Want to demonstrate your blockchain knowledge to your colleagues and seniors? Get into the highlights of 101 Blockchains’ new Blockchain Like a Boss Masterclass to give your expertise a new edge.

Our efforts in serving our learners with productive learning materials for blockchain have resulted in one more resource i.e. Blockchain like a Boss course. We are really excited to bring this new course for improving the professional readiness of all aspirants. Dr. Ramesh Ramadoss (Co-Chair, IEEE Blockchain Initiative), a renowned industry expert, has created this blockchain masterclass, so you can master the concepts of the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain is indeed one of the most beneficial technological interventions in recent times, with massive potential waiting to be uncovered. Enterprises have started to recognize the value that blockchain can bring for the efficiency of their operations. However, mastering the concepts and explaining them to your boss can be a difficult journey in contrast to common assumptions. Let us show you what we have to offer in the new Blockchain Like a Boss training course. 

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Blockchain Like a Boss Masterclass – How to Explain Blockchain Ecosystem to Your Boss

The new blockchain course on 101 Blockchains is a Masterclass, specifically dedicated to understanding and explaining the value of blockchain. The course focuses on helping students develop a better understanding of advanced concepts for learning blockchain comprehensively. Learners could also access a classification approach for developing a better understanding of the blockchain ecosystem. 

In addition, the new Blockchain Masterclass also offers insights regarding the various use cases of blockchain in enterprises, governments, and decentralized ecosystems. Some of the key topics in the course include the token economy and the decentralization movement. At the same time, you could also find instances of early adoption of blockchain or DLT solutions. 

Target Audience for the Course

A clear impression of the target audience for the new course on 101 Blockchains could also help you find your readiness for the course. The “Blockchain like a Boss” masterclass is suitable for the following people,

  • Beginners in the domain of blockchain technology with an interest in learning about the basic concepts in blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)
  • Who want to become blockchain architects or developers with validation of their knowledge regarding leading industry trends in blockchain
  • Individuals interested in learning blockchain technology with the aim of earning blockchain certifications for career development
  • Those who are eager to learn about blockchain and DLT use cases for starting their journey in the domain of blockchain

Basic Information about the Course

The basic details of the new blockchain course on 101 Blockchains could also help you understand what we are trying to provide with the course. The new Blockchain Masterclass has been designed specifically to help candidates with achieving the following goals.

  • Understanding of the important concepts associated with blockchain is required to start learning the technology
  • Specialization in a classification approach is required for developing a better understanding of the blockchain ecosystem
  • Use cases of blockchain in enterprises and governments based on private blockchain infrastructure

The course offers you the perfect gateway into the world of blockchain while highlighting practical use cases. Learners could also find examples of the applications of blockchain alongside their future prospects in various real-world use cases. At the same time, you can also find comprehensive details about the early adoptions of blockchain and DLT to improve the scope of knowledge regarding the practical use of blockchain. 

While many people would be quick to assume that the ‘Blockchain Like a Boss’ training course is another fundamental introduction course to the blockchain, it is far more significant with coverage of advanced concepts. The course basically helps you understand blockchain while developing the ability to explain them to people without blockchain knowledge. Candidates would understand the classification of concepts learned in the course for offering comprehensible insights for senior decision-makers and business executives regarding the use of blockchain technology.

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What Will You Get in the new Blockchain Masterclass?

Since you can witness the promising potential of Blockchain Like a Boss masterclass to help your blockchain career, you would be eager to know what it offers. Learners are generally curious about the content of a training course and the value it offers before they choose it. With the new blockchain course, we offer comprehensive coverage of the following topics to help our learners. 

  • Introductory concepts regarding blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • Historical timeline and important concepts related to blockchain or distributed ledger technology
  • Classification of blockchain and DLT concepts
  • Decentralization movement and token economy
  • Enterprise blockchain ecosystem and use cases
  • Early adopters of blockchain or DLT

The Masterclass would also include bonus material and additional lectures to reinforce the learning outcomes of all learners. The bonus material includes specialized, comprehensive interviews with leading blockchain experts in the world. At the same time, learners could also access the complimentary lectures alongside practical knowledge regarding blockchain technology in the course. Most important of all, the Blockchain Like a Boss training course also opens the avenues to different online events of 101 Blockchains like the live webinars. 

Why Choose Our New Blockchain Masterclass?

101 Blockchains has carved a unique niche of itself in the domain of blockchain training and certifications. The new Blockchain Like a Boss masterclass is our wholehearted attempt at simplifying advanced blockchain concepts for enterprise environments. So, what would learners gain from our new course? Here are some of the notable benefits which can encourage you to take up our new blockchain training course. 

  • A New Attempt

We have introduced this new blockchain course for helping learners in finding ways to explain blockchain to their bosses. Therefore, aspiring blockchain professionals could discover new approaches for making blockchain understandable for the uninitiated. 

  • Experts at Your Service

The new Blockchain Masterclass on 101 Blockchains comes with inputs from trained industry experts. As a result, learners could benefit from the practical insights offered by our experts in the course. Most important of all, the interactive approach followed by our instructors in the Masterclass with a specific focus on the application of each concept in the real world helps every learner considerably.

  • Interactive Learning Experience

Training with 101 Blockchains can be an enjoyable experience while learning the blockchain concepts. Learners could find interactive training videos and engaging exercises in our new training course, which would increase their interest in learning. Furthermore, 101 Blockchains also brings bonus content and additional lectures which learners can use for expanding their knowledge and skills. 

  • Responsive Support 

The new Blockchain Like a Boss masterclass offers the assurance of support to all learners whenever they need it. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the course, the experts at 101 Blockchains are always ready to help. As a result, learners could be able to grasp all the concepts and topics covered in the course without disruption. 

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Bottom Line

If you want to establish a prolific career in blockchain technology, then the new Blockchain like a Boss course could be a reliable choice. The new course brings the unique advantage of improving the use of blockchain in enterprise environments. Many aspiring blockchain professionals do not pay attention to the fact that they will be working with other professionals who don’t have the advanced knowledge of blockchain. 

101 Blockchains has introduced the new masterclass with the aim of empowering everyone to understand and explain blockchain technology fluently. Our commitment to brace the new opportunities with the future of blockchain would continue further as we look forward to new courses. Go ahead and start your journey as a blockchain professional with us right now!