Blockchain Academy is surely a crucial part when it comes to becoming a blockchain professional. You won’t find any greater way to learn about blockchain technology without using blockchain academy for it.

There are many people or professionals who are more than skilled in the technical perspective, but they seem to highly lack in the business perspective. As a result, when it comes to coupling both the blockchain and enterprise business processes, they make many mistakes.

Therefore, it leads to a lot of resources wastage and time losses as well. But how can you overcome this situation?

Well, the blockchain academy can be the perfect solution for that. Basically, learning from blockchain academy can be the best way to understand how to couple these two.

Also, blockchain academy courses are always here to offer you the best of the best knowledge base and training.

Thus, here in 101 Blockchains, we are offering the blockchain academy that you have been searching online.

Not only this, but our top-notch blockchain academy courses will make you understand how this technology works and how you can unleash its true powers.

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll talk about everything related to the blockchain academy. So, let’s get started!

blockchain academy

What Does Our Blockchain Academy Training Offer?

Well, the blockchain academy training does offer a lot of facilities for you. Let’s see what you can expect to form the blockchain academy.


  • A Vast Knowledge base

Well, our team is more than happy to dedicate their time and efforts to all of the activities of our academy. As we have a wide collection of courses for you, just remember that every single one of them is jam-packed with information.

Also, we never include any kind of information that may create confusion. Once we are sure that all of the information is absolutely correct only then we create courses.


  • Regular Updates

Blockchain academy courses are updated on a regular basis. More so, we ensure that all of our courses have all the information that you need. In reality, finding updated content is relatively hard. Also, if you use backdated information, your solution may even fail.

So, we know the seriousness of the situation and offer the best possible outcome we can.


  • Premium Support

Well, wouldn’t you awesome if you got the premium support in taking our courses? Therefore, to make sure you have a memorable experience with us, we treat every single of our students with great care.

In reality, we think every single of our students deserves the best of the best experience. And so, our team is always on standby to ensure a happy experience.


  • Flexible Learning Schedules

Another thing that the academy will offer you is the scope for flexible learning. It means that you can pause and start the courses we offer anytime you want. Obviously, we offer a structured phase for every single course.

But you will get the ultimate upper hand. Also, you can retake the course again without any additional charges too!


  • Simple Lesson Structure

Many of you may be completely new to the topic. Therefore, it’s necessary that you get a simplified form of information that you can easily understand. Thus, to help you, all of our courses come with a simple lesson structure that is super easy to understand.

Therefore, it’s a great way to start your blockchain digital transformation.


  • Exclusive Bonus Materials

We always offer bonus materials with all of our students. In reality, you can expect to get interviews or professional advice from top-notch blockchain innovators.

More so, you can always weekly follow up emails with workout spreadsheets, guidance, and so on.

Can it get any better than that?


How to Choose the Perfect Blockchain Course from Our Collection?

Our blockchain academy courses will offer you the perfect solution and the perfect way to showcase your skills in an enterprise environment. Basically, using our courses will help you demonstrate that you can actually work on the technology or at least have the knowledge base to come up with the perfect strategy.

You will also learn about different blockchain architectures, use cases, platforms, and so on. More so, the best course of action for you will be to avoid all the free courses that you find randomly on the internet.

Anyhow, how can you really choose a blockchain course for your needs as well? We will suggest you check out every single one of our courses and then select the one that goes with your needs.

Thus, ask yourself these questions to pinpoint the perfect one –

  • What kind of industry do I work in?
  • Am I in a managerial or consultancy position or in a developer position?
  • Do I need a certification or not?
  • If I need a certification, then which course goes hand in hand with my career option?
  • Am I going to develop the platform? If so, do I have the tools to do that?

Learning from the blockchain academy is a great way to boost your career options. Also, as we take pride in our blockchain courses, even non-technical persons can easily learn about technology without any hassles.

But if you are still not sure what to pick, you can check out our free courses or even contact us for proper guidance. Therefore, all you have to do is sign up and start your blockchain academy training right away.


Why Are Our Blockchain Academy Courses Important?

Well, it’s not like we are boasting about our blockchain academy training without any proper cause. But we have to say, we have the best collection of blockchain courses in the market at present.

Therefore, courses in the blockchain academy differ greatly from all other courses in the market. But how do you excel in it when the others are still far behind?

In reality, there are some crucial elements in our courses that make it so different than all of the other ones. So, let’s see how we are different.

First of all, other blockchain courses in the market tend to solely focus on the technological part of this new revolution. Therefore, they never tell you how you can leverage this technology and grow your enterprise business.

We know that the creating of this type of technology is mainly to help advance our business ways or day to lifestyle. But you don’t know how you can use this technology in businesses wheat’s the point of using it?

Thus, we design all of our courses within mind that it needs to resonate with enterprise industries as well. Thus, all of the courses are equipped to a couple businesses with technology and offer you the perfect combination.

So, learning from the blockchain academy will ensure that you have that knowledge to cope up with any scenario or situation your company throws at you.

Do you know that now companies struggle massively to find a perfect candidate who can understand both the technology and the business processes? This a one in a lifetime opportunity that you should take and secure your place in a big-end company.


What’s More?

Second of all, all of our courses in the academy are designed in a simple yet informative manner that takes very little time to understand them.

Also, don’t think that all of our courses and training is only for the employees. Any employer can use our courses to extend their knowledge base on the topic as well. In reality, if you are only a beginner in this technology, then our courses can help you out too.

Anyhow, blockchain is disrupting and going to disrupt a lot of industries in the future. So, it’s best that you prepare for the inevitable sooner rather than later.

And that is why our academy is really important to you. As you can see, you will only get the premium experience from us, so why not just check it out?


How Much Time Do You Have to Invest in Becoming 101Blockchains Certified Professional?

Well, this is one of the major questions we get asked about our academy. In reality, we know that you may have a busy life and may not have the time to invest in a lengthy course. Therefore, we created all of our blockchain academy training in a way that it will only take you about 16 hours maximum.

However, as we sectioned the courses into different parts, it will take you up to 4 weeks to learn about it. If you want, you can also pause the course at any time.

In reality, our motto is that you should definitely learn at your own pace. So, learning from the blockchain academy is up to you only. No one will force you to finish the classes faster or slower than you want.

Anyhow, our smallest courses can take about 75 minutes to finish. So, as you can see, you don’t need to worry about taking the course when you have a busy career at all.

In reality, it’s all up to you!


What’s the Real Process?

The blockchain academy offers a simple way to get you into the realm of this technology. But just remember that all the rules aren’t set-in-stone. You can always adjust it as you will like.


  • Start by enrolling in one of the blockchain courses in our academy. These courses will surely broaden your mind and ensure you have the proper information.
  • Make sure to fully understand and study the materials the courses offer you. If you are unsure about something, contact us at any time.
  • You can check out our informative articles in the blog section to get more perspective into the ecosystem of blockchain as well.
  • Always use our email guidance and training spreadsheets weekly to sharpen your skills.
  • More so, the course teacher will offer you assignments and study materials. Therefore, it makes sure to study them accordingly for a better evaluation later on.
  • Always take your time, don’t rush through the online classes.
  • You will get access to our forum where you can interact with other students. Thus, you can always ask for help regarding your study materials.


Blockchain Course Collection in Our Academy

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Course Overview

This is one of the blockchain courses that will offer you a lot of value and certification. Check out why you should use this course –

  • Study about the blockchain technology, and it’s impacting the overall business ecosystem.
  • Learn about the broader analysis of the world of blockchain.
  • Know how you can strategically implement the technology.
  • Understand the transformation process with the help of updated toolsets.


What Modules Does It Have?

M-1: Blockchain Technology Basics

  • Fundamentals of blockchain
  • How blocks are created
  • Smart contract
  • Private and public blockchains
  • Consensus mechanisms


M-2: A Deeper Understanding of Enterprise Blockchain Platforms


M-3: Blockchain In Trade Finance

  • Fundamentals of Ripple
  • Cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets
  • Blockchain resolutions in Trade finance


M-4: Blockchain Applications in Major Industries

  • Blockchain transforming businesses
  • Fundamentals of Blockchain-based supply chain management
  • Blockchain supply chain real-world use cases


M-5: Blockchain Use Cases

How you can utilize blockchain in different sectors


Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management

Course Overview

This is one of the courses on blockchain that will offer you a mixture of value with specific supply chain management prospects. Check out why you should use this course –

  • How you can integrate blockchain in the enterprise industry models.
  • Take part in the training on blockchain-focused enterprise opportunities.
  • Learn about blockchain specialist skills in the aspect of the supply chain.


What Modules Does It Have?

M-1: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management Process

  • Supply chain process explained
  • Supply chain manager possible roles in a company and major responsibilities


M-2: Value Formation in SCM

  • Estimating enterprise value with your working capital
  • Economic value added (EVA) model for supply chain management evaluation
  • Supply chain process and working capital relation


M-3: Supply Chain Blockchain Real-world Examples and Use Cases

  • Impact of blockchain in supply chain processing flows
  • Supply chain management systems using blockchain technology


M-4: Developing an Innovative Supply Chain Project

  • The overall process of developing a step-by-step solution method


Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance

Course Overview

This is one of the courses on blockchain that will offer you an insight into the world of trade finance and blockchain. Check out why you should use this course –

  • Evaluate how blockchain is changing the trade finance sector and the legacy business models.
  • Know about what kind of enterprise companies are using this tech at present.
  • Learn about blockchain-based use cases to pick the best one for your company.
  • Check out the training on blockchain platforms that can streamline the trade operations.


What Modules Does It Have?

M-1: Working Process of The Trade Finance Industry

  • Basic elements of trade finance
  • Problems of trade finance industries


M-2: Blockchains Role in Trade Finance Development Process

  • Overview of blockchain-based initiatives, examples, and models
  • Trade finance with blockchain benefits
  • How are different blockchain solutions for trade finance changing the industry?


M-3: Key Parts of Blockchain For Trade Finance

  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Bill of Lading (BoL)
  • Cross border payments


M-4: Various Blockchain-powered Trade Finance Applications

  • Overview of Marco Polo
  • Overview-of-Contour
  • Overview of TradeLens
  • Overview of We. Trade


M-5: Developments in Blockchain-Based Trade Finance Companies

  • TradeTrust
  • Digital Standards Initiative


Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

Course Overview

This is one of the courses on blockchain that will offer you a free analysis of how this technology works and how you can use it. Check out why you should use this course –

  • Study about the blockchain ecosystem and how it’s affecting others.
  • Know about various essential terms such as consensus, nodes, etc.
  • Get training on blockchain and its role in the leading sectors.


What Modules Does It Have?

M-1: Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

  • A broader explanation of what is blockchain
  • How does this technology work?


M-2: Understating the Different Blockchain Terms

  • Double-spending
  • Validators
  • Permissioned blockchain
  • Consensus protocols


M-3: Smart Contract Essentials

  • How do smart contracts work?
  • What are the advantages of smart contracts?


M-4: Blockchain Transforming the World

  • Different verticals of blockchain that transforms the industries
  • Leading industries using blockchain technology


Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain

This is one of the courses on blockchain that will offer you a free analysis of how this technology works and how you can use it. Check out why you should use this course –

  • Learn about the essentials of blockchain technology.
  • Know about important blockchains parts.
  • Understand how the digital transformation takes place.


What Modules Does It Have?

M-1: Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

  • A broader explanation of what is blockchain
  • How does this technology work?
  • History of blockchain
  • Comparison of different types of network
  • Comparison of public and private blockchain
  • Top benefits of blockchain


M-2: Understating the Different Blockchain Terms

  • Double-spending
  • Validators
  • Permissioned blockchain
  • Consensus protocols
  • Nodes


M-3: Smart Contract Essentials

  • How do smart contracts work?
  • What are the advantages of smart contracts?
  • What are the disadvantages of smart contracts?
  • Smart contract use-cases


M-4: Blockchain Transforming the World

  • Different verticals of blockchain that transforms the industries
  • Leading industries using blockchain technology
  • Use case dissection of IBM Food Trust


M-5: How Blockchain Can Shift the World into A Fair System

  • The benefits of Web 3.0
  • Web history
  • Overview of a federated blockchain
  • Federated environment and top use cases
  • Comparison of decentralized and centralized internet


Enterprise Blockchains Templates

This is one of the courses on blockchain that will offer you templates that you can use in implementing blockchain technology faster. Check out why you should use this course –

  • Work on enterprise-focused blockchain solutions.
  • Make sure that your project is ready for the official launch.
  • Craft a wonderful presentation for your investors.


What Templates Does It Have?

  • Do you need a blockchain? – It’s a decision-making tool that you can use to choose whether to use blockchain or not.
  • Blockchain Project Readiness – It’s a checking tool that will tell you when your project is ready based on your inputs.
  • Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Project – This one lets you create a mind-blowing presentation for your blockchain project.
  • Mapping Supply Chain Business Vs. Enterprise Blockchain – It will map both of these based on your company status and let you know where you want to use blockchain.


Who Should Take the Blockchain Courses?

The blockchain academy is designed to offer proper blockchain training to business leaders, industry experts, managers, executives, and so on.

If you are –

  • Business Analysts
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Innovation Managers
  • Industry Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Leaders
  • IT Professionals
  • Advisors
  • Decision Makers
  • Software Engineers
  • Program and Product Managers

Then you should definitely check out our academy. Also, if you are a complete newbie in this niche, then you need to check out our courses because these will help out in your career as well. Just make sure to pick the correct one and enroll in it when you can.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Blockchain Academy

FAQ-1: Does 101Blcokchains Academy Offer Any Certifications?

Yes, there are certification courses in our academy that will offer training on blockchain. Without certification, it’s quite difficult to showcase your true skills to the enterprise companies. Therefore, a proof that you can work on a blockchain project can really help to streamline your career.

Not to mention if you are already in an enterprise environment, then using blockchain to better the ways of business models will help you too.


FAQ-2: Can I Contact the Instructors or The Team?

Of course! Our team is more than happy to assist you in any kind of question that can help you learn about blockchain. In reality, we know that once you finish the course, you may have other questions about certain parts. It’s only natural.

Therefore, we will always ensure the best of the best experience for you with our team. Not sure how to approach our blockchain Academy courses? Why don’t you ask our team right now?


FAQ-3: How Qualified Are the Course Instructors in Your Academy?

Training on blockchain technology needs to come from a reliable source that knows the ins ad outs of this tech. In reality, not anyone can actually teach you or even offer online course classes based on random internet research.

That’s why all of our instructors come from high-end companies with degrees to understand the technology better. Also, as they have actively participated or even worked in blockchain solution development, they can teach you about it more accurately.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the qualifications of our instructors.


FAQ-4: Do You Guys Have Any Special Offers in The Academy?

Yes, we always have some kind of special offer going on in the academy. Most of the time, we do offer additional discounted pricing on the courses. But it varies from time to time and season to season.

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget but still want to learn about it, just sign up with us first. We will always email you when we have a discount offer on certain courses. So, make sure to stay tuned and not miss the opportunity to learn about blockchain.


Start Your Blockchain Journey with Our Blockchain Academy Now!

Learning from the blockchain academy can be the best thing you can do at present. In reality, our enterprise blockchain academy isn’t an expensive means to learn about the tech. More so, we always strive to ensure that you learn about the tech in an affordable way.

As you already know, blockchain is here to stay. So, the best course of action for you is to stay on top of it. In reality, when it will completely disrupt the industry for good, it’ll be harder to keep up with the competitors.

Also, always remember to avoid any freebies you get from online as they tend to have misinformation a lot.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our academy right now!