Should I become a blockchain developer? Currently, the demand for Blockchain developers is higher than the available developers. In fact, the demand will continue to grow with time. You might wonder, what has that got to do with me? Well, in this write-up, you will explain the most simple ways you can make money as a blockchain app developer.

5 ways you can earn a living as a Blockchain Developer

1.    Startups

You can work on your decentralized application (dApp) and use it to raise capital. Nowadays, hundreds of companies are using ICO to raise billions of dollars. After you have developed your app, you can use it to raise capital through initial coin offerings. However, for you to raise good money, it is paramount that you develop a real valuable decentralized application.  If your vision is not clear, nobody would like to invest their money in it.

2.    Freelancing

Freelancing is nowadays a great way to make money online. As a freelancer, you can opt to work either full time or part-time basis. There are several freelancing websites where you can create gigs and sell. Most of these sites have project listings that you can work on for various clients.
On these websites such as, and many others, you will find many projects that require people with blockchain related skills. 

3.    Working for a Company

There are a lot of established companies that hire blockchain developers. Such companies need blockchain engineers to help them work on their new decentralized applications. However, one common setback with these companies is that they require people with long experience with blockchain technology. Therefore, if you are an amateur you might not get a chance with most companies.

4.    Monetizing DApps

You can make money by creating your dApp and monetizing it. There are several people who have done so and made millions of money. For instance, CryptoKitties made 12 million dollars within a month.
From the money that is made from these dApps, the developer gets 2-5% per transaction. It is a profitable venture to develop DApps. But figure this out, instead of earning a commission you monetize your own app. Monetizing your own App is more profitable.

5.    Being Paid for Solving Puzzles

You can make money by solving different puzzles. There are different open source projects that pay contributors. Most of these bounties are based on Ether. For you to be paid, you must solve an issue. After submitting if it will be approved by the submitter, you will be paid. Most of the payments are made using Ethereum through smart contracts.

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