101 Blockchains is a well-known name in the research, education, and certification sector of the Blockchain. Let’s check out why you should choose 101 Blockchains for Getting Blockchain Certified.

Blockchain is one of the most notable interventions in the digital economy in recent times. The primary impact of the transformation with Blockchain technology has resulted in large enterprises such as Yahoo, Google, and Amazon emerging as world leaders and changing the world with their adaptability for the new technology. The world came to know about Blockchain technology first with the introduction of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Blockchain technology evolved at the core of cryptocurrency alternatives such as Bitcoin. Despite being designed for financial transactions, Blockchain technology has slowly penetrated different industries such as healthcare, banks, real-estate segments, record keeping for assets and properties, and stock markets. Therefore, many enterprises look for Blockchain certified professionals with the required expertise and industry knowledge for addressing various roles in a Blockchain infrastructure.

If you have been looking for a reliable Enterprise Blockchain certification that can widen the scope of your career in Blockchain, then you are about to discover one of the promising answers for your search. The following discussion outlines the details about the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification by 101 Blockchains. The reflection on details of the CEBP certification will help you understand the reasons to get 101 Blockchains certified.

Importance of Blockchain Technology

Before we dive into the details and importance of the CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains, let us reflect on reasons underlying the popularity of Blockchain technology. Any candidate aspiring to become Blockchain certified must know about the essential features for which Blockchain has emerged as a revolutionary technology.

Blockchain technology is a system for recording information in a manner that ensures the comprehensive integrity of the system, making it invulnerable to modifications, tricks, or hacks. In technical terms, Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger of transactions subjected to duplication and distributed across the whole network of computer systems on the Blockchain. Every block in the chain includes a specific number of transactions.

In event of any new transaction, a record of the transaction is included in the ledger of all participants. This establishes the Distributed Ledger Platform (DLT) nature of Blockchain technology. Transactions recorded in Blockchain are safeguarded with immutable cryptographic signatures known as a hash. Therefore, the following features of Blockchain technology have contributed to the rise in its popularity.

  • Blockchain is programmable and is evident in the examples of smart contracts.
  • Blockchain ensures individual encryption of all records, thereby ensuring comprehensive security.
  • The distributed nature of Blockchain technology implies better transparency with all network participants receiving a copy of the ledger.
  • Blockchain is immutable, thereby implying improved integrity of irreversibility of any records which have been validated already.
  • Blockchain technology also implies unanimity as all the network participants must reach an agreement regarding the validity of all records.
  • Transparency and monitoring capacities in Blockchain are evident based on the time-stamping of all transactions recorded in a block.
  • Most important of all, Blockchain technology also ensures protection for the anonymity of participant identity.

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Reasons to Become a Blockchain Certified

Why choose 101 Blockchains

Therefore, Blockchain presents formidable potential as a suitable technology for many companies across different industries. Now, any reader needs to wonder about the reasons to get Blockchain certified. Before reflecting on the details of the CEBP certification and its benefits, let us find out how a certification in the technology of the future will help you.

  • Potential of Blockchain for Future Growth

Blockchain technology appears a bit subsided to investments and returns in the existing market. However, as mentioned already, it also presents a formidable platform for ensuring futuristic growth. Blockchain certified candidates could adapt better to advancements in Blockchain technology.

  • Simplicity of Blockchain Infrastructure

The next important reason to pursue a Blockchain certification from reliable platforms such as 101 Blockchains is the simplicity of Blockchain technology infrastructure. It is a universal technology tailored for integration with various other business processes. Furthermore, the effective control over sharing data between blocks complements the universal infrastructure of Blockchain technology.

  • Skill Shortage in Blockchain

Most important of all, you should think of pursuing a Blockchain certification because of the evident skill shortage in Blockchain. Slowly, the demand for Blockchain engineers would be felt across different disciplines such as logistics, marketing, finance, and more. Therefore, Blockchain certified professionals with a strong grasp over basic Blockchain functions and cryptography could explore promising career opportunities with ease.

  • Promising Salary Expectation

The final, yet one of the prominent reasons to go for Blockchain certification, is the salary premium associated with them. On average, software engineers with expertise in understanding the working of cryptocurrency could experience a boost of 20% in their salaries. According to Hired, experienced software engineers with Blockchain expertise can earn an average salary maximum ranging from $150,000 to $175,000 per annum. Therefore, it is evident that a common IT professional with Enterprise Blockchain expertise can expect an average annual salary of almost $137,000.

The Ideal Platform for Getting Blockchain Certified Professional

Now, it is evident that the tag of ‘Blockchain certified’ can strengthen the career prospects of an individual by huge margins. Also, Blockchain certifications also present the opportunity for association with futuristic technology. With so many advantages, it is reasonable for any individual to look for the best platform to obtain Blockchain certification.

One of the top research and education platforms in the Blockchain landscape is 101 Blockchains. It is a world-renowned independent research-based network suitable for Enterprise Blockchain Practitioners. 101 Blockchains offers the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification exam for empowering enterprises and teams with practical knowledge and skills for using productive tools to develop highly efficient business strategies.

Business leaders, senior managers, and industry professionals can utilize the CEBP certification as a conduit for achieving formidable understanding and insights regarding Blockchain technology, its applications, and its impact. Let us find out more details about the CEBP certification to understand how it is important for your Blockchain career.

101 Blockchains CEBP Certification

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification exam by 101 Blockchains specifically aims at providing a competitive edge to the Blockchain career of an individual. The CEBP certification exam is not just any other platform to obtain a title for your career in the Blockchain ecosystem.

101 Blockchains understands that candidates need comprehensive knowledge and experience of practical tools and approaches to become valuable Blockchain experts. The CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains aims to make candidates Blockchain certified with thorough command over technical knowledge and experience for addressing real-world demands.

You can receive in-depth guidance for different aspects of Enterprise Blockchain technologies and their impact on the business objectives of enterprises. Most important of all, the CEBP certification strengthens the candidate’s ability for practical engagement with enterprise executives. Also, the certification also ensures that candidates are capable of addressing business objectives with immediately effective and prolific solutions.

The CEBP certification is not only suited for candidates aspiring to become Blockchain certified but also for the following requirements.

  • Understanding the core concepts in Blockchain technology and the related ecosystem.
  • Learning about the ideal and productive approaches for Blockchain implementation.
  • Developing expertise in up-to-date actionable tools and their applications in business transformation.

By registering for the CEBP certification on 101 Blockchains, you can access the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional course for preparations. The total duration of the course is 4 weeks with the distribution of study materials in such a manner that accommodates 3-4 hours weekly. Therefore, candidates for CEBP certification could access reliable opportunities for flexible learning with the CEBP course by 101 certifications. Candidates can register for the CEBP registration exam on the official website of 101 Blockchains at USD 397.

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CEBP Certification Exam Objectives

The most important highlight about the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification by 101 Blockchains refers directly to modules covered in the exam. Let us reflect on the objectives of each domain in the CEBP certification exam and the chapters covered in them.

1. Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

The first module in the CEBP Blockchain certified exam by 101 Blockchains emphasizes on explaining about the working of Blockchain. This module offers credible learning outcomes regarding concepts, characteristics, and the different variants of the Blockchain network. Candidates could gain insights into the working of smart contracts in this module. Furthermore, you would also learn about the important elements needed for estimating the impact of smart contracts on conventional businesses. The Blockchain Technology Fundamentals module in CEBP certification covers the following chapters.

  • Blockchain basics
  • Proof of Work
  • How is the Chain of Blocks created?
  • Public and private blockchains
  • Smart contracts

2. Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

The second module of the CEBP certification exam to become Blockchain certified professional deals with understanding the enterprise applications of Blockchain. This module primarily focuses on how Blockchain technology is more than just cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Most important of all, candidates can gain insights on productive approaches for business transformation with Blockchain technology. Interestingly, candidates would also learn about the methodological approaches for identifying the ideal balance between business-centric solutions and technical perfection. The chapters in this module of the CEBP certification exam are as follows,

  • Ethereum fundamentals
  • Hyperledger Fabric fundamentals
  • Corda fundamentals

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3. Blockchain in Trade Finance

This module of the CEBP certification exam starts with a brief overview of significant crypto assets with a formidable role in Blockchain-centric trade finance operations. Candidates can learn approaches for debunking myths and fake news regarding cryptocurrency by understanding the correlation between crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies. Also, candidates could also gain skills for identifying the approaches of using crypto assets on particular Blockchain-based platforms for supporting the disruptive effects of Blockchain on trade finance.

Furthermore, candidates would also learn about enterprises that use Blockchain for managing trade finance operations. At the same time, candidates would also gain the chance to dive into details of existing use cases. Therefore, candidates can also learn about finding the ideal use case for immediate business needs presented to them. The chapters in the Blockchain in Trade Finance module of the CEBP certification are as follows,

  • Crypto assets and cryptocurrencies
  • Ripple fundamentals
  • Trade finance on Blockchain

4. Blockchain Applications

The fourth module in the CEBP certification exam to become a Blockchain Certified Enterprise Professional deals primarily with the impact of Blockchain on supply chain management operations. In this module, candidates have to prepare for an understanding of the dramatic impact of Blockchain on SCM processes. Furthermore, candidates should also learn about different tools that help in leveraging the maximum power of Enterprise Blockchain in real SCM use cases. The chapters in this module of CEBP certification are as follows,

  • Fundamentals of supply chain management on Blockchain
  • Use cases of supply chain management on Blockchain
  • Blockchain digital transformation

Blockchain technology has revolutionized almost all the industries with its applications. Know about the real-world Blockchain Applications in detail.

5. Blockchain Use Cases

The final module in the CEBP certification exam deals with improving the practical knowledge regarding the applications of Blockchain technology. Candidates would have to learn examples of different applications of Blockchain technology in different enterprise business scenarios. As a result, candidates would have to develop skills in using tools that are ideal when faced with real-life projects.

Reasons to Choose 101 Blockchains to Become Blockchain Certified

Therefore, you can notice the level of comprehensiveness in the CEBP certification exam on the basis of exam modules. The CEBP certification exam by 101 Blockchains provides the ideal platform for candidates to prove their skills in a wide range of Blockchain functionalities. As a result, CEBP Blockchain certified candidates could access promising skill improvement opportunities. In addition to that, here are some of the notable reasons for which you should opt for becoming 101 Blockchains certified.

  • Online Training for Certification Preparation

101 Blockchains offers a detailed online training course for the CEBP (Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional) certification exam preparation. The training course is accessible for a year from the date of purchase. Candidates can watch the training videos and prepare for the CEBP certification at their convenience. The modular arrangement of chapters in the training course helps in removing notable obstacles for the preparation of candidates. Even beginners won’t face any issues finding learning resources to prepare for the CEBP certification.

  • Support of Bonus Materials

Candidates get access to bonus material with the training course for CEBP certification. The bonus material includes interactive exercises, hands-on assignments, and in-depth interviews with some of the globally renowned Enterprise Blockchain experts. As a result, candidates would face limited setbacks in gaining hands-on insights into the Blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, 101 Blockchains not only offers a certification but also all-round improvement of your value as a Blockchain expert.

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  • Highly Effective Individual Guidance

The preparation of candidates for CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains becomes easier further due to their comprehensive guidance. Individual attention to each candidate for personal guidance not only brings strength to the preparation of the candidate but also improves their confidence.

The facility of weekly training spreadsheet can help candidates track their training progress efficiently and stay on track. Most important of all, the facility of premium support and email guidance clip away any concerns or doubts that candidates have to face during their preparations. With the support of subject matter experts, candidates could get answers to all their questions regarding topics in CEBP certification.

  • Support after Certification

The most prominent reason to get Blockchain certified by 101 Blockchains is the facility of support after certification. 101 Blockchains offer hands-on assignments that would help candidates implement their learning outcomes and expertise in real-life project scenarios. Besides, candidates can also receive adequate insights on using their Blockchain skills in relevant use cases.

  • Tangible Proof of Your Skills

The next significant reason to choose 101 Blockchains for your  Blockchain certification is the access to an official completion certificate. You get a printable Diploma that you can add to your job applications and resumes. Most important of all, you also get LinkedIn accreditation that serves as a digital badge of recognition for CEBP certification. Therefore, candidates wouldn’t have to encounter any difficulties in professional networking with the CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains. The CEBP certification digital badge on LinkedIn would help potential employers recognize your Blockchain expertise.

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The Credibility and Comprehensiveness of 101 Blockchains

Finally, the most evident reason to get 101 Blockchains certified is the platform itself. 101 Blockchains is recognized worldwide among enterprise Blockchain practitioners for the exceptional volume and quality of Blockchain research on it. It is one of the trusted platforms for understanding core concepts of Blockchain technology and the related ecosystem. Next, 101 Blockchains follows a strategic approach in the design of the CEBP certification exam.

As you can notice from the exam objectives of CEBP certification, candidates have to prepare for the real-time applications of Blockchain in various enterprise use cases. Therefore, candidates could strengthen their value as Blockchain experts with CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains. Another noticeable factor in choosing 101 Blockchains for certification is their emphasis on the use of updated and relevant actionable tools for ensuring business transformation with Blockchain technology.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

On a concluding note, you can note how 101 Blockchains helps you advance your career in Blockchain technology. The CEBP certification is a credible instrument for all aspiring candidates to prove their Blockchain expertise. Besides, candidates can also establish an ideal foundation for their career development with 101 Blockchains.

The focus on practical use cases and the use of Blockchain tools for business transformation in CEBP certification prepare candidates for the actual job market. Subsequently, the top quality content on 101 Blockchains curated by industry experts and qualified instructors gives a reliable boost to the learning outcomes of all candidates. So, enroll now into 101 Blockchains CEBP certification and explore the career benefits in Blockchain with 101 Blockchains right now!