In a recent job listing on Sunday, retail giant Walmart has sought applications for the role of ‘Digital Currency and Cryptocurrency Product Lead’. The job posting on the company’s website shows that the retail biggie is looking for opportunities in the digital currency ecosystem. Therefore, it is looking to hire a senior director for driving its digital currency strategy. The news of Walmart hiring digital currency lead comes as a promising one. Amazon had started looking for a crypto chief in July with a similar job description. 

With this new improvement, Walmart would join the league of big corporations seeking opportunities with digital currencies such as Bitcoin. According to Walmart’s job posting, the position of digital currency lead is available at Arkansas headquarters of Walmart in Bentonville. 

The job posting comes as striking news, especially with requirements for taking charge of Walmart blockchain investments and collaborations. According to the Walmart job posting, the digital currency strategy lead would offer leadership in identification of new trends. Based on their overview of customer and technology trends, the digital currency lead must define investments required for capitalizing on the trends.

Walmart is presently the largest retailer in the world and raked in more than $555 billion in sales in 2020. The company has almost 220 million customer visits weekly across all its stores in various countries. Therefore, the news of Walmart hiring digital currency professionals with blockchain expertise can encourage other enterprises to follow suit.

Walmart is the latest Fortune 500 Company hiring a cryptocurrency expert to potentially expand its virtual payment options.

Ideal Candidate for the Job!

Walmart has not offered any type of clarity regarding its intentions behind hiring a digital currency expert. As of now, the Walmart news only suggests that the new job description focuses on bringing multiple payment options for customers online as well as in stores. In addition, Walmart has also presented some unique requirements for the job. 

The candidate would have to take over the development of digital currency strategy and product roadmap of the organization. Candidates would basically take on the role of senior director of digital currency strategy of Walmart. Additionally, the candidate would be responsible for enabling a wide range of payment options for Walmart customers. 

The job posting states that candidates must have visionary leadership with a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in product management or technology. Candidates should have the capabilities to leverage their experience and knowledge for developing the blockchain strategy of Walmart. 

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The minimum educational qualifications for the job include a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business, or related fields. 

In addition, candidates aspiring for the Walmart blockchain lead position should have experience in business development, mergers and acquisitions, and investment banking, or any related field.       

Most important of all, the news of Walmart hiring digital currency lead also sheds light on a crucial requirement. Candidates must have prior experience in working with the cryptocurrency ecosystem alongside the related technologies. 

With a clear outline of basic qualifications, Walmart has shown that it is serious about venturing into digital currency. However, Walmart has not issued any other statement after posting news of the job on its website. From the looks of it, Walmart is all set to be one of the leaders in fostering mainstream adoption of digital currency. 

Walmart is expecting fiscal 2022 U.S. same-store sales to be up 5% to 6%, compared with the low single-digit growth it had previously forecast.

Amazon in the Play

Interestingly, Walmart is not the only big name in pursuit of blockchain-based digital currency experts. Amazon had also issued an advertisement for a job posting for a digital currency product lead. 

Even if the news stirred some rumors about Amazon accepting digital coins for transactions, Amazon had denied them. The job posting by Amazon focuses on digital currency and blockchain strategy, thereby fuelling the rumors. 

The truth is, the position of digital currency product lead would come under Amazon’s payments acceptance and experienced team. In addition, Amazon has also clearly outlined in the job posting that they are looking for candidates with fluency in areas such as central bank digital currencies and distributed ledger technology

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Driving Interest in Blockchain 

The news of Walmart hiring a senior director for digital currency product and investment strategy brings promising prospects for blockchain. As large corporations such as Walmart and Amazon start taking an interest in blockchain-based digital currency projects, other enterprises can get valid proof of getting started with their own digital currency alternatives. 

Furthermore, notable credit card providers Visa and Mastercard are also trying to include cryptocurrencies in their payment networks. The primary objective underlying these initiatives focuses on helping merchants in processing and accepting digital currencies. Amazon has also indicated possibilities for using innovations in the blockchain space for introducing new technologies to enable simpler payments. 

The latest Walmart news regarding a job vacancy for blockchain experts in a senior executive position would drive career opportunities. The news offers a clear impression of the widespread adoption of blockchain technologies as supporting instruments for commercial payments. 

Most importantly, the rapid pace of innovation in the field of digital currency development by leveraging blockchain would attract enterprises. The only question that remains to be answered right now focuses on whether companies like Walmart will offer more positions. As Walmart takes the leap into the field of blockchain and digital currency, what does the future hold in store?