With the meteoric rise of the NEO the Chinese crypto in 2017, traders already believe NEO to rule the crypto world in 2018. If you are planning to invest in a cryptocurrency, NEO could be the strongest cryptocurrency of 2018. Why? NEO is showing the potential as NEO cryptocurrency price has hiked up to $52 and still growing.

NEO is currently holding the 11th position with a coin market cap of $3.4 Billion. Even the Chinese government itself is backing the blockchain along with Alibaba and Microsoft. NEO is here to stay and many are already believing that NEO is going to one of the most robust and safest crypto there could be.

That’s a bold statement and you should always consider before spending your hard earned money on any cryptocurrency.

But, we could suggest one thing for sure – why NEO could be the strongest cryptocurrency of 2018? There plenty of reasons behind the statement,

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Top 7 Reasons why NEO could be the strongest cryptocurrency of 2018

  1. NEO is not Ethereum, It’s Better!

People often call NEO the Chinese Ethereum. Both are the non-profit altcoin blockchains that focus on the implementation of Smart Contracts or Smart Economy. But technologically, NEO is younger and faster. It can handle 10,000 transactions per second compared to Ether’s 15.

Even both of them uses different consensus algorithm. NEO has the dBFT and Ethereum has the PoS. dBFT is much better than the older PoS, basically an upgrade to the older algorithm. dBFT has a better defense mechanism against splitting and fork-peaks which are common cases for Ethereum and many others.

Whatever tech parameter you choose, NEO wins out. Moreover, the coins are pre-mined. So, you don’t have the waste huge amount of electrical power for getting a hold on to it.

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  1. The Support of Chinese Internet Empire

No matter how people treat the Chinese brands, they are financially a giant these days. Baidu and Alibaba are enormous and successful companies. When the largest population is using a tech, it surely will bloom sooner or later.

Even the Chinese central and national banks support using NEO. So, we can expect much real-time uses of the coin in our daily life.

  1. A Flexible Development Option

NEO supports most of the common programming language like the Java, C#, Kotlin, and Python. This enables common coders to develop the ecosystem and make it robust against flaws. As more developers can contribute to raw development making it truly a commoner’s coin. Learn more about NEO dApps Ecosystem.

  1. NEO, Winning the Hearts!

Many crypto gurus are making a positive comment on the NEO price prediction. If you track the ups-and-downs of the trend line of the coin, you will notice how the coin came to the newspaper’s front page. NEO coin news has made everyone turn their heads toward it.

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  1. Security: Future Proof!

Do you know almost all the cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to the quantum computers? Meaning someday a really powerful AI could take over the coin market like in a sci-fi movie. Well, it cannot take the NEOs. NEO is designed to be secure against the quantum computers. Making the technology more future proof.

  1. Current Market Analysis

As per the words from the NEO coin website, $127 Million coins are exchanged in a 24 hour time period. More and more people asking on the forums – how to buy NEO?

Their popularity is skyrocketing.

What does it mean? The users can take a coin to the moon and at the same time they can take it down to earth. Currently, the wind is on the NEO side and the journey seems to be exciting.

  1. A Digital Identity

The reason the cryptocurrencies were born – pure anonymity. No one wants an extra pair of eyes looking at your assets 24/7. But with anonymity comes another problem – the money can be used to do illegal transactions like buying guns or paying off assassinations.

Currently, the blockchain uses PKI X.509 digital standard as the identifying system. NEO has a plan to impose an advanced digital identity. Here your anonymity is ensured but the bookkeepers or the ledger handlers have digital identities but real names.

So, if any regulation is needed, the government can take control.

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Final Thoughts

So, that was almost everything that makes NEO stand out of the crowd. All these reasons are making it more convenient that NEO could be the strongest cryptocurrency of 2018. Is NEO going to be the biggest crypto after the huge success of Bitcoins and Ethereum? Only time will tell mates, only time will tell!

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