Polygon blockchain and its native token MATIC have grabbed eyeballs in the crypto industry for various reasons. It is a reliable solution to the scalability problems of other blockchain networks and has been termed the “Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains.” Polygon was launched in 2017, and within six years, it has become one of the major competitors of Ethereum

Your search for the top crypto trading tools on Polygon can lead you to different alternatives. The Polygon network has thousands of dApps alongside top brands working on their web3 projects on Polygon. On top of it, the Polygon network is the destination for over 3 million daily transactions on average. Polygon also has around $5 billion in the form of secured assets on the network.

The interesting features of Polygon have supported its promising performance enhancements. You can rely on Polygon crypto trading tools to access many other benefits. For example, low-cost transactions, community support, and EVM compatibility are the top reasons for engaging in crypto trading on Polygon. Most importantly, crypto trading on Polygon is a seamless process as it does not create network congestion. Let us find out more about the top crypto trading tools that you can use on Polygon blockchain.

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Why Should You Use Crypto Trading Tools on Polygon?

The search for crypto trading tools for Polygon also invites attention to the reasons for learning about them. You should learn about the best crypto trading tools for Polygon as they offer lower transaction costs and freedom from network congestion. Polygon can manage around 65,000 transactions per second as compared to the 17 transactions per second throughput of Ethereum.

Another interesting reason to opt for crypto trading on Polygon is the collection of different protocols. For example, the ZK Proof protocol helps safeguard sensitive information. Other protocols include plasma sidechains, optimistic rollups, Proof of Stake Blockchain Bridge, and ZK rollups.

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What are the Best Crypto Trading Tools on Polygon?

Polygon has emerged as a popular name in the crypto landscape for its ingenious benefits. One of the best things about answers to “How do you trade Polygon crypto?” is the assurance of innovative tools in the continuously expanding Polygon ecosystem. The following list of crypto trading tools on Polygon can help you understand their potential and promising advantages.

1. 1inch 

1inch The first edition among tools for crypto trading on Polygon is 1inch, a popular DEX aggregator. It helps you access the top cryptocurrency exchanges for Polygon and capitalize on the benefits of flexible trades and swaps. The native protocol of the 1inch network supports Polygon alongside other blockchains such as Ethereum, Optimism, Fantom, and Avalanche. The DEX aggregator works by sourcing liquidity from different exchanges. On top of it, the DEX aggregator also has the capability of splitting a single transaction across multiple decentralized exchanges.

The aggregator leverages smart contracts to offer flexibility when customizing and optimizing their crypto trades. The 1inch Network debuted in May 2019 at the ETHGlobal New York hackathon by launching the Aggregation Protocol v1. Subsequently, the 1inch Network has come up with additional DeFi tools, such as the Limit Order Protocol, the Liquidity Protocol, the 1inch Wallet, and many others.    

2. Matcha 

Matcha The next important entry among the crypto trading tools for Polygon blockchain points at Matcha. It is one of the top crypto trading tools on Polygon as a DEX aggregator that can offer swaps and limit orders for more than 4 million tokens across 9 different networks. Matcha can also serve as a decentralized exchange with its distinctive capabilities. The DEX offers the feature of Matcha Auto, which comes with MEV protection alongside gasless swaps.

Matcha connects with more than 100 liquidity sources and has been trusted by institutions and individuals to execute trades with Polygon. It utilizes smart order routing for execution of crypto trades with the best value for your money. On top of it, it also ensures the lowest trade revert rates for any DEX.

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3. TradingView 

TradingView Polygon also has a collection of crypto trading tools, including TradingView. It is a useful tool for Polygon traders and investors to obtain access to data and charts for comprehensive technical analysis. TradingView is one of the Polygon crypto trading tools with a diverse range of features. It was launched in 2011 and has served as a valuable charting and social media platform for investors and traders.

The most promising highlight of TradingView is the support for major financial markets, including crypto assets across different blockchain networks. It also offers access to different types of charts and allows users to implement their own formulae. Traders can leverage the platform to access extensive datasets and test out different trading strategies. The platform also offers sophisticated analytics tools for simplifying investment decisions.

4. Gains Network 

Gains Network Gains Network has come up with a decentralized leveraged trading platform, gTrade. It is one of the best crypto trading tools for Polygon, and it ensures low trading fees. Gains Network is also the best tool for crypto trading, with a broad range of leverages and pairs that ensure better capital efficiency. The platform runs on ERC721 utility tokens that are tailored to offer ownership of the protocol in the form of governance and revenue shares.

The network aims to turn into a DAO in the long term and serve as the foundation for creating revolutionary DeFi solutions. On top of it, the platform also leverages a custom real-time decentralized Oracle network to offer a fair and transparent trading process.

5. YouHodler

YouHodler YouHodler is one of the innovative solutions among crypto trading tools for Polygon. It can help you purchase, sell, or exchange cryptocurrency and earn interest alongside borrowing crypto loans. YouHodler is one of the trusted picks for crypto trading with Polygon, as it ensures better profitability through diversification of investments. 

You can find answers to “How do you trade Polygon crypto?” with the flexibility to adapt to evolving market conditions. With YouHodler, you can also enjoy the privilege of exchanging fiat, cryptocurrency, and stablecoins seamlessly.

6. QuickSwap 

QuickSwap Some crypto trading tools do not need an introduction or special promotions to achieve popularity. QuickSwap is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges for Polygon and has a wide range of features. It is a next-generation layer two decentralized exchange that brings promising benefits for crypto traders. The best thing about QuickSwap is that it is based on the Polygon blockchain network itself.

With the help of QuickSwap, you can trade Polygon with almost zero transaction fees and highly impressive speeds. It helps you trade Polygon-based tokens alongside supporting the conversion of ERC-20 tokens into Polygon by utilizing the Polygon Bridge.

7. EscrowDapp

EscrowDapp EscrowDapp is one of the emerging web3 tools in the crypto trading landscape. It is one of the top crypto trading tools on Polygon that serves as a neutral third party between the buyer and seller. As a result, it can safeguard both parties from fraudulent actions by leveraging smart contracts on the blockchain.

Buyers’ crypto assets are locked in a smart contract when they initialize escrow transactions. After confirming the fulfillment of seller obligations, buyers can release the funds. As a result, EscrowDapp can effectively solve payment priority issues. 

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8. Caddi 

Caddi Caddi is a trusted answer for crypto traders seeking an effective way to save money. It can help in addressing the issues due to inefficient and fragmented on-chain trading by ensuring simple access to value in DeFi. On top of it, Caddi also safeguards crypto trades from scams. 

Caddi works as a browser extension, which automatically starts working after you install the tool. It can automatically intercept swaps on DEXs or aggregators before the transactions reach the wallets and also block malicious transactions.

9. Conveyor Labs 

Conveyor Labs Another significant addition among Polygon crypto trading tools is Conveyor Labs. It is a DEX aggregator that can offer almost 50% cheaper gas fees for crypto trades. Conveyor Labs has created DEX aggregators that offer most favorable swaps while cutting the gas costs by half.

The most interesting highlight of Conveyor Labs is the fact that it is a Polygon ecosystem partner. It collaborates with big names such as 1inch, OpenOcean, 0x, and Paraswap to leverage their swap algorithms. 

10. Nested 

NestedThe final entry among the most popular crypto trading tools for Polygon is Nested, a platform that combines the best of NFTs and DeFi. It can help investors create, modify, and replicate their portfolios without complex technical requirements. 

Investors can get Nested NFTs as an important part of their portfolio. The Nested Finance application helps traders modify and monitor their portfolios with Nested NFTs. Traders can also earn royalties by offering the Nested NFTs to others to replicate their investment strategy.

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Final Words

The review of the best crypto trading tools for Polygon reveals some unique players in the market. Each trading tool has some distinct functionality. Some can offer the functionalities of a DEX aggregator to make the best of multiple crypto exchanges. On the other hand, some trading tools provide the assurance of 50% cheaper gas fees. As the popularity of Polygon increases, it is important to find suitable crypto trading tools that meet your requirements. Learn more about the fundamentals of Polygon blockchain right now.

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