To get started with blockchain, you need to follow a specific guideline. In reality, many people often are confused with how to get into blockchain. I mean, I get it. The topic seems a lot interesting and complicated at the same time.

More so, many of you may even want to pursue a career in blockchain. So, getting into blockchain development also needs proper guidance.

Thus, if you are in a dilemma on what to do or how to get started with blockchain, then wait no further. To help you out, I’ll cover everything you need to do to get started with blockchain in this guide.

get started with blockchain

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Getting Started with Blockchain: What Steps to Follow?

I’ve outlined some of the key steps that you need to take in order to get started with blockchain. Try to follow all the steps accordingly. These are –

  • Learn Blockchain Technology Definition

You have to start with the basics, actually. So, to get started with blockchain, start with what the technology is in the first place. Without clearing the basic concept, you can’t understand the enormous complexity of the technology.

More so, you also have to know how this technology differs from the traditional ones that we keep using so far.

Another important task is to understand the elements of block-like transactions, hash ID, timestamps, ledger, etc.

Anyhow, this is the first stepping stone in our “how to get involved in blockchain” guide.

In any case, once you know about the basics, you can move into a more comprehensive issue like their features or different types and so on.


  • Learn How Blockchain Technology Works

Next, comes the process of how the technology works. Getting started with blockchain will take you some time as you have to understand how the technology works beforehand. In reality, blockchain works in a very different way than any traditional centralized system.

Also, the unique process of this technology is what makes it different from other techs and increases the overall network security as well.

Usually, there are different ways a blockchain can work. More so, every blockchain ecosystem may have completely different working principles than the typical one.

So, make sure you learn about the different ones as well. Once you finish this stage, you can move on to the features of blockchain technology. But don’t skip this stage in any case.


  • Know About the Key Features of Blockchain

Want to know how to get into blockchain? Well, for starters, you have to know about the key features of blockchain. In reality, blockchain comes with six lucrative features that you can’t just ignore. Furthermore, these features are extremely important in your blockchain journey.

Thus, you have to understand why and how the tech offers the features because you will have to offer them too in your blockchain solution. As these features are what make up blockchain, you can’t skip these features in your own solutions.

I would recommend using a blockchain course to learn about them more thoroughly. Also, the courses are quite efficient in teaching you that, so going for a course would be the perfect call.


  • Study Different Distributed Ledger Technologies for Enterprises

To learn about the technology, you have to first know how many types it can be. In reality, blockchain is primarily of three types. More so, you can’t use all three types for every single industry out there. For example, many companies aren’t that warm about the idea of a public blockchain.

So, they use private or federated blockchain. On the other hand, some companies tend to offer public blockchain at the consumer end and use a private networking system as their internal network system.

So, you see, without knowing what these types are, you can never properly strategize about it. Thus, it’s absolutely necessary for you to understand their features and special characteristics.

Hopefully, once you learn about these, you can use it to develop your roadmap.


  • Learn About Consensus Algorithms and Smart Contracts

Next, we have smart contracts and consensus algorithms in our “how to get into blockchain” guide steps. In reality, these two elements are very important when it comes to learning about technology.

There is no way that you can skip past these two elements. First of all, the consensus algorithm is necessary to offer all the feature blockchain offers. Using these algorithms, the nodes reach a consensus about the transactions.

You can also use it to verify whether a document is authentic or not.

Lastly, smart contracts are absolutely necessary for enterprises as they are frequent about making contracts with certain parties. So, if you can automate the whole process and can track it online, it ensures better security options.

So, make sure to clear these two concepts before you move into more complicated topics.


  • Understand How the Enterprise Blockchain Platforms Work

Another crucial part of getting started with blockchain is enterprise blockchain platforms. In reality, there are a lot of enterprise blockchain platforms that big companies can use for their own solutions. So, you won’t have to develop a solution from scratch.

You can just use their platform as the base and make certain tweaks to fit it according to your business strategy.

More so, it saves a lot of time and effort in the long run. Thus, you need to know just how these platforms work. I have to say, understanding their architecture may seem like a difficult choice. But if you can pull it off, blockchain will be an easy job for you then.


  • Study Open Source Blockchain Codes

Do you want to go for blockchain development? Then you have to follow some strict rules. First of all, you have to learn about the different programming languages associated with blockchain. For example, C++, Solidity, Java, Python are a few of the programming languages that you need to learn.

The process of getting into blockchain development isn’t easy, and you need to work hard to make sure that you are an expert on it.

Thus, you should check out open course blockchain codes from GitHub or any other source. Now many enterprise blockchains offer open-source codes for you to study. So, you can easily compile them and see what happens at every step.

This is a good way to learn about blockchain, and if you can devote your time, you’ll become a specialist in no time.


  • Explore How Blockchain Is Disrupting Different Industries

This is yet another key step in our “how to get into blockchain” guidelines. So, when learning about blockchain from scratch, you need to understand how it’s actually disrupting different sectors. In reality, disruption may seem like a bad thing, but actually, it’s not.

The world is running on legacy policies for a very long time, and in many cases, it’s not even working properly. So, it’s a need for a massive change, and blockchain can ensure that safety. But if you don’t change your ways of conducting business even in the changing times, then you can suffer a lot from it.

Thus, understating how it can affect your own industry and how you can move on from that is essential. More so, how you can use this disruption for your benefit is necessary as well.


  • Join a Blockchain Professional Course

Getting started with blockchain can be much easier if you can join a blockchain professional course. Typically, these courses can help you get the perfect information you want for your business. More so, you can also learn where you can use this tech and where you can’t.

Using a blockchain course or certification program, you can easily learn about all the previous steps I covered in this guide. So, you get to learn about other business platforms. More so, you will learn how your company can benefit from it.

Moreover, use this as the perfect revenue-driving force. So, I will highly recommend you to try out our blockchain professional certification course. The course is meant for any professionals in this field or anyone who is interested in learning about it as well.


  • Start Using Blockchain Templates

This is another key element in getting into blockchain development. If you are looking forward to becoming a developer, expert, or architect in blockchain, then using blockchain templates can help you get a long way.

In reality, these templates will help you develop blockchain solutions at a much faster rate. How? Well, thee templates are designed in a way to simplify any process of your blockchain software design cycle.

For example, you can use them to know whether your company even needs blockchain. More so, you can also use it to determine if your solution is ready to meet the standards you hoped for. These small steps help in refreshing your solutions and make it different from the rest.

So, just make sure you learn how to use these templates for your benefits.


  • Learn How to Approach Enterprise Blockchain Implementation

This is a fairly difficult step in our “how to get involved in blockchain” guide. In reality, many of you may not even know where to start. So, how will you know how you can approach blockchain implementation without making any mistakes?

To do it, you have to do vigorous research and learn to use this technology in a business-like environment. It seems like a lot of hassle, right?

So, it’s best if you can join an online course about it. Without knowing how the world is dealing with the disruption of blockchain, it’s hard to come up with a solid strategy. Also, you can’t just jump in without any proper knowledge of what you are doing.

But in online courses, you will get proper guidance on the steps to follow. For example, we offer an in-depth solution to how you can come up with the perfect POC.

So, if you can manage to strategize your solutions a bit creatively, then your company will surely thrive.


  • Explore Blockchain Business Transformation

This is another step in getting started with blockchain career path. Without exploring how blockchain is transforming business, you will never get the general idea of what is happening around you. In reality, blockchain is changing the world bit by bit.

But how is it doing that? More so, how are other companies using this technology to transform their businesses? There’s a lot of things you can learn just by observing high-end companies. So, make sure you check out the solutions that are available on the market.

More so, you can always use these materials as your source of inspiration and come up with innovative ideas. I mean, nothing can help you learn more about this topic other than learning from others.

Also, the more unique you can make your solutions, the more you will get lucrative job opportunities or business value.


How Our Blockchain Courses Can Help You Get Started with Blockchain

We have a wide collection of blockchain courses that will definitely get you started with your blockchain journey. But how will they help you out? Let’s see!

  • Gain Practical Knowledge

Our whole team is dedicated to helping you out in your blockchain journey. Thus, we create all our courses with as much information as we can. In reality, with our courses, you will learn how to get involved in blockchain at a much faster rate compared to other courses in the market.

Also, all of our courses have in-depth information full of practical knowledge. But don’t worry, none of our materials will feel complicated to you.

Why? Well, it’s because we want you to understand all the concepts easily, so our course instructor always uses a simplistic way to describe all of the essential elements of blockchain.


  • Updated Regularly

Getting started with blockchain can be a hard task. Also, when you stumble across backdated content on the internet, it can lead to many issues as well. For example, if you are planning to use your knowledge base to design a solution, then using backdated information can seriously hurt your application.

So, how can you get accurate information every single time? Well, here at 101 Blockchains, we offer updated materials every single time. More so, we ensure that all of our lessons within our courses portray the present conditions of the technology.

Thus, this way, you can always trust us to guide you into blockchain no matter what.


  • Offers Premium Support

Wouldn’t it be great if you got treated like a VIP while taking your courses? We are pretty sure that you would really love that. In reality, all of our students get premium support once they enroll in our courses to learn about blockchain.

We believe that every single student is special, and we know that getting into blockchain development needs proper guidance. Thus, our technical team is always ready to answer all of your questions and offer you guideline sheets every single week.

Obviously, you may have a lot of questions once you finish the course, and that’s why we are always here to help you out in that.

This is something that other courses on the market lack greatly.


  • Flexible Learning

Another great benefit of our courses is that all our courses have flexible learning plans. But what does that mean? We know that you may not have the time to take a course continuously as you would like. Thus, we have the option to pause and resume the course at any moment you want.

More so, you can always come back and retake the course without any additional costing as well. So, even if we recommend a time it may take to complete the course, you have the upper hand. Thus, you will always get to choose how or when you will finish the course.

This is also another feature that other courses seem to lack. But we know that this feature is necessary for helping you learn how to get into blockchain.


  • Simple Lesson Structure

You can easily get started with blockchain with our simple lesson structures. We know that many of you may be a newbie in this niche. And so, trying to build a career on a compete new technology can be tough.

Also, the architecture or the development process of blockchain isn’t all that simple. As a result, without a simple lesson structure, it might be difficult for you to understand the concept as well. That’s why we divined our materials in a creative way.

In reality, this allows you to understand the topic much faster. So, we will highly recommend you to check out our courses.


  • Lucrative Bonus Materials

What can be a better way to start a course when you know that you will get additional bonus materials with it as well. Yes, we offer lucrative bonus materials, such as interviews with top-notch blockchain professionals.

In reality, here, these professionals will answer critical questions about how to get involved in blockchain and about your journey ahead. Also, you will get templates that you can use for your blockchain developments. More so, you get access to all our premium online events as well.

Can it get any better than that? I don’t really think so.

But anyhow, juts make sure you stay away from any free courses that come from low-value sources.


Courses That Will Help You Get Started with Blockchain Technology

We have a wide collection of courses to help you get started on this topic. Let’s check out what these are –


Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

This is the perfect course to get started with blockchain. In fact, we also offer certification with it as well. So, not only will you get a certification, but also you will know just how you can become a blockchain specialist as well.

In reality, this course is one of the popular ones from the bunch.


Course Contents

Blockchain Technology Essentials

  • Fundamentals of blockchain
  • How you can generate blocks
  • Different types of blockchain
  • Proof of Work
  • Smart contract


In-Depth Analysis of Different Enterprise Blockchain Platforms


Blockchain In Trade Finance Industries

  • Blockchain resolutions in Trade finance
  • Ripple essentials
  • Basics of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets


Initiative in The Enterprise for Blockchain Application

  • Supply chain process and blockchain
  • Blockchains influence in supply chain management
  • Blockchain transforming businesses


Top Blockchain Use Cases

  • Using blockchain in different sectors


Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management

Another great course that will help you in getting started with blockchain. In reality, this course is great for supply chain industries solely. So, make sure to check out our course if you want to get a good job in this field.


Course Contents

Supply Chain Management Essentials

  • Supply chain process explained
  • How do supply chain managers work in this industry?


Value Construction in SCM

  • Estimating enterprise value with working capital
  • Supply chain management and working capital
  • Estimating your SCM model based on Economic Value Added model


Supply Chain Blockchain Use Cases

  • The impression of blockchain in the supply chain process
  • Supply chain systems using blockchain


Implementing Your Dream Project

  • How to develop a supply chain system with blockchain?


Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance

This course is another perfect way to get started with blockchain. But this course is specifically for those of you who want to get a career in trade finance. If you are already in trade finance, then you can use this course as a guide to implementing blockchain solutions into your company as well.


Course Contents

How Does Trade Finance Work?

  • Fundamentals of the trade finance process
  • Issues in the trade finance industry


Blockchains Influence in Trade Finance Development

  • Trade finance blockchain benefits
  • Blockchain in trade finance initiative analyzation
  • How different blockchains from trade finance work?


Essentials of Blockchain For Trade Finance

  • Cross border payments
  • Letter of Credit (LC)
  • Bill of Lading (BoL)


Various Blockchain-Based Trade Finance Systems

  • TradeLens
  • Trade
  • Marco Polo
  • Contour


Blockchain Trade Finance developments

  • TradeTrust
  • Digital Standards Initiative


Enterprise Blockchains Templates

As I said earlier, you need templates to get started with blockchain smoothly. In reality, these templates can help you get your development job done faster than normal. And so, when you are getting into blockchain development, it necessary for you to learn to use it.

Thus, our template course will surely help you master every single one of the templates we have now. Don’t worry, we will keep adding up more templates just to make sure you have everything you need.


The Template Range –

Do you need a blockchain? – Blockchain decision-making tool.

Blockchain Project Readiness – You can check if your project is ready or not.

Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Project – Ensures a lucrative presentation scheme for your every project.

Mapping Supply Chain Business Vs. Enterprise Blockchain – Offers a mapping process to help you select proper blockchain implementation in your supply chain process.


Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know how to get started with blockchain, we are pretty sure you are ready to start your blockchain journey. Just remember that there is no shortcut in the learning process. So, don’t skip any of the steps.

Also, try to stay updates always if you are not connected with a blockchain program. The world of blockchain is still new, and it keeps changing.

So, staying updated is the best thing you can do at the moment. Anyhow, hopefully, you will give our course collection a try. We are highly confident that you will only benefit from our programs. So, happy learning!