In this article, you can learn about — scopes and roles of a blockchain developer, as well as the necessary skills and courses, needed to land a blockchain developer job.

If you got the skills, then landing a blockchain developer job should be an easy task for you. However, as the job market for blockchain developer keeps on changing, many of you are confused with the skills you need to become one.

In reality, blockchain developer jobs can be the perfect career path for you if you are into blockchain technology. The salary is huge, and the facilities that come with the position are unbelievable!

But even though you may have the skills, you still may need a boost with a blockchain developer course. In reality, these courses are perfect for becoming a certified blockchain developer and showcase them in the interview. Thus, today, I’ll focus on everything you need to know about the blockchain developer job and help you build your dream career.

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Why Should You opt for Blockchain Developer Jobs?

There are certain reasons why many of you should go for the blockchain developer career path. These are –

Intellectually Stimulating

One of the basic reasons for a blockchain developer job is that this sector is intellectually stimulating. We all know how the diversity of our work can positively affect our outcomes. And the blockchain industry is full of diverse possibilities.

More so, it happens to be one of the exciting job sectors that can choose in your career path. Furthermore, there’s practically no limit, and you can use blockchain in almost any industry you can think of.

Greater Pay

Another great reason is that it comes with a high salary. In reality, the blockchain developer job can give you $150k or even more. Obviously, the enterprise will determine your salary, and it will depend on your level of skills.

But think about the possibilities. Even if you are just a beginner and don’t really have much experience, your salary will start at $60k-$70k, at least!

Trends suggest that blockchain developer salary is on the rise. Even the blockchain developer jobs for freshers or entry level blockchain developer jobs are getting tractions.

Emerging Technology

Blockchain has been around for quite some time now, more accurately since 2009. Even though at that time, many didn’t realize the hidden value within this tech. However, at present, people are still trying to perfect the technology.

As a result, there aren’t many professionals out there who can go for blockchain developer jobs. Thus, the competition is quite low, and you can easily get a blockchain developer job with the proper skills.

Future Tech

When working in a blockchain developer job, you won’t only be a developer but also help in building the future itself. Yes, blockchain is the future, and you will be a part of that too. In reality, the feeling that you are making a difference plays a huge role in our business world.

Thus, the more you feel passionate about it, the better your output will be. And that’s why getting a blockchain developer job is just perfect for you.

According to a recent survey, more than 68% of the developers consider blockchain as a positive tech, and almost 30% see this technology changing the future.

Remote Work

The world is moving away from old boring 9 to 5 jobs. In reality, many developers now love to work from home instead of maintaining a tight daily timeline.

Thus, many enterprise companies are now hiring blockchain developers and offering them blockchain remote jobs to keep them in the company.

Also, as the supply of developers is pretty low, the enterprise companies are willing to bend a lot of rules to make you feel comfortable.

And to be frank, that is a huge plus point at the moment.

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How to Get a Blockchain Developer Job?

Blockchain Developer Job

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Blockchain Developer Job: Skills You Need to Harness

There are some skills that you need in order to land a blockchain developer job. Thus, we have put together a list for you. Check it out from below –

  • Possess Caliber on Enterprise Business and Tech

Blockchain developer jobs will always require having a high caliber in enterprise business and technology. You may have the tech skills, but without a proper understating of enterprise business, you can’t offer the maximum output the companies want.

In reality, companies will not invest in new technology if that won’t bring them any revenues. As a matter of fact, the whole point of blockchain jobs is based on it.

So, it’s highly necessary for your CV as well.

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  • Understand Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers

Next comes the technical skills that you need to possess. First of all, you have to understand how other distributed ledger technology and decentralized platforms work. In reality, blockchain is not the only technology that can offer a trustless environment.

Therefore, if you study how the other ledgers work, it will help you understand the concept of blockchain much better. Also, you should understand the core differences between blockchain vs distributed ledger technology.

Typically, the job for blockchain developer will require you to have knowledge of this.

  • Be a Specialist on Various Programming Languages

You cannot expect to become a blockchain developer without knowing anything about programming languages. These are the primary pillar of your success. More so, learning only one programming language is not enough to get a career in high-end companies.

Thus, opt for learning multiple languages and increase your proficiency in them. In reality, knowing Python, Solidity, Java, C++ should do the trick.

However, learning other languages can also help you out.

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  • Sharpen Cross-discipline Broad Skills

You know, having only technical or business-based knowledge is still not enough in the present. Do you know why? It’s because today, the companies participate in a very competitive game in order to stay relevant.

Thus, a job for blockchain developer mainly requires extra cross-discipline skills that will help in staying relevant in the marketplace.

These are mainly agility, creative thinking, analyzing skills, critical thinking, adaptability, DevOps, and so on.

  • Understand Different Blockchain Platforms

You know understanding different blockchain platforms is also crucial in landing a blockchain developer job. In reality, before you start working on a solution, you have to decide which platform should be the base of your solution.

In many cases, companies tend to make a lot of mistakes in the deciding phase. As a result, many of the solutions don’t work out in the end.

But if you know how every blockchain platform works, you can easily strategize your solutions.

  • Be Proficient with Enterprise Business Processes

Want to work in an enterprise environment, right?

Who doesn’t!?

But if you are really planning on doing that, make sure you know how these companies run their processes. If you don’t have any experience or even a knowledge base on this, you can’t come up with eye-catching business ideas.

As a result, it will be hard to shine in these companies and implement better enterprise blockchain solutions.

  • Know-How to Solve Blockchain Enterprise Problems Fast

Solving a solution faster in a blockchain enterprise will secure your blockchain developer job. In reality, only a handful of professionals can solve any problems thrown in their way faster. You have to walk in their shoe as well.

We know that it’s a hard task, but simplifying any issue will give you an edge in your job. Additionally, the more complex you make your solutions, the more time it will take for you to find out issues.

Anyhow, let’s move on to the next skill in this how to become a blockchain developer guide.

  • Be Able to Dissect Blockchain Architecture Patterns

Dissecting blockchain architecture patterns is the next step for your blockchain developer job journey. You don’t necessarily have to become a blockchain architect but It’s a huge skill that you need to learn about. However, to dissect them, you have to vigorously go through case studies.

Anyhow, enterprise companies always look for professionals who know what he/she is working with or on.

So, make sure to study hard or join a course to learn about them.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Certification

  • Understand Blockchain Ecosystems and Standards

Another skill for landing you a blockchain developer job is a greater knowledge of blockchain ecosystems and standards. Basically, there are many different ecosystems within the blockchain. More so, these ecosystems seem to differ greatly from each other.

Thus, all of the platforms tend to use different standards, as well. So, it can get quite confusing on what ecosystem or standard to use for your solution.

But if you understand them perfectly then, it should be easy for you.

  • Know Front-End and Back-End Web Development

If you are a developer of any sort, you have to learn front-end and back-end web development. More so, without this skill, you won’t even be considered for the position. All the companies have this as their primary requirement.

So, knowing front-end and back-end web development is extremely necessary for you. Here, you will mostly work on request handling, UIs, APIs, and so on.

Anyhow, let’s move on to the next skill in this how to become a blockchain developer guide.

  • Solid Knowledge about the Development Tools

For a blockchain developer job, you have to learn to use different blockchain tools. Why? Well, because these tools are highly suitable and capable of trimming down your timing in implementing any project.

In reality, many developers love these developer tools. Thus, companies also expect you to know about them. Anyhow, if you still don’t use development tools, we would highly recommend giving them a shot.

  • Sign Up for a Blockchain Course

You becoming a certified blockchain developer can be the best thing for your career at the moment. Thus, you should definitely enroll in blockchain developer courses that can boost your CV greatly.

However, you need to be aware of fake or incompetent courses that may hamper your CV rather than enrich it.

To help you out, we have a wide collection of courses that you could try out. We can assure you that these courses will help you in becoming a certified blockchain developer.

Therefore, once you finish the course, you can easily land a blockchain developer job.

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Blockchain Courses That Will Help You Build Your Career

Our blockchain developer courses will surely help you build your career in no time. Make sure to follow our guidelines on the blockchain developer career path accordingly. Anyway, let’s see which of our courses for you at the moment –

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

If you want certifications, then you should definitely start with our certified enterprise blockchain professional course. In reality, this is one of the blockchain developer courses that will guide you through the overall ecosystem of blockchain.

So, only just by using this certification program, you can easily get a job for blockchain developer. Also, this program will help you become a certified blockchain developer. Many enterprise companies are looking for this qualification while hiring at the moment.


Our blockchain certification course will help you to understand the different aspects of blockchain technology. In reality, this course will mainly focus on the blockchains’ effect on enterprise business. So, once you finish our course, you will soon know how you can use this tech in your company.

Also, our course focuses on tactics that you can use to stay relevant and maintain a standard for your clients. In reality, there are many use cases of it in theory, but we will cover the real examples of it and help you build a roadmap.

In short, the whole course is designed to help you get a blockchain developer job.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification

What Will It Contain?

  1. Blockchain Technology Fundamentals
  1. Fundamentals of Different Enterprise Blockchain Platforms
  1. Blockchain In Trade Finance
  1. Enterprise Industry Based Blockchain Apps
  1. Blockchain Use Cases

There are also exclusive bonus materials for you.

Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one of the emerging blockchain developer job requirements at the moment. In reality, blockchain seems to have quite a powerful impact on supply chain and supply chain management.

That’s why we strictly have a course for you that will solely focus on blockchain and supply chain management.

In reality, this is one of our popular blockchain developer courses to try out. We can assure you this course will definitely help you understand how to become a blockchain developer.

Anyhow, this course is more than equipped to land you a job for blockchain developer in supply chain industries.


In reality, this course is for only supply chain management sector workers. If you are interested in working in this industry, then taking this course can be the best decision of your life. Anyhow, in the course, you will learn how blockchain is changing the way supply change management works.

More so, you will understand how any supply chain process works in the enterprise environment. This knowledge base will help you land a job for blockchain developer.

The course will mainly focus on the issues of this industry and how blockchain is solving those. More so, there are many platforms suited for supply chains, we will cover those as well.

So, you can expect to learn a lot of information for your blockchain developer job.

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What Will It Contain?

  1. Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • What is the supply chain?
  • Supply chain manager responsibilities and skills
  1. Value Creation in SCM
  • Evaluating your corporate value with working capital
  • Evaluating your SCM models with economic value added (EVA) model
  • Supply chain management affecting working capital
  1. Blockchain for Supply Chain Use Cases
  • Impact of blockchain in supply chain management
  • Supply chain applications using blockchain
  1. How to Implement Supply Chain Based Blockchain Solutions

There are also exclusive bonus materials for you.

Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance

Another one of the popular selections from our list of blockchain developer courses is the “enterprise blockchains and trade finance course.” In reality, this course is also for a specific industry – Trade Finance.

Like the supply chain sector, this sector is also blooming gradually, thanks to blockchain. Thus, many of the companies in this niche are posting blockchain developer jobs. So, you can expect to get a lot of opportunities in this industry as well.

Anyhow, to help you bloom in this industry, we managed to include everything you need to know in this course.

So, make sure to check it out if you want to get a blockchain developer job.


You will surely love this course. It revolves around the various scenarios of trade finance in the first lesson. Later on, it covers the primary issues this industry is dealing with at the moment. Next, we will cover how blockchain can easily solve all the issues.

More so, you will also learn about companies using blockchain in different ways to reach their goal. This will help you out in developing your own strategy while maintaining the standards.

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What Will It Contain?

  1. Trade Finance Processes Basics
  • Trade-finance-fundamentals
  • Trade-finance-industry-issues
  1. Blockchains Impact on Trade Finance Process
  1. Use Cases of Blockchain For Trade Finance
  • Cross border payments
  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Bill of Lading (BoL)
  1. Different Blockchain-Based Trade Finance Platforms
  • TradeLens
  • Contour
  • Marco Polo
  • Trade
  1. Other Developments in Blockchain-Based Trade Finance
  • TradeTrust
  • Digital Standards Initiative


Enterprise Blockchains Templates

In your blockchain developer job, you have to use a lot of tools in order to get things done faster. Thus, we will help you out with our actionable blockchain templates. In reality, all our templates will only give output based on your inputs.

So, make sure to fill in the options to get the correct output. For example, in do you need a blockchain template, there will be certain strategic options. If, after analyzing your company’s requirements, it figures that you don’t need blockchain, it will show you that.

So, you see, we are not forcing anyone to use blockchain even if they don’t need to.

However, in many cases, you may need a proper strategy to build your solution. In that case, you can simply use our other templates to figure that out without breaking a sweat.

What Templates Will You Get?

  • Do you need a blockchain? – This will help you make the call if you need blockchain or not.
  • Blockchain Project Readiness – This will help you know when your project is ready for launch and figure out any underlying issues.
  • Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Project – You can make your presentation more lucrative to your clients using this template.
  • Mapping Supply Chain Business Vs. Enterprise Blockchain – Using this template, you can map your supply chain models against enterprise blockchain platforms.

There are also exclusive bonus materials for you.

How Our Blockchain Courses Can Help Your Blockchain Career

We ensure that our blockchain courses cover everything you need for your blockchain developer career path. More importantly, these will help you prepare for your enterprise interviews without any issues.

In reality, our courses are different than other certification programs in the marketplace. First of all, our courses will focus on the combination of blockchain with enterprise processes. At present, enterprise companies are looking for professionals who can combine blockchain into businesses.

Thus, companies want to use this technology to boost their revenues and simplify the processes. As a result, it’s crucial for you to learn about enterprise business models as well. Also, you have to understand how certain parts of blockchain affect these models.

That’s why our courses are fully equipped to help you learn about business outcomes. Thus, it will help you strategize and make quick decisions for your company.

Second of all, we design all of our lessons based on current market outcomes. So, if something in the marketplace shifts, we will make sure to update our lessons accordingly. This is one of the features that other courses on the marketplace seem to lack.

Thus, your blockchain developer career path will become a smooth ride all the way!

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Concluding Thoughts

Blockchain developer job is truly a lucrative career choice for any person who is into web development and blockchain. In reality, the demand for blockchain developers is at an all-time high. Thus, you will get a lot of opportunities as many companies are now offering a job for blockchain developer.

Not to mention the salary and the chance to work in an enterprise environment are truly outstanding.

So far, we’ve explained how to become a blockchain developer. Hopefully, now you know what steps you need to take and how quickly you can skill up. In the first stage, it may seem a bit complicated, but as you move along, it’ll become easier.

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