Blockchain development is one of the most rewarding professions in the domain of tech right now. The flexibility of programming blockchain networks to achieve desired functionalities has prompted the rise of many enterprise blockchain development platforms. Among the many examples of permissioned blockchain networks for developing decentralized solutions, R3 Corda stands out as a popular choice. Therefore, aspiring blockchain architects rely on the best Corda books to learn more about the permissioned blockchain development platform. 

R3 Corda was created as a permissioned blockchain network with the power of workflow messaging infrastructure. The advantages of R3 Corda include scalability, workflow flexibility, state consistency, and transaction privacy. Therefore, you need to look for the best books for learning about R3 Corda for building a successful career as a blockchain architect. The following post provides a description of the top books for learning Corda.

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Corda Fundamentals

The first thing you need to learn about Corda before you look for the best books would refer to Corda fundamentals. Corda is a permissioned, distributed ledger network, which varies from general smart contract development blockchains in terms of practical details. It helps in creating decentralized private applications with restricted access within an organization. Corda helps in resolving many concerns in the development of blockchain-based solutions, such as privacy, scalability, complexity, and security. You can dive deeper into the technical documentation of R3 Corda to understand its basic functionalities.

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Best Books for Learning R3 Corda

The flexibility for implementing R3 Corda in the development of blockchain applications for companies in different sectors invites favorable prospects for using Corda. At the same time, it is also important to understand the theoretical and technical foundations of Corda. You can find out how to become an architect in the blockchain space by developing a specialization in the fundamental concepts of Corda. What could be the best resource to help you learn and develop your expertise in R3 Corda? Here are some of the top books on Corda which can support your journey to become a blockchain architect.

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1. R3 Corda for Architects and Developers

Corda Book

You can find a convincing answer to “Who use Corda?” in the R3 Corda for Architects and Developers. Created by Debajani Mohanty, the book reflects on different case studies of Corda in healthcare, agriculture, insurance, telecom, and finance. The book offers an effective resource for exploring the complete R3 Corda ecosystem by leveraging theory, use cases, and lab demos. Aspiring blockchain architects and blockchain developers can utilize the book to obtain an in-depth introduction to blockchain fundamentals and Corda architecture. 

The R3 Corda for Architects and Developers book also focuses on details of smart contract programming with Java. It is one of the best books for architects with detailed insights on all stages of blockchain architecture and development, including testing and deployment. 

In addition, the book also sheds light on different business issues in finance, agriculture, finance, and healthcare alongside the role of Corda in the resolution of the issues. The flowcharts, sample code, and diagrams illustrated in the book offer comprehensive references for enhancing Corda-based projects. 

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2. Blockchain from Concept to Execution 

Corda Book

Another interesting book by Debajani Mohanty, Blockchain from Concept to Execution, is a suitable learning resource for Corda beginners. It is a trusted book to learn Corda with a focus on Proof of Concepts. The book provides an ultimate guide to obtaining a detailed overview of blockchain technology and its use cases. 

One of the prominent highlights of the book points to the coverage of details of three generations of blockchain frameworks. The biggest value proposition of the book is the ability to understand the capabilities alongside best practices for using blockchain development frameworks.

The Blockchain from Concept to Execution book leverages use cases alongside Proof of Concepts for blockchain applications in different sectors. Interestingly, the book is helpful for architects as it helps in choosing the ideal blockchain platform for concerned business requirements. Furthermore, it also helps you familiarize yourself with the implementation details of blockchain development frameworks. 

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3. Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions 

Corda Book

The next addition among important books on R3 Corda would include Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions by Joseph Holbrook. The book is an ideal choice for IT administrators and blockchain engineers. It provides an in-depth explanation of practices for the architecture of complex blockchain solutions for business use cases. 

The book features in-depth insights into the development and implementation of dApps, the incorporation of blockchain in legacy infrastructures, and the security of blockchain technology. Most important of all, the book provides vital inputs regarding the existing and future applications of blockchain in complex ecosystems and high-performance networks.

As one of the best Corda books, the Architecting Enterprise Blockchain Solutions book serves a practical hands-on perspective to blockchain training. Learners can dive deeper into the potential and flexibility of R3 Corda and other enterprise blockchain development frameworks, such as Hyperledger. The coverage of important ways in which R3 Corda can solve complicated IT infrastructure and support issues also improves the credibility of the book.

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4. Mastering Corda 

Corda Book

The Mastering Corda: Blockchain for Java Developers is another promising addition among books for architects and developers. Candidates seeking how to become an architect in the blockchain industry can use the book for a structured approach to learning Corda. 

The book also helps in familiarizing with the practical uses of Corda for developing modern enterprise-grade dApps. Blockchain engineers and architects can use the book to understand Corda and scripting applications like professionals. The Mastering Corda book deals with all the technical intricacies of Corda to help architects in extracting its true potential. 

The applications of Corda in industrial use cases involve high transaction volumes, thereby emphasizing the need for data privacy and scalability. With the “Mastering Corda: Blockchain for Java Developers” book, you can identify the core value proposition of Corda. It also reflects on the architecture of Corda along with offering support for hands-on training in the development of Corda applications.

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5. The New Advanced Society 

Corda Book

The list of books for learning about Corda could also include innovative choices such as “The New Advanced Society” book. It is an effective learning resource for understanding the different areas in which Corda can transform.

Although the book does not refer specifically to Corda, it focuses on the broader implications of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and industrial IoT for the transformation of society. 

The book helps you learn Corda application benefits for different platforms, such as the examples of smart manufacturing strategies. In addition, the book provides a major benefit of learning about innovative business models and strategies for ensuring value improvements with Corda-based applications.       

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6. Blockchain for Business 2019

Corda Book

The popular entries among books for learning R3 Corda also include the Blockchain for Business 2019 book. The author, Peter Lipovyanov, has created the book to offer a one-stop guide to the basics of blockchain technology and its important business applications. It can help learners familiarize themselves with the practical approaches for using R3 Corda in the transformation of industrial applications. Another key highlight of the book which makes it a top choice for blockchain architects is the focus on the intricacies of different business use cases of blockchain technology.

Blockchain for Business 2019 is one of the best books for architects in the blockchain space, with detailed coverage of important challenges for blockchain development. The book also draws attention toward economic concepts in blockchain use cases alongside the concepts of cryptography, smart contract programming, and computer networking. Interestingly, the book is a recommended learning resource for business executives, managers as well as financial professionals.

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7. Blockchain across Oracle

Corda Book

You can also find another promising book for learning about R3 Corda with the Blockchain across Oracle book by Robert van Molken. It serves as a professional orientation resource for helping blockchain architects using Blockchain for Oracle. It helps you find out “Who use Corda?” with a detailed description of blockchain influence on cross-organizational applications. The author provides a detailed guide on blockchain fundamentals, important concepts, and history. 

In addition, you can learn about using Oracle middleware solutions, such as Hyperledger Fabric. As a result, the book can help in developing the fundamental knowledge required for using Corda in creating blockchain solutions. The most interesting highlight of the “Blockchain across Oracle” book refers to the hands-on training in the creation and implementation of smart contracts

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8. The Internet of Value

Corda Book

The Internet of Value is another trusted learning resource to help you find how to become an architect for new financial applications. It is important to note the massive wave of changes in the financial services industry with the introduction of blockchain technology. The book offers a promising impression of the impact of distributed ledger technologies such as R3 Corda on the domain of finance. It offers a detailed report on the impact of distributed ledger technology on the transformation of the banking industry. 

One of the important highlights of the book points to three different use cases of distributed ledger technology for improving the value advantages of financial services. The book focuses on the utilization of DLT in a real production environment alongside the concerns with the interoperability of DLT platforms. 

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9. Blockchain for Business 

Corda Book

The Blockchain for Business book was created by three professional experts from IBM. It offers comprehensive insights into the disruptive potential of blockchain. It is one of the top books on R3 Corda, which helps architects in developing fluency in R3 Corda best practices.

You can learn about the key use cases of blockchain in cross-border payments, trade finance, land registry, and supply chain management. On top of it, the book also reflects on the potential of blockchain networks for fuelling the development of completely new business models

The “Blockchain for Business” book can help you learn Corda with a detailed comparison between different types of blockchain networks. In addition, the book also covers details of the technical, governance, regulatory, and business challenges with blockchain frameworks

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10. Solution Architect’s Handbook

Corda Book

The Solution Architect’s Handbook is also a promising choice among the best books for architects as it helps in learning fundamentals. The book offers insights on crucial topics required for success as a solutions architect. It offers a clear impression of the different roles of a solutions architect in enterprise environments. The book also provides guidance on the implementation of crucial design principles and patterns for developing cost-effective and high-performance solutions. 

The Solution Architect’s Handbook does not offer a direct overview of R3 Corda. On the contrary, it can help you understand the best practices for using Corda in creating enterprise blockchain applications. The book can also help you familiarize yourself with strategies required for securing blockchain solution architectures alongside increasing availability.

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The list of best Corda books provides some of the best learning resources to familiarize yourself with Corda and its applications. On top of it, the list also includes books that can help aspiring architects understand the best practices for Corda. In addition, architects and developers can learn about the challenges of creating blockchain applications for industrial cases. Some of the books also feature insights on innovation in business model design for aligning with R3 Corda solutions. Start learning more about the fundamentals of R3 Corda and validate your skills with a professional enterprise blockchain architect certification now.

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