The hype around web 3.0 has been growing at an unreal pace in recent months. However, anyone interested in web3 would know that the internet has evolved by huge margins since the early 90s version. The demand for resources to become web3 expert has been soaring higher with a revolutionary rise in attention towards the principles underlying web3. 

With the revised set of technological principles, web3 can offer the ideal foundation for digital solutions of future. According to Gartner, almost 25% of people would use the metaverse for at least one hour a day by 2026. Blockchain technology and decentralized protocols have constantly been redefining many conventional solutions and processes. 

As web3 encourages the adoption of new innovative business models and value improvements, the demand for a web3 professional would obviously increase. How will a beginner figure out the path to becoming a web3 expert? The following discussion attempts to offer an answer with an outline of best practices recommended by experts.

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 Demand for Web3 Experts

Before you dive into the tips for becoming web3 experts, you must be curious about web3 expert salary estimates. Considering the variety of roles in the web3 domain, you can expect a salary range from $90,000 to $750,000, depending on your job role. In addition, other factors such as location and experience also come into account for determining the salary of web3 professionals.

At the same time, it is also important to take note of the creative compensation techniques, wherein a certain part of the salary is paid in the form of tokens. On top of it, multiple roles such as web3 developer, community manager, blockchain engineer, and smart contract developer allow the flexibility for defining your career choices.

The natural course of growth for DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse also paint better prospects for a rise in web3 jobs and the demand for web3 professionals. Furthermore, web3 expert could also create their own projects with innovative business ideas, such as decentralized applications

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Tips to Become a Web3 Expert

The lucrative propositions in the career of web3 experts might seem quite appealing. However, you must also acknowledge the number of efforts, time, and resources required for achieving web3 expertise. The journey to becoming a web3 specialist involves multiple phases of learning with an emphasis on a diverse range of skills. Beginners can encounter some confusion regarding the resources to pursue building their web3 skills

Simultaneously, it is also difficult to identify the relevant topics you need to cover to enhance your web3 expertise. On the other hand, recommendations of experts can help in guiding your efforts in developing your career as a web3 expert.

Here are some of the top suggestions by industry experts for all aspiring web3 professionals –

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  • Fundamentals Go a Long Way

The most undermined highlight in web3 expert skills would refer to the fundamentals. If you want to become an expert from scratch, there’s nothing better than the basic concepts to begin your journey. What are the basics you need to cover for your web3 career? The obvious answer points to blockchain as it is one of the integral technologies underlying the web3 ecosystem. 

Make sure that you have a fluent command of computer science basics such as networking and the ability to solve programming problems with algorithms. In addition, beginners must also learn about concepts such as encapsulation, abstraction, data structure, resource management, algorithms, and security. 

You can prepare better for web3 jobs with knowledge of the working of blockchain and its role in DeFi. The basics of blockchain can also help you learn about the definition of decentralized web and token economies. It is important to learn the basic blockchain and web3 terms and understand their meanings to avoid any confusion in the future. 

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  • Hone Your Programming Skills

Web3 experts have to deal with a completely different environment in comparison to web2 professionals. Any aspiring professional who wants to learn web3 would choose Solidity for many reasons. For starters, it is the smart contract development language of Ethereum network. 

Since most of the web3 apps use Ethereum, Solidity has become the first choice of programming language for beginners. However, you can also explore another alternative in the form of Rust. Both Solidity and Rust are popular web3 programming languages, and you can choose between them according to your needs. 

Experts recommend that beginners must start web3 programming with Solidity as they can have flexible access to resources for the same. You can build web3 expert skills by using different platforms such as Buildspace, Solidity by Example, and CryptoZombies for mastering Solidity programming language

If you have prior experience in high-level programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, you can learn Solidity with ease. For example, CryptoZombies is an interactive platform that helps in learning about Solidity and Ethereum through games. Similarly, Solidity by Example can serve some exclusive resources in the form of practical examples, supporting videos, and source code. 

Rust is the preferred choice of programming language for smart contract development on Solana blockchain. Many web3 jobs and projects on Solana would highlight programming skills in Rust in the job description. The good thing about Rust is that it does not exhibit any undefined behavior. At the same time, it is also memory safe and type-safe. With a broad assortment of features, Rust is an easier and more ergonomic, smart contract coding language. 

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  • Know Your Web3 Libraries

Building smart contracts are not the only responsibility in a web3 professional job advertisement. Web3 experts must have promising skills in incorporating their smart contract code with the frontend or user interface of applications. This is one of the reasons for which experts recommend learning about web3 libraries. Some of the popular web3 libraries suited for interacting with blockchain include, Ethers.js, and Web3.js. Each JavaScript library offers distinct functionalities which define the interaction between smart contract code and blockchain.  

The Web3.js library is the most common JavaScript library you would come across while developing web3 applications. It serves a distinct collection of libraries for using an IPC or HTTP connection for communicating with distant or local Ethereum nodes.

Ethers.js is also another JavaScript library that facilitates easier interaction with the Ethereum network. It has developed as a comprehensive, general-purpose library.

If you want to become web3 expert with a background in Python, then you would need the library. It is the Python library that can facilitate interactions with Ethereum. On top of it, also plays a crucial role in sending transactions alongside reading block data or interactions with smart contracts. 

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  • Build Your Ground in Development Environments

The job of a web3 specialist also requires promising skills in different development environments. Experts recommend Remix IDE or a local development environment as the top choices for honing your web3 expertise. The opportunity to learn web3 application development on a practical level is definitely a positive asset for any web3 beginner. 

Remix IDE is the popular choice of development environments for web3 applications, with an extensive collection of plugins. At the same time, beginners could have a great time developing web3 applications with Remix IDE. It offers the facility for writing, compiling, testing, and deploying smart contracts

On the other hand, local development environments are a reliable alternative to Remix IDE, particularly for complex projects. Web3 experts suggest that skills in local development environment tools such as Truffle and Hardhat can improve a web3 professional portfolio. Why? Local development environments provide a more cost-effective approach for developing web3 applications. Therefore, web3 professionals with in-depth knowledge of local development environments can serve as better candidates for web3 job roles. 

Hardhat is a popular local development environment that serves a wide range of functionalities for compiling, deploying, testing, and debugging the Ethereum software. You can create a private Ethereum blockchain network with Hardhat and test your web3 application before deploying it. 

Another popular local development environment points at Truffle, which includes a suite of tools for web3 development. Apart from the functionalities of a local development environment, Truffle also offers a testing framework as well as an asset pipeline. The user-friendly interface of Truffle works as a promising advantage for users with better flexibility in managing web3 projects.

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  • Testing Improves Perfection

The most significant highlight in the journey to learn web3 would refer to testing. As a matter of fact, testing is one of the mandatory elements in expert recommendations for developing technical expertise in web3. The cost of reversing a smart contract once it is added to the blockchain is the biggest reason for the emphasis on testing. Web3 experts must have comprehensive knowledge of different methods for smart contract testing. You must learn about node testing, API testing, functional testing, and performance testing for web3 applications to develop technical expertise.

  • Create Your Own Projects

Practice is the only proven solution to achieving expertise in web3. Every expert recommends developing your practical skills for becoming a web3 expert. You cannot contribute anything of value if you don’t have the ability to implement web3 expert skills in practice. Beginners can encounter many challenges in understanding the workflow of decentralized applications required in complex projects. Therefore, it is important to start building your base in practical skills for using web3 concepts, tools, and technologies. 

The top web3 professionals started off their journey by building projects with whatever knowledge and skills they had. Over the course of different projects, you can learn many new skills and come across experiences that improve your expertise. Some of the examples of projects you can try to include an NFT collection, an Ethereum wallet application, or a blockchain-based to-do application. You can also try working on a blockchain-based voting system, social media application, or a simple decentralized blog. 

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  • Opt for Professional Training

Among the many tips recommended by experts to become web3 expert, the significance of professional training would always stay unharmed. No one can deny how professional training shapes the skills and knowledge of professionals in new technologies. However, beginners can experience considerable trouble in finding the relevant professional training courses for web3. Why? Web3 is not a single technology and encompasses almost anything related to decentralization, such as blockchain technology and NFTs

Therefore, you would need professional training courses for multiple concepts such as blockchain fundamentals, Ethereum technology, NFTs, metaverse, and DeFi. In such cases, a single platform for accessing professional training courses on web3 concepts such as 101 Blockchains can serve valuable support to aspiring learners.

  • Prove Your Skills with Certifications

Developing your skills in different aspects of web3 through training courses and self-study would have a limited impact on your career without certifications. A web3 expert must have the necessary credentials to show that they are well-versed in web3 concepts and technologies. You can try out the Certified Web3 Professional certification on 101 Blockchains as a reliable option for proving web3 expertise. The facility of a training course with the certification provides an effective tool to prepare for the certification exam. 

  • Build Your Identity and Stay Updated

The final recommendation by experts for becoming a web3 specialist would focus on image building and staying updated with industry trends. You can create a blog and share your views on web3 topics and trends. In addition, aspiring web3 experts must also have a clear impression of the existing and expected web3 industry trends. On top of it, experts also recommend customizing your social media and professional networking profiles with details about web3 credentials. 

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Bottom Line

The tips recommended by experts to become a web3 professional offer a clear roadmap for all aspiring professionals. You can notice the importance of covering the fundamentals of blockchain and web3, Ethereum technology, and smart contract development in the process of developing web3 skills

The pointers for becoming a web3 expert also reflect on the necessity of building practical skills through creating web3 projects. On top of it, the expert tips for improving web3 skills also emphasize the importance of professional training. At the same time, professional certifications also serve an integral role in shaping your identity as a web3 expert. Learn more about web3 and achieve the title of a web3 expert.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!