If you want to learn blockchain, then you need to have a clear idea of the prerequisites for the same. The following discussion helps you find a detailed overview of the best practices to start learning about blockchain technology.

You must have heard about blockchain is the next big thing in the world of technology along the lines of machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. Therefore, many individuals are interested in exploring opportunities for building a career in the domain of blockchain. So, aspiring blockchain professionals generally search for guidance regarding opportunities to start learning about blockchain.

In the following discussion, the readers can easily navigate their path through their desired blockchain career role with a clear impression of the essential requirements. Furthermore, you can also explore some of the important recommendations for starting a career in blockchain.

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What is Blockchain?

The foremost concern for any beginner in any blockchain tutorial directly refers to the definition of blockchain. Blockchain is basically a digitized, trust less, and decentralized database. It serves as an ‘add-on’ system that involves constant growth of most recent transactions as ‘completed’ blocks. Subsequently, they are also recorded and added to the ‘chain’ of blocks in a chronological sequence.

Blockchain has presented promising applications for digital currency transactions in the form of better monitoring without the need for central record keeping. Although blockchain technology was initially tailored for verifying transactions involving digital currencies, it is reasonable to ensure digitization, coding, and addition of almost any type of document or transaction in the blockchain.

Then, the blockchain ensures the security of the process of entering the document by creating an indelible record resistant to modification. Subsequently, the whole community can verify the record or authenticity of the transaction rather than a single central authority.

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Why Should I Learn Blockchain?

What about the market for blockchain? It is probably one of the top factors on the mind of any beginner aspiring for a career in blockchain. The blockchain industry is showcasing formidable growth and presents the required motivation to learn blockchain. The global blockchain market is most probably expecting revenue gains up to $20 billion by the year 2024.

According to the forecasts of Gartner, blockchain technology will add more than $3.1 trillion in terms of business value by 2030. Furthermore, 23% of big enterprises are actively considering the adoption of blockchain apps and solutions. Another formidable factor supporting the growth of blockchain refers to the growth in a number of blockchain wallet users.

learn blockchain technology

In comparison to the 3 million blockchain wallet users in 2015, there were a total of 28 million blockchain wallet users in 2018. Presently, massive investments by enterprises as well as startups, are driving the blockchain market. In the long run, the blockchain market would grow in size and include many notable players. So, you have all your reasons to start learning about blockchain technology now.

Prerequisites for Beginners to Start Learning Blockchain

The next important thing that beginners should keep in mind before they start to learn blockchain refers to the prerequisites. The prerequisites to learn about blockchain technology are important to identify whether you are ready for blockchain concepts. However, general prerequisites can be suitable for a professional well-versed in technology. On the other hand, beginners in the field of blockchain are worried about the terms that are thrown directly at them as prerequisites for learning blockchain. Let us take a look at the different essential prerequisites you should fulfill to start learning blockchain.

  1. Knowledge about the Origins

The first blockchain prerequisite that you should focus on directly refers to knowledge about the origins or history of blockchain. Beginners can start focusing on the story of the introduction of Bitcoin and develop a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin. If possible, you can also try purchasing Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency to understand the practical implications of blockchain.

You can also stay updated with Bitcoin forums and blockchain news platforms for refining your knowledge about Bitcoins and how blockchain serves as their fundamental mechanism. Any type of research on the working of Bitcoins and another cryptocurrency would serve as a formidable advantage for your blockchain learning journey.

  1. Basic Knowledge of Programming Languages

Another important prerequisite before you start to learn blockchain refers to an understanding of multiple programming languages. Blockchain job roles would require knowledge of programming languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript, and SQL.

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  1. Knowledge of Blockchain Terminology

The next critical prerequisite for learning blockchain technology refers to blockchain terminology. You have to specialize in all the basic terms and concepts associated with blockchain technology. In the long run, you would have to deal with terms such as hash functions, smart contracts, and others frequently. Therefore, you should always look for the basic terminology of blockchain as the first step to learn blockchain.

  1. Commitment to Learn Blockchain

Finally, the most important blockchain prerequisite is the commitment to continue learning blockchain. If you are thinking about a career in blockchain, then you need to be committed to your cause. Blockchain is a comparatively new technology as it is just over a decade old. So, you have to stay patient and maintain resilience in your commitment to learning about blockchain technology.

Furthermore, blockchain technology would go through continuous evolution and transformation over the course of future. Therefore, it is important for all candidates to have a steadfast focus on achieving their career goals in blockchain technology.

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Free Resources to Learn Blockchain

So, where should beginners go from this point to learn about blockchain? Is it reasonable to look for a blockchain tutorial? Well, yes! Beginners should immediately start exploring the wide assortment of blockchain learning resources once they have made up their minds. With a fundamental awareness of blockchain, you can easily leverage the following learning resources for free to learn about blockchain.

  1. The IBM blog can help you access a free course, ‘Blockchain by IBM,’ for learning blockchain basics and development of basic blockchain applications. In addition, it can also help in understanding methods for the security of blockchain solutions while explaining decentralization and Hyperledger fabric Students can also learn some hands-on experience for creating blockchain applications with Hyperledger fabric Ethereum virtual machine.
  2. Another free resource to learn blockchain is the ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies’ course available on Coursera. You can find out detailed insights into introductory basics for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it allows an introduction to cryptocurrencies, approaches for storage, and utilization of Bitcoins and mechanics of Bitcoin. At the same time, the course can also explain the decentralization aspect of Bitcoin.
  3. You can also choose the ‘Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Free Course’ on 101 Blockchains as a preferred alternative for learning blockchain. The course is flexible and provides a detailed impression of the enterprise-level implications of blockchain technology. The free course on 101 Blockchains also brings the support of personalized guidance to clear all doubts in the course.
  4. Beginners can also opt for the ‘Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain’ course on Udemy. The free course offers theoretical underpinnings on blockchain technology from an economic and technical perspective. The course is also capable of introducing the opportunities that blockchain technology brings for entrepreneurs. Beginners could also find helpful insights for accessing a blockchain community in this course.
  5. If you are interested in another free blockchain tutorial, then you can choose ‘Blockchain Theory 101’ course on Udemy. The course delivers a fundamental understanding regarding blockchain technology alongside existing status of blockchain technology. At the same time, you can also explore insights regarding applications of blockchain in logistics, energy, financial services, IoT, and healthcare. Some of the notable topics in this course include consensus algorithms, payment networks, blockchain implementation, and others.

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How to Start a Career in Blockchain?

With so many free resources and easy prerequisites to learn blockchain, it is reasonable to look out for blockchain careers. However, pursuing a career in blockchain is a completely different ball game than just learning about blockchain. You need to develop a broad range of skills alongside following certain essential recommendations to establish your career in desired blockchain-based job roles. Let us take a look at all the pointers one by one to help you build your career in blockchain.

career in blockchain

  • Abilities for Driving Business Outcomes

One of the foremost requirements for blockchain jobs that you would not find in any blockchain tutorial is business acumen. Enterprises are choosing blockchain for its capability to deliver better value. Therefore, they are likely to go for blockchain professionals who can align technology solutions with their business objectives.

Furthermore, enterprises need blockchain professionals who can translate the technical jargon for them and explain it to them in simple terms. Any individual aspiring for a career in blockchain should have the capability, experience, and motivation to drive business outcomes by leveraging blockchain technology.

  • Develop People Skills

The next important requirement to begin your career in blockchain refers directly to people skills. You must have the skills and knowledge to work in collaboration with other professionals in the organization. Therefore, you must have the ability for teamwork and collaboration. In addition, you need to develop negotiation skills for arriving at most feasible outcomes with best levels of quality and efficiency. Communication is obviously an important requirement among people skills in blockchain careers.

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  • Specialize in the Important Topics

It is practically difficult to move ahead in a blockchain career without diving into the technicalities. You have to move beyond the basics towards a detailed and comprehensive understanding of cryptography, distributed computing, and decentralization. These topics are highly crucial for providing the all-around blockchain competence that enterprises look for. With a strong command of all these topics, you can find improved skills while also contributing business value to your employer.

  • Don’t Forget Blockchain Certifications

Beginners in the field of blockchain should opt for blockchain certifications to address their career development objectives. Blockchain beginners can showcase their commitment to learn blockchain and cover a particular specialization. At the same time, blockchain certification also proves the capabilities and knowledge of candidates in the topic areas covered by blockchain certification.

As a result, it is difficult to undermine the job prospects for a blockchain-certified candidate for emerging job roles. Furthermore, certifications also offer the advantage of staying updated with the latest technology trends and advancements. Certifications also involve considerable training for qualifying for the exams.

Therefore, the difficulty level of the questions in the exam dictates the extent to which certified professionals have honed their skills. Employers face limited challenges in finding out the skills of candidates by reviewing their blockchain certification. So, you should try choosing a suitable blockchain certification according to your preferred blockchain job role.

certified enterprise blockchain professional

  • Improve Through Professional Training

Professional training is another notable blockchain prerequisite to build your career in blockchain. Candidates need to access reliable platforms to help them acquire the necessary technical skills for different blockchain-based jobs. The training platforms include the support of reliable and experienced subject matter experts to help all candidates with their preparations.

On the other hand, you can select blockchain certification training platforms that provide customized training courses along with certifications. As a result, you don’t have to invest additional time and effort in finding a training course that can help you prepare for your desired blockchain job role.

  • Rely on Benefits of Networking

The importance of networking in career development could never go out of fashion. As a matter of fact, networking is one of the basic foundations of career development, which you cannot learn from any blockchain tutorial. Blockchain certifications help you gain a unique reputation in the blockchain community.

Digital badges for blockchain certification can help you mark your identity as a professional with the required specialization for a specific job role. Furthermore, community involvement can help you stay aware of latest job openings. At the same time, community also serves as a source of continuous information to help you develop your skills.

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So, you can clearly note that you can learn blockchain and build a career in it with simple steps. However, each step would be a unique challenge for beginners. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you can take on all the challenges for achieving your desired blockchain job role and salary.

Subsequently, it is also important for you to understand the dynamic nature of blockchain technology and develop a flexible attitude towards learning. As a result, you can accommodate the new skills required for sustaining your career advantage in blockchain. Go ahead and begin your journey with our free blockchain course to learn about the basic fundamentals. Try out our Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) course to specialize in blockchain skills and knowledge!

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