Web3 is an important element for driving innovation in the use of digital transformation technologies. The global market capitalization for web3 is almost $27.5 billion, and innovative developments in the metaverse, NFTs, and play-to-earn games would expand the web3 market further. However, most people cannot find web3 learning resources for specializing in web3 skills

The applications of web3 have the capability to introduce radical transformation in different technologies we use today. The web has offered value benefits for different audience groups. In the beginning, the web served as a source of information only. The next stage of the web introduced web2, with the implications of user-generated content gaining momentum. 

On the other hand, web2 has been mired in controversies regarding the unauthorized control of central intermediaries over user data. Web3 has emerged as a promising solution to such issues alongside serving its unique value propositions. If you want to learn web3 fundamentals and how it works, then you would need credible learning resources. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains features a set of free and premium learning resources for learning web3 and its applications. The following post helps you find out more details about free resources for learning web3 and the premium resources for your web3 career

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Why Do You Need Resources for Learning Web3?

Web3 has presented a new approach to using the internet. It suggests a massive leap for the internet in terms of the ways in which information is transferred. In addition, it also helps people establish connections with each other along with decentralization. The recent growth in decentralized technologies, including DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, and AI, has called for a momentous shift to ensure data decentralization. 

At the same time, web3 also aims to create an internet that is more transparent and secure. The interest in learning web3 development has also been gaining momentum on the grounds of the rapid adoption of web3 in business use cases. Within the first half of 2022, web3 companies had garnered investments of over $1.8 billion. 

Web3 trends also imply that 46% of financial service apps utilize web3 technology. Some of the other prominent use cases of web3 refer to social media apps, games, and business apps. Web3 developers have been actively invested in coming up with new solutions, particularly on Ethereum. As of December 2021, around 18,400 web3 developers indicated evidence of monthly activity in different projects. 

On top of it, the growth of DeFi and blockchain-based gaming are the top reasons to learn web3 from professional platforms. Apart from the continuously expanding dominion across different areas, web3 has also come up with favorable career development opportunities. As a matter of fact, web3 developers can land jobs with annual salaries ranging up to $120,000 for entry-level roles.

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Popular Learning Resources for Web3

The significant impact of web3 on technological development as well as career growth suggests a clear set of reasons for learning web3. If you are interested in learning web3, you should look for credible learning resources. Which resources can help you start your journey of learning web3? The answer would direct you toward other questions. How much should you invest in learning web3? Can you find free learning resources? 

The insights in web3 free learning resources can help you start learning web3 without any apprehensions. At the same time, you need free learning materials which help you learn everything about web3 before pursuing professional training. 101 Blockchains offers a selected assortment of free learning resources on web3 without any hidden costs. Let us take a look at the free web3 learning materials offered on 101 Blockchains. 

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  • An Introduction to Web 3.0 Blockchain EBook

An Introduction to Web 3.0 Blockchain EBook

The first entry among answers for “Where can I learn web3 for free?” would lead you to 101 Blockchains. With the “An Introduction to Web 3.0 Blockchain” book, you can learn about web3 fundamentals in detail. On top of it, learners can use the eBook to learn more about the connection between web3 and the NFTs and metaverse. The eBook serves as an effective training resource for familiarizing with the technology stack suitable for web3. Furthermore, you can also use the eBook for a comprehensive understanding of challenges and use cases associated with web3

  • Web3 Blogs 

The archives of 101 Blockchains are another exciting platform for finding free learning resources on web3. You can find preparatory insights before learning web3 development in practice with the help of different blogs on web3 topics. The web3 archives are a great platform for familiarizing with the different basic concepts and emerging trends in web3.

For example, you can learn about the importance of paid ads and storytelling in the web3 landscape. On top of it, the blogs also include topics to help beginners with career developments in web3. How? The outline of key roles and responsibilities of web3 architects, web3 engineers, web3 project managers, and many other roles provides a clear impression of web3 career opportunities. 

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  • Presentations 

The next important addition among free learning resources for web3 on 101 Blockchains refers to presentations. You can find multiple presentations on web3 and blockchain-related concepts alongside career guidance. The use of presentations as web3 learning resources can deliver better results through the evidence pointing interactive learning experience. 

You can learn about web3 alongside the potential of the metaverse and fintech, with a specific emphasis on the role of blockchain. The list of presentations on 101 Blockchains also includes an introduction to the metaverse, top metaverse games, and the interplay between NFTs and their significance in the metaverse. The presentations also help you familiarize yourself with blockchain architecture, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, cryptography, and career options for web3. 

Considering the fact that blockchain is the underlying driving force of the web3 movement, your efforts for learning web3 development must also focus on blockchain training. As a matter of fact, you can use the presentations on 101 Blockchains to pursue desired career opportunities in web3. With over 50 different free presentations, you can rely on 101 Blockchains for comprehensive training in the foundational concepts of web3. 

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  • Flash Cards

What is the biggest apprehension of a beginner interested in learning web3? Before you choose training materials to learn web3, you must have doubts regarding the feasibility of web3. It is obvious to have doubts about the expectation of success in web3 careers. How can you overcome the initial barriers of doubt in learning web3? The answer would lead you toward the flashcards on 101 Blockchains

Flash cards are trusted web3 free learning resources tailored to help you learn the fundamental concepts of web3. The cards are simple and faster solutions for familiarizing yourself with all the important terms related to web3. For example, you can learn about the definition of web3 and other crucial terms such as airdrops, custodial wallets, smart contracts, DAOs, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and many others terms. 

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Premium Resources for Learning Web3

The outline of free learning resources on 101 Blockchains provides a viable solution for all beginners who want to build Web3 skills and knowledge. At the same time, free resources are only useful for improving your knowledge of Web3 fundamentals. After finding reliable responses for “Where can I learn web3 for free?” with 101 Blockchains, you need to look for premium resources on the platform. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains has the right answers for your search in the form of a Web3 expert career path and a Certified Web3 Professional certification training course. Here is an overview of the two premium training resources on Web3 by 101 Blockchains. 

1. Web3 Expert Career Path

The foremost aspect of a career path points to the flexibility of the learning experience. Rather than searching for specialized Web3 courses here and there, you can find all the relevant training courses on one path. The web3 expert career path can help candidates interested in learning web3 development or pursuing web3 career options in non-technical roles. What can you find in the Web3 expert career path by 101 Blockchains? The Web3 expert career path features seven professional courses on crucial topics related to Web3. Here is an outline of the different courses you can find in the Web3 expert career path. 

As you can notice, each training course in the Web3 expert career path deals with an important element of Web3. On top of it, you can learn Web3 with a holistic perspective by choosing premium learning resources like the career path. For example, the Introduction to DeFi course and DeFi Intermediate Level course feature overlapping concepts and complement each other. Similarly, the Complete Ethereum Technology course helps in understanding the foundations of new Web3 developments. You can access the Web3 expert career path on 101 Blockchains as a premium member of the blockchain training platform.

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2. Certified Web3 Professional Certification 

The next promising resource on 101 Blockchains for learning about Web3 points is directly at the Certified Web3 Professional or CW3P certification. The CW3P certification training course is a proven choice among premium web3 learning resources for validating your web3 expertise. 

You can use the certification training course to develop fluency in Web3 fundamentals alongside the risks, benefits, and challenges of web3. The certification training course can also provide significant value advantages in learning about the different use cases for Web3 technologies. One of the significant elements of the CW3P certification is the emphasis on Ethereum, NFTs, and metaverse fundamentals. 

The Certified Web3 Professional Certification is better than Web3 free learning resources for understanding the relationship between Ethereum, NFTs, metaverse, and Web3. You can also use the certification training course to prove your commitment to continuous professional development. The CW3P certification has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service, UK, thereby adding more credibility to the credential. As a certified Web3 expert, you are likely to garner the attention of employers for emerging Web3 job roles. 

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The final impression regarding the learning resources on Web3 you can find with 101 Blockchains suggests that they are exclusive materials for learning Web3. You can find free as well as paid Web3 learning resources on 101 Blockchains with multiple learning benefits. For example, candidates don’t have to start learning Web3 with paid courses and learning materials. On the contrary, web3 beginners can use free learning resources, such as eBooks, web3 blog archives, presentations, and flash cards

At the same time, it is also important to look beyond “Where can I learn web3 for free?” by seeking paid learning materials. You can find a Web3 expert career path and a Web3 certification on 101 Blockchains as top choices among paid resources. You can use the premium training and certification to boost your chances of becoming a Web3 professional. Learn more about Web3 with your choice of training resources right now.

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