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Science fiction is never far away from real life and the metaverse proves the same. Neal Stephenson, the author of the 1992 sci-fi novel, Snow Crash, must have had a vision of the future while scripting the novel. He is the first person to coin the term “metaverse”, which has become the focal point of discussions across all domains of technology. 

Today, the metaverse is a concept fuelling the shift of the internet into the next generation of immersive three-dimensional virtual spaces. Therefore, the interest in top metaverse examples is rightly justified in the present times.

The real-world examples of the metaverse could provide better insights into how the metaverse can actually deliver value. The following discussion helps you reflect on some of the best metaverse examples and understand the ways in which the metaverse works and its future direction.

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Brief Overview of Metaverse Examples

Before you dive into an outline of real-world metaverse examples, a brief explanation of the metaverse will be helpful. In simple terms, the metaverse is a massive, open virtual environment where users could access digital avatars. The digital avatars help the users to live in the digital environment and connect with their friends and other users. 

Furthermore, users could also create, purchase, and trade digital assets or go on virtual trips to various virtual spaces. From a general perspective, the metaverse brings endless possibilities restricted only by the imagination of users. You can think of the metaverse as a virtual world that serves as an extension or an enhanced version of the real world.

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Is the Metaverse Relevant in Present Times?

The common highlight in metaverse blockchain examples would point profoundly towards the essential traits which build the metaverse. The metaverse brings the best of many technologies such as VR and AR alongside supporting a completely functional digital economy. With the help of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the metaverse offers a thriving creator economy ensuring value for all participants. 

Therefore, you can notice how the metaverse can truly become the next iteration of the internet as we know it today. So, how will the metaverse change the world? You can find the answer only by reflecting on the popular examples of metaverse applications in the real world. 

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Real-World Top Examples of Metaverse

The basic concept of a metaverse alongside the numerous possibilities associated with it is unbelievable. Many people are struggling to understand the concept of the metaverse owing to the various overlapping perceptions of metaverse technology. Therefore, many people seek answers for “What are some examples of the metaverse?” for a better understanding of the metaverse.

Here are some of the prominent real-world examples of the metaverse –

1. Ready Player One 

The most obvious example of the metaverse, albeit not in the real world, is evident in Ready Player One. It is a science fiction novel by Ernest Cline, which provides an almost accurate representation of what the metaverse would look like. Published in 2011, the novel deals with a dystopian setting in the year 2045 on earth. 

The prime highlight of the novel, the OASIS, provides a massively multiplayer online simulation game, where people can escape from the real world. All the players in OASIS could interact with other players and play games or shop for new artifacts. Players could also visit different locations in the OASIS and reality in the virtual space depends completely on people’s imagination. 

The movie adaptation of Ready Player One in 2018 by Steven Spielberg offers one of the top metaverse examples to understand its potential. Viewers received a good glimpse of the OASIS metaverse described in the book with the movie adaptation. As a matter of fact, Facebook is currently working on developing Facebook Horizon on similar lines as the OASIS. 

Users could have the privilege of accessing Facebook Horizon through Oculus headsets and exploring a massive digital world. Facebook Horizon is most likely to mimic prominent functionalities of the OASIS from Ready Player One by allowing users to play and interact with other players. Furthermore, Facebook Horizon users can create assets and artifacts just like the different characters in Ready Player One.

2. Fortnite Concerts

The list of answers for “What are some examples of the metaverse?” would include many responses from the gaming sector. You can find many notable players in the metaverse space from the gaming industry. However, Fortnite presents a different approach to the use of metaverse. Fortnite started off as an online multiplayer game and has evolved into a rich virtual environment with a wide assortment of diverse experiences. 

You can easily identify the improved gaming experiences on Fortnite with the ability for players to create their individual worlds. In addition, Fortnite is one of the best metaverse examples in the gaming sector for its cross-play feature. The crossplay functionality on Fortnite enables accessibility of the game throughout different platforms such as PCs, mobile phones, Xbox, or PlayStation. 

However, Fortnite is not just any other entry among real-world metaverse examples for the gaming sector. Fortnite has also shown how the metaverse can empower opportunities for conducting virtual events. The Fortnite metaverse has evolved as a virtual destination for users to hang out with each other and attend virtual concerts. 

Interestingly, many popular artists such as Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott have performed in Fortnite concerts. On top of it, the developers of Fortnite, Epic Games, are also actively promoting the Soundwave Series, featuring music from artists worldwide.

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3. Gaming

Speaking of Fortnite, there is no way you can undermine how metaverse influences the gaming sector. As a matter of fact, you can find many of the top metaverse examples in the gaming sector. 

  • Second Life

Second Life

Second Life is one of the examples of a gaming metaverse, in the form of an open online world. Users could participate in Second Life with digital avatars and explore the virtual environments alongside interacting with the other users. In addition, Second Life also offers the facility for trading assets and services on the platform by using the native token, Linden Dollar. 

If you look closely, Second Life is probably one of the most precise metaverse blockchain examples showcasing the potential of the metaverse. It represents an earlier version of the metaverse where the digital world is actually a shared virtual environment. 

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  • Sandbox


Another top contender among real-world metaverse examples in gaming and social networking is Sandbox. The Sandbox is actually a virtual metaverse that allows users to explore and play in virtual worlds. It also allows players to create their own virtual worlds. The Sandbox metaverse allows users to exercise ownership of their in-game experiences alongside capitalizing on the possibilities of monetizing them. 

Users could purchase and sell virtual parcels of land and other digital assets with NFTs in the Sandbox metaverse. The uniqueness and non-interchangeable and indivisibility traits of NFTs provide the foundation for true digital ownership of in-game assets. The Sandbox metaverse is one of the best metaverse examples to understand the scope for the adoption of digital currencies in the metaverse.

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4. Virtual Real Estate

The example of Sandbox metaverse not only shows the potential of metaverse for gaming but also for virtual real estate. Virtual environments like the Sandbox enable the purchase and sale of virtual real estate through the use of cryptocurrencies.

As of now, the metaverse blockchain examples in real estate are primarily speculative in nature. However, the potential for virtual real estate in the metaverse can grow profoundly as the metaverse evolves into a fully functional economy. The popularity of virtual real estate has been escalating in recent times with the sale of digital assets for humongous prices.

  • Decentraland


The best example for identifying the applications of a metaverse in virtual real estate is Decentraland. Recently, a patch of virtual property on Decentraland was auctioned off for a price of $2.4 million. The competitor of Decentraland i.e. the Sandbox also marked another milestone by fetching almost $4.3 million for a plot of virtual real estate.

However, Decentraland is undoubtedly one of the best metaverse examples to perceive the true potential of the metaverse. It is one of the earliest metaverse pioneers and started off in 2017 by claiming metaverse as its core offering. 

The Decentraland metaverse, much like other virtual worlds, allows users to explore the parcels of virtual land owned by other users. Users in the Decentraland metaverse can purchase their own parcels of virtual land and create artifacts, challenges and new experiences. In addition, users could also participate in different events on Decentraland metaverse to win prizes.

  • SuperWorld

Super World

Another promising example of metaverse for virtual real estate is SuperWorld, which is a virtual world following all tenets of the metaverse. Users can purchase, sell or collect different parcels of virtual land. The platform has around 64.8 billion unique parcels of virtual real estate with many notable destinations such as the Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, and the Taj Mahal. 

The top metaverse examples pertaining to virtual real estate also underline the focus on the unique ownership of virtual real estate. At the same time, ownership of virtual real estate on metaverse platforms like Decentraland and SuperWorld also entitles participants to stakes in the platform. As a result, metaverse can offer viable prospects for sharing revenue from the user activity carried out on virtual real estate in your possession. 

5. Big Brands and the Metaverse

Till now, the answers for “What are some examples of the metaverse?” have brought many of the native metaverse platforms into consideration. Many of the examples such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, Second Life, and Fortnite revolve around the gaming sector. What about the mainstream brands? Are they not interested in the metaverse? As it turns out, many popular brands have already started their experiments with the metaverse. 

For example, Facebook has actively advocated its shift to the metaverse by rebranding to Meta in October 2021. In addition, there are many other popular examples like Disney, Hyundai, Gucci, and Nike. All of these brands have identified the potential for business value in the metaverse and have come up with innovative metaverse-based initiatives. 

Balenciaga has entered into a collaboration with Fortnite founders, Epic Games, for offering high-fashion skins on the game. In addition, the brand also launched its unique collection of accessories and an in-game hub tailored along the theme of Balenciaga. 

Another popular fashion brand, Nike, also signaled its entry into the metaverse with the acquisition of an NFT creator studio, RTFKT. The acquisition complements Nike’s new applications tailored for the production and sale of branded Nike virtual apparel, accessories, and footwear.

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Final Words

The different highlights from top metaverse examples show how the world is actually gearing up for the metaverse. Practical examples of the metaverse in the real world prove that the concept can move from paper to actual use cases. The promise of a shared and persistent virtual environment does not offer a solid foundation for the future of the metaverse.

On the other hand, the assessment of different real-world metaverse examples presents many opportunities for feasible implementation of the metaverse. A completely operational metaverse encompassing all digital spaces might be far from reality now. However, the emerging examples of the metaverse alongside top brands entering the metaverse space present a bright future for the metaverse.  

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