According to the 2020 Report by Deloitte, more than 88% of senior executives express a positive opinion regarding the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Therefore, it is reasonable for candidates to develop aspirations to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional.

The 101 Blockchains CEBP certification is probably the best option for achieving the desired credibility as a blockchain professional. The certification presents a vital tool for reducing the gap between formal blockchain education and the identity of a world-level Enterprise Blockchain Expert.

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101 Blockchains is a trustworthy platform for blockchain training and research with a wide assortment of resources for improving your blockchain expertise. However, many candidates, especially beginners, could reasonably worry about the implications of the CEBP certification for their career.

The following discussion provides you a detailed impression of the details of Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification. Most importantly, you can also discover the significant pointers and best practices to prepare for the CEBP certification.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification

enterprise blockchain professional certification

Before reflecting on the important details to help you get CEBP certification, it is crucial to identify the platform providing the certification. 101 Blockchains has emerged as a formidable name in the field of blockchain education and training in recent times. The credibility of 101 Blockchains is aptly vested in the team behind its operations. Leading industry experts and enterprise blockchain practitioners assure the best learning resources related to blockchain technology.

Aspiring blockchain professionals, senior executives, and industry leaders can actively leverage the resources on 101 Blockchains for strengthening their blockchain capabilities. 101 Blockchains provides webinars, free blockchain courses, and certification courses as well as blockchain specialization courses, crafted by the best industry experts in their respective domains.

So, if you want to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional, then 101 Blockchains has just the right option for you! 101 Blockchains provides the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification to help candidates realize their career goals with ease. Let us reflect on the details of the CEBP certification that can deliver a promising foundation for all aspiring candidates.

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The need to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional should follow the evaluation of your career preferences, existing skills, and topics covered in the CEBP certification. The assessment of these factors alongside the impression of possible blockchain-based roles you can pursue with the CEBP certification can help you gain the confidence required to start preparing for the CEBP certification.

The CEBP certification was tailored by 101 Blockchains to cater to the blockchain career aspirations of many future enterprise blockchain experts. 101 Blockchains primarily aims at resolving the setbacks associated with conventional blockchain education. Traditional blockchain education follows a largely theoretical approach, thereby presenting shortcomings in the practical skills of candidates in blockchain technology.

Therefore, the CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains targets the improvement of practical skills of candidates for excelling in real-world enterprise blockchain use cases.

Target Audience for CEBP Certification

Now, let us reflect on the ideal audience for the CEBP certification to check whether it is right for you! Although the CEBP certification is suitable for any individual committed to developing a career in blockchain, candidates should know the specific target audience for the certification.

Primarily, the CEBP certification is suitable for senior managers, industry professionals, and business leaders. The course helps in developing an in-depth understanding and gaining insights regarding the impact of blockchain technology. So, professionals working in the following roles or aspiring for them could become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional,

  1. Senior blockchain leadership
  2. Enterprise blockchain decision-makers
  3. Blockchain program managers and solution managers
  4. Blockchain business analysts and advisors
  5. Enterprise blockchain innovation managers
  6. Blockchain entrepreneurs

Reasons to Go for 101 Blockchains CEBP Certification

The next critical aspect for any individual aspiring to become certified blockchain expert focuses directly on choosing CEBP certification for the same. Of all the platforms available in the market, why 101 Blockchains? The promising answer to this question is evident in the facility of a CEBP certification training course available at 101 Blockchains, along with the certification.

The 101 Blockchains training course to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional has the mark of trust. How? Industry experts and experienced trainers provide the assurance of the best quality training resources for the CEBP certification.

Candidates can rely on the practical experiences and insights of trainers for CEBP certification to strengthen their practical expertise for tasks in the CEBP certification. Also, the strategic organization of modules and subtopics of the CEBP certification in 101 Blockchains CEBP training course delivers a competitive advantage for the preparation of candidates. The practical considerations in the CEBP training course also deliver a formidable benefit for candidates aspiring to clear the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification.

Practical training enables candidates to take on the practical challenges associated with the job roles of enterprise blockchain experts. As a result, the CEBP certification ensures that candidates are thoroughly prepared for all types of professional responsibilities. This can be a crucial factor in driving the prospects of career development for candidates in the long run.

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Domains of Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification

The other significant elements for driving the need to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional with 101 Blockchains refer to the features you can avail with their training. The certification training course accompanies bonus materials such as in-depth interviews with top industry experts and enterprise blockchain professionals.

These resources can improve the practical understanding of CEBP exam modules and topics. At the same time, they can provide an exceptional understanding of the professional roles and responsibilities that they have to assume in the role of a certified blockchain expert.

The 101 Blockchains CEBP certification comes with an official completion certificate after qualifying the certification process successfully. Successful candidates would get a LinkedIn accreditation with a digital badge and a printable diploma as tangible proof of their credentials.

The final and most crucial highlight of the CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains refers to personal guidance. You can become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional with 101 Blockchains effortlessly with personalized support. 101 Blockchains provides email guidance and weekly training spreadsheets alongside the assurance of premium support.

Therefore, you can observe the extent of support provided with the CEBP certification on 101 Blockchains to become certified blockchain expert. Now, let us take a look at the different modules covered in the CEBP certification. The detailed impression of modules, their objectives, and the subtopics in them could help you prepare comprehensively for the exam. Here is an outline of the modules of CEBP certification and the topics included in each module.

  • Blockchain Technology Basics

The blockchain technology basics module prepares students with insights on the working of blockchain technology. Candidates could also learn about the necessary features that are important for the functionality of blockchain technology.

The important chapters in this domain also reflect on the advantages for the blockchain career of students other than to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional. The notable chapters in this module of CEBP certification include,

  1. Basics of blockchain
  2. Proof of Work
  3. Methods for creating a chain of blocks
  4. Private & public blockchains
  5. Smart contracts basics
  • Enterprises Blockchain Platforms

Candidates aspiring for the CEBP certification can leverage this module for understanding the enterprise applications of blockchain from a practical perspective. The topics in this module provide a detailed impression of skills required for determining precedents of business transformation with blockchain. The notable chapters covered in this domain include the following,

  1. Fundamentals of Ethereum
  2. Basics of Hyperledger Fabric
  3. Fundamentals of Corda
  • Blockchain in Trade Finance

The third module in the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification presents a small overview of crypto assets. Most importantly, candidates can learn about the role of crypto assets in blockchain-related trade finance operations.

Candidates could leverage the topics in this domain for improving their knowledge regarding the correlation of crypto assets with cryptocurrencies. The important topics in this module for your attention to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional include,

  1. Cryptocurrencies &crypto assets
  2. Basics of Ripple
  3. Trade finance operations related to blockchain
  • Applications of Blockchain

The importance of this module in the CEBP certification is evident in the focus on supply chain management operations. Candidates could learn about the impact of blockchain on supply chain management operations. It also provides in-depth insights into the use of tools and skills for realizing the maximum potential of blockchain technology.

Candidates should prepare for the following topics to qualify for this module and become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional. The significant chapters that students have to cover for excelling in this domain include the following,

  1. Basics of supply chain management operations on blockchain
  2. Use cases related to supply chain management on blockchain
  3. Digital transformation by leveraging blockchain
  • Blockchain Use Cases

The final module of the CEBP certification has a significant contribution to the development of the blockchain skills of candidates. Candidates would have to understand the different examples of practical implementations of blockchain technology.

The best part about this module is the reflection on enterprise business scenarios to foster the professional expertise of candidates. 101 Blockchains provides a toolbox for students to help them approach real-life blockchain problems with ease in diverse project scenarios.

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Best Practices to Prepare for CEBP Certification

Almost every candidate aspiring to become an enterprise blockchain expert could leverage the CEBP certification to its fullest. However, is the training course enough to drive your success in the CEBP certification exam? The proven solution, in this case, would be to rely on the advice of experts and best practices followed by qualified professionals. Here is an outline of the recommended best practices to ensure success in the CEBP certification exam.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Exam Details

A comprehensive evaluation of the exam basics is a formidable asset for every candidate in their preparation. If you want to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional, then start by reflecting on all fundamental details of the exam.

Starting from the ideal target audience for the CEBP certification to the detailed evaluation of the exam modules, candidates could chart out a detailed plan for their preparations with these details. A detailed impression of the modules, topics, and eligibility requirements for CEBP certification can help all candidates develop a formidable foundation to start their preparation.

  • Choose 101 Blockchains for Preparations

The next helpful pointer for any candidate wishing to get CEBP certified is the choice of ideal training resources. The best preparation resource for CEBP certification is available in the CEBP certification training course by 101 Blockchains. The training course of 101 Blockchains features comprehensive training materials alongside the facility of bonus materials.

The personalized support for every student also adds up to the credibility of 101 Blockchains CEBP certification training course. Candidates can avail of email guidance and personalized advice based on their progress with the CEBP certification training course. Therefore, you have the best resources available immediately as you register for the CEBP certification.

  • Accountability to Your Preparation

Maintain a credible preparation plan to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional for ensuring the best results. The preparation plan is often the most critical yet undermined aspect of a candidate’s preparation for any certification. Although many candidates prepare well-thought preparation plans with precision, they are likely to skip their commitments for various reasons.

So, it is highly essential to maintain your accountability to the preparation schedule for CEBP certification. The best practice, in this case, would be to choose a study partner for keeping track of your preparation schedule. On the other hand, you can also ask friends and family members to help you maintain accountability with the preparation schedule.

  • Practical Experience is Mandatory

Practical experience is an inevitable requirement to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional. Candidates could perceive the importance of practical experience for CEBP certification from the exam modules. Therefore, an in-depth reflection of blockchain use cases and a detailed study of practical applications of blockchain technologies can foster your chances of success considerably.

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Final Words

On a final note, you can notice how easy it is to become Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional. The certification would help you not only land jobs but also improve your professional networking. In the long run, the association with CEBP certification would motivate blockchain professionals to update their skills, knowledge, and capabilities according to emerging trends in the blockchain ecosystem.

All you need is the right support and guidance through your preparation journey for ensuring your success. If you want to make it big in the blockchain world, choose the CEBP certification, and start your preparation right now!