The conceptual underpinnings of web3 have proved its potential for offering a decentralized online ecosystem where users are in charge. Web3 empowers users with the value of decentralization, thereby helping them access online services without relying on intermediary agencies. For example, you don’t have to create a new account to participate in a play-to-earn game, as you can use the benefits of decentralized identity for authentication. The productive use cases of web3 have boosted the demand for a web3 engineer as businesses seek new avenues for web3 transformation. On the other hand, web3 is still in the nascent stages of development and will take some time before maturity. As of now, most of the web3 job roles focus on blockchain-related jobs such as smart contract developers, dApp developers and NFT developers. 

On the other hand, the diverse options for a career in web3 also include non-technical roles such as ecosystem manager and community manager. However, web3 engineering encompasses a broad range of responsibilities for a web3 expert. Considering the level of skills and experience required to become a web3 engineer, you can assume the efforts you have to invest in learning about web3 engineering. The following post offers you a helpful guide for identifying the important skills you need for web3 engineering. You can use the information in this post to prepare an effective roadmap to becoming a web3 expert.

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Prospects for Growth in Web3 

One of the most prominent highlights of web3 is the innovative nature of applications that build the web3 ecosystem. You have NFTs redefining the principles of proving asset ownership and DeFi revolutionizing the use of financial services. At the same time, developments in the field of metaverse technology are geared up for introducing new digital experiences. Predictions for metaverse suggest that the world may have a 3D version of the internet by the end of this decade. 

The scale and potential of these innovative solutions are strong reasons to work on developing web3 engineer skills for lucrative career opportunities. It is also important to note the radical growth in investments in web3 companies. Apparently, web3 companies have collected more than $4.5 billion in funding. The web3 blockchain market might generate annual revenue of around $23.3 billion by 2028. Market research reports have pointed out that the global metaverse market will be worth $678 billion by 2030. 

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Should You Pursue a Career in Web3?

The potential for growth in the web3 market can be one of the reasons to pursue career opportunities in web3. However, some of you may wonder about the feasibility of pursuing career paths in a field that is comparatively new. Should you choose a web3 engineer course just because web3 is a trending term? No, you should look for more convincing reasons, such as trends in the web3 job market. 

According to the Global Blockchain Industry Talent Insights, the number of web3 professionals has increased by 76%. Some of the top web3 talent hubs in the world include China, US and India. Most important of all, GameFi, metaverse, DeFi and NFTs have opened up new revenue streams and innovative business models. As a result, the web3 market has created many unconventional jobs. On top of it, big brands such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton are working on web3 projects. All of these factors provide evidence of prospects for career development in web3.

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Why Should You Become a Web3 Engineer?

Most of you aspiring to become a web3 engineer must review the reasons to pursue a job in web3 engineering. Here are the top reasons why you should choose a web3 engineering career path.

One of the foremost reasons to pursue engineering is the opportunity to work in a senior role for innovative projects. Web3 engineers can work on different projects ranging from NFT marketplace development to design of DeFi projects. In addition, you can also explore the prospects for designing new decentralized social media networks or work on existing projects such as Steemit or Mastodon. 

The next important thing on your mind before choosing a web3 engineer certification must be related to the expected remuneration for the job. How much can you earn in web3 engineering job roles? Surprisingly, the average annual salary for  engineers can range up to $500,000. Some companies also offer web3 engineer positions, such as remote Solidity engineer, with an average annual salary of $750,000. While these salary estimates are in the top range, you can notice how specialization in web3 can boost your career. 

Another top reason to choose a web3 engineer course is the massive web3 talent gap. The labor market has to adapt to the requirements of businesses, and it would take some time before experts start pouring in large numbers. However, the existing web3 talent market has higher demand than supply. You can capitalize on the lack of efficient and qualified web3 developers and engineers to build your career in a futuristic domain. As the demand for web3 experts continues growing, you can stay ahead of the competition by preparing for web3 engineering. 

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What Does a Web3 Engineer Do?

The guides for building your career in web3 engineering job roles would also emphasize the job responsibilities. Awareness of your responsibilities as a web3 engineer could help you identify the skills you must learn for the job. The primary task of  engineers focuses on creating innovative web3 solution ideas and designing their architecture. 

Most important of all, web3 engineers take on the task of developing user-facing web3 applications according to desired business goals. Web3 engineers must also work in collaboration with designers, developers and peers to supervise the successful implementation, testing and deployment of web3 applications. Here is a sample outline of job responsibilities you can find for web3 engineering job roles. 

  • Developing and testing end-to-end web3 applications locally as well as in shared staging environments. 
  • Understanding the requirements of customer use cases and developing solutions for resolving user pain points.
  • Effective use of web3 engineer skills for developing internal tools for supporting the organization in achieving data-driven decisions.
  • Develop in-depth expertise in web3 engineering. 
  • Supporting team members in design of new features and system architecture with effective teamwork and collaboration skills.

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Skills Required for Becoming a Web3 Engineer

The overview of job responsibilities must have incited curiosity regarding the skills required for web3 engineering jobs. The answers to “What skills are required to become a web3 engineer?” serve as a major highlight for aspiring web3 engineers. You must know the important tools and concepts you must learn to become web3 engineers. Let us go through a brief outline of the essential skills you need in web3 engineering. 

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  • Blockchain Basics

The foremost mandatory skill required for web3 engineers is fluency in blockchain technology. Without knowledge of blockchain technology and its role in web3, you cannot move a step ahead in your career as a web3 engineer. 

  • Decentralized Application Development

The next important addition among mandatory web3 developer skills points at dApp development. You must have a detailed impression of potential use cases of dApps in web3.               

  • Web Development Basics

One of the primary highlights in the job responsibilities of web3 engineers refers to designing user-facing applications. Therefore, engineers must have fluent knowledge of the best practices and tools for web development. Candidates must have skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

  • Ethereum and Smart Contracts

The responses to “What skills are required to become a web3 engineer?” also draw attention toward Ethereum and smart contracts. Both of these terms are integral components of web3. Ethereum serves as the primary foundation for web3 revolution with its massive ecosystem of dApps. 

On the other hand, smart contracts serve as the lifeblood of web3 by powering dApps. Smart contracts ensure that dApps could execute transactions without depending on intermediaries. Speaking of smart contracts, you need to choose a web3 engineer course on Solidity Fundamentals and smart contract development. You can find these two courses on 101 Blockchains right now. 

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  • Web3 Tools

The comprehensive set of responsibilities of web3 engineers points to the need for in-depth fluency in powerful web3 tools. As an aspiring web3 engineer, you must learn about Alchemy, Remix, Truffle and Hardhat. These tools offer you blockchain development environments where you can design, implement, test and deploy web3 solutions. 

Best Practices in the Career Path of Web3 Engineer

The detailed outline of job responsibilities, career prospects and skills required to become a web3 engineer offers a viable foundation for pursuing the career path. However, you must pay attention to the following best practices in the journey on your web3 engineering career path. 

  • Build a Formidable Set of Skills

The essential requirement to pursue a career in web3 is the vision for continuous learning and skill development. You have to remember that web3 is a vast ocean that still remains undiscovered in many areas. If you want to become a true web3 engineering expert, you need to learn  the existing drivers ecosystem of web3 . 

An aspiring web3 engineer must earn skills in NFT development, DeFi technology and its business implications, metaverse basics and tokenization. In addition, you must also learn about the Ethereum technology driving the web3 ecosystem. At the same time, web3 engineers must also develop skills in using new scalability and interoperability solutions such as Polygon. 

  • Choose Reliable and Accredited Courses and Certifications

The career path for web3 engineers must also include a web3 engineer certification and many training courses. However, it is important to ensure that you choose an accredited web3 certification like the Certified Web3 Professional certification on 101 Blockchains. The accreditation ensures that you can receive recognition for your web3 engineering skills in the web3 industry. On top of it, you must choose training courses on all important web3 concepts which offer practical training. The learning outcomes of the training courses should enable you to apply web3 skills in real use cases. 

  • Stay Updated

The final recommendation for the career path of a web3 engineer is to learn the latest skills. Web3 is a treasure trove for innovation, and the dynamic nature of the industry calls for frequent updates and new trends. Therefore, engineers must maintain pace with the industry’s progress and adapt their solutions accordingly. 

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Bottom Line

The detailed guide on how to become a web3 engineer showcased the critical pieces of information you need to achieve your goals. One of the foremost highlights in the guide reflected on the necessity of identifying job responsibilities forengineer. The guide also showed the important skills you need for building a career in web3. 

Above everything else, you should emphasize choosing credible web3 engineer certification and training courses. Interestingly, you can discover an effective approach for pursuing your web3 career with the training library and certifications on 101 Blockchains. Learn more about the Certified Web3 Professional certification and its learning outcomes now.    

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