Axie Infinity gameplay would draw you towards its definition. It is basically a play-to-earn game that uses NFTs and cryptocurrency for enabling income-generation prospects on the platform. Axie Infinity uses its native Ethereum-based cryptocurrency for fuelling the development and use of ‘Axies’ or digital creatures in the game. The digital creatures or ‘Axies’ are basically NFTs, which allocate unique proof of ownership to players. 

The whitepaper of the game provides a clearer response to ‘what is Axie Infinity’ by presenting the game as a growing universe. Players could explore the universe, which includes many Pokémon-like characters, which are the eponymous ‘Axies’ in the game. The game has been developed as a hybrid of turn-based combat and card-based battle systems. Every Axie features a unique set of abilities, which determine its chances of success in battle. Players can also breed, collect and raise Axies as well as build kingdoms for them. The game also categorizes Axies into 9 distinct types, just like the world of Pokémon. 

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Understanding How Axie Infinity Works

Without a clear impression of how Axie Infinity works, you may have doubts about the gameplay. First of all, you need to understand the Pokémon-like characters, known as Axies. Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets with flexibility for tracking their trading history on a blockchain network. 

Axies are generated by users and carry unique proof of purchase and ownership, thereby painting them as NFTs. With Axies as NFTs, the game provides assurance of verifiable ownership over in-game assets. At the same time, the uniqueness of Axies also drives scarcity, which translates to their improved value.

If you want to know how to play Axie Infinity, then you must have a clear impression of SLP or Smooth Love Potion. SLP is an integral part of the game’s ecosystem and serves more like the experience points of the game. Now, you should keep in mind that SLPs are ERC-20 tokens. Players receive SLP at the end of each battle, and it is important for breeding Axies. Interestingly, the game offers an unlimited supply of Smooth Love Potion. Players can breed their Axies to create more and use them in future battles or trade them on the marketplace. 

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  • The Axies

One of the significant highlights in the Axie Infinity game refers to Axies, the cute digital creatures driving the game. As mentioned in previous sections, the game features nine unique categories of Axies. However, every Axie has some unique abilities rooted in their genes. When players breed Axies on the platform, the digital offspring inherit some of the traits from their parents. 

Therefore, players can mix and match different breeds of Axies for creating new ones that would potentially offer desired value. Another important aspect of Axie Infinity gameplay is the limit over breeding Axies. Players can breed an Axie a maximum of seven times to avoid an unreal explosion in number of Axies. 

Axies are formidable examples of the NFT Axie Infinity connection and show the road to possibilities for integrating NFTs in blockchain games. In the case of this game, the limits on breeding Axies, unique genes of each Axie, and their scarcity present how NFTs can power play-to-earn gaming models. At any point in time, players would need at least three Axies for starting a battle with other players online. 

You can also battle with NPC characters in the Axie Infinity game. New players must purchase Axies from the marketplace at a crypto equivalent of almost $1500. The game’s developers, Sky Mavis, have introduced their individual digital wallet, which you can connect to the game. You could purchase Axies by using the Ronin wallet. 

  • The Axie Infinity Cryptocurrency

Another important highlight of the Axie Infinity game is its governance token. Smooth Love Potions or SLPs show the perfect example of using crypto in the play-to-earn game. At the same time, you also have a governance token in the form of Axie Infinity Shards or AXS. 

Players can easily use or sell the personal and unique governance token on the Axie marketplace. The AXS token shows how the Axie Infinity crypto connection helps in creating a decentralized gaming environment. AXS token holders can exert their influence on major governance votes while empowering token holders to express their views on improvements in the platform. 

The AXS token also helps players in expressing their views on the expenses from Axie Community Treasury and the related decisions. However, AXS tokens are a finite resource in the Axie Infinity game. As of now, the game has only 270,000,000 AXS tokens in the game. The Ethereum-based token serves as an important highlight of the Axie Infinity crypto landscape as a governance token. Most important of all, it sets the foundation for creating a completely decentralized in-game economy. 

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Economic Potential of Axie Infinity

The next crucial highlight in a comprehensive understanding of “what is Axie Infinity” would draw attention towards its economic potential. If you have been trying to play the game for economic benefits, then you must have doubts about whether it is worth the time and effort. Just like other blockchain games, the success of players in Axie Infinity app depends on how they use the resources. 

Developers of the game have claimed that it has generated over $16 million in terms of revenue. So, what are the possible ways in which the play-to-earn game opens up opportunities for players to ‘earn’? Players can engage with the game and discover possibilities for profits by participating in the following activities.

  • Competition in player vs. player (PVP) battles for winning leaderboard rewards
  • Breeding Axies and trading them for profits on the game’s marketplace
  • Collection of rare Axies like Origins and Mystics and speculating on the value of the rare Axies.
  • Using in-game AXS tokens for purchasing digital in-game assets in the Axie Infinity universe. 
  • Farming Smooth Love Potions or SLPs and trading them on different crypto exchanges for profits. 

With so many options for deriving economic potential, the Axie Infinity app is more than the top favorite in PS5 games. How can you get started with the game?

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How Can I Play Axie Infinity?

The use of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in a seamlessly integrated fashion with Axie Infinity show its potential for transforming the world of games completely. However, many beginners harbor apprehensions about playing the new game owing to the novelty of crypto and NFTs. In such cases, you need a clear overview of the fundamentals of cryptocurrency platforms for playing the game. Here are some simple steps which can help you learn how to play Axie Infinity without diving into complicated explanations on crypto.

  1. Create your own Ethereum wallet or use some of the popular crypto wallets for purchasing ETH tokens.
  2. Register your own Axie Infinity account on the game’s marketplace.
  3. Download a Ronin wallet browser extension. The Ronin wallet browser extension has been created over the Ronin side-chain developed by Sky Mavis, the game’s developers.
  4. Attach the Ronin wallet to your game account with the help of “Activate Ronin Wallet” box on the dashboard.
  5. Deposit ETH in the Ronin wallet by using the Ronin Bridge, and you can purchase Axies from the marketplace.

After buying three Axies, you can download the Axie Infinity app and play the game on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android devices. The game’s handbook can help you learn more about the rules before you start playing. 

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Bottom Lines

The overview of Axie Infinity shows that it is a revolutionary play-to-earn game that has climbed to popularity for the right reasons. It redefines the notion of ownership over in-game assets while also enabling new opportunities for economic potential in video games. The new play-to-earn game brings a perfect blend of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and video game dynamics for creating a decentralized gaming environment. 

Players can explore multiple avenues for utilizing the game to reap economic profits from gaming experiences. With a simple interface and clear guidance on rules of the game, you would barely face any difficulties with Axie Infinity gameplay. Learn more about the game right now and dive into its fascinating world.

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