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Blockchain is the proven answer to many longstanding issues in conventional technology. First of all, blockchain removed the concept of centralization in different processes and technologies. Now, the applications of blockchain have moved beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies towards newer areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT)

While the use of IoT has been quite prevalent for some time, the integration with blockchain can bring additional functionalities. A blockchain IoT skill path becomes quite significant in an era where blockchain is gradually serving many improvements in IoT networks. Blockchain can help in storing immutable records of the transactions between different devices in the network. 

Considering the potential applications of blockchain in IoT, it is important to look for a reliable learning path to understand how both technologies work in unison. The following post helps you find out the suitable skill learning path for learning about the blockchain IoT interplay. You can learn about the significance of blockchain in IoT and an outline of essential learning resources for blockchain IoT.

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Reasons to Learn Blockchain IoT

Before finding out the blockchain IoT learning path, you must develop a clear impression of the importance of blockchain IoT. The applications of the Internet of Things or IoT can help in transforming the conventional route of business operations. With the help of sensors and many other edge devices and infrastructure, IoT has played a crucial role in defining a new competitive advantage for businesses. However, the multitude of devices connected in an IoT network also increases the network’s vulnerability to attacks. Information security at all levels of the IoT network can be quite difficult, especially with the radical improvements in attacks on IoT networks and devices. 

Why should you learn blockchain IoT when IoT is vulnerable? If you thought that IoT might fade away due to security vulnerabilities, then you must take note of the contributions of blockchain in improving IoT security. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that helps in introducing the peer-to-peer transaction model to the IoT ecosystem. Blockchain leverages a collection of transactions, known as blocks, recorded in a database consecutively. 

The database is the common ledger that is distributed across all nodes in the network. Now, the combination of blockchain and IoT can deliver many conclusive advantages for enabling the autonomous functioning of smart devices. The biggest advantage of using blockchain IoT would refer to the freedom from centralized authorities. At the same time, blockchain can also help in establishing a record of the communication between devices. 

The formidable advantages of blockchain IoT combination encourage the demand for a blockchain IoT skill path with effective learning resources. You can capitalize on learning resources for blockchain IoT to build your skill portfolio as a blockchain IoT professional. 

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Potential Areas for Jobs with Blockchain IoT Expertise

The most pressing issue for anyone who wants to become blockchain IoT expert would point to the selection of jobs. How could you find a suitable job with skills in blockchain IoT? The obvious answer to such questions is evident in the areas of the application of IoT and blockchain. Here is an outline of some of the notable use cases of blockchain and IoT, which can open up many new job prospects for blockchain IoT experts. 

  • Supply Chain Management

The applications of blockchain IoT in supply chain management focus primarily on freight transportation. It is a highly complex process with different parties involved along with different unique priorities. A blockchain IoT skill path can help you develop the necessary skills for implementing the best practices in freight transportation. IoT-enabled blockchain networks can help in documenting temperatures, arrival times, the status of shipping containers, and their position. 

  • Component Tracking

The career options for blockchain IoT professionals in component tracking also relate directly to the applications of blockchain IoT. IoT data pertaining to components of aircraft, automobiles, and other products could help in ensuring regulatory compliance. As a result, it can help in verifying component ownership throughout the product’s life. Credible resources to learn blockchain IoT can help you capitalize on job prospects in similar industries. 

  • Logging Operational Maintenance Data

IoT devices can help in tracking the state of safety for critical machines as well as their maintenance. Blockchain technology delivers an immutable ledger for the documentation of operational maintenance. Repair and maintenance personnel can audit the blockchain to discover the ideal routes for preventive maintenance. 

  • Retail Applications

The uses of a blockchain IoT skill path for finding job opportunities can also lead you to the applications of blockchain IoT in retail. Blockchain IoT applications can help in developing trust with customers for product authenticity. In addition, blockchain IoT solutions can deliver the value of collaboration throughout a global supply chain with real-time insights on products, systems, processes, and technologies. 

Some of the notable IoT blockchain companies, such as Helium, Grid+, Filament, Chronicled, and Hypr, showcase the immense potential associated with applications of blockchain for IoT. How can you make the most of these opportunities?

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Best Blockchain IoT Skill Learning Path

The benefits of blockchain IoT showcase how the combination of the two technologies can be revolutionary. Therefore, anyone would definitely think of a blockchain IoT learning path as the best tool for getting their share of the new opportunities. The 101 Blockchains blockchain IoT skill learning path delivers a comprehensive tool for anyone interested in exploring the uses of blockchain with IoT. The skill path includes five selected courses for understanding how IoT and blockchain can work together. Let us dive deeper into the details of each course to know how the skill path can help you.

IoT (Internet Of Things) Skill Path

  • Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals

The first entry in the 101 Blockchains blockchain IoT skill path is the enterprise blockchain fundamentals course. You must develop a basic impression of blockchain technology before you can dive into blockchain IoT applications. Interestingly, the free course has a lot of information to offer and can serve as a great learning tool for beginners. Learn about the basic concepts and terms of blockchain alongside smart contract fundamentals before moving to the next course. 

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  • IoT Fundamentals

The obvious addition in the resources to learn blockchain IoT by 101 Blockchains would point at IoT fundamentals. The IoT fundamentals course is a basic course on the Internet of Things where you can explore everything about IoT. You can start with the basic concepts and definitions of the IoT ecosystem. Subsequently, you must evaluate the possibilities, pre-conditions, challenges, and opportunities alongside risks for IoT implementation. 

The course is a significant part of the blockchain IoT skill path on 101 Blockchains as it provides a deep dive into the practical examples of IoT applications in multiple industries. You can also use the course to learn more about the technology stack needed for developing IoT-based applications. The IoT fundamentals course takes the bar a bit higher with the outline of application opportunities for IoT on the basis of smart products. 

In addition, you can learn blockchain IoT basics for using data insights to create IoT business applications. The other important highlights of the course include the evaluation of security and data privacy issues for IoT applications. The course sheds light on the potential for any interplay between IoT and blockchain and sets the stage for the next course.

  • Getting Started with Blockchain and IoT

The basics of IoT provide you with the ideal foundation for moving on to the next important addition in the skill path. You must focus all your dedication on this course to become blockchain IoT expert with professional skills. The course begins with the fundamentals of IoT, more like a recap of the IoT basics course. 

The next addition in the course points to the overview of smart products alongside the importance of high-resolution data. Why is high quality important for data in IoT? You would find the answers to such questions followed by a detailed overview of various IoT components and platforms. 

The course is a critical part of the blockchain IoT skill path by 101 Blockchains as it dives into the technicalities of blockchain IoT. You would learn about the business models and mechanisms, which are suitable choices for IoT businesses. Interestingly, the course also offers a glimpse into the basic principles and key features of blockchain technology.

However, the most striking highlight in the course points to the blockchain IoT canvas, an important tool in developing blockchain IoT applications. Subsequently, the course also illustrates various examples of IoT platforms tailored to distributed ledger technology. Finally, you can also learn about some of the real-world examples of blockchain IoT applications

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  • Business Model Innovation

If you want to learn blockchain IoT, then you must know that you will introduce an innovative combination of technologies. The business model course in the blockchain IoT skill learning path supports many learning objectives crucial to the adoption of blockchain IoT. When you adopt two disruptive technologies, you must prepare for the disruption they would cause. 

What can be the best way to cope with the sudden change due to blockchain IoT applications? The blockchain IoT skill path helps you learn about the significance of the business model and the role of innovation in supporting the growth of your business. You can use the course to build a comprehensive base of knowledge regarding business model basics and business model innovation. 

The other important highlights in the course include explanations for business model patterns alongside examples. You can also use the blockchain IoT learning path to understand the significance of disruption. Most important of all, the course sheds light on the evolutionary disruptive impact of IT and the internet on business model patterns. The course also offers insights into the possible interplay between blockchain technology and business models. Finally, the course also covers some of the best practices to start business model innovation. 

  • Tokenization Fundamentals

The tokenization fundamentals course in the 101 Blockchains blockchain IoT skill path is also a vital tool for blockchain IoT experts. You can understand the basics of tokenization and how you can implement it in IoT blockchain platforms. What would be the incentive for participants to contribute to the blockchain-based security of IoT data? The course can help you connect the dots between tokenization on blockchain and IoT. 

You can learn about the practical implications of tokenization alongside the popular tokenization projects and the associated regulatory obligations. The course serves insights on how tokenization can give birth to new opportunities for financial systems. At the same time, you can also familiarize yourself with the regulatory concerns pertaining to tokenization.

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Bottom Line

The skill learning path by 101 Blockchains serves some of the best resources to become blockchain IoT expert with training. Each course in the skill path serves a distinct purpose for the blockchain IoT learning objectives of an individual. Most important of all, the skill learning path starts with the fundamentals before moving towards the technical aspects of blockchain IoT.

Anyone who wants to learn about the potential of blockchain IoT can use the skill learning path for building all-around expertise in blockchain applications. The support of 101 Blockchains is also a credible highlight for the skill learning path. Explore the details of the skill learning path and how it can help you now.

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