Aspiring to learn blockchain development and become a blockchain developer? Here we bring a complete guide on why learn blockchain development and how to become a blockchain developer. 

Blockchain is the newest technological intervention that has been garnering attention for various reasons. However, as an industry, blockchain has showcased prolific growth in recent years, with promising estimates for growth in the future. Blockchain completely transformed the approaches for data management and traditional methods of doing business in the digital world. With considerable advantages of security and versatility, various business sectors and governments have noticed the value of blockchain.

Therefore, aspiring individuals looking for a career in blockchain might turn towards the prospects of pursuing the job of a blockchain developer. However, it is important to find the different steps required for becoming blockchain developers in 2021. The following discussion offers you detailed guidance on how to become a blockchain developer.

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What is the Role of Blockchain Developers?

One of the foremost concerns for any individual seeking blockchain developer jobs is the outline of job responsibilities. While it is reasonable to assume that blockchain developers develop blockchain networks and applications, there is a lot more to their work. The understanding of job responsibilities of blockchain developers can help in ensuring that you are prepared to earn the skills required for addressing them. Here is an outline of the basic roles and responsibilities of a blockchain developer.

  • Blockchain protocol design 
  • Designing network architecture for centralization or decentralization of data
  • Backend development in relation to blockchain protocols
  • Development of front-end designs on the basis of client requirements
  • Development and monitoring of smart contracts

Basically, the work in blockchain developer jobs focuses on development of innovative solutions for challenging issues. Developers have to create solutions with better opportunities for command and control with adequate prospects for ensuring high integrity. Blockchain developers also carry out complex tasks such as analysis, design, development, and testing for specific service lines or product hardware of businesses. In addition, you will also have to take care of software design, selection of resources, and effective operating architecture integration. 

With the help of a trustworthy blockchain developer course, aspiring candidates can also learn strategies for addressing complex challenges. Blockchain developers have to work with the inherent limitations in legacy infrastructures. In addition, they need a clear understanding of technical implications related to implementation of decentralized applications and processes beyond the scope of conventional IT development skills.

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What Do I Need to Become a Blockchain Developer?

Speaking of skills, you must note the basic skills you need for becoming a blockchain developer. The following outline of fundamental skills required for blockchain developers can help you discover training priorities. 

  • Data Structure

All blockchain developers need a prolific understanding of data structures. Blockchain developers have to interact with data structures for developing and deploying applications. Since a block is inherently a data structure, the knowledge of data structures could offer considerable support in understanding the underlying behavior of all components in blockchain

  • Smart Contracts

Another mandatory addition in almost any blockchain developer course would refer to smart contracts. Smart contracts offer effective relief from intermediaries in the exchange of goods and services. They can enable transactions through configurable contracts which follow certain conditions.

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  • Cryptography

Although you don’t have to be an expert in cryptography, you must focus on the fundamentals of cryptography. Learn about the basics of encryption and decryption along with the types of cryptography in blockchain, such as symmetric and asymmetric-key cryptography. Try to explore some of the fundamentals regarding hash functions before starting your journey to become a blockchain developer.

  • Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain developers have to define the blockchain architecture type for their solutions according to client requirements. The different types of blockchain architecture include public architecture, private architecture, and consortium architecture. In addition, developers also need a detailed understanding of the crucial components in blockchain architecture. Some of the important elements in the blockchain architecture include nodes, miners, chains, and blocks.

  • Programming Skills

Well, you cannot expect to become a blockchain developer without any programming skills. Blockchain developers are required to develop web apps in most cases. Therefore, aspiring blockchain developers need to familiarize with web development and develop fluency in blockchain programming languages. Some of the notable programming languages which blockchain developers should learn are Java, Python, and C++.

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Why Learn Blockchain Development – Reasons to Become a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is popular, and many renowned businesses have adopted it. So, is that the reason for which you should pursue blockchain developer jobs? Here are some of the important reasons to clear your doubts about the career prospects as a blockchain programmer. 

  • Lucrative Salary

The first and foremost motivation for an individual might point to the blockchain developer salary. Candidates are reasonably worried about the earning potential in the role of blockchain developers. It is right to know what you will earn after putting in the effort and dedication in preparing for the job. Interestingly, the average annual blockchain developer salary ranges between $150,000 and $175,000. With such a promising salary stub, it is difficult to ignore the proposition of pursuing a career in blockchain application development. 

  • Support for New Technologies

Blockchain is expanding with the support for almost every new technology, which is popular in present times. Blockchain works effectively with artificial intelligence, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud computing, and serverless architecture. Blockchain networks are improving considerably in terms of speed, strength, and efficiency. As the blockchain ecosystem expands further, developers could discover many innovative avenues for enhancing blockchain solutions.

  • Bring Meaningful Change

It is also important to note that blockchain-based solutions have the potential for introducing massive life-altering changes. Smart contracts are changing the ways of access to financial services and traditional lending and borrowing mechanisms. As a blockchain developer, you could contribute innovative solutions which could change the quality of life for people. 

  • Thriving and Supportive Community

Another important reason for becoming blockchain developers is the expanding and thriving community with highly supportive participants. The continuously growing blockchain community brings a lot of promises for beginners in finding answers to their troubles in the initial days of learning blockchain. Blockchain developers could discover a massive collection of tools and information for improving their skills. In addition, the community is also a trustworthy source for information on latest best practices adopted in the industry.

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Steps for Becoming a Blockchain Developer

If you are completely new to the domain of blockchain development, then you might wonder about how to become a blockchain developer. Without any previous experience with blockchain, it is definitely going to be tough. However, you can always rely on the following recommended pointers for getting through to your final objective.

  • Start with Blockchain Basics

Know the details about blockchain, its origin, components, and its working. You could discover a wide assortment of blogs and independent research-based platforms for training in blockchain basics. Learn the meaning of basic concepts and terms in blockchain, along with the importance of each concept and term. Try to learn anything about blockchain you can take in at the beginner level before you move towards a blockchain developer course

  • Develop Programming Skills

As a blockchain developer, you would need programming skills for developing blockchain applications. Efficient blockchain developers should develop the required skills alongside maintaining a thorough focus on learning languages such as Python, C++, Java, and SQL. 

  • Familiarize with Blockchain Development

Try out some of the unique recommendations to learn blockchain development, such as Space Doggos and CryptoZombies. These platforms help you learn to program for blockchain applications with the help of Solidity code. Aspiring developers could hone their skills for writing smart contracts, thereby improving the possibilities of achieving fluency in blockchain development. Most important of all, these are practical and enjoyable methods in preparation for blockchain developer jobs.

  • Go for Professional Training Courses

The most important requirement for aspiring blockchain developers would obviously bring a blockchain developer course into question. Professional training courses could help candidates learn about the basics required for the role of blockchain developers. In addition, the courses could also provide adequate training for blockchain developers to implement their skills in relevant use cases. Most importantly, professional training courses on blockchain development could also ensure training for candidates to communicate their skills effectively to potential recruiters. 

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  • Earn a Certification

Professional blockchain certifications can easily help aspiring candidates land up in the role of a blockchain developer. Certifications serve as credible proof of an individual’s knowledge and skills for carrying out the job roles and responsibilities of blockchain developers. The training and efforts required for professional certifications for blockchain developers provide a competitive advantage for certified blockchain developers.

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Final Words

The impression of the journey to becoming blockchain developers shows that the destination is not impossible to achieve. With the right set of skills and guidance in your journey, you can discover how to become a blockchain developer with ease. However, it is also crucial to develop the basic skills required for blockchain developers and understand the reasons for becoming blockchain developers. 

Candidates must develop confidence for the job role of blockchain developers by reflecting on their job descriptions. Most importantly, candidates should find the right training course and certification to help them achieve their goals. Learn more about blockchain development and start your journey right now!

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