Aspiring to build your career as a Certified NFT Professional? Learn about the career opportunities for a certified NFT professional in the current market. 

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the biggest tech trend in the world right now. Starting from celebrities to companies and the general public, everyone is taking note of non-fungible tokens. The unique class of digital assets has redefined the conventional notions of representing ownership of assets on the blockchain. With the opportunity to prove unique ownership of assets in the crypto landscape, NFTs have shown promising potential in many sectors. 

The growing popularity of NFTs has also been driving many career opportunities for a certified NFT professional alongside many other advantages. However, many people don’t know about the value of an NFT certification for their career development. The following discussion offers you in-depth insights into the career prospects for certified NFT professionals. Most important of all, you can learn about the importance of a certification in building your career in the NFT ecosystem. 

Before you start seeking an outline of career opportunities for a certified NFT expert, you must know about NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are a revolutionary class of tokens that provide representation for digital or real assets on a blockchain network. You cannot interchange NFTs for one another as each non-fungible token comes with unique traits, which define their rarity and value. The use of NFTs has increased profoundly in recent times as they find applications for representing in-game collectibles and items. The most important feature of NFTs underlying their use cases is the allocation of sole proof of ownership of tokens.

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Opportunities for Jobs in NFT Space

The journey of building your NFT career obviously depends on how you can capitalize on the job opportunities in the market. A clear overview of the opportunities for jobs in NFT space can help aspirants prepare better for a career in NFT. First of all, you must notify the unbelievable growth in the NFT market in general as a promising highlight for careers in NFT. Here are some numbers which showcase a brief idea about opportunities for certified NFT professionals. 

  • A meme was able to fetch $4 million as an NFT.
  • In 2021, the number of NFT artworks sold was well above 1.5 million in a single month. 
  • NFT marketplaces account for expenses of almost $41 billion worth of crypto assets.
  • According to investment bank Jeffries, the NFT market might reach a cap of over $35 billion in 2022. In addition, the bank also predicts that the global NFT market will reach well above $80 billion by 2025. 

The statistics pertaining to the NFT market paint a clear impression of favorable career opportunities for a certified NFT professional, especially considering the promising predictions for market growth. However, it is important to identify the job opportunities in NFT space accurately for obtaining the best career benefits.

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What Types of Jobs Are Available for NFT Professionals?

The staggering growth estimates for the NFT market present prolific career growth for a certified NFT professional in different sectors. As of now, many developers have started working on gaming NFTs, while luxury brands and social media platforms are also getting on board. Gamers are utilizing NFTs for monetizing their in-game assets, skills, and experiences. Where can you find the scope for an NFT career among all these developments in the NFT ecosystem? You can find the answer in the new emerging NFT job titles such as NFT business developers, NFT developers, NFT designers, and 3D artists. 

One of the notable factors underlying the opportunities for certified NFT professionals is the metaverse. Many companies are trying to capitalize on the potential of the metaverse, and NFTs can help them increase engagement from the target audience. Therefore, aspiring NFT professionals can discover some favorable job prospects with companies working on metaverse solutions. Interestingly, the career opportunities for a certified NFT expert allow candidates to work in the area appealing to their interests. Some of the notable areas where NFT experts can work include,

You can employ your NFT expertise in these areas depending on your interest, thereby suggesting flexibility for your NFT career. Now, you must be wondering about the possible job roles you can find in the NFT space. You can work in conventional blockchain-based job roles on NFT projects. Here are some of the common job roles suited for an NFT expert.

However, it is important to note that you can find only a few hundred listings for NFT-related jobs now. On the contrary, experts have predicted that the career opportunities in NFT will grow in the future as the market for digital assets gains broader adoption.

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What Is The Salary for NFT Professional?

Considering the fact that NFT jobs are quite a few, it is quite difficult to draw an accurate certified NFT professional salary estimate. However, Glassdoor states that the average annual salary for an NFT professional in the United States is around $105,684. On the other hand, you cannot consider an average salary benchmark for NFT professionals as NFT projects have different criteria for providing remunerations to all participants. For example, NFT developers may receive governance tokens in the NFT projects, thereby ensuring additional returns. 

Is Certification Necessary to Become an NFT Professional?

Now that you know about the career opportunities for a certified NFT professional, you must be eager to learn about the methods to become one. The best answer for any individual seeking jobs in NFT would be an NFT certification. You need to look for the best NFT certifications like the Certified NFT Professional or CNFTP certification by 101 Blockchains. The certification is more than just a credential proving your skills and knowledge in NFTs. Let us take a look at some of the important reasons for choosing an NFT certification for becoming an NFT professional.

  • Tangible proof of your skills and knowledge in the NFT ecosystem.
  • Plausible improvement in your abilities for implementing NFT concepts in real use cases. 
  • Better competitive advantage over other candidates for NFT jobs.
  • Proof of your commitment and dedication to learning about NFTs. 

The importance of NFT certification in developing your career with NFTs is a clear reason for pursuing the best NFT certifications. However, you need a certification that not only improves your knowledge of NFTs but also your skills for applying them. 101 Blockchains offers some credible advantages with their Certified NFT Professional certification, such as, 

101 Blockchains fosters career growth for certified NFT professional with credible certification exam objectives. The objectives of the CNFTP certification prepare candidates for using NFTs in different applications. In addition, the expert guidance by instructors with industry experience is a vital asset for aspiring NFT professionals. A certification that validates your skills in creating and trading NFTs definitely sets the perfect foundation for NFT careers.

Furthermore, the Certified NFT Professional certification on 101 Blockchains offers a self-paced training course for preparation. The training course focuses on all exam objectives in distinct modules for easier learning. On top of it, 101 Blockchains also ensures the facility of expert support to overcome any obstacles in your preparation.

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Best Practices for Becoming a Certified NFT Professional

The career opportunities for a certified NFT expert provide the motivation anyone needs for pursuing a career in NFT-related jobs. In addition, you can also leverage top NFT certifications such as the Certified NFT Professional certification by 101 Blockchains to build your NFT career with an industry-recognized credential. However, you must know the best practices you must follow to become a certified NFT professional. Here is an outline of the steps you should follow in your preparations for the NFT certification of your choice. 

  • Study the certification exam objectives and its details carefully for understanding the exam comprehensively. 
  • Prepare a well-planned schedule for studies and allocate a reasonable amount of time to each module of the certification exam. 
  • Use all the available resources such as demonstrations, webinars, interviews, conferences, articles, and blogs to strengthen your knowledge of NFTs.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends in the NFT market for honing your knowledge in the field.
  • Rely on expert support in situations where you cannot find your way around a particular topic. Leaving a concept unattended might create unresolvable complications in your preparation journey. 

As you can notice, you don’t have to encounter any confusion in the journey of landing your favorite NFT jobs. The importance of NFT certification clearly suggests that it can serve as a reliable tool for capitalizing on the career opportunities available in the NFT space. 

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How Can I Find Jobs as an NFT Professional?

The best practices for qualifying for an NFT certification can show you the road to becoming a certified NFT professional. However, a certification does not ensure guaranteed access to all NFT jobs. As a matter of fact, the certification takes you closer to career opportunities for a certified NFT professional and does not guarantee jobs. Even after qualifying for an NFT certification, you have to invest efforts in finding the NFT-related jobs you like. Here are some of the methods which can increase the chances of landing with NFT jobs of your choice. 

  • Build a Profile

The foremost thing which employers look for in aspiring NFT professionals is a profile showcasing their expertise in NFTs. You can build a profile on any social media network or professional networking platform such as LinkedIn. The profile serves as your identity in the massive sea of competitors for emerging jobs in the NFT space. 

  • Enhance Your Profile

Now that you have developed a profile for your NFT career, you need to enhance it to attract attention. Share some interesting articles and content related to NFTs on your profile and mark your achievements. For example, you can integrate the digital NFT certification badges into your social media handles. It can let employers and other professionals seeking NFT experts know about your skills and achievements. 

  • Take the Initiative

In a competitive world, you have to work towards your goals rather than relying on the importance of NFT certification for landing desired NFT jobs. You have to take the first step in building your career in NFT by approaching professionals in NFT communities. You must develop your professional network by expanding your contacts in different crypto communities. Generally, communities are a great place for interacting with like-minded people, thereby allowing better scope for identifying any favorable job prospects for NFT professionals. 

The different best practices for finding jobs in the NFT space help you boost career growth for certified NFT professional without any hurdles. However, some of you may think of building your career in NFTs in a different way. For example, you can try creating your own NFTs and list them on NFT marketplaces for sale. While this can help you build your own identity as an NFT creator, you can also capitalize on the opportunity to start your own NFT enterprise

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Bottom Line

The overview of career opportunities for a certified NFT expert offers an impression of the potential for career development in the field of NFTs. Many companies are actively experimenting with NFTs in different use cases for capitalizing on their benefits. Therefore, the demand for NFT experts will increase profoundly in the coming years. 

If you want to build your career in the NFT landscape, you need a reliable NFT certification to prove your skills. In addition, you must know about the best practices for finding a job after qualifying for an NFT certification of your choice. Reliable training and certification providers like 101 Blockchains can help you reach your career objectives in the field of NFTs. Explore the world of NFTs and become a certified NFT professional now.

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