The continuous transformation of the world around us with digital technologies has been drawing our attention towards new innovations. Blockchain emerged as the backbone of cryptocurrencies and has expanded into a wide range of use cases. How far is it reasonable to become a blockchain engineer now that blockchain is a popular technology? Do you have to complete a specific course for the same? Will the salary accommodate the cost of your training and certification for becoming a blockchain engineer? 

For a matter of fact, blockchain engineers are one of the crucial components in the broader blockchain and crypto landscape. Blockchain engineers not only look after the technical but also the administrative aspects of blockchain-based solutions and related infrastructures. The following discussion offers you a guide on how to become a blockchain engineer with a reliable career path.

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Scope for Jobs in Blockchain Engineering

Before you try to find out the methods for becoming a blockchain engineer, you must be eager to know the scope of jobs in blockchain engineering. The interesting thing about blockchain engineering jobs is that you don’t have to worry about working in specific industries. Blockchain applications in a broad range of use cases across different sectors such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and web3 technologies help you pursue blockchain engineering roles in different industries. As a result, you have complete freedom to determine the industry you want to work in. On top of that, the role of a blockchain engineer does not focus only on development tasks.

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What is The Role of a Blockchain Engineer?

If you want to pursue blockchain engineering roles, then you must have a clear understanding of what they entail. Blockchain engineers take care of the technical aspects such as computer networking, cryptography, algorithms, and data structures associated with blockchain-based solutions. Blockchain engineers can also develop and deploy blockchain solutions according to the desired specifications of clients. On top of it, the primary work on blockchain engineering jobs also implies expertise in developing and implementing assets, infrastructure as well as accelerators. At the same time, blockchain engineers have to take care of the security of the blockchain-based applications they deploy.

Responsibilities of Blockchain Engineers

One of the important highlights of a blockchain engineer career path would reflect profoundly on their responsibilities. You must know exactly what you will be preparing for in a blockchain engineering career path. The outline of responsibilities for blockchain engineers can help you determine how a specific career path can help your ambitions. Here is an overview of the responsibilities of blockchain engineers. 

  • Research on the resource planning and requirements for specific blockchain projects
  • Design and development of blockchain-based applications. 
  • Application testing and troubleshooting.
  • Application maintenance from the front-end as well as the back-end.
  • Assessment of blockchain applications. 
  • Complete involvement and participation on the blockchain landscape for discovering latest feasible advancements.
  • Facilitating alternatives or improvements on existing blockchain platform.
  • Proper documentation of project proceedings along with thought leadership. 

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Essential Skill Requirements for Blockchain Engineers   

The overview of the roles and responsibilities for blockchain engineer call for a dive into the skills required for fulfilling the same. How can you take on the responsibilities associated with the role of blockchain engineers? While you may be wondering about completing a blockchain engineering course, you must take note of the technical skills you need in blockchain engineering. Learning the required technical skills helps in building your skillset, especially when you are trying to look for jobs in blockchain engineering. Here is an outline of the important skills you need for pursuing blockchain engineering jobs of your choice. 

  • Formidable fluency in software development and programming languages such as C#. C++ and JavaScript.
  • Fundamental understanding of cryptography techniques and best practices.
  • Expertise in working with code bases.
  • Experience in using the top blockchain technology platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Basic knowledge regarding standard algorithms and data structures.
  • Practical experience in working on open-source projects.
  • Skills for scripting multi-threaded code. 
  • A blockchain engineer must also have in-depth awareness regarding peer-to-peer networks and the working of P2P transactions. 

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Salary for Blockchain Engineers

Other than the roles and responsibilities alongside skill requirements for jobs in blockchain engineering, you must also take note of salary variations. You can expect the average blockchain engineer salary somewhere between $73,000 and $178,000. The variation in salary depends considerably on the experience and the type of job role in blockchain engineering. Most important of all, blockchain engineers must have a clear overview of how their experience also drives their salary figures.

Which Career Path is the Best for Blockchain Engineering?

You have decided to become a blockchain engineer and now, it is time to take the initiative. The growing demand for experts in blockchain engineering has not only opened up new career opportunities but also some critical highlights for building your career. As you must have noticed, the sheer range of skills and the roles and responsibilities of blockchain engineers can be overwhelming. How can you earn so many skills or address the newly emerging roles and responsibilities in blockchain engineering? The best answer for this question points at a dedicated blockchain engineer career path you can find on 101 Blockchains. The career path for blockchain engineers delivers a proven and organized solution for anyone aspiring for jobs in blockchain engineering. As a result, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time searching for reliable courses that can help you learn blockchain engineering concepts. 

Even if 101 Blockchains offers a dedicated career path for blockchain engineer, how can you say that it is the best? Well, you can take a look at the content of the career path and figure out the answer on your own. 

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101 Blockchains Career Path for Blockchain Engineers

If you want to know how to become a blockchain engineer, 101 Blockchains offers a dedicated career path as the answer. The career path includes 6 different courses spanning over a duration of more than 17 hours. Interestingly, the career path on 101 Blockchains for blockchain engineers is an ideal solution for beginners to start learning about blockchain engineering. You can discover more than 100 lessons in your journey of learning all the concepts related to blockchain engineering. Here is an overview of the blockchain engineering course list you can find in the career path by 101 Blockchains.

Blockchain Engineer Career Path  

  • Blockchain Fundamentals

101 Blockchains offers you the free blockchain fundamentals course for the right start to your learning journey. You can familiarize yourself with the different concepts of blockchain before moving ahead.

  • AWS Blockchain as a Service

The adoption of blockchain-based services is one of the key concerns of a blockchain engineer, thereby calling for an emphasis on cloud-based services. 101 Blockchains helps all aspiring blockchain engineers learn about AWS Blockchain as a Service and how it can help in achieving different goals of digital transformation with blockchain. The career path for blockchain engineers delivers a solid course on learning the basics of AWS BaaS and building your expertise.

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  • Ethereum Technology

The next important highlight required for blockchain engineering jobs i.e. skills in using Ethereum technology, serves as another highlight in the career path. You can try developing your expertise in the basics of Ethereum along with a deep dive into the practical implications of Ethereum-related concepts. At the same time, you must also build your knowledge as an Ethereum expert for blockchain engineering roles.

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  • Blockchain and Data Privacy

The emerging roles in blockchain engineering such as blockchain quality engineer focus on improved set of roles and responsibilities. As a result, you need to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to adapt to new requirements on the job. With detailed insights into the basics of data protection for blockchain-based solutions, you can develop better expertise in quality assurance and testing of blockchain-based solutions.

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  • Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP)

Cryptography is one of the formidable highlights in the answers for how to become blockchain engineer as it is a significant technical aspect of blockchain operations. Aspiring blockchain engineers must develop a strong command over the basic and advanced concepts pertaining to ZKP for safeguarding solutions.

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  • Tokenization Basics

The final highlight in the blockchain engineer career path on 101 Blockchains refers to tokenization fundamentals. Blockchain engineers must have a clear understanding of tokenization and its implications for new blockchain projects. In addition, the awareness of tokenization also helps in improving knowledge of various regulatory concerns pertaining to tokenization.

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Get Ready to Become a Blockchain Engineer 

On a final note, the career path by 101 Blockchains for blockchain engineers is one of the trusted and productive options for career development. The career path includes all the courses required for mastering the essential skill requirements in blockchain engineering. While the demand for blockchain engineering jobs continues to soar higher, candidates can use a reliable career path to achieve the desired objectives. The lucrative salary estimates reported for blockchain engineers are also another top highlight you must consider before choosing career paths. As the voice for decentralization in almost every aspect of technology has been growing louder, blockchain engineers can land up with many career development opportunities. Learn with the experts and use the best professional guidance to become a professional blockchain engineer.

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