The origins of the world can be attributed to different mysterious reasons. However, there is no doubt when it comes to nurturing the world. The significance of women in our lives, including mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners, is undeniable. As a matter of fact, all of us owe a lot to all the women in the world. 

International Women’s Day is one of the occasions for commemorating the grace and power of feminism in the world. The landmark date of March 8 has been etched as a formidable reminder of the grit and resolve of women. Years later, the growth of women in almost every sector serves as proof of the endless pursuit of societal equity. Let us learn about the popular women in web3 for this year’s women’s day. 

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Significance of Women’s Day

The story behind the beginning of women’s day celebrations is an inspiration for understanding how women can fight for rights. Female textile workers in New York City marched in protest against unequal rights and unfair working conditions for women. The protest on March 8, 1857, was the first organized strike by women. Since then, the date of March 8 has stood as a symbol of the power of women. 

Women's Day 2023

As you prepare to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, you must be curious about the themes of the day. Why does the world celebrate women’s day? The basic objective of celebrating women’s day focuses on the celebration of the achievements of women alongside making new strides in gender equality. 

Popular Women in Web3 

The involvement of women in technology has been evident since the initial days of computer programming. As the world steps towards new horizons with innovative technologies such as blockchain and web3, it is important to reflect on the role of women in web3. While the problem of male dominance in tech continues in web3, women have found a formidable voice in web3 tech. More women are showcasing interest in investments in blockchain-based assets. Even if women account for only 5% of web3 entrepreneurs, some of the influential players have changed the market dynamics.

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1. Krista Kim 

Krista Kim

Krista Kim is one of the most influential women in web3 for her expertise as an NFT artist. She has established the roots of the Techism movement alongside creating the Mars House NFT. The works of Krista Kim focus primarily on encouraging digital consciousness alongside the effective use of shifting gradients that produce engaging experiences.


2. Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl

Another popular name among the top women in web3 draws the limelight towards Cathy Hackl, the founder of the Journey metaverse platform. Journey helps some of the top brands in the world for the development of immersive and engaging web3 experiences. Cathy has earned extensive professional experience in her career as a metaverse professional with top companies such as VIVE, Amazon Web Services, and HTC. 

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3. Deborah Ojengbede

Deborah Ojengbede

The spirit of International Women’s Day 2023 celebrations also commemorates the element of societal equity. Deborah Ojengbede has set new benchmarks by developing the AFEN blockchain, which aims at the digitalization of art, education, and real estate in Africa. The AFEN blockchain platform offers a credible platform for opening African markets to the advantages of web3. The single marketplace of the AFEN blockchain offers easier access to tools for creating, purchasing and selling NFT art and real estate and learning about NFTs.

4. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark

If you want to celebrate International Women’s Day in web3, then you should obviously learn about Elizabeth Stark. She is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, which has designed the Lightning Network for faster, low-cost Bitcoin transactions. Elizabeth has contributed to the development of a programmable financial layer across the internet by leveraging scalable blockchain technologies. Elizabeth is also an active contributor to the Bitcoin community, offering advice to tech startups.

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5. Kristin Smith 

Kristin Smith

The final addition among the top women in web3 is Kristin Smith. Kristin is the founder of the Blockchain Association, which targets public policy development for web3 businesses. She developed the Blockchain Association in response to the challenges in the web3 industry. Over the years since its inception in 2018, the Blockchain Association has expanded with notable additions such as Grayscale, eToro and Kraken.

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How Do You Plan to Celebrate International Women’s Day?

The list of most influential women in web3 offers a credible impression of the opportunities for women in web3. All you need to do is take the initiative to learn about web3 and explore favorable prospects for creating web3 solutions. You can capitalize on the women’s day sale by 101 Blockchains this year for some exclusive offers on Web3 courses and certifications

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