Moonbirds is a recently introduced term in the NFT market. Let’s dive in to find out what are Moonbirds NFTs and what’s their significance.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have turned the tide of technology towards digital assets in a way never imagined before. The concept of NFTs has successfully presented a new vision for empowering digital assets with prospects for trustless transactions. In February 2021, digital artist Beeple sold off a piece of digital art for almost $69 million. Since then, we have witnessed digital apes being sold for around $300,000 and digital kitties sold at almost $20,000. 

Recently, the collection of Moonbirds NFTs has gained massive levels of attention in the NFT market, only within a few days of their launch. What are Moonbirds, and how are they relevant in the modern NFT landscape? Why are Moonbirds breaking records and dominating the NFT Twitter? The following discussion will help you find the answers with a detailed introductory guide to the Moonbirds NFT collection.

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What are Moonbirds NFTs?

The year 2021 opened up many avenues for the large-scale growth of NFTs and ensuring their mainstream adoption. NFTs grabbed over $40 billion in sales in various NFT marketplaces in 2021. Even if the sales of NFTs have shown a downward trend in 2022, the tech world is still swooning over them. 

As a matter of fact, NFT trends have moved toward blue-chip NFTs and high-end projects rather than empowering a fragmented market. Moonbirds non-fungible tokens are one of the recent additions among blue-chip NFT projects, which have successfully grabbed the attention of the whole NFT community. They qualify for ranks of popular NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, or Azuki. 

The basic answer to “what is Moonbirds” would paint them as any other NFT collection. Moonbirds are actually a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs based on the ERC-721 token standard of the Ethereum blockchain network. The NFTs feature the portraits of animated owls with different styles and characters. You can differentiate Moonbirds from one another for their unique personality traits and visual appeal. 

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How Are Moonbirds Helpful?

From the looks of it, Moonbirds NFTs are more or less the same as other NFT collections before them. However, there must be some reason for which they have become popular. Let us reflect on the basic objective underlying Moonbirds NFT collection and what they offer to owners. 

First of all, you must note that the Moonbirds NFT collection aims to offer another blue-chip PFP NFT project. The utility-enabled PFP NFTs include a highly diverse and distinct collection of rarity-based traits. In addition, the fundamental notion around ‘what is Moonbirds’ extends beyond the mere identity of a blue-chip PFP NFT project. 

Moonbirds owners can access many other functionalities other than flaunting their NFTs as profile pictures on social media. The usability of Moonbirds also allows membership in a private club alongside ensuring other benefits for users holding their assets for longer periods of time. The private club opens up Moonbirds NFT holders to the community with access to private Moonbirds channels for information on community events, upcoming drops, and other advancements. 

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Origins of Moonbirds

The Moonbirds non-fungible tokens collection has gained popularity in a short period of time. One of the foremost reasons underlying the sudden burst in popularity of Moonbirds NFT collection is the team behind the project. Developed by the PROOF Collective, the Moonbirds PFP project has two prominent names in the NFT world backing the foundation. PROOF Collective is an exclusive community of 1000 members, including NFT artists and collectors. 

The founders of PROOF Collective, Kevin Rose, Ryan Carson, and Justin Mezzell, have worked on creating the Moonbirds NFT collection. On top of it, the reputation and expertise of the founders have fuelled the growth prospects for Moonbirds. For example, Kevin Rose is a venture capitalist at True Ventures, while Ryan Carson is one of the founders of Treehouse. You can learn more about the team and discover the exact reasons for the growing popularity of the Moonbirds NFT collection. The interest in web3 and a well-connected team present a solid technical background for attracting more people to Moonbirds. 

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Details of the Launch

The Moonbirds XYZ website is your ideal destination for discovering the fundamental information about the new NFT collection. Members of the PROOF Collective can discover many interesting perks with the Moonbirds NFTs. However, membership in the PROOF Collective is not affordable. 

The average price for Proof NFT was almost 2 ETH in December 2021. As of now, the minimum price for membership in PROOF Collective is around 98 ETH. Members can receive privileges such as access to events, collaborations like Moonbirds NFTs, and the private Discord group chat. So, did the founders create Moonbirds only for PROOF Collective members? 

At the time of the launch of the Moonbirds NFT collection, the website opened up a raffle. Any individual could participate in the raffle for minting or creating the NFTs at the time of launch. The Moonbirds website states that each raffle winner received the opportunity to mint one Moonbirds NFT at a price of 2.5 ETH. The Moonbirds non-fungible tokens raffle was also accessible to PROOF Collective members. 

In addition, the PROOF Collective members also received the guarantee of minting two Moonbirds for each of their Proof NFTs. Following the launch of the Moonbirds NFT collection, the 10,000 Moonbirds sold off quickly. The raffle winners received 7,875 NFTs, while the PROOF Collective members received 2000 NFTs. On top of it, the Moonbirds team reserved around 125 NFTs for distribution.

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The Controversy around Moonbirds NFTs

The launch of Moonbirds NFTs and their unprecedented growth in popularity introduced a new phenomenon in the NFT landscape. However, the raffle on the Moonbirds XYZ website turned out to one a formidable source of controversy. First of all, many people brought forward accusations about the use of bots to manipulate the results of the raffle. 

In addition, the model followed for the minting process also pointed to many suspicious concerns. For example, PROOF Collective members received the guarantee of at least two Moonbirds NFTs for each Proof NFT. At the same time, the developer team also reserved around 125 NFTs from the Moonbirds NFT collection. These highlights in the minting process of the Moonbirds NFT collection create doubts regarding impartiality. 

The controversies around Moonbirds non fungible tokens gained momentum from allegations of using bots to manipulate the results of the raffle. Crypto researchers have pointed out that some people leveraged bots with more than 400 accounts to attack the raffle. A major share of the community has an opposing viewpoint on the same, albeit with doubts regarding fairness in the minting process. Furthermore, some individuals have also suggested that the developers and team members reserved Moonbirds with rare traits, which would have higher prices in the future.

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Value of Moonbirds NFT Collection

Irrespective of the controversies, Moonbirds NFTs, sold quickly with some exceptional trading volume estimates. Moonbirds are obviously one of the hottest phenomena in the NFT space, with over 100,000 ETH in terms of trading volume within six days of their launch. The trading volume of Moonbirds surpasses that of any other NFT collection right now by huge margins. So, how do Moonbirds command such massive levels of trading activity? You can come up with different reasons for answering the same. For starters, you have the advantage of digital art with Moonbirds with unique traits and some rare pieces. The rarity of the NFTs is an obvious factor underlying the rapid growth in their popularity and pricing. 

On top of it, users can leverage many other benefits beyond the implications of answers to ‘what is Moonbirds NFT collection.’ The NFTs offer a mix of interesting designs along with the backing of an expert team at PROOF Collective. In addition, the hype around the project before its launch also played a crucial role in driving the price of Moonbirds in a positive direction. Apart from these benefits, you can also explore the following value advantages with the Moonbirds NFT collection.

  • Moonbirds NFT owners have complete ownership over the intellectual property associated with the NFT. 
  • The IPFS-hosting also ensures better efficiency and security.
  • According to the official Moonbirds XYZ website, the NFTs can provide access to the upcoming metaverse planned by PROOF Collective. 
  • The next important advantage associated with Moonbirds NFT collection is the carbon offsetting, which makes them environmentally responsible.
  • Moonbirds NFT collection also offers the evident benefit of utility as owners can use them as profile pictures. In addition, the Moonbirds NFT collection also allows the NFT owners to reap benefits from locking up their Moonbirds through nesting. 

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What is Nesting in the Moonbirds NFT Collection?

The discussion on the value advantages of Moonbirds NFT collection turned towards an interesting concept, i.e., nesting. What is nesting? The unique PFP design of the Moonbirds NFTs helps the owners in accessing the functionality of nesting. The process of nesting basically involves locking up the Moonbirds NFT in your wallet for an extended period of time. 

Upon nesting, the Moonbird can help you obtain many other additional benefits. The longer you accumulate the nesting time, the more rewards you can receive. For example, the nested Moonbird can reach new tier levels alongside upgrading their nest. Subsequently, the upgraded nests could have easy access to better rewards and improved drops. 

Another significant advantage of nesting Moonbirds non fungible tokens refers to the advanced safeguards against common phishing techniques. As of now, the Moonbirds NFT collection does not allow the facility of nesting and will introduce the feature soon. In addition, the developers also plan on introducing new tier levels and rewards alongside a detailed structure for the nesting process.

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How Can I Buy Moonbirds NFTs?

The popularity of Moonbirds NFT collection and the advantages they bring to the table are strong reasons to purchase one. Interestingly, you can purchase Moonbirds on OpenSea just like purchasing any other non-fungible token. Here are the simple steps you should follow for purchasing Moonbirds NFT. 

  1. Open the official OpenSea website. 
  2. Connect to a web3 wallet such as Coinbase Wallet or Metamask
  3. Add the required ETH funds to your wallet for purchasing the NFT. You can use the in-built conversion tools for using fiat currency to purchase crypto funds for your wallet. 
  4. Navigate the OpenSea marketplace for the Moonbirds NFT of your choice and click on the “Buy” button to add the NFT to your wallet.

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Bottom Line

The ever-growing world of NFTs has started focusing on blue-chip and high-end projects in a radical shift from a fragmented approach. At this time, the launch of Moonbirds NFTs has created quite a stir in the NFT landscape. At the pricing of almost $55,000 for one Moonbird NFT, they are definitely something to look out for. 

Moonbirds NFT collection plans on introducing the benefits of NFT staking with the nesting feature. At the same time, granting NFT holders complete ownership of IP rights of their NFT and carbon offsetting are unique benchmarks for future NFT collections. Learn more about the Moonbirds NFT collection and how they can serve as vital tools for empowering the NFT landscape.

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