Aiming to get ahead with one of the Best Blockchain certifications? Let’s learn from the experts how you can get Blockchain certification.

Blockchain technology has undoubtedly brought a new revolution in approaches for data management and business operations in the digital world. Blockchain has come to a lot farther than expected in a time of around one decade since its introduction. Now, blockchain is not restricted to Bitcoin anymore and there are many industries that are using blockchain for various applications.

Most important of all, governments are also recognizing the value of blockchain with the widespread rise in the number of government projects based on blockchain. Therefore, blockchain certifications are the need of the hour for many aspiring candidates who want to get into careers in blockchain.

However, many of the candidates don’t have any specific guidance on preparing for certifications in blockchain. At the same time, there are many providers claiming the facility of top blockchain certifications on their platforms. The following discussion aims to provide a detailed impression of the helpful pointers for freshers to qualify the desired blockchain certification.

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Why Is Blockchain Certification Important?

Before moving ahead towards preparing for blockchain certifications, it is important to understand the importance of the certification. Blockchain technology has a prominent potential for transforming the world of technology as we know it. For example, blockchain has provided adequate security for information transfer while also improving transparency regarding transactions.

Presently, blockchain is serving the foundation of governance systems and financial as well as healthcare record applications. Therefore, the best blockchain certifications can help in capitalizing on the employment opportunities that are emerging constantly in blockchain technology. The skill gap in the blockchain market also presents a formidable boost for salary estimates alongside financial incentives. Furthermore, blockchain expertise also gives you the opportunity to participate in a futuristic technological revolution.

With blockchain adoption growing steadily, blockchain certified professionals could enjoy better levels of job security. Another prominent reason to choose blockchain certification is the diversity of career roles in the blockchain. Candidates can pursue the roles of blockchain developers, blockchain project manager, blockchain solution architect, blockchain consultant, blockchain quality engineer, and blockchain UX engineer.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the top blockchain certifications could easily help you build a safe career in blockchain. With the facility of job security, access to multiple job roles, the opportunity for participating in a modern technological revolution, and diverse options for career development, it is reasonable to start preparing for the desired blockchain certification of your choice.

The promises with blockchain certifications can definitely downplay the intensity of preparations required for the same. However, it is important to know the ideal practices to get blockchain certified for ensuring limited setbacks. Here are some of the important pointers that you must keep in mind for moving ahead with your journey of qualifying your desired blockchain certification.

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Choose the Right Blockchain Certification

One of the first factors that go into the journey of becoming a certified blockchain professional is the selection of certification. Candidates should select the ideal blockchain certification before starting their preparations. The first step in your journey might be a tricky one, especially with so many providers offering different blockchain certification programs.

From a wider perspective, you can feel that all the certifications are suitable for your career. However, you need to round up on a specific certification according to the job role you want to pursue in the blockchain. Interestingly, you can access different types of blockchain certification focused on particular roles such as blockchain developer, blockchain architect, or blockchain security professional. Once you have a clear impression of your career objectives in blockchain, you can easily select the ideal blockchain certification.

Subsequently, you have to place a certain bit of emphasis on the platform offering the certification. Although a certification may appear completely legitimate, there is always more to explore about it. Check out the reviews for the certification provider alongside their experience and track record in providing blockchain certifications.

  • Choose Blockchain Fundamentals Course Anyway

After selecting the best blockchain certifications according to your career preferences, you can easily move to the next stages. However, many candidates don’t have clarity about the certification exams, especially if they are beginners. Therefore, it is highly important for such candidates to opt for free fundamental courses on blockchain. Even if you have finalized a blockchain certification to pursue, you can rely on free blockchain fundamentals courses for learning.

The free blockchain fundamental course helps you improve your confidence in blockchain technology. At the same time, you can also find better opportunities for understanding the fundamental terminology and other basic concepts in the blockchain. The fundamental knowledge and skills in blockchain technology can help candidates in selecting the ideal career path in blockchain. At the same time, the fundamentals courses on blockchain help you in building the appropriate foundation for your blockchain journey.

  • Familiarize with Blockchain Platforms

Once you have developed fluency in blockchain fundamentals, you have to develop knowledge of various blockchain platforms. Blockchain certifications focus prominently on enterprise blockchain platforms such as Corda, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric. Interestingly, candidates should also have the ability to differentiate the working of these platforms.

Even the non-technical blockchain job roles require working knowledge of enterprise blockchain platforms. The expertise of an aspiring candidate in enterprise blockchain platforms delivers the assurance of their capability to derive business value. In addition, knowledge of the enterprise blockchain platforms helps candidates in communicating a blockchain solution to clients efficiently.

  • Find the Right Books

The next important milestone in the preparations of candidates for blockchain certifications refers to books. Although the domain of blockchain is comparatively new, many authors have ventured into different blockchain concepts in their books. Books provide a substantially extensive theoretical foundation for building up your conceptual blockchain expertise.

With the right set of books according to topics covered in your desired certification, you would face limited difficulties in establishing a strong start to your journey. Books also bring in the assurance of credibility offered by the authors of the books on the grounds of their involvement with blockchain. So, candidates can always have a credible point of reference to return to at any time during their preparation journey.

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  • Evaluate the Exam Topics Carefully

Now, candidates should turn their focus on preparing for blockchain certifications of their choice. The foremost step in the preparation is a thorough review of the certification exam topics. A detailed overview of the topics covered in the certification exam provides a basic framework on which candidates can build their preparation plans. The skills measured in the certification exam also offer a generalized impression of the content to study for the exam.

Apart from the exam skills outline, candidates should also notice the domain-wise division of topics along with the weightage of each domain. Subsequently, you can dive into details of subtopics covered in each domain. All these exercises will help you gain a formal understanding of the exam and types of questions you can expect in the exam.

  • Follow a Proper Study Plan

Now that you have a detailed impression of the topics to cover for the certified blockchain expert certification of your choice, you can build a reasonable study plan. Study plan is an important tool in the preparation of candidates for blockchain certification exams. Candidates can use the study plan to allocate definite milestones for each domain in the certification exam.

Furthermore, candidates can also take out suitable time gaps in the preparation schedule to accommodate hands-on exercises. The study plan not only helps in organizing the preparations of candidates for blockchain certifications but also improves their schedule management capabilities. As a result, you can be able to manage your other responsibilities effectively without having to compromise on your preparations.

However, it is also important to maintain undeterred accountability to the study plan for achieving the best results. You cannot expect the study plan to deliver the results you want if you don’t follow it properly. So, it is reasonable to ask family or friends to help you maintain a proper routine in following the study plan.

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  • Training Courses for the Success

Among the many factors that are crucial in preparations to become a certified blockchain professional, training would always have the lion’s share. Training, classroom, or online, is highly crucial for qualifying the blockchain certification exam of your choice. Self-study is undoubtedly a formidable tool for strengthening your initial preparations. However, it can go only as far as covering the basic questions in blockchain certification exams. Professional training courses can help you obtain a professional perspective on the blockchain certification exams.

Most important of all, candidates can get to know the best practices for approaching each topic in the certification exam. Subsequently, the subject matter expertise of trainers and instructors in the online professional certification training courses is beneficial for candidates. The expertise of instructors can help candidates in perceiving the practical aspects of the technologies or concepts they are learning about. In addition, professional training courses also help candidates in gaining the advantage of personalized training. With the facility of responsive expert support at their disposal, candidates could easily rely on online training courses for seamless preparations.

However, it is also reasonable to choose training courses for blockchain certifications with proper consideration. The most suitable option for candidates to select blockchain certification training courses is the certification provider itself. If you find a blockchain certification provider with bespoke training courses for the certifications, then you have the right choice. The facility of certification training courses exactly according to the blockchain certification of your choice takes away a lot of trouble. For example, candidates don’t have to invest time or resources in finding a training course fitting with their desired certification. Furthermore, the certification training courses by the certification provider deliver the assurance of the credibility of learning materials in the course.

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  • Develop the Practical Experience

Practice is also an inevitable requirement for qualifying blockchain certifications of your choice. Many candidates don’t understand the importance of hands-on practical exercises in preparing for certifications. It is not sufficient if you have mugged up all the theoretical concepts in a blockchain certification exam. On the contrary, you must know your way around different blockchain tools and platforms. Effective practical hands-on experience can help candidates in using blockchain technology efficiently for different questions in the certification exam. Furthermore, hands-on experience is highly crucial for addressing scenario-based tasks in blockchain certification exams with ease.

  • Focus on Business Skills

Many guides on preparing for blockchain certifications would not focus on the need for additional skills beyond the certifications. If you want to become a certified blockchain expert, then you must also develop business skills. As you can notice, blockchain technology is gaining recognition across various industries.

So, you have the opportunity for capitalizing on blockchain career opportunities in different industries. As a certified professional in the domain of blockchain, candidates must have the ability to use blockchain for resolving business issues.

Therefore, some of the important business skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership are crucial for candidates aspiring to become blockchain professionals. Blockchain experts would have to supervise the work of many other professionals thereby implying the need for effective management. So, a blockchain expert with only the certification might not always be the first option for an employer.

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  • Make the most of Community Benefits

The final suggestion for candidates aspiring to clear the blockchain certification and become top blockchain professionals is community participation. Since blockchain is a comparatively new technology, candidates may face difficulties in finding the ideal training resources. The best part about the blockchain communities is the opportunity to interact with like-minded people. You can find many subject matter experts as well as beginners in the domain of blockchain in these communities. Blockchain communities deliver a formidable advantage in developing your blockchain knowledge by acquiring as well as sharing.

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Bottom Line

On a concluding note, it is clearly evident that you can become a certified blockchain professional with the right certification. However, it is also important for candidates to note that a certification is not a guarantee of employment. On the other hand, certifications are not the absolute proof of expertise of a blockchain professional.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on practical experience in real projects across diverse job roles for professional development. Candidates aspiring for blockchain certifications could use various use cases and hands-on lab exercises for trying out their hands with different blockchain technologies. 101 Blockchains offers trustworthy and credible blockchain training and research resources.

Interested candidates can access three different types of certifications such as Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP), Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA), and Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) certification. With the trust of many top names in the field of technology associated with 101 Blockchains, it can be your gateway to a prolific blockchain career. So, if you want to become a blockchain expert, then take the first decision right now!