The blockchain influencers in YouTube are capable of changing the cryptocurrency market within a twinkle of an eye. Whenever a top blockchain YouTuber airs a strong sentiment on a given market scenario, it can influence thousands of crypto investors to take an action. Therefore, it is necessary for any blockchain geek or cryptocurrency investor to get lots of information from these YouTube influencers.

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In this write-up, we have listed the top 15 blockchain and crypto influencers on YouTube. Each influencer has his niche of influence in the larger blockchain community.

Top Crypto and Blockchain Influencers in YouTube

1. David Hay

David is known for his unique and entertaining approach in his presentations. He has specialized in exploring emerging and new kinds of crypto. He explores in depth how each of the new virtual currency works and gives advice on how best to invest in it.
David also presents news about different blockchains and offers valuable investment advice. You can follow him on YouTube, he has 122,651 subscribers.

2. Tone Vays

Tone is a renowned blockchain and financial advisor. He is also a community thought leader and podcast host. In the blockchain community, Tone’s opinion is highly regarded and he has an influence over millions of blockchain and finance enthusiasts globally.
You can subscribe to his YouTube, Tone has 64,364 subscribers.

3. Dr Julian Hosp

Dr Julian is among the top blockchain influencers on YouTube. Julian is the co-founder of TenX’s personal YouTube channel. He presents blockchain content in various languages, he also takes excerpts from long speeches and makes them understandable.
He has been an influence in the crypto industry for a long time. His YouTube channel,  he has 80,879 subscribers.

4. Ian Balina

Ian is a cryptocurrency evangelist, advisor and investor. Ian is a former IBM analytics evangelist, he has been featured in numerous magazines such as The Street, The Wall Street Channel, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and INC.
He is well renowned for his analytics work, entrepreneurship and crypto investment. He is available on YouTube, Ian has 122,822 subscribers.

5. Crypto Bobby

Bobby is an active YouTube evangelist. He is active not only on his channel but on other communities in YouTube as well. He is a renowned blockchain insider who gives honest opinions about virtual currency.
His presentations mostly feature on valuable nuggets and insights on trending crypto news.
You can subscribe to his YouTube channel, he has 143,177 subscribers.

6. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas is a long time YouTuber who presents top-notch news about blockchain technology and Bitcoin. He is also a renowned project and bitcoin advisor, and community leader.
On his YouTube channel, he freely interacts with his subscribers and he is among the top blockchain influencers on YouTube.
His YouTube channel & he has 149,215 subscribers.

7. Boxmining

This is a channel that is well known for its dedication to blockchain market analysis. Boxmining is supported by several YouTube communities. It is largely supported because it presents important blockchain topics in easily understandable videos.
In addition to that, Boxmining also presents news on how blockchain is received in different parts of the world.
Its YouTube channel, It has 197,248 subscribers.

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8. Crypt0

This is a renowned YouTube leader on the crypto news. The channel covers a wide range of news. The video posted here mainly cover breaking news and upcoming events. It also features video of interviews with various top community leaders.
Subscribe to Crypt0’s YouTube channel.
There are 109,799 subscribers.

9. Louis Thomas

Thomas is discussing current events on blockchain as well as crypto market trends. He is also a socio-political commentator. His YouTube videos are mostly about virtual currency news and his personal experience as a cryptocurrency investor.
Louis is among the top blockchain influencers on YouTube because his videos are viewed by millions of viewers.
His YouTube channel has 96,264 subscribers.

10. Coin Mastery

This is a channel that is dedicated to bringing trends in cryptocurrency market. It brings its updates all weekdays. Its main focus is on macro factors that influence the market. Apart from that, they also present valuable tips that an investor can use in decision making and become a better investor.
You can follow Coin Mastery’s YouTube channel and join to the 129,068 subscribers.

11. Ameer Rosic

Ameer is a blockchain evangelist, entrepreneur, investor and marketing expert. He is also a renowned blockchain speaker who has presented talks on blockchain in different universities. In addition to that, Ameer is a top influencer in the blockchain industry. He is also a blockchain blogger.
Subscribe to his YouTube channel, He has 167,588 subscribers.

12. Ivan on Tech

Ivan is a software engineer, educator, analyst and an international speaker on the blockchain. His top-notch technical blockchain analysis is highly respected in the blockchain industry. He is popular for his candid opinions on blockchain events.
His YouTube channel includes more than 173,436 subscribers.

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13. Decentralized TV

It was founded by Peter Saddington. Peter is a well-respected influencer in the blockchain industry. He is known for his unique and entertaining videos on YouTube. His videos mostly feature cryptocurrency news and trending cars.
You can subscribe to Decentralized TV on YouTube here, It has 67,426 subscribers.

14. Chris Dunn

Chris is a long-time YouTuber who presents educational videos about crypto investment. His videos are meant to help investors understand the current economic atmosphere before they can invest.
His wealth creation videos have led him to have a big community of subscribers. Chris is among the top blockchain influencers on YouTube. You can subscribe to his channel here.
Chris has 198,226 subscribers.

15. Crypto Investor

Crypto investor is a YouTube channel. It is hosted by a knowledgeable community leader, cryptocurrency investor with a finance background. The content posted on this channel contains valuable stock and crypto investment fundamental analysis.
The information shared on crypto investor has helped thousands of investors avoid scam projects and unpredictable market trends.
You can subscribe to crypto investor’s YouTube channel and join more than 150K subscribers.
There are 150,122 subscribers.

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