We, at 101 Blockchains, are extremely happy to announce the arrival of our new Corda development course. The new course titled “Beginners Guide to Corda Development” is a promising instrument for any professional aspiring to build a career in blockchain development. R3 is an enterprise-grade blockchain software firm, and Corda is their distributed ledger software with capabilities for processing and recording data for promoting a decentralized network environment. The structure of smart contract in architecture of R3 Corda enables execution on the basis of computer code with human input and control.

With an interesting set of features such as multi-party transparency, identity and asset digitalization, and inter-firm automation, the attention around R3 Corda has been growing substantially in recent times. Therefore, we have come up with an introductory Corda course that helps you build the foundation required for developing with R3 Corda. You can explore the details about our new R3 Corda blockchain fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains in the following discussion.

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Importance of R3 Corda

As discussed already, R3 Corda is enterprise-grade distributed ledger blockchain software. It has the capability of enabling enterprises for direct transactions with formidable privacy by leveraging smart contracts. Therefore, R3 Corda blockchain can easily reduce the costs of completing transactions and record-keeping while also streamlining business operations.

Blockchain roles such as technical architect, project manager, pre-sales architect, or developers have to take care of the development platforms and distributed architectures. You have to bear considerably complex responsibilities for taking technical decisions with utmost efficiency in such roles.

Fluency in Corda development skills could ensure that you can take these decisions with better coordination and efficiency. Our Beginners Guide to Corda Development course is tailored for helping blockchain professionals across a broad spectrum of professional roles. If you want to boost your blockchain career by gaining an advanced set of skills for an enterprise blockchain professional, then our new Corda tutorial can be your best bet.

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Target Audience for Beginners Guide to Corda Development

The new R3 Corda blockchain fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains is tailored for blockchain professionals in different roles. However, it is specifically targeted for the following roles,

  1. Blockchain developers
  2. System engineers
  3. Software architects
  4. Application architects
  5. Software developers
  6. Enterprise architects

However, it is not necessary for every aspiring blockchain professional to pursue above-mentioned roles to make the most of our new Corda course. If you love everything about blockchain and you want to build a career in it, then this course is fit for you. You can learn more about the foundations of blockchain technology, followed by the basic principles of blockchain development. At the same time, all learners can get the chance to dive into the world of R3 Corda. Most important of all, you can leverage our new Corda development course to obtain insights into all essentials required for you to ace all your corda interview question and start with R3 Corda development.

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Highlights of R3 Corda Blockchain Fundamentals Course

The next important point in the new 101 Blockchains Corda blockchain tutorial refers to the content and highlight of the course. We have provided in-depth coverage of fundamentals related to Corda blockchain. Students can understand the nature of Corda blockchain as a tamper-evident, shared digital ledger for recording transactions in a private or public peer-to-peer network. The course also explains the distribution of Corda blockchain to all member nodes in the network. As a result, the ledger can permanently record the history of asset exchanges taking place between peers in the network.

However, the most important highlights of our new Beginners Guide to Corda Development course include the following,

1. Comprehensive Coverage

Detailed coverage of concepts required to get started with developing CorDapps on the Corda platform can help beginners. Learners could find easy ways to understand CorDapps and how the blockchain applications can run with effective implementation of smart contracts on Corda.

2. Opportunity for Developing Confidence

Emphasis on concepts for getting started with Corda blockchain design and development in our new Corda blockchain tutorial makes it suitable for newcomers.

3. Practical Understanding of Concepts

Practical explanation of concepts through demo videos and whiteboard videos in our new course helps in better understanding. The use of interactive exercises in the training materials of our new R3 Corda blockchain fundamentals course keeps learners engaged with the training offered in the course.

4. Guidance of Experts 

Our expert instructors also offer practical guidance and instructions on implementing best practices for Corda blockchain development and design. For example, you can learn about the practical aspects of deploying a network on AWS blockchain.

Benefits of the Corda Development Course 

Many students would have one prominent question on their minds by now. What do I have to gain from the Corda development course? Our new Beginners Guide to Corda Development helps you in the following ways,

  1. You can learn how to take your first steps in blockchain development, especially with a popular tool like R3 Corda.
  2. Learners can strengthen their conceptual and practical expertise in fundamentals, key concepts, and architecture of R3 Corda.
  3. The course can hone the conceptual understanding of candidates regarding the practical blockchain use cases of R3 Corda and their fluency as a Corda developer.
  4. Candidates can improve their knowledge of CorDapps development on the Corda platform with our Corda course.

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What is the 101 Blockchains Advantage?

101 Blockchains brings a unique touch of advantage for your pursuits in learning about Corda blockchain. Here are some of the prominent reasons for which you should rely on us for learning about R3 Corda.

  1. The trustworthy industry experts in our team help us create industry-relevant training materials with high-quality resources.
  2. Learners can reach out to us for support regarding the topics in the course or issues with accessing the course.
  3. Our experience in serving blockchain certification and training needs of thousands of blockchain professionals offers the mark of credibility in our Corda blockchain training course.

Final Words

On a concluding note, we would like to invite you all to take your next big step in blockchain career. As a blockchain developer, you can create new revolutionary solutions by capitalizing on the evolving functionalities of blockchain technology.

With the right set of skills in using R3 Corda blockchain, you can become an invaluable asset for enterprises worldwide. So, this is the right moment for you to work on improving your R3 Corda blockchain development skills with us. Take a detailed look through the modules covered in our new R3 Corda development course and make the difference for your better career right now!