The metaverse is gradually becoming one of the top trends under discussion for the future. A shared virtual world that never sleeps, the metaverse may very well serve as the digital mirror of our real world. You can enter the metaverse as a digital avatar and explore different virtual spaces such as shopping malls or entertainment centers. 

Amidst the various developments in the field of metaverse technology, the question of “What is Decentraland MANA?” might be a significant point of interest for beginners. The Decentraland metaverse has emerged as an early example of how the decentralized virtual world of metaverse would look like. The following discussion helps you uncover the details of its native token, i.e., MANA and its role in the Decentraland ecosystem. 

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Defining the Decentraland Metaverse


Before you learn about Decentraland MANA, you must have a fluent understanding of the basics of Decentraland. The definition of Decentraland paints it as a virtual reality platform where users can create applications, new content and experiences. Users could purchase virtual real estate in Decentraland with unique proof of ownership and customize them accordingly. Decentraland uses Ethereum as its foundation for ensuring secure storage of information regarding virtual land ownership and other important information. 

The emphasis on Decentraland MANA crypto becomes clearly evident in the fact that it serves as the native token. Users could use MANA for exploring new possibilities with Decentraland metaverse, which practically doesn’t have any limits. You can build any type of experience you want with the assurance of security of the Ethereum blockchain

The Decentraland metaverse can offer experiences such as visiting a shopping mall with friends, interacting with each other or starting a business. You can also visit underwater resorts, purchase or sell virtual assets and even start a virtual office. If Samsung can buy a virtual piece of land, “837X,” in the Decentraland metaverse to set up their office, many other businesses could explore some opportunities in the new virtual world. 

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How is Decentraland Different?

The concerns regarding Decentraland MANA token would also draw attention to the potential future of Decentraland metaverse. Will it serve as a good investment? A little bit of research on market trends of MANA tokens could help you find the answer. However, the technical perspective pertaining to Decentraland metaverse also matters significantly in defining its future. You can notice the potential highlights for Decentraland MANA’s future by identifying how it is different from other metaverse platforms

As a matter of fact, Decentraland is not the only platform experimenting with the prospects of using metaverse technology. Many other companies have been using VR technology to offer innovative and engaging virtual world experiences. The biggest difference between Decentraland and other VR platforms refers to ownership. Rather than one particular corporation, Decentraland is under the ownership and governance of users. 

The Decentraland DAO is one of the integral highlights of the metaverse platform as it ensures truly decentralized governance. Users have complete control over the content and experiences developed on a specific parcel of virtual real estate. Users can have complete control over the earnings from transaction fees they earn to offer value to other users. Decentraland does not involve any hidden charges, commissions or fees for intermediaries or Decentraland itself. 

The answers to “Is MANA a good investment?” can vary considerably depending on the market trends. The prospects for true decentralization ensure that MANA could definitely stay above the intervention of centralized authorities. Decentraland would never allow any type of centralization, thereby exerting total control in the user’s hands. 

Users can interact with the Decentraland metaverse and purchase and sell real estate with complete control. They can also interact with other players and enjoy different games and virtual experiences in the metaverse. Gradually, the platform has included peer-to-peer communication, decentralized apps and in-world payments. All of these factors support good predictions for MANA tokens in the future.

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What is MANA?

The basic overview of Decentraland showcases how it is an open, shared and persistent virtual world running on the Ethereum network. Apart from fulfilling the basic traits required in a metaverse platform, Decentraland also works on the principle of incentivizing the global user network to run the shared virtual world. 

Where does MANA come into play in the overall picture for the Decentraland metaverse? Before looking for any Decentraland MANA prediction, you must know of its value in the Decentraland metaverse. The basics of Decentraland showcase that it is all about virtual real estate. You buy a piece of virtual real estate, build some new experiences such as a virtual sports center or workspace and rent it out to other users. This is where you would need knowledge of using the LAND and MANA tokens in the Decentraland metaverse.

LAND is an ERC-20 or non-fungible token (NFT), which helps in defining the ownership of virtual parcels of real estate. 

MANA is the native token of the Decentraland metaverse or the currency of the virtual world. You need MANA for purchasing LAND as well as other virtual assets and services in the Decentraland metaverse. In addition, the role of Decentraland MANA is also evident in the governance of Decentraland through DAO. Users with MANA in their possession can exercise their vote on the policy updates, subsidies for new projects and land auctions.

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Importance of MANA

The Decentraland metaverse can track virtual real estate parcels in the form of LAND NFTs. MANA tokens are a must-have for interacting with the Decentraland ecosystem, and you can learn more about its importance with a deep dive into working of Decentraland. The Decentraland metaverse includes many layers developed on the foundations of Ethereum smart contracts

The answers to “What is Decentraland MANA?” can become quite clear with an understanding of how MANA is relevant in the layers of Decentraland architecture. 

First of all, you would find the consensus layer responsible for maintaining the ledger for tracking the ownership of different land parcels. All the virtual LAND parcels feature unique coordinates and ownership along with reference to description file. The description file represents the content of the particular LAND parcel.

The next layer in Decentraland metaverse is the content layer. It is responsible for controlling all activities in the virtual land parcels and includes the necessary files for rendering the content of the virtual real estate parcels. The content layer includes content files, script files and the interaction definition for different experiences. 

The content files feature the visuals and static audio, while the script files define positioning and behavior of the content in the LAND parcel. Finally, you have the interaction definition in the content layer for helping you with peer-to-peer interactions such as messaging, voice chat and gesturing. 

The final layer in Decentraland is the real-time layer, which helps in facilitating social interaction among user avatars. It can facilitate the features of messaging and voice chat for interactions among users. 

The significance of MANA for the Decentraland architecture is visible in how it serves as the fuel for driving activities in each layer. For example, MANA ownership can help in supporting the consensus layer for verifying that LAND auctions are followed by burning of MANA tokens. In addition, users can interact with the content layer by leveraging Decentraland MANA crypto to customize their virtual avatars or purchase new collectibles. 

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Predictions for MANA

The discussions around Decentraland MANA future challenges have been gaining hype in recent times. As one of the fastest growing metaverse platforms, Decentraland has obviously caught the attention of the world. Every user who thought of what the metaverse would look like is likely to engage with the Decentraland metaverse. However, reality paints a different picture as many metaverse projects have been shut down after having a good run. Will Decentraland and MANA have a formidable and productive future ahead? 

The demand for Decentraland MANA token has been increasing, particularly due to the applications in its metaverse ecosystem. Reports suggested that the value of the MANA token increased steadily over the fourth quarter of 2021. As a matter of fact, it reached its all-time high value in November 2021 with a total market valuation of almost $9.2 billion. On the other hand, the value of MANA tokens has decreased since then while remaining a top choice for metaverse investors. Why? Majority of investors seeking innovative ways to capitalize on metaverse development to generate revenue trust MANA token for its versatility. 

The multitude of features MANA has unlocked for Decentraland is one of the proofs of its potential growth in the future. You may have difficulty in finding an answer to “Is MANA a good investment?” while wondering about fluctuations in crypto. The cryptocurrency market is quite volatile, and the value of MANA changes constantly. On the other hand, Decentraland is still in its initial stages and has started to make noise in the metaverse world. 

The value of MANA token increased considerably at one point when the platform registered a high-profile auction of virtual land. As of now, the value of MANA is around $0.8 USD, with a radical 86% decline from the all-time high of $5.90. On top of it, the value of MANA is considerably volatile. Therefore, you have a fair share of opportunities as well as risks in the possible predictions for MANA. 

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Use Cases of MANA

The generic description of Decentraland MANA helps understand that MANA is the currency of the ecosystem. What could you do with it? Here are some of the notable ways in which MANA can deliver value to Decentraland users. 

  • Using a Crypto Wallet

One of the essential concerns in using the Decentraland metaverse refers to the crypto wallet. You must connect a blockchain wallet to the Decentraland metaverse to interact with it as a user. The wallet helps in storing all the digital assets and data related to all Decentraland experiences and transactions. Users would need a MANA token to ensure seamless use of the wallet in different transactions on Decentraland metaverse.

  • Invest in Real Estate

The virtual land parcels are obviously the biggest highlight in the design of Decentraland metaverse. You can find multiple parcels of virtual real estate on sale, and MANA is essential for buying land parcels. 

  • Trading 

MANA is a credible instrument for purchasing and selling assets with their value in the token. Users could choose items and lands for relatively lower value in event of a downswing and could set them up for auction on Decentraland marketplace. Another potential use of MANA is evident in the review of Decentraland MANA prediction for trading purposes. 

The MANA token is a unique and renowned asset class with considerable popularity among crypto traders. Therefore, MANA could easily become one of the integral elements in the larger portfolio for crypto traders. Since MANA has been released for external use, you don’t need a Decentraland account to buy MANA from crypto exchanges

  • Virtual Real Estate Mortgage

The facility of paying minimum down payments in MANA tokens can help in requesting mortgages. The mortgages could help in purchasing a parcel of virtual real estate in Decentraland. Subsequently, users could start paying off small amounts and then clear the mortgage according to standard interest rates. 

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Bottom Line

The nature of Decentraland and its functionalities are good reasons to consider favorable Decentraland MANA future forecasts. Many users have been showing interest in the immersive and engaging experiences in Decentraland. Virtual concerts are only the beginning of the metaverse

As the Decentraland development community grows in the future, it will serve many new and innovative functionalities. MANA is the core ingredient in the whole Decentraland ecosystem. It helps you buy virtual real estate, operate your wallet, get virtual estate on mortgage and even trade it on external exchanges. 

The future of Decentraland MANA tokens might be too soon to predict, especially considering the fluctuating nature of the crypto market. After reaching an all-time high in November 2021, the value of MANA has been declining by massive margins. At the same time, you cannot ignore the possibilities of growth for MANA with the growth of Decentraland. Explore and learn more about Decentraland metaverse now.

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