Blockchain and trade finance course is swarming the market nowadays. But are any of them equipped to guide you through your blockchain journey? As a matter of fact, most of these courses will only let you know a fraction of the potential it holds.

Thus, it can get harder to find the right solution from the very start. Blockchain and trade finance is gaining popularity fast. The benefits of blockchain in trade finance are tremendous. And so, if you can’t start your project right now, you may fall behind.

Thus, if you are looking for the perfect solution, we have that right here at 101Blockchains. Today, I’ll cover one of our top courses in this niche.

So, let’s check it out!

Blockchain and trade finance Course

Issues in Trade Finance Industry

The industry comes with a persistent structure that seems to be filled with issues. No matter how the company tries to digitize the process, it still won’t get rid of all the complications. Let’s see what these are –

Low Customer Experience

Mainly, exporters and importers are the customers here. As the process is complex, it gives rise to paperwork, long waiting time, low level of certainty, no transparency, lack of trust, and so on.


Increasing Pressure of Cost

A letter of credit is a costly process for both the bank and the company. On the other hand, in case of disputes, solving it takes a lot of time along with money.


Substantial Regulatory Burden

With the rise of global trade, companies now trade with different countries at a time. But maintaining all the international trade regulations countrywide is a complex process. Most of the time, it’s prone to errors that lead to fines.


Product Risks

Trading products in international trade is a risky move. The exporter doesn’t know what the product condition will be after it gets delivered. Or if the importer will recall the shipment again or not.


Manufacturing Risks

Basically, these products have a unique feature of some sort, and the seller has to make adjustments until the buyer is pleased with it. More so, any issues with the shipment will cost them money as they can’t sell it to other buyers.


Transport Risks

If the transport or the cargo ship isn’t fully equipped to deal with the changing weather or environment, then preserving the products becomes a massive issue.


Currency Risks

As foreign exchange keeps changing all the time. The currency conversion will always go up or down. So, you may lose money when the conversion prices go down.


Can Blockchain Fix Them?

Well, yes, blockchain can fix them all for the matter. The best part is that it’s already been tested, and it’s already solving all the issues effortlessly.

Thus, it’s time for you to take a course on blockchain and trade finance and see for yourself.


How Can Blockchain And Trade Finance Course Help You Out

Blockchain and trade finance course can help you learn about technology and how it can affect trade finance. If you don’t know how the technology works, then you can’t use it as a means to upgrade your legacy business models.

So, learning trade finance blockchain can boost your position massively.

But not to worry, we are here to back you up. Here, at 101Blockchains, we boast about our trade finance blockchain course. With us by your side, there’s no stopping you from securing your place in this changing marketplace.


Our Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance Course

Course Duration

101Blockchains enterprise blockchain and trade finance course offer the most advanced and updated information in the market at present. The best part about this awesome course is that it will only take you one month to complete it! So, start right now!

We made sure that you always have a flexible learning speed. Thus, we outlined the trade finance and blockchain course to compete within 4 weeks.

Do you know what the best part is?

Every week, it will only take 3-4 hours to finish a chapter or module. Thus, everything should be much easier for you now. Another cool feature of our course is that we make sure all of your learning happens online.

So, no matter where you are, you can always choose our trade finance and blockchain course and start learning trade finance blockchain.

More so, if you already started the course but haven’t finished a chapter yet, don’t worry. You can pause the video lectures anytime you want!

Can it get any more flexible than that?

This is one of the very few reasons why our trade finance and blockchain course stands out from the crowd so much.

Anyhow, our trade finance and blockchain course is here to help you out in your quest in learning trade finance blockchain.

Enroll in blockchain in trade finance course if you –

  • Want to appreciate how blockchain is digitizing the traditional paper-based business systems
  • Are trying to learn about which trade finance enterprises are suing blockchain for their operations
  • Want to get a technical understanding of enterprise blockchain platforms and how they are affecting the trade finance processes
  • Are eager to identify the probable use cases in this sector for your personal blockchain trade finance solution.


Blockchain And Trade Finance Course Overview

The development of blockchain technology among all other innovative technologies is generating a new spectrum for the trade finance sectors. Basically, as you know, the trade finance sector is miles behind in the race of digitization.

Most of the time, this sector is drowning in an enormous pile of paperwork, along with manual bank exchanges that are prone to errors.

Furthermore, the highest digitization you may see in this field is using PDFs or faxes or emails. Obviously, these aren’t enough to make the trade finance sector flourish.

In the previous year, the digital transformation did start to slowly move on from manual paperwork to digital copies of certain elements such as letter of credits, and bill of lading.

However, these transformation lacks as well. How?

In reality, all of the trade parties can’t access these all the time. More so, everyone seems to have a version of their own drifting away from the constant truthful data.

Thus, blockchains presence is much needed at this point.

Thus, we designed our global trade finance blockchain course to specifically educate you on the subject matter. We will guide you through all of the current enterprise blockchain platforms most suited for the trade finance industries.

More so, the global trade finance blockchain course also focuses on helping you learn how blockchain can get rid of paper-based policies. Additionally, our course will also cover how you can utilize these schemes to influence your working capital finances.

Thus, our global trade finance blockchain course offers you all the necessary tools you need to drive the trade finance industry in a positive manner.


What You Will Get in Our Blockchain And Trade Finance Course

Our trade finance and blockchain course is offering all of the critical information to software developers, industry leaders, consultants, executives, and so on.

Thus, it will be much easier to understand how trade finance elements can benefit from the features of blockchain.  More so, our global trade finance blockchain course will also offer how enterprise blockchain applications will affect global trade at any time.

Basically, you can expect our blockchain in trade finance course to cover the following topics –

  • Present trade finance processes and how blockchain will affect them
  • Real-world examples of blockchain in trade finance usages
  • Current platforms that focus on trade finance industries
  • Recent blockchain developments regarding the trade finance

We have to say 101Blockchain is exceptionally capable of preparing you for a professional career in this field. As we will also prepare you for dealing with real-world issues, it would benefit you in a greater way within an enterprise environment.

Thus, with this powerful combination of information, you will surely shine in any kind of career opportunity. But that’s not the full picture yet.

Our blockchain in the trade finance course is also equipped to handle employers as well. Thus, any employer who is seeking updated blockchain trade finance training facilities should sign up for the course as well.

So, we highly recommend you to try out our course and see for yourself.


What will Our Blockchain And Trade Finance Course Teach You?

We made sure to design our course in a way to help you learn in the fastest way possible. Thus, the overall course will contain 5 different modules with separate lesson formations to guide you.

Once you start going through the lessons one by one, you will soon start to understand what distributed technology really does and the relationship it establishes with the trade finance.

Anyhow, we are recommending that you always follow the lesson plans we provide one by one instead of skipping lessons in-between.

This way, you’ll understand the concepts better. Anyhow, let’s check out the modules of our global trade finance blockchain course right now.


Module-1: Current Situation of The Trade Finance Processes

The first module will mainly familiarize you with the overall business process of trade finance. If you are a newbie in this niche, then it will help you out greatly in understating their business point of view.

The main issue in any other blockchain in trade finance course out there is that they don’t tend to cover the basic elements of trade finance. Thus, a student has a hard time understanding the overall concept when they introduce blockchain in the mix.

Trade finance is a complex process in the first place, and with blockchain, in the mix, it can get even more complicated.

So, you have to know just how the process works beforehand to fully comprehend the overall concept.

Anyway, the blockchain in trade finance course will further talk details about the issues this industry is facing.

I have already stated some of the primary issues briefly at the start of this guide. But you can truly asses the situation in the main course.

It will contain –

Lesson-1: Fundamentals of trade finance

Lesson-2: Key issues of the trade finance industry


Module-2: How Blockchain Can Benefit the Global Trade Finance Process

After completing this module thoroughly, any of our students will understand what the current initiatives in the trade finance ecosystem are.

More so, with our blockchain technology in trade finance training, you will learn to figure out what kind of model will suit your solutions the best.

In reality, even after learning about the benefits of blockchain in trade finance, many people can’t fully understand what kind of solution is right for them. As a result, they make errors while implementing the solutions that result in wasting time and resources.

Thus, our blockchain trade finance training is here to save you from all the trouble. This module is extremely crucial, so make sure to complete the lessons attentively.

Anyhow, this module will also contain some of the current blockchain player in the marketplace.

It will cover –

Lesson-1: How can blockchain change trade finance

Lesson-2: All the current blockchain initiatives in this industry and relevant business models

Lesson-3: A detailed overview of different platforms in the blockchain trade finance scheme


Module-3: Real-World Examples of Blockchain In Trade Finance Usages

This is the next module that will mainly include all the real-world examples of blockchain in trade finance process. Thus, once you are going through all our video lectures on this module, you slowly start to understand the proper use cases of this solution.

The basic thing we will introduce in this section is helping you understand how each of the elements of trade is influenced by blockchain.

Thus, it means that elements such as the Bill of Lading or Letter of Credit will have different outcomes based on how blockchain is affecting them.

But if you don’t learn about the different elements’ interaction with blockchain, you will face difficulty in mapping out the perfect strategy.

Thus, it’s a must for your blockchain technology in trade finance training.

It will cover –

Lesson-1: Cross Border Payments

Lesson-2: Bill of Lading (BoL)

Lesson-3: Letter of Credit (LC)


Module-4: Current Platforms That Focuses on Trade Finance Industries

In the next module, our course mainly focuses on the current platforms that are influencing on trade finance sectors. It’s more of practical analysis to make you knowledgeable about how others are using blockchain.

The blockchain trade finance training will explain how these projects accelerate and enable the operations of trade finance. More so, our blockchain trade finance training will also cover a detailed overview of each platform, giving you a solid idea of choosing the perfect one.

It will cover –

Lesson-1: Trade Lens

Lesson-2: We.Trade

Lesson-3: Contour

Lesson-4: Marco Polo


Module-5: Recent Blockchain Developments Regarding the Trade Finance

This is our last module in the blockchain technology in trade finance training. In this module, you will know about the initiatives taken in the trade finance direction.

Well, blockchain is prevailing in these industries for some time now. Due to that, many enterprises are already taking initiatives. In fact, some of those are actually using the projects as we speak!

More so, these initiatives mainly focus on interoperability among all the participants of the trade finance industry. I guess to mainly streamline the process as much as they can.

Thus, once you know how they strategized their solutions, you will get ideas on how to organize your ideas as well.

It will cover –

Lesson-1: TradeTrust

Lesson-2: Digital Standards Initiative


Who Can Take the Course?

Our course is open to anyone who is interested in learning how this magnificent technology is changing the world. Thus, anyone who is the slightest enthusiast about blockchain can enroll our courses without any restrictions.

So, the trade finance and blockchain course is offering all of the critical information to software developers, industry leaders, consultants, executives, and so on.

If you are –

  • Industry Professional
  • Program and Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Decision Maker
  • Business Leader
  • Innovation Manager
  • Advisor
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

Then you can easily take our course. We don’t have any restrictions on our other courses either. Just choose the right one for you and make the call!


Does It Include A Certification?

Unfortunately, we still don’t offer a certification once you finish the course. However, we are working on offering you one very soon. But if a certification is a must for you and your career, then we would recommend our Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course.

In this course, we offer a professional certification along with other essential bonus materials as well. In reality, this course also offers a module for the sake of blockchain technology in trade finance training.

Thus, if you can get the certification we offer in this course, you will easily be qualified for any blockchain career path.

More so, if you are a business leader and want to showcase your knowledge and prove your valuable insight, this certification will help you out tremendously.

However, our blockchain and trade finance course will still cover more in-depth information on the subject matter compared to the certification course.

Anyhow, we are hoping to soon introduce a certification for it. As of now, we are recommending you to check out our other courses to broaden your knowledge base.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Course

FAQ-1: Can Anyone Sign Up for This Course?

Yes, without a doubt! Our course is open to anyone who is interested in learning how blockchain technology is changing the world. Thus, anyone who is the slightest enthusiast about blockchain can enroll our courses without any restrictions.

Also, we specifically designed the course to help you learn about the benefits of blockchain in trade finance.

So, if you want to pursue a career in this field and get knowledgeable, then check out our courses right now.


FAQ-2: Will the Team Help Me Out?

Yes, the team will always help you, no matter what. We always believe that all of our students will highly benefit if they get to interact with the team. Thus, we are offering full support from our team members and lead instructors.

Basically, this is where we tend to differ from other courses out there.

Another cool feature we offer is to get access to our online learning forums. Here, you can interact with our other students taking the course as well.


FAQ-3: How Do You Build the Course?

We build the course based on how it can help out students learn in a fast manner. That’s why it will only take you 4 weeks to fully cover the course. In every session, you have to spare at least 3-4 hours!

Thus, if you can invest only 16 hours of your time, you can easily finish the course. We know that you may be an extremely busy person. And so, you can pause and resume the course anytime you want.

You don’t necessarily have to finish it within 4 weeks.


FAQ-4: Are All the Information in This Course Up-to-date?

Yes, all of our information is up-to-date. We boast about only offering the relevant information to you all the time. More so, we always try to update our content on a regular basis. So, you never fall behind in your learning trade finance blockchain.


FAQ-5: What Makes 101Blockchains Course Different from Other Courses in The Market?

In reality, our courses will always differ from the rest of them in the market. Check it out from here!

So, even if you pay a hefty amount of prices for them, you can only learn very few little details about the business perspective of the trade finance blockchain solutions.

First of all, our blockchain trade finance training will cover how you can couple the blockchain technology with the trade finance models. Unfortunately, all other courses will only tell you about the benefits of blockchain or other kinds of jibber-jabber.

But what they won’t tell you is how to strategize your very own solution based on the information you have.

So, in the end, you will learn about blockchain or the underlying structure, but you won’t have the tools to fully utilize it.

Secondly, our primary aim is to help out students become knowledgeable and professional on the subject matter as much as they can.

Lastly, we are open to listening to you and what kind of courses you want. More so, we will always take your comments into consideration and improve our lectures as much as we can.

So, as you can see, these are some qualities you won’t find in other courses.


In the End,

Lastly, I have to say that trade finance and blockchain can be like yin and yang. Even though they are quite different, they perfectly suitable to complement each other. As a result, you will always end up with a perfect solution to all of the trade finance issues.

The benefits of blockchain in trade finance are tremendous and shouldn’t waste any more time.

As you can see, enrolling in a course can get you a long way. Also, as we offer the perfect solution to all your problems, we will recommend you to try out our blockchain and trade finance course.

We also have other courses as well. Make sure to check out those and start building your very own solutions now!