The crypto landscape is rife with many jobs right now, especially with 395% growth in crypto jobs, across various hubs. As of now, the hiring spree in the crypto space barely seems to slow down. On top of it, the trend might continue for more time in the future. According to a recent LinkedIn report, the number of crypto job listings for the US skyrocketed by 395% in 2022. LinkedIn had already placed blockchain and crypto as the most favored in-demand skills by enterprises in a previous report. 

The unreal growth of job listings in the crypto space brings a fresh wave of opportunity for many aspiring candidates. At the same time, such pieces of crypto news solidify the belief in long-term potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Let us dive deeper into the details of the massive, unprecedented growth in the number of crypto jobs in 2022. 

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Unparalleled Growth in Crypto Job Postings

According to the LinkedIn report, the job postings featuring terms such as “blockchain,” “cryptocurrency,” and “Bitcoin” escalated profoundly in 2022. The study carried out on organizations in the US showed many big names joining the crypto hiring spree. For example, tech giants like Meta, Amazon, and Twitter opened up many crypto talent vacancies in 2022. Furthermore, Wall Street firms such as JP Morgan and Fidelity also listed many new crypto job postings in 2022. The demand for blockchain talent by such top names in the world of technology and business presents jobs in the crypto space in a positive light. 

The report by LinkedIn also brings another interesting piece of crypto news related to job postings for crypto talent. According to LinkedIn, the growth rate in crypto hiring has easily surpassed the hiring rate in the broader tech industry. Majority of the job postings for the crypto space featured software and finance positions. At the same time, the report also focused on the rise in demand for crypto talent in different professional services. For example, accounting, consulting, computer hardware, and staffing roles were also prominent job choices for crypto talent in 2022.  

The news of growth in crypto jobs also has another interesting highlight. LinkedIn has stated that the growth in crypto-related jobs surpassed the hiring rates in the broader tech industry. The number of job postings in the broader tech industry experienced a growth of 98% in 2022. It is definitely trivial in comparison to the 395% growth in crypto-related jobs. 

According to the COO of crypto exchange, Okcoin, Jason Lau, the organization is hiring talent for many crypto-related job postings. He recalled having around 50 vacancies for crypto-related positions in his organization, alongside emphasizing the commitment to continue hiring. Lau also pointed towards the significance of their efforts and by other companies for growth in terms of crypto hiring. 

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Hubs for Crypto Jobs

Apart from the concerns of cryptocurrency jobs salary, aspiring candidates also want to find notable hubs for crypto-related jobs. According to the report by LinkedIn, specific areas in the US registered the highest postings for crypto-related jobs in 2022. Candidates could find many listings for a crypto job in Miami or Denver, and New York City. 

In addition, LinkedIn has also pointed out the promising and unparalleled growth in a number of postings for a crypto job in Denver and Austin as well as San Francisco. People have been wondering about the possible reasons for which crypto-related job postings have increased in these areas in 2022. 

The most common reason for listings for a crypto job in Austin or other places in the US is the presence of crypto companies in such locations. Many crypto companies have set their base in these cities, thereby opening up job prospects for crypto talent. For example, Miami hosts the annual Bitcoin conference and also boasts of its own cryptocurrency, the MiamiCoin. At the same time, you can also find that Austin has a deeply-ingrained crypto culture, which drives better prospects for crypto-related job postings. 

Furthermore, the growth in the number of crypto job postings would also expand further in the future, with notable personalities in governance favoring crypto. For example, the new mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is an avid Bitcoin enthusiast. He has expressed his intentions for transforming New York City into a primary hub for the cryptocurrency industry in future. 

The demand for a crypto job in Denver or Austin gained momentum only in 2022. The five topmost locations in terms of crypto-related job postings in 2020 included San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Greater Philadelphia, and Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area. Austin and Denver are the two new additions that replace Los Angeles and Greater Philadelphia. On the other hand, the growth in the number of postings for a crypto job in Miami also shows the rise of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area as a vital location for future crypto-related jobs. 

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Growing Demand for Engineering

Many organizations have focused profoundly on engineering roles in the rising crypto jobs listings. According to LinkedIn, the titles like blockchain engineer and blockchain developer account for almost 15.6% of the total crypto-related job postings. Apart from the core enterprise blockchain roles, job postings for software and finance roles, as well as in accounting, staffing, computer hardware, and consulting, also presented formidable growth in demand for crypto talent. 

For example, developers engaged in projects for web3 development experienced all-time high growth in job postings in January. On top of it, the cryptocurrency jobs salary estimate for a blockchain developer is almost $154,550 annually. All these factors have played a critical role in driving the growth of crypto-related jobs. 

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Final Words

The expansion of the crypto landscape received a huge boost from the global pandemic. People shifted to remote work, and physical transactions were reduced to a bare minimum. As the world geared up for a new wave of digital change, crypto offered the necessary support to enterprises, professionals, and the general public. 

The growth in job postings for crypto-related roles is a positive sign for the overall crypto space. It shows that enterprises are not holding back in hiring crypto professionals. At the same time, the concentration of crypto-related job postings in specific areas also showcases the possibilities for raising new hubs for the crypto industry.  

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!