This article offers the correlation between blockchain and supply chain and talks about the importance and viability of the blockchain and supply chain course on 101 Blockchains.

The demand for blockchain and supply chain course skyrocketed over the last years. Blockchain being a revolutionary technology, is proving to be worth it after all. In reality, the supply chain industry seems to be the perfect fit to explore blockchain-based solutions.

Blockchain happens to get rid of all of the supply chain management issues very efficiently. Thus, big enterprises are already dead-set in knowing more about it. As a result, many professionals are seeking blockchain supply chain certification to understand how this technology works and how it can affect the supply chain.

Thus, if you are too on the search of blockchain for supply chain training, then you have come to the right place.

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Is Supply Chain Industry Perfect?

Before we begin, you might think, why should you even consider changing supply chain business models in the first place. There are many people that don’t even know about the increasing issues this industry faces every year. That’s why the case for blockchain for supply chain is only increasing day-by-day.

So, without getting rid of these issues, it would be extremely difficult to even drive-in revenue at a continuous pace.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Course

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But What Are the Key Issues in Supply Chain We Face Today?


Globalization is giving rise to outsourcing supplies from multiple countries. As a result, a supply chain becomes more complex to maintain. Incorporating or keeping track of every sub-chain isn’t as efficient as it should be. Thus, there’s a lot of errors in the process.

Rapid Changes in the Market

Adding features to existing ones and forecasting what the consumer wants is a hectic job. As the market changes rapidly, it becomes harder to predict anything. Also, our typical model is not equipped to predict certain market analyses as well.

Compliance and Quality

In the supply chain process, consumers always want high-quality products at lower pricing points. Thus, the enterprises feel consistent pressure to preserve their quality within a lower price. But the burden of the work soon increases with increasing demands, and as a result, the quality of the products decreases.

Lack of Transparency

In reality, no customer actually knows the originality of the products they buy every day. More so, there’s not even a way to safely know whether a product is authentic or not. Thus, it gives rise to counterfeit products and customer dissatisfaction.

Learn more about how lack of transparency is one of the problems blockchain solve.


Corrupting is one of the leading issues that the supply chain can’t deal on its own. Basically, it requires every single person to perform their duties honestly. But the real scenario speaks otherwise.

As people can easily alter values in the legacy networks, a small change increases more loss for the enterprises.

High Costs

Enterprises face high costing issues in every supply chain cycle. The four types of costs can sum up to a big loss for a company in the long run. Basically, inventory costs, quality costs, transportation costs, and procurement costs can take their toll on a new company any day.

Relatively Slow

The whole process or system of supply chain management is still based on legacy networks, which is relatively slow. Thus, it’s more prone to issues and gives rise to losing revenues due to errors.

More so, finalizing a transaction through typical channels take up to 3-5 business days. In short, it delays the whole process rendering it ineffective. This is one of the core ideas on using blockchain in supply chain.

Poor Customer Service

The supply chain process includes customer services, as well. It’s not only about the products. Thus, without proper customer service at the endpoint, it becomes harder to build brand value in the market.

Basically, nowadays, companies are failing to satisfy their consumers. Therefore, slowly losing its brand presence in the market.

The Solution is — Blockchain!

Blockchain is the primary solution to this massive mess. As you can already see, supply chain industries need an upgraded system to tackle these problems. And this is where blockchain makes the entry.

Blockchain can truly benefit and get rid of all the hassles of this industry. It can streamline the processes along with transparency. It can also track everything in real-time, process the transactions faster.

So, as you can see, blockchain is the key solution to all your problems.

But you can’t use blockchain in your system until you fully understand how it actually affects the industry.

So, to learn about it, you need to take a blockchain supply chain certification course. Actually, a blockchain supply chain certification course will help you evaluate the true value of blockchain in the supply chain.

More so, most of these courses have blockchain for supply chain training as well.

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Why Take the Blockchain And Supply Chain Certification Course?

A blockchain and supply chain certification course will help you learn about the underlying architecture of blockchain technology. Without knowing what this new technology is and how it works, you can’t incorporate it into your system.

But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for all your worries. Here at 101Blockchains, we are offering a blockchain and supply chain course just for the sake of you. Our course will provide the right amount of blockchain for supply chain training that you need.

So, let’s check out what kind of value we are offering at the moment.

Our Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management Course

Course Duration

101 Blockchains Enterprise Blockchain and Supply Chain Management course is efficiently designed in a way to help you learn about blockchain in the supply chain in a simple manner. Our course will take you only a month to learn about it.

Basically, we have divided up the full blockchain and supply chain management course into 4 weeks.

In each week, all you need is 3-4 hours of your time. Obviously, everything is online. So, you can choose to enroll in it anytime you want!

Another great feature is that we offer a flexible learning plan. It means that you can learn at your own pace. Even if you don’t have spare time of 3-4 hours each week, you can pause the course at any moment.

Blockchain and supply chain management course can definitely help you out in learning supply chain blockchain process.

Enroll in supply chain and blockchain course if you –

  • Are driving enterprise operations
  • Want to incorporate blockchain into enterprise business processes
  • Want to increase your blockchain professional skills
  • Are eager to earn about blockchain is supply chain transformation

As you can see, the offerings from this course can help you with your company’s blockchain business strategy.

Blockchain In Supply Chain Course Overview

The blockchain and supply chain management course is specially designed for professionals who want to learn about the practical viewpoint of blockchain in the supply chain.

More so, the course also dives deeper into how the enterprise supply chain is getting affected by blockchain.

As you already know by now, blockchain is disrupting the typical supply chain models already. Also, judging by how it’s emerging, without integrating blockchain, you can’t expect to survive the disruption.

So, learning about the digital transformation in this blockchain and supply chain management course is very important.

Anyhow, our blockchain and SCM course will also familiarize you with the supply chain process. But you will need guidance from our courses to fully develop a successful blockchain solution.

Similarly, software vendors and consultants will benefit highly from our blockchain and supply chain course as well. This course will help you become skilled enough to understand the underlying blockchain architecture. Additionally, you’ll learn how to identify the features suited for any client’s needs.

Not ready to commit yet? You can always try our Free Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals Course.

What You Will Get in Our Blockchain And Supply Chain Course

Our blockchain and supply chain course offers consultants, corporate executives, software developers all the necessary tools to better grasp the overall concept.

Furthermore, you can recognize which parts of the supply chain can benefit from existing enterprise blockchain applications.

The blockchain and supply chain course will cover the following topics –

  • Supply chain management fundamentals
  • How you can create value using supply chain management
  • Current enterprise blockchain solutions in supply chain
  • Real-world and possible blockchain supply chain use cases
  • How you can integrate enterprise blockchain application into your supply chain model

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101Blockchains is more than enough to equip you with all the technical knowledge in your blockchain for supply chain training. More so, we will also prepare you to deal with all the real-world issues of this industry as well.

The combination is more than efficient to qualify you for a corporate blockchain digital transformation.

So, we would suggest you enroll in our course right now and prepare for the revolution as soon as you can.

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What the Supply Chain and Blockchain Course Contains?

We separated our full course into 4 different modules, where each module contains chapters on the topic. Also, as you will go through the modules one by one, you’re understanding of distributed ledger technology will sharpen.

So, make sure to follow the correct order and don’t skip any modules or lessons. In reality, if you jump to the last modules instead of going through the first ones, you will find it difficult to understand.

Anyhow, let’s check out the material of this supply chain and blockchain course.

Module-1: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

The very first module of our supply chain and blockchain course will familiarize you with the business procedures of the supply chain. Additionally, it will cover industry examples to help you understand the responsibilities and roles that you may have to take part as a manager.

In reality, this module is extremely crucial for anyone who’s seeking a job opportunity in this industry. As it will help you learn about the responsibilities, you might have to play in an enterprise environment.

After you complete the first module of our supply chain and blockchain course, you’ll be ready to understand the next module.

It will have –

  • Chapter-1: What is the supply chain?
  • Chapter-2: Supply chain manager job responsibilities

Module-2: How Supply Chain Management Is Responsible for Value Creation

Once you finish this module, you can finally appreciate the process of creating value in enterprise business processes using the supply chain. Furthermore, this module will also contain additional SCM lists containing the key values.

More so, you’ll also get a practical tool for evaluating how you can measure the supply china management value in your company.

Basically, the module in this blockchain in supply chain course will cover –

  • Chapter-1: Working Capital and Corporate Value
  • Chapter-2: How to measure your SCM solution with the help of economic value-added or EVA model
  • Chapter-3: Supply chain management influencing working capital

Module-3: Real-World Examples of Blockchain For Supply Chain Use Cases

The third module in our blockchain in supply chain course will start with an overview of SCM flow dynamics. With this, you can categories the enterprise blockchain application efficiently.

The best part about this module is that you’ll get a lot of real-world use case examples in multiple sectors of supply chain and blockchain.

So, it will surely help you outline your project ideas more efficiently as well.

In 101Blockchains, we constantly research for real examples that may help you out in your enterprise blockchain adoption. Thus, you’ll always get updated content from us anytime.

The module in our blockchain in supply chain course will cover –

  • Chapter-1: Impact of blockchain in supply chain flows
  • Chapter-2: Real examples of enterprise blockchain for supply chain use cases

Module-4: Blockchain In Supply Chain Implementation

This is the last module of our blockchain in supply chain course. In this one, you will get a template that will evaluate the process of the supply chain in blockchain. Furthermore, the tool is helpful in prioritizing certain features in your enterprise blockchain solutions.

So, once you get the tool and learn to use it, you’ll find it easier to map out your strategy for the blockchain digital transformation.

Bonus Material

Template of mapping supply chain process vs. enterprise blockchain. This is an actionable template, which offers the perfect assessment of which process should use enterprise blockchain integration in your supply chain project.

You will have options to select and give your inputs. After that, the model will present you with the business impact of your transformation solution. More so, you can also learn how difficult it can get to implement in your current company scenario.

So, based on these results, you can come up with the perfect plan.

Included Bonus Material

Exclusive Interviews

Get access to exclusive interviews of the world’s top-notch enterprise blockchain professionals and experts.

Actionable Template

Use the actionable template to excel in your solution in many ways.

Personal Guidance

Get our premium support, email guidance, and weekly training spreadsheet once you sign up for the course.

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Who Is Suitable in Taking Our Course?

The course is specifically designed to help to learn supply chain blockchain for industry professionals, consultants, senior managers, business leaders, and so on. With this course, you can expect to understand blockchain technology and its impact on the supply chain.

If you are –

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Leader
  • Advisor
  • Decision Maker
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Innovation Manager
  • Program and Product Manager
  • Industry Professional
  • Entrepreneur

Then you are suitable for taking our course. Basically, anyone who is deeply interested in blockchain technology in the supply chain is eligible to take our course. More so, we made sure you will skill up if you are pursuing a career in this path.

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Does It Include A Certification?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a blockchain supply chain certification for this course as of now. However, we are working on it. If getting a certification in this topic is your primary goal, then we would suggest you check out our Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) course.

In that course, we also covered supply chain management and blockchain. Furthermore, that course will offer you a certification as well.

It will not necessarily be a blockchain supply chain certification. However, you can showcase this certification to your company backing up your expertise in this field.

Anyhow, we will hopefully introduce a blockchain and supply chain certification in the future. So, till then we would recommend you to check out our all courses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Course

FAQ-1: Can Anyone Sign Up for This Course?

That’s a big Yes! Our course is open for any kind of professional or expert out there who wants to understand the enterprise blockchain process and how it influences the supply chain sectors.

The course is specifically designed to help in learning supply chain blockchain for industry professionals, consultants, senior managers, business leaders, and so on.

FAQ-2: Will I Interact with The Team?

Yes, absolutely! We believe a student can benefit highly and clear out any questions they have in their minds if they interact with our team. So, we make sure that our team is here to give you full support and answer all of your questions gladly.

This is something that the rest of the courses out there lack tremendously. More so, the best part is that you get to access our learning forums and interact with other students as well.

FAQ-3: How Is the Course Built?

We designed this course to take 4 weeks to complete. In each session, you’ll have to invest 3-4 hours! So, in 16 hours you can actually finish our course. However, it may take more time if you can’t spare 3-4 hours each week.

FAQ-4: Why Should I Take This Course From 101Blockchains?

In reality, our courses differ from the rest out there. First of all, we tend to focus our courses solely on coupling blockchain with enterprise business processes as scopes for blockchain for enterprise scenario is impressive. Unfortunately, not many courses out there do it.

As a result, you can get skilled in a technical aspect, but when it comes to a business perspective, you will lack big time. So, it gets difficult for you to lead a project from a business point of view when you are in an enterprise environment.

But if you enroll in our courses, you can easily make a connection between the two industries – blockchain and supply chain.

Secondly, we update our courses more frequently and make sure all of the information in the lessons are relevant to the current scenarios.

Lastly, our courses are not only for employees but for employers as well. With our solid guidance, you too can become a blockchain expert in no time.

In the End

Supply chain management sector deals with a lot of issues, but with very limited solutions. Here, blockchain in the supply chain can become the next stepping stone for mankind. In reality, blockchain has been around for quite some time now, and it’s already affecting supply chain industries at a massive rate.

So, the possible solution for you is to sign up for a blockchain and supply chain certification course before it disrupts your company as well. It’s high time for you to change your business models and get blockchain for supply chain training. And with our course, you can now do it more effortlessly.

So, make sure to check out the most comprehensive Blockchain and Supply Chain Course online.