Discussions about the metaverse have dominated massive spaces in tech news in the recent year, especially after Facebook’s rebranding. The social media giant renamed its parent company as Meta in October 2021 and launched a comprehensive set of metaverse development tools for developers and users. Since then, the world has started to dig deeper into other metaverse projects and possibilities associated with the same. The involvement of big companies in the metaverse definitely spells some favorable opportunities for setting professional goals to become metaverse developer and capitalize on emerging prospects. As the movement for building the metaverse gains momentum, it is reasonable to wonder about the career opportunities in the metaverse. 

While one would reasonably find the metaverse developer job as the first choice for building their professional journey in metaverse. However, do you know the roles and responsibilities of a metaverse developer? What is their work in driving the growth of the metaverse? Will you develop the metaverse on an open platform or under specific restrictions to the mobile app ecosystem? 

All these questions stand as the most crucial factors for any individual aspiring for a career in metaverse. The following discussion helps you with reliable guidance on the role of metaverse developers and how you can become one. In addition, you can also identify other career options you can pursue with the metaverse, other than metaverse developer roles. 

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Scope of Jobs in the Metaverse 

Many beginners in the metaverse and even professional developers have many doubts about pursuing metaverse jobs. The metaverse is an immersive 3D environment powered by augmented reality and virtual reality for offering life-life experiences for users. If you want to become metaverse developer, you would have to learn how to develop such immersive experiences for users. Today, you have almost every technology required for developing the metaverse including VR systems such as HTC Vive and Oculus Quest. In addition, new virtual worlds such as Fortnite and Roblox are also offering vital support for developing the metaverse. 

At the same time, you can access a broad range of developer tools such as Amazon Sumerian, Unreal Engine of Epic Games and Maya by Autodesk. Therefore, now is probably the best time for asking the question “How to become metaverse developer?” and about other opportunities. Let us reflect on the different pointers which you should know before pursuing the role of a metaverse developer. 

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What are the Responsibilities of Metaverse Developers?

The first thing you need to know for pursuing a career in metaverse as a developer is the job description. Metaverse developers take on the responsibility of creating comprehensively engaging and immersive worlds. You have to create interactive games, platforms or experiences where users could interact with each other in innovative and exciting ways. Some of the prominent highlights in the work of metaverse developers would reflect on the unlimited possibilities with the metaverse. 

Metaverse developers can create environments in the metaverse, which users can explore with their family and friends. In addition, metaverse developers can also work on gaming projects such as first person shooters and role-playing games. Metaverse developers can also create metaverse spaces for helping users practice new skills such as cooking lessons or yoga. The scale of work is obviously one of the reasons for which you might be thinking of possible metaverse developer salary estimates. However, the metaverse developer jobs are comparatively new and there is no specific consensus on the average salary for metaverse developers. 

On the other hand, a clear impression of the skills required for metaverse developers can showcase lucrative prospects associated with metaverse careers.

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Skills Required for Metaverse Developers  

Skills Required for Metaverse Developers

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One of the most crucial pieces of information you need for answering “How to become metaverse developer?” is the outline of skills required for metaverse developers. The major share of work of metaverse developers revolve around virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology. At the same time, you would also need programming skills and soft skills to become metaverse developer with all-round proficiency. Here is an overview of the essential skills you would need as a metaverse developer. 

  • Programming Skills

The first entry among essential metaverse developer skills would be programming skills. Metaverse developers must have basic practical experience in different programming languages such as JavaScript, Swift, Python and others. In addition, you should develop a strong command over concepts such as loops, inheritance, encapsulation, control-logic, abstraction, and many others. 

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  • Software Development

You should also have software development skills with fluency in different approaches for software development. The distinct options for software development include web development, game development and mobile app development. Irrespective of your fluency in different types of software development, you have to develop certain essential skills such as, 

  • Developing UI/UX on a specific mock use case.
  • Connecting client side apps to a specific API.
  • Addition of third-party libraries for enhancing functionalities. 

Apart from these essentials, you should also learn other software developer skills for landing up a metaverse developer job easily. You must develop a comprehensive impression of code architecture alongside testing and security best practices. 

  • General Impression of XR

As a metaverse developer, you would come across XR technologies more frequently than ever. Therefore, you can pursue a career in metaverse only with comprehensive awareness regarding technologies such as VR, AR and mixed reality. Aspiring metaverse developers must understand all the basic terminologies associated with XR and the underlying challenges. 

  • XR SDKs

Metaverse developers would also have to develop skills in using XR SDKs such as Wikitude, ARCore and Vuforia. You have to learn the use of XR SDKs according to your feature requirements and existing code architecture in metaverse development. In addition, you should also note the importance of knowledge about VR SDKs among metaverse developer skills required for developing VR experiences in metaverse applications. 

  • Vision for User Experience

Metaverse developers have to create engaging solutions in the digital world, thereby implying the necessity for focusing on user experience. When you are shaping user experiences for the metaverse, you have to work on optimization of plane searching, occlusion features and depth mapping. Furthermore, you can become metaverse developer with better skills in designing user experiences for metaverse solutions by studying UX design. 

  • Graphics and Animations

The metaverse will be all about digital avatars interacting with each other in virtual spaces, thereby calling for emphasis on graphics and animation in metaverse development. You can find another promising answer to “How to become metaverse developer?” with graphics rendering. Metaverse developers should have the ability to prototype different metaverse experiences in the form of animations. In addition, they should also have the skills for delivering the animations and graphics seamlessly with the metaverse experiences of users. 

  • Soft Skills

Among the many prominent metaverse developer skills, the importance of soft skills never goes unnoticed. In terms of soft skills required for metaverse developers, the urge to stay updated with the latest trends comes first. You must follow metaverse trends closely and the new practices for metaverse development. On top of it, you should stay informed about the latest news, community events, jobs and expert insights. Apart from helping you hone your skills as a metaverse developer, your soft skills would also support you in professional networking. 

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Salary of Metaverse Developers

The sheer magnitude and range of skills required to become metaverse developer definitely show the job’s difficulty clearly. With so many skills to learn, you would definitely expect a lucrative salary estimate to compensate your efforts for becoming a metaverse developer. At the same time, the limited availability of metaverse developers is also a favorable factor for better salaries. The average estimate for metaverse developer salary is evident in the annual salary for a Meta developer. As of now, the annual salary for a developer at Meta is almost $97,363, which shows promising metaverse career opportunities.

How Can I Become a Metaverse Developer?

The outline of metaverse developer skills and the estimated salary give you the foundation to start your journey of becoming metaverse developers. However, you must know about the ideal path to pursue your career in the new world of metaverse. Here are some pointers which you should follow for building your career in metaverse as a developer.

  • Start with a clear impression of the metaverse, different technologies involved in the space and the basic concepts of metaverse. 
  • Set some clear goals as to why you want to become metaverse developer, whether it is career development or learning a new skill.
  • Build a comprehensive impression of the job of a metaverse developer and what you need to do in the job. A clear impression of what a metaverse developer does can offer you the basic idea of skills needed to become metaverse developers. 
  • Learn all the fundamental metaverse developer skills such as programming, UX design, software application development and graphics rendering. 
  • Hone your skills with practical resources to learn about metaverse development. Training courses and practical demos could serve vital tools for enriching your knowledge of the metaverse and development best practices. 
  • Engage with online communities which have metaverse enthusiasts and professionals to broaden your knowledge. You can gain practical insights from such communities alongside building a strong professional network. Interestingly, such communities can be the best places to find information about metaverse developer job listings. 
  • Finally, you should invest adequate time and effort in building your professional portfolio to showcase your credibility as a metaverse developer. 

Alternative Career Options in the Metaverse

The common assumption about pursuing a career in metaverse is that you can work as metaverse developers only. On the contrary, you can explore a wide range of career roles other than that of a developer in the metaverse. Knowledge of the alternative career options gives you the flexibility to try other routes for building your metaverse career. Here are some of the other notable job roles in the metaverse space which you may want to pursue. 

  • Metaverse Research Scientist
  • Metaverse planner
  • Safety manager
  • Ecosystem developer
  • Metaverse storyteller
  • Ad-blocking expert
  • Metaverse cyber security expert 
  • Game designers
  • Blockchain engineers
  • Product managers
  • NFT strategists

With such a broad assortment of alternative career options available with the multiverse, one simply cannot ignore the professional advantages in metaverse jobs. No one is forcing you to become metaverse developer for a metaverse career. Choose your career path according to your goals and pursue the path with diligence for effective professional development. 

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Final Words

The final take away from the discussion on “How to become metaverse developer?” would be the lucrative prospects in metaverse careers. Facebook, Microsoft and many other big names in tech have started developing metaverse-centric solutions. While the world is still far away from an all-round metaverse, the career prospects in metaverse are building up slowly. The gradually increasing demand for metaverse projects has been driving the need to learn skills for becoming metaverse developers. At the same time, you should also notice the alternative career prospects associated with the metaverse. However, the metaverse is still under development and now is the right time to capitalize on the trend before the competition gets tough. Start exploring efficient learning resources on the metaverse right now.

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