Blockchain offered an effective solution to many problems, some of which were considered impossible to tackle. First of all, blockchain provides an effective way out of the double-spending problem in digital transactions. The necessity of blockchain team upskilling has gained momentum in recent times as businesses embrace blockchain technology. During the initial days of blockchain technology, the focus was primarily directed on their use cases in cryptocurrencies.

However, the applications of blockchain in removing intermediaries help in ensuring lower transaction costs for businesses. In addition, blockchain ensures accessibility of data for authorized individuals through public and private key infrastructure. Therefore, training your team in blockchain development can offer crucial advantages in preparing for the future. The following post helps you find out five different ways to upskill your teams in blockchain technology.

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Why Should Businesses Invest in Blockchain Training for Teams?

The first thing on the agenda of an organization seeking blockchain training for its teams would be the purpose. What does the organization want to achieve by training its teams in blockchain development? Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that offers a distributed database that records every transaction on the network among two participants. 

If you want to know “what is upskilling” in blockchain technology, you must learn from examples of top organizations which have adopted blockchain technology. Companies such as Unilever and Walmart have used blockchain technology to offer the advantages of traceability, transparency, and security. As the adoption of blockchain grows stronger with new use cases, it has proved the potential for transforming digital transformation of different industries. 

For example, businesses would have to introduce programs for their workforce to learn blockchain and its advantages. The applications of blockchain in different industries can create opportunities for new job prospects worldwide. Organizations in banking, healthcare, and logistics are likely to be the early adopters of blockchain technology. 

On top of it, innovative use cases of blockchain, such as metaverse and NFTs, have helped in creating new possibilities for blockchain adoption. The adoption of blockchain technology would serve as an essential requirement for businesses to prepare for the future.

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Why Is Upskilling Essential for Blockchain Development?

The necessity of upskilling your teams in blockchain development is visible in the radically growing levels of blockchain adoption. Organizations have to create an upskilling strategy for coping with the radical changes in skills requirements for adapting to blockchain systems. Most businesses have planned their upskilling strategies in line with objectives for adopting new technologies while retaining professionals in their workforce. 

Rather than searching for new talent, organizations can train their own employees in blockchain development. Therefore, blockchain upskill training and development initiatives can help an organization discover a productive approach to boost the capabilities of its workforce. It can also serve as a formidable boost to the professional development journey of members in the teams of a business. 

The wide variety of technologies in the world right now, starting from blockchain to artificial intelligence and IoT, have different value advantages. On the other hand, every new technology brings a problem with them at first glimpse. You are a complete beginner to technology, and probably every other person you have met also shares the same experience. 

On the contrary, a valuable technology like blockchain would never remain hidden. Within a decade of its introduction, blockchain has brought cryptocurrencies, automated voting systems, decentralized organizations, and NFTs to the world. As time passes, blockchain will gradually open up the path for web3 development, ushering in a new era of decentralized web experiences. 

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How Can Your Teams Learn Blockchain Development?

The popularity of blockchain and its necessity in the modern business environment requires companies to invest in blockchain upskilling. With the help of certified blockchain professionals on your team, you are likely to chart the course of action for future towards positive outcomes. However, it is important to follow the best practices for helping your teams specialize in blockchain development. Here are some of the recommended steps for helping your teams specialize in blockchain development. 

  • Create Your Training Plan 

The first priority in upskilling teams for blockchain development is a training plan. You need the training plan as a benchmark for evaluation of the progress of your team members. Evaluate the blockchain training objectives for your organization and identify the reasons why team members want to learn blockchain and improve their skills. 

At the same time, you must create a timeline for the training program with distinct milestones. Do you want to include tests and other interactive training resources, such as practical examples? The timeline of events in a training program can encourage your team members to learn about blockchain development without apprehensions. In addition, a structured approach for developing skills in blockchain development serves as an exclusive advantage for teams. 

The outline of training process steps in the study plan or training plan could serve as milestones for evaluating the progress of blockchain training in teams. As a result, team members can find the benefits of a specially tailored path to help them learn blockchain development. Business owners must also emphasize supporting their team members to warm up to the basic concepts of blockchain technology. 

For example, businesses can conduct tests to evaluate the preparedness of team members for learning blockchain development. Do your team members know about blockchain and its value advantages? Subsequently, you must also factor in the career preferences of your team members before finalizing their training plans. 

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  • Start the Fundamental Training 

The journey of training your team for blockchain development would start with fundamental-level courses. You can find answers to “How do you upskill your team?” for blockchain technology in the fundamental-level training courses. The courses for blockchain beginners offer valuable and effective tools for understanding how blockchain works. 

Businesses need to help their team members learn about the basics of blockchain before moving toward advanced concepts. It is important to understand the basics of distributed ledger technology and how it can help you with the advantages of security, transparency, and decentralization

Team members should find easy access to training materials for understanding the different use cases and benefits of blockchain technology. Most important of all, learners in an organization must find examples of the applications of blockchain. A careful review of successful upskilling examples can help businesses understand how real examples of blockchain use cases can improve training. 

For example, team members can unravel new details about the different types of results one can expect from blockchain technology in distinct use cases. On top of it, fundamental concepts such as smart contracts and NFTs could help your team members set the foundations for learning blockchain development. 

The effectiveness of fundamental training for becoming a blockchain developer is visible in the preparedness of candidates for a career in blockchain. Fundamental training not only helps you understand the value of blockchain technology but also the value it generates for businesses. 

As a result, businesses can help team members in picking their distinct career paths in blockchain development. Fundamental training is one of the necessities for creating blockchain expert teams in your organization. However, you would have to wait for a few more steps before transforming your team members into blockchain experts. 

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  • Use Guided Career Paths for Blockchain Development

The next step in upskilling your teams for blockchain development is the use of guided career paths for blockchain development. Career paths can offer a flexible resource for identifying the different learning materials that are relevant to career objectives of blockchain developers. The challenges of blockchain team upskilling revolve around lack of an organized approach to training. 

What are your teams supposed to do after learning blockchain fundamentals? What are the top learning objectives for aspiring blockchain development professionals in your team? The answers to these questions can point you toward various concepts, including Ethereum, smart contracts, security, and many other terms. 

Businesses can find a reliable career path for their teams starting from Ethereum technology fundamentals. You should learn blockchain development concepts with insights into the fundamentals of Ethereum development. Almost every new blockchain solution is developed on Ethereum network, thereby suggesting its necessity for businesses. The basic terms included in Ethereum technology and its working provide detailed insights into transaction fees and consensus mechanisms. 

Subsequently, you can try diving deeper into answers for ‘what is upskilling’ to prepare your teams for blockchain developments by reflecting on the importance of smart contracts. Businesses must emphasize the need to learn about Solidity, the primary language for creating Ethereum smart contracts. Blockchain development teams of a business must specialize in creating smart contract code through Solidity.

Businesses can create the ideal grounds for nurturing certified blockchain professionals with an emphasis on smart contract development. It is important to help team members familiarize themselves with all stages of the smart contract development lifecycle. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the use of effective training resources for learning about the important tools required for creating smart contracts. 

The learning journey of teams for blockchain development would also focus on DeFi security as it is one of the popular use cases of blockchain. Interestingly, DeFi can provide an innovative approach for businesses to capitalize on the value of blockchain technology. 

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  • Work on Developing Practical Skills

The journey for developing the skills of your teams for blockchain development would also involve experience in practical skills. You should not only help your team members in blockchain upskill training and development but also provide them an opportunity to apply their skills in practice. 

For example, it is important to learn about the blockchain development tools such as Hyperledger Fabric and Corda. The two development frameworks provide unique blockchain networks to create business solutions. For example, Hyperledger Fabric can help you create permissioned blockchain networks. Training employees in the practical concepts related to blockchain development can serve as a valuable advantage for businesses. 

However, it is important to ensure that learners have something to gain from the methods to apply their skills. Without prior experience in blockchain development, team members are likely to encounter significant challenges in successful execution of projects. Most of the upskilling examples can ensure successful outcomes for upskilling their team members in blockchain development. 

Businesses should offer the opportunity for teams to participate in actual development projects. As a result, the team members would find and deal with challenges that they would encounter in the projects of their business. Practical exposure helps your team members prepare for challenges that may come along the way in real projects. Simultaneously, team members can also learn how to prepare the scope for a project and employ the necessary resources. 

  • Certify the Development Skills of Your Team

The final step in upskilling your team for blockchain development focuses on certifications. Businesses should encourage their teams to pursue professional blockchain developer certifications. With the assurance of comprehensive training, you can build blockchain expert teams with credible proof of their skills. Make sure that you choose a certification provider with reliable blockchain certifications that could earn professional recognition.

Another important advantage of adding certifications to your upskilling strategy is the consistent drive of team members for continuous development. The continuous expansion of blockchain leads to emerging demands for blockchain development training of team members. As a result, certifications could ensure that professionals stay updated with latest trends and technologies in the world of blockchain. 

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The detailed review of advantages associated with blockchain training and development brings new hope for businesses. It is time to find answers to “How do you upskill your team?” for blockchain technology with the help of experts. Businesses must be cautious about selection of training and certification resources to prepare their workforce for blockchain development. 

First of all, business owners must identify their training objectives and rationale behind adoption of blockchain projects. Subsequently, businesses can emphasize training in blockchain fundamentals, followed by the technical concepts underlying blockchain development. Start learning more about blockchain development and prove your skills with trusted certifications in 101 Blockchains right now.    

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