Blockchain has become one of the most popular technologies, which enjoys massive adoption rates across different industries. As of now, blockchain is the primary force for boosting the web3 revolution across finance, healthcare, banking, and hospitality sectors. Therefore, the demand for blockchain developers is increasing at an impressive pace. 

You can also become a blockchain developer and capitalize on a broad range of career development opportunities. However, you would need the best books for blockchain developers to build the knowledge and skills required to address the needs of blockchain development projects. Blockchain is one of the most powerful technologies used for developing and deploying decentralized frameworks.

Many experts believe that the blockchain era has started, especially with the rising popularity of NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse. If you want to become a professional blockchain developer, then you must invest time and effort in finding the right learning resources. You should find the most popular books for blockchain developers as trusted sources of knowledge for blockchain development.

Books on blockchain development could help you familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of blockchain and important programming concepts. With the right books on blockchain development, you can build the knowledge and skills required to prepare for professional blockchain certifications. Let us find out the details of the top books recommended for blockchain developers.

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Why Should You Learn Blockchain Development?

The thought of learning about blockchain development might create multiple questions for you. One of the first questions would obviously revolve around the reasons for learning blockchain development. How can the top books for blockchain developers help you? The books can help you learn about a technology that would change the future. As of now, the demand for blockchain developers grows at an exponential rate every year. For example, the number of job listings for blockchain developers increased by almost 400% on job boards and professional networking platforms.

The biggest advantage of blockchain developer books is the opportunity to capitalize on the career benefits for professionals with blockchain experience and knowledge. On top of it, blockchain is no longer a standalone technology. The integration of blockchain with other technologies such as AI, big data, and IoT also creates new chances for developing innovative applications by using blockchain. You can also become a blockchain developer and participate in the ongoing revolutionary phenomenon of web3.

Most important of all, the best books on blockchain development and architecture could also help you pursue the path to lucrative blockchain developer jobs. The average annual salary for a blockchain developer varies from $120,000 to $260,000. You can capitalize on the flexibility to work as a blockchain developer in different industries according to your choice. On top of it, blockchain developer jobs also offer the advantage of remote work. With the exclusive opportunities for career growth as a blockchain developer, it is reasonable to look for the best resources to learn blockchain development.

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What are the Best Books for Blockchain Developers?

The benefits of a career as a blockchain developer prove why you need to find the best books for blockchain development. However, the answers to “What should read to become a blockchain developer?” can be confusing for beginners. You might have trouble figuring out which book is the best choice to help you learn important blockchain development concepts. On the other hand, you could pick some selected books recommended by experts specializing in blockchain development. Here is an outline of the top five books recommended for aspiring blockchain developers.

Mastering Bitcoin Mastering Bitcoin is one of the most trusted books for learning about cryptocurrencies. The author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, is a credible industry expert, and his book serves as an effective source of knowledge for developers seeking a break in the blockchain industry. It is one of the best books for blockchain developers who want to learn the skills for building Bitcoin apps and decentralized marketplaces. The most crucial highlight of the book is that it focuses on Bitcoin, one of the first use cases of blockchain technology. Mastering Bitcoin helps you understand the core technical foundation of blockchain technology from the perspective of a beginner.

In the first few chapters, the book revolves around training for investors and executives. Subsequently, Mastering Bitcoin offers a technical guide for blockchain programming practices and serves comprehensive references for blockchain developers. It is one of the most popular books for blockchain developers who are starting their journey in the blockchain ecosystem.

The author has covered different blockchain concepts in an intuitive manner in the book. You can learn about the working mechanisms of blockchain and methods for setting up a Bitcoin node. In addition, you could also familiarize yourself with the practices for generating a public or private key. 

The most impressive detail about the book is the fact that it begins with the basic concepts and then gradually moves towards an explanation of their relevance to blockchain development. Furthermore, Andreas M. Antonopoulos has also used examples and practical demos to explain every blockchain concept in the book.

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Blockchain Basics As a beginner, you would find the ‘Blockchain Basics’ book by Daniel Drescher helpful for learning about blockchain fundamentals. It is one of the top books for blockchain developers who have set foot in the blockchain market just now. The Blockchain Basics book follows a unique approach to helping you learn blockchain concepts in 25 small steps.

The book helps you familiarize yourself with blockchain technology without any programming code or computer science jargon on mathematical formulas. On top of that, you don’t need any prior experience in computer science, programming, cryptography, or mathematics. 

The Blockchain Basics book is one of the trusted blockchain developer books for beginners without any complicated prerequisites. An interesting highlight of the book is the explanation of important blockchain terminology by using metaphors, pictures, and analogies.

One of the most promising aspects of the book is that it focuses on the technical concepts of blockchain alongside its business use cases. Therefore, it can reduce the gap between completely technical books and purely business-centric books on blockchain technology. 

The book is an ideal pick for any individual interested in learning about blockchain, its working, and its impact on the financial system. It is an ideal answer to “What should read to become a blockchain developer?” with a clear structure of all the important topics.

The book helps you learn the definition of blockchain and the reasons for using it, alongside the problems it solves. You can learn about the important components of blockchain, their purpose, and how they interact with each other. Most important of all, the ‘Blockchain Basics’ book also focuses on different scenarios for implementing blockchain in businesses alongside limitations. 

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the blockchain developer The Blockchain Developer book by Elad Elrom is another trusted addition among best books recommended for blockchain developers. The name of the book gives away its purpose of serving as a practical guide to design, implement, publish, test, and secure blockchain-based projects. 

It is one of the best books on blockchain development for developers, engineers, and architects working on blockchain projects. In addition, entrepreneurs, executives, decision-makers, and technical investors could also use the book to understand the potential of blockchain technology.

The most impressive highlight of the book is the opportunity to learn how to work with different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and NEO for building blockchain projects. It is one of the best books for blockchain developers as it helps you understand the potential of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain Developer book helps you learn the best practices for starting your blockchain development projects. In addition, you can also familiarize yourself with the proven and tested techniques for testing, security, and compliance. Furthermore, the book also dives into other crucial concepts, such as creating code for blockchain P2P networks, mining, blocks, decentralized ledger, crypto economics, transactions, and wallets. 

Another prominent feature of the book is the provision of hands-on practical tools alongside examples for developing dApps and smart contracts. You can identify the best practices for development on different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEO, and EOS. The book helps you use real-world coding examples for developing dApps by using Angular and establishing local connections to the blockchain network on test networks.

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Blockchain with hyperledger fabric The next promising addition among the most popular books for blockchain developers is the Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric book. Hyperledger Fabric is a popular platform for developing business-centric blockchain solutions. The book helps you take one step further by learning about the latest features and additions in Hyperledger Fabric 2. It can also help you build the skills required for writing smart contracts by using JavaScript and Java on Hyperledger Fabric. On top of it, the book also emphasizes the real-world issues for blockchain projects, such as scalability and integration.

The “Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric” is not only recommended for developers but also for other professionals, such as technology leaders and business leaders. It is one of the most practical blockchain developer books that help you understand the potential of blockchain technology.

The book can help you learn the best practices for setting up blockchain networks by using Hyperledger Fabric. You can also learn how to create dApps and smart contracts alongside integrating blockchain with existing systems. Furthermore, the book also helps you design transaction models and smart contracts with the help of Java, Golang, and JavaScript. 

The “Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric” book also helps you familiarize yourself with best practices for deploying REST gateways. REST gateways could help in accessing smart contracts alongside understanding the ways in which wallets addressed user identity management for access control. 

It can be considered one of the best books on blockchain development, with guidance on practices for maintaining, monitoring, and governing blockchain solutions. In addition, the book also covers chapters on security and DevOps, which boosts your blockchain developer skills.

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Mastering Ethereum The final addition to the list of books recommended for blockchain developers is Mastering Ethereum by Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Gavin Wood. While Andreas is a renowned industry expert, Gavin Wood is the co-founder of Ethereum and an industry leader. Mastering Ethereum is one of the top books for blockchain developers who want to learn smart contract development. The book helps in understanding the fundamentals of Ethereum and its working mechanisms. Subsequently, it moves towards the advanced concepts of smart contract development and smart contract security.

Ethereum serves as the gateway for entering the world of decentralized systems. As a matter of fact, Ethereum was the first blockchain to introduce the concept of smart contract programmability. Ethereum can help in running decentralized applications or dApps and smart contracts without centralized control or a single point of failure. The Mastering Ethereum book serves as a practical guide for blockchain developers with in-depth coverage of blockchain development practices. You can learn how to build smart contracts and dApps on Ethereum alongside other EVM-compatible blockchains. 

The Mastering Ethereum book is a reliable answer to “What should read to become a blockchain developer?” with a unique approach. The book helps you develop the skills required to incorporate innovation in the continuously growing blockchain landscape. You can learn about running an Ethereum client creating and transmitting the basic transactions alongside smart contract programming. On top of it, the book also helps you specialize in blockchain security by learning about public key cryptography, digital signatures, and hashes.

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The list of books recommended for blockchain developers shows that you have to start from the fundamentals. As you learn new skills and understand blockchain technology, you can step into the field of blockchain development. The most popular books for blockchain developers can help you establish a strong foundation for your career in blockchain.

The books not only help you understand the technical side of blockchain but also how it can benefit businesses. You can choose one of the books or all of them to strengthen your preparations for a career as a professional blockchain developer. Explore a collection of special training resources to boost your blockchain developer skills right now.

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