Wondering about the importance of a blockchain certification for career growth? Here we bring experts’ research and opinions on how you can enhance your resume with a blockchain certification and open the doors to better opportunities! 

Any discussion on the most impactful technological trends in recent times is incomplete without mentioning blockchain technology. Distributed ledger technology has completely changed the face of information exchange and financial transactions altogether. According to a forecast by Gartner, blockchain technology could create annual business value worth over $3 trillion USD by 2030. 

At the same time, it is reasonable to expect around 10% to 20% of the global economic infrastructure on blockchain-based systems. According to Statista, the global expenditure on blockchain solutions would reach around $15.9 billion by 2023 from $1.5 billion in 2018. 

These numbers clearly establish the potential of blockchain certification for career growth. So, do you actually need a blockchain certification to improve your resume? The following discussion helps you discover some of the notable reasons to pursue a blockchain certification for exploring career opportunities in blockchain.

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Why Choose a Career in Blockchain?

Before diving into details regarding the benefits of blockchain certifications for improving your resume, it is important to reflect on the career opportunities in blockchain. The blockchain industry is continuously expanding throughout the world, thereby leading to promising expansion of the blockchain job market. 

Professional blockchain roles, including coding as well as business management, capital allocation, user experience, and project management, clearly show the direction of future growth of blockchain. Therefore, it is reasonable to improve your resume with blockchain certification as the blockchain industry has shown formidable resilience moving into the subsequent phase of development. The blockchain job market is not focused only on cryptography and distributed systems, especially with multiple non-technical roles also gaining profound demand in recent times. 

On the other hand, the existing growth of the blockchain job market largely emphasizes developers. The Emerging Jobs Report of LinkedIn shows the radically growing popularity of blockchain developer jobs. In addition, another report suggests the aggressive measures of big companies such as Oracle, IBM, and Ernst & Young for hiring blockchain talent. At the same time, the need for blockchain certification for career growth becomes evident with blockchain-based companies elevating their efforts for attracting blockchain talent. 

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Job Roles with Blockchain Certification

With the clearly high demand for blockchain jobs, it is important to determine the career options you can pursue to get a blockchain job. Blockchain is a comparatively new technology, and it is reasonable to wonder whether you can find substantial career scope in the blockchain. Here is an outline of the notable job roles related to blockchain that you can pursue with blockchain certifications.

  • Blockchain Developer

The role of a core blockchain developer focuses largely on the development of the blockchain system. The primary responsibilities of the blockchain developer include designing and supervision blockchain architecture alongside the development of consensus protocol. 

  • Blockchain Solution Developer

You may face confusion about career opportunities in Blockchain with the conflicting roles of blockchain developers. You need to understand that Blockchain solution developers are responsible for creating software applications on the basis of blockchain features and architecture. 

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  • Blockchain Quality Engineer 

Blockchain projects also depend considerably on quality control for ensuring desired quality and functions with blockchain solutions. However, Blockchain quality engineers can develop quality assurance protocols alongside automated test standards while scripting test automation strategies. Furthermore, blockchain quality engineers also take care of quality management across different stages in blockchain development. 

  • Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain project managers take care of developing and deploying blockchain projects. Project managers have a broad range of skills required for the effective integration of blockchain in the business operations of enterprises. Blockchain project managers need comprehensive command over blockchain terminology and concepts for communicating effectively with non-technical stakeholders.

Reasons to Choose Blockchain Certification for Career Growth

So, you can clearly observe the extended career scope in blockchain with various opportunities and job roles at your disposal. However, you must have prominent doubts about approaching the job roles according to your interests and preferences in the blockchain. Here’re the various reasons and benefits of getting a blockchain certification for career growth. 

  • Choose Your Own Career Path

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt various industries. Therefore, many businesses, startups as well as notable giants, are leveraging blockchain technology for ensuring communications and business transactions. The substantial demand for blockchain expertise is not limited to one particular sector, and blockchain certifications could help you in capitalizing on the opportunities. You can select your own career option in the sector of your choice with blockchain certification.

  • Familiarization with DLT

The next important reason to improve your resume with blockchain certification refers to the development of expertise in distributed ledger technology. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology combined together can provide a completely new type of market infrastructure, built over existing systems and processes alongside ensuring complete integration in them. As a result, you can develop proficiency in a universal infrastructure that is eligible for different types of markets. 

  • Make Your Career Future-Proof 

Blockchain has shown all the capabilities of futuristic technology, thereby indicating the promises of earning long-term career advantages. A blockchain certification showcases the readiness of a professional for future job trends in the world of IT. You can use a blockchain certification for career growth while also leveraging it for making sure that your career is built for the future. Therefore, a blockchain certification also ensures that you are ready for jobs of the future. 

  • Establish Proof of Practical Knowledge 

Blockchain certifications are also important for career growth with an emphasis on practical experience. Candidates preparing for blockchain certifications have to prepare a strong foundation for solving practical, real-world problems by using their knowledge.

For example, certified blockchain solution architects would have the fluency of designing a solution according to client requirements by using their knowledge of enterprise blockchain platforms. Engagement with practical use cases of blockchain for qualifying blockchain certifications can ensure that a certified blockchain professional is ready to take upon real challenges in a particular job role.

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  • Prove Your Dedication for Blockchain 

Another promising reason to pursue blockchain certification as an alternative for improving your resume is the proof of your dedication. A blockchain certification clearly shows the efforts and time you have invested in achieving it. Candidates have to cover various topics and exercises for qualifying for a blockchain certification. At the same time, they have to take on the burden of practicing and continuously improving their skills for all exam objectives. 

Therefore, it clearly shows the commitment you have put in learning about blockchain with the notion of pursuing a long-term career in the field. Blockchain certifications can help you find credible answers on how to improve your resume without resorting to half measures. Certifications also help potential employers in identifying the passion of the certified professional for blockchain. 

  • Better Opportunities for Professional Networking

If you are looking for reasons to become a certified blockchain professional, then you should obviously focus on professional networking. The credential of a blockchain certification entitles individuals to recognition in professional communities. Other blockchain professionals start appreciating your presence and contributions to the blockchain community. 

Gradually, you could start building professional contacts with your blockchain certification. Furthermore, a blockchain certification on your resume always catches the eye of top hiring managers, and your name could pop up frequently in recommendations for top blockchain-based job roles. Most important of all, the opportunities of professional networking can help you expand your knowledge of blockchain by interacting with industry experts and peers. 

  • Show Your Ability to Deliver Value

Blockchain certifications also show how to improve your resume by highlighting your ability to identify suitable blockchain platforms for enterprise blockchain solutions. You can showcase your ability to serve as a promising asset for the employer’s business by using the best of blockchain to develop solutions. 

In addition, certified blockchain professionals also have the knack to oversee different aspects of blockchain solution design, development, and maintenance. Therefore, your specialization in blockchain certification could help you prove your capabilities for bringing value to businesses.

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Top Certifications for Blockchain Career Growth

Now that you know blockchain certifications are good for your career growth, it is reasonable to find the right choices. You may come across different blockchain certifications with claims of exceptional benefits for your professional career.

However, 101 Blockchains brings the actual value-based training you need for associating a profound value with your resume. Aspiring professionals could find one or more of the top blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains that focus on distinct career opportunities in blockchain. Let us take a look at the three different certifications and how they can help you improve your resume.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains presents a promising instrument for guiding professionals throughout different aspects of blockchain technologies. Most important of all, it helps in understanding blockchain technology and its influence on different enterprise business objectives. 

CEBP certification gives the ideal resources to develop fluency in enterprise blockchain terminology. It also provides expertise in updated practical tools alongside applicable knowledge. Today’s blockchain ecosystem needs people who are able to understand blockchain terminology well and explain them to people who don’t know anything about blockchain technology. The benefits of CEBP blockchain certification for career growth are also visible in the opportunity to prepare for real-world business demands. 

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional or CEBP certification on 101 Blockchains is quite comprehensive and deals with the following topics.

  1. Blockchain technology basics
  2. Enterprise blockchain platforms
  3. Blockchain in trade finance
  4. Blockchain applications in supply chain management and digital transformation
  5. Use cases of blockchain 
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect 

If you have the desire to build blockchain solutions, then the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification is the right answer for your career requirements. The substantial growth in demand for certified blockchain architects is large because of the need for blockchain solutions tailored according to enterprise requirements. The CEBA certification can provide vital answers for how to improve your resume without depending on any additional authority or resource. 

101 Blockchains provides specially tailored training alongside insights into practical applications of different concepts associated with blockchain. For example, candidates can develop the ability to work with the public as well as permission blockchain systems with ease. The certification validates your blockchain skills for taking the requirements of clients and crafting them into feasible and productive blockchain solutions. 

The CEBA certification deals with the following domains to prove the expertise of candidates in designing blockchain solution architectures.

  1. Blockchain basics including key components, hashing, consensus, and smart contracts
  2. Enterprise blockchain platforms
  3. Overview of Ethereum platform
  4. Overview of Hyperledger Fabric
  5. R3 Corda overview
  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification is another promising offering for capitalizing on the career scope in the blockchain. While blockchain solutions are slowly gaining importance across diverse sectors, enterprises are highly worried about the security of blockchain infrastructures. On the other hand, you may wonder about the requirement of security professionals for blockchain infrastructure when blockchain itself signifies security. 

The advantages of the CBSE certification also point towards the development of expertise in theoretical as well as practical precedents of blockchain security. Candidates could showcase the proof of their knowledge of prominent threats in blockchain security with a detailed evaluation of threats in all layers of the blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, the reflection on different examples and case studies could help in enhancing practical experience in blockchain security.

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification deals with the following domains,

  1. Introduction to blockchains such as fundamentals, structure, and blocks
  2. Threat modeling for blockchain such as STRIDE threat modeling framework
  3. Blockchain cryptography basics
  4. Security of consensus algorithms
  5. Implementation of blockchain nodes and network security
  6. Smart contract security
  7. Basics of blockchain system testing
  8. Introduction to enterprise blockchain platforms and their security considerations

The different advantages of certifications offered by 101 Blockchains for your career can showcase that they can improve your resume. The multiple benefits associated with blockchain certification directly translate to a career advantage for you in the long run.

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Bottom Line

A blockchain certification can help you find how to improve your resume for a blockchain career. Blockchain is making news everywhere, and many enterprises are looking forward to opportunities for hiring expert blockchain professionals. Certifications are tangible proof of blockchain expertise. These are like academic certifications which prove that an individual has passed college or other academic programs. 

The advantage of certifications for your resume exceeds far more than just raising your face value for employers. As a matter of fact, blockchain certifications set you on the journey of professional development, where you strive consistently to improve your abilities. Take charge and register for one of the top blockchain certifications now to build the perfect resume for a blockchain job.

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