Whenever you enter a new industry like blockchain, it’s paramount to find influencers. Therefore, we are happy to provide you with our list of the top 20 blockchain technology influencers. The influencers in blockchain technology on our list are a source of inspiration both to blockchain aspirants and geeks. Besides the list provided hereunder, make sure that you keep pace with all the blockchain developments.

Top 20 Twitter Influencers in Blockchain Technology

1. Joseph Lubin

Joseph is the co-founder of ethereum’s blockchain processing platform. It is a decentralized platform that connects to the virtual machine. Joseph’s contribution to blockchain technology is widening the blockchain database. He is the founder of consensus systems (ConsenSys). This is a blockchain software company.
You should follow Joseph because his vision is to develop products and projects both for the private and public blockchains. He is currently working on the WWW version3 which will be able to deliver both mobile and web applications using blockchain. We all agree the Joseph is a leader and one of the top Influencers in Blockchain Technology.

You can follow Joseph on Twitter where he has 81,700 followers:

2. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas is premier blockchain and bitcoin specialist. He is also a speaker, author and instructor. He is well known for making the complex blockchain technology jargon easy to understand to the common man.
His contribution to the blockchain is video talks on ethereum, blockchain and bitcoin. He is also an author. His books include, “The Internet Money,” vol 1 and 2 and “Mastering Bitcoin”
Andreas is definitely one of top influencers in Blockchain Technology, the following are the reasons you should follow Andreas:
• He intends to help new users get bitcoin
• To contribute to bitcoin’s open source projects.

Andreas is available on Twitter.
Andreas has 424,000 followers on Twitter.

3. Charlie Lee

He is a former Googler and the founder of Litecoin. His contribution to the blockchain technology is the introduction of Litecoin hashing. The hashing uses a script based algorithm. The Litecoin hash is different from Bitcoin’s SHA256.
Charlie’s hashing is faster by 75%. Apart from that, he is nowadays blogging about blockchain and cryptocurrency in general. You can get his contributions on GitHub.
You should follow Charlie because of the following 5 point vision for Litecoin:
• Increase trade liquidity
• Enhance net security
• Litecoin to be used as legal money
• Enhance capitalization of the market
• Include support for the trader
You can follow Charlie on Twitter, He has 769,000 followers.

4. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik is the founder of ethereum. He also founded bitcoin magazine. He is a software engineer. Ethereum is kind of open blockchain.
Vitalik has contributed to blockchain by founding ethereum which was the first to use blockchain’s smart contracts. He also contributed to ethereum’s white paper, has written several blogs bitcoin, blockchain and the organization of ethereum on Wikipedia.
Vitalik’s vision is to solve the scalability problems facing ethereum. He also intends to decrease the storage cost of ether. He intends to reduce the storage space by introducing sharding of ethereum nodes.
Vitalik is among the top influencers in blockchain technology in 2018.

You can follow him on Twitter. He has 765,000 followers.

5. Roger Ver

Roger is another big influencer in the blockchain industry. He is among the early investors in bitcoin ICOs. He has also bought startups from other cryptocurrencies like Zcash, BitPay, Blockchain to mention just but a few.
Roger is a voice to reckon with in the blockchain industry. He is available on Twitter.
He has 529,000 followers.

6. Nick Szabo

Nick is a researcher in computerized cash and smart contracts. These techniques are essential in the decentralization of virtual currency. He is also the one who coined the term “smart contracts”
His contribution to the blockchain is that in 1998, he developed the protocol for decentralized virtual currency. Currently, he is blogging on various blockchain and cryptocurrency topics.
You should follow Nick because his vision is to develop a second layer net. This network will assist in settling smaller exchanges on bitcoin in a secure and effective manner. Nick is among the top influencers in blockchain technology. Follow Nick on Twitter, He has 210,000 followers.

7. Charlie Shrem

Charlie is the co-founder of bitcoin foundation. In addition to that, he works as an advisor to various companies. The most common companies that Charlie is an advisor is Changelly.com.
His major contribution is through advising. He is available on Twitter and he has more than 148,000 followers.

8. Gavin Andresen

Gavin is among the core developers of bitcoin core. He has a vast knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry.
He regularly writes blogs about crypto news and provides useful trading tips.
Follow Gavin on Twitter.
Gavin has 139,000 followers.

9. Tuur Demeester

Tuur is a renowned writer on Medium for bitcoin. He is also an investor and economist, he contributes by proving useful bitcoin nuggets to his followers.
He has more than 165,000 followers on Twitter. You can also follow him on Twitter.

10. Don Tapscott

Don is a blockchain engineer. He is also an author, “Blockchain Revolution” Besides that; Don is the bestselling author of the Digital Economy, Wikinomics among other books.
Don is also the CEO of Tapscott group. He has contributed immensely to blockchain technology by giving enlightening, balanced and thorough guidance in the industry.
You should follow him because his aim is to identify breakthroughs for blockchain both in the government and business sectors. He is trying to transform the finance sector by animating the internet of things, enhance both personal and organizational security among others things.
You can follow Don on Twitter.
He has 110,000 followers on Twitter.

11. Josh Olszewics

Josh is a crypto trader. He is also an investor, Josh shares lots of great tips on his tweets which can help you in your trading. He is also a contributor at the ledger status through podcasts.
You can follow Josh on Twitter.
Josh has 107,000 followers.

12. Laura Shin

Laura is a top-notch blockchain and crypto journalist. She has been featured in many top publications including Forbes. She has a vast knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency.
In addition to that, Laura hosts 2 podcasts i.e. Unconfirmed and Unchained. Through this podcasts, she shares her wealth of knowledge about blockchain technology and crypto.
Find Laura on Twitter, She has 90,088 followers.

13. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth is a former professor at Yale and Stamford. She is also the co-founder of lightening labs. They use blockchain technology to give transactions for their services.
Her contribution to the blockchain is educating students how peer to peer technology works.
She is available on Twitter. Elizabeth has 74,700 followers.

14. Nicolas Cary

Nicolas is the CEO and founder of the blockchain. It is the backbone of both ethereum and bitcoin wallets. It has more than 20 million wallets the world over.
His contribution is the blockchain which is running bitcoin and ethereum. It is the most trusted block explorer.
Nicolas’ aim is to continue giving money services to different clients the world over. He also aims to develop an accessible, open and equitable financial platform for the future.
You can follow him on Twitter.
Nicolas has 38,700 followers.

15. Adam Ludwin

Adam is the CEO and benefactor of Chain. The chain is responsible for constructing the cryptographic records for financial records. Besides that, he defined cryptocurrency as an asset class.
His contribution to the blockchain technology includes the creation of Sequence. A sequence is a software for recording and managing balances. It is a cloud-based ledger for balance management in commerce and finance wallets e.g. forex exchange, lending among others.
You should follow Adam because he intends to change the available finance related platforms. He intends to use a similar platform like used in bitcoin in order to digitize the available resources and money.
Adam is among the top influencers in blockchain technology in 2018. You can follow Adam on Twitter, Adam has 20,600 followers.

16. Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is the developer of Stellar Development Foundation. He also developed bitcoin’s first exchange – Mt. Gox. Currently, Jed is overseeing the development of a distributed ledger for blockchain that is likely to enable transfer of values such as payments.
Jed’s contribution to the blockchain technology is the creation of Stellar. Stellar has the ability to keep native copies of transactions on a cryptographic ledger.
You should follow Jed because his vision is to give Stellar to as many people as he can. Although it is not yet ready it is almost.
You can follow Jed on Twitter,  he has 19,200 followers.

17. Vincent Briatore

Vincent is an influential figure in cryptocurrency. He is a digital asset analyst, ICO investor and DApp developer.
His contribution is regular blogs about cryptocurrency trading. He also shares trading tips on his blog. He has numerous followers.
To follow Vincent on Twitter. He has 21,800 followers.

18. Ameer Rosic

Ameer is a blockchain evangelist. He is also an ICO investor and entrepreneur. He is also a well-known speaker and instructor.
His contribution to the blockchain includes the education of the blockchain aspirants through his youtube videos.
He is available in Twitter.
Ameer has 19,800 followers.

19. Brian Krogsgard

Brian is a contributor to the ledger status. This is a website for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. It is a new site which has a collection of stories purely about virtual currency. It also contains fundamentals, resources and technical analysis of different cryptocurrencies.
Ledger status is among the top influencers of blockchain technology in 2018. You can follow it on Twitter.
He has 13,100 followers on Twitter.

20. Richard Gendal Brown

Gendal is currently the leader of technology at R3CEV. This is an organization of different banks. The goal of R3CEV is to create and distribute advanced shared online ledgers to various world financial market professionals.
His contribution to the blockchain industry is the corda. This is a blockchain based open distribution online ledger. Corda is a smart contract technology that allows writing of inter-operable blockchain shared network. It is very secure and highly privatized.
Richard aims to enable companies to run more efficiently. He hopes to achieve this by syncing traders and businesses. He is working on public blockchains which he intends to automate, manage and record using blockchain.
Richard is available on Twitter and he has 12,500 followers.


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