The advent of blockchain-based gaming has introduced revolutionary developments in the domain of gaming. Players could monetize their gaming experiences and receive incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The Gods Unchained NFT game is one of the most popular NFT-based games, which has gained recognition in the play-to-earn games landscape. 

The working of such games involves storage of in-game assets as NFTs on the blockchain, which players can trade on secondary marketplaces. Gods Unchained explores the untapped potential in the NFT gaming market with a trading card-based gameplay experience. Trading card games have been conventional favorites of gaming enthusiasts as they feature simple gameplay. 

The interesting thing about the Gods Unchained NFT collection is the incorporation of blockchain in the gameplay experience. Players could monetize their gaming experiences through the use of asset ownership through NFTs in their gameplay. With a play-to-earn model, Gods Unchained offers significantly favorable opportunities for value-based outcomes of gaming. The following post offers a comprehensive guide to the most popular NFT-based game in the market and how players can capitalize on new opportunities with it.

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Introduction to Gods Unchained 

The most obvious highlight in a guide to the Gods Unchained NFT game would refer to its definition. It is one of the most popular play-to-earn games with a trading card strategy gameplay. The game leverages the technical power of Immutable X, the first NFT scaling solution by Ethereum. The gameplay involves players set out on an adventurous journey to summon magic powers to defeat the gods. One of the most significant highlights of the game is the interesting combination of blockchain technology, digital collectibles and the dynamics of competitive gameplay.

The game has the backing of industry experts, which improves its credibility. The founders, James and Robbie Ferguson, created the game in 2018 with the support of Chris Clay as gaming director. In addition, the development team of the game included former employees from Google and Riot Games. 

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How Can Players Participate In the Game?

The game mechanics of Gods Unchained also serve as another highlight in the introduction to the game. It follows the same model as other trading card games where players have to assemble a powerful set of cards to defeat the opponent’s gods. Players have to face off with each other in an arena to determine the powerful contenders on the basis of card strategy. The matches help players in earning experience levels, which can entitle them to receive the core card packs with different levels of strength. 

You must also have questions like “What is the minimum investment for Gods Unchained?” before you play the game. Interestingly, you can start playing the game by creating a free account on the game’s website. Players have to use different elements such as Magic, Nature, Light, War, Deception and Death in their cards to reduce the health of the opponent’s gods to zero. In addition, player can also use their cards for summoning creatures, using relics or casting spells.

Types of Cards in Gods Unchained

As a trading card game, the Gods Unchained NFT marketplace is a prominent highlight of the gameplay experience. You can find three different types of cards in the game, such as expansion cards, promo cards and free-to-play cards. One of the interesting facts about the NFT game is that more than $52 million worth of cards has been traded in the game. With over 450,000 registered users, the game has been garnering a lot of attention in the blockchain-based gaming industry. The play-to-earn game has created distinct categories of cards to support its gameplay. 

It is important to note that expansion cards and promo cards are NFT-based cards. The free-to-play cards, such as Core Cards and Welcome Set, are not NFTs. Every player in the game receives a Welcome Set, which includes 70 different cards covering different traits of all gods. Some of you may think of questions like “How do you earn NFT in Gods Unchained?” from the Welcome Set. You can obtain more cards in the game by playing and leveling up or opening card packs. Weekend Ranked events in the game is also another proven choice for obtaining NFTs in the game. Players can also trade their cards with other players or purchase expansion packs to obtain new cards. 

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Card Packs in Gods Unchained 

The introduction to Gods Unchained also invites attention to the card packs. You can find different types of card packs in the game with different variations in rarity. The four types of card packs in the game include rare, epic, legendary and shiny legendary. Players have to open the card packs and chests to obtain new cards at the time of release. 

The pricing of card packs could vary between $2.49 and $149.99. On the other hand, the price of card chests could start from $14.99. The most notable highlight of the Gods Unchained NFT collection points to the different expansion packs. As of now, the game has released five expansion packages. Let us take a look at the details of each of the following expansion packs in the game. 

  • Trial of the Gods

Trial of the Gods is the first collection introduced by the game. Players could select their heroes and participate in different trials to prove their strength. The Trial of the Gods set includes 150 cards, which have been arranged in terms of utility and rarity. The expansion pack has 60 common cards, 16 epic cards, 48 rare cards and 26 legendary cards. Different packs, as well as mystery chests, featured every single type of card, with 6 cards in the chest. The cards were allocated in limited numbers, thereby ensuring rarity. 

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  • Divine Order

The second collection in the Gods Unchained NFT game is the ‘Divine Order’ collection. It features a set of new cards alongside new approaches to playing the game. As a matter of fact, the Divine Order expansion pack introduced a new type of gameplay into the platform. 

The card pack incorporated a more dynamic and ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ style of gameplay, which enabled facilities for stopping player attacks. The Divine Order expansion pack included a set of 194 new cards, including 79 common cards. Other additions in the pack included 57 rare cards, 26 legendary cards and 32 epic cards. Furthermore, the Divine Order pack introduced one mythic card for each god and 6 epic promo cards. 

  • Mortal Judgement

The third NFT collection by the trading card game Mortal Judgement concluded the first season of the game. Mortal Judgement expansion pack released 197 new cards into circulation with 80 common cards. It included 64 rare cards, 30 legendary cards, and 23 epic cards. The collection also introduced one mythic card and a legendary promo card. However, the third expansion pack did not feature any chests. 

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  • Light’s Verdict

The Gods Unchained NFT marketplace introduced the fourth collection of NFTs with the Light’s Verdict expansion pack. It is also known as the “Epilogue Set” and has a direct relationship to the Mortal Judgement expansion pack. The card packs in the new set have cards from the Mortal Judgement pack, which paints Light’s Verdict as a sequel. Players could also earn Light’s Verdict cards by opening chests and card packs. However, the Light’s Verdict set was limited, and only 12 cards were released in the collection. 

  • Winter Wanderlands

The most recent NFT collection in Gods Unchained game, the Winter Wanderlands, was released towards the end of 2022. It features a Christmas-based theme, and new packs and chests were available only to players. The limited quantity release also qualified the Winter Wanderlands collection as the ‘Seasonal Collection’ of the game. The expansion pack included only 20 cards with similar traits as the Light’s Verdict cards. At the same time, developers also introduced subtle changes in in-game factors and drop rates.

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GODS Token 

The design of a play-to-earn game without a native token is implausible. You can find the Gods Unchained token in GODS token, an ERC-20 token that can support the governance and currency of the game. The maximum limit on supply of GODS tokens is 500 million. You can find a better understanding of the GODS token by referring to its tokenomics. GODS tokens have been allocated for the following areas,

  • Play-to-Earn rewards- 34% 
  • Gods Unchained Reserve- 25%
  • Community allocation- 7%
  • Token sale- 7%
  • Community and ecosystem fund- 20.5%
  • Token foundation- 6.5%

You can find answers to “What is the minimum investment for Gods Unchained?” by identifying the use of GODS token. You have to invest in fiat currency and obtain GODS tokens in return for becoming a part of the community. The token can help you participate in the governance of the platform as well as for seamless in-game transactions. 

On top of it, the Gods Unchained token serves other useful purposes, such as fusing cards to improve quality. Players can use GODS tokens for crafting new cards or participating in the GODS staking pool. The native token of the NFT-based trading card game also offers flexibility for accessing play-to-earn rewards. 

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Mechanisms for Earning NFTs in the Game 

Another important aspect of the introduction to NFT-based trading card games is the outline of methods for earning NFTs. The play-to-earn model of Gods Unchained helps players in earning rewards in cryptocurrencies and NFTs for their in-game activities. Players could receive rewards in the form of the native GODS token after winning battles against opponents. 

The game also offers flexibility for swapping GODS tokens in exchange for other tokens. In addition, players can also sell cards on the Gods Unchained NFT marketplace or other marketplaces, such as Immutable X Marketplace. Players could choose different methods for earning rewards in return for playing the game. Here are the common methods recommended for obtaining NFTs from the game. 

You can play the game on a regular basis and earn rewards for winning matches in the game. Subsequently, you can use the GODS token to purchase NFT cards in the game. 

Players can find answers to “How do you earn NFT in Gods Unchained?” with Weekend Tournaments. The Weekend Tournaments in the game promise events for players to earn expansion packs. Interestingly, players could participate in the Weekend Tournaments, irrespective of their rank, and try out their luck at winning expansion pack NFTs.

The methods for obtaining NFTs in Gods Unchained also point at the Forge. The Forge serves as an innovative solution for fusing the regular Core Cards with each other and creating NFT cards. Subsequently, players can sell the NFT cards or use them in the game.

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Where Can You Purchase Gods Unchained NFTs?

The details of Gods Unchained NFT game must have created curiosity in your mind about obtaining the NFTs. You should note that the game has been developed on the foundations of the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, you can find multiple secure marketplaces for purchasing NFTs from the collection. 

The NFTs of the game are available on OpenSea, Rarible and NFT marketplace of Immutable X. All of these marketplaces are secondary options. The primary Gods Unchained NFT marketplace is the game’s official site. Players have to follow the social media channels of the game for the latest updates on new collections. 

The lucrative appeal of financial rewards and engaging gameplay experience can encourage players to grab as many NFTs as they can to participate in the game. However, it is important to pay attention to safety of NFTs and the selection of secure marketplaces. One of the most important recommendations for safeguarding your NFTs is to use the correct wallet address. In addition, a simple verification of the secondary marketplace and the details of the NFT can help you identify whether you are buying a unique NFT. 

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Future Prospects for Gods Unchained 

The fundamentals of Gods Unchained NFT collection provide an impressive overview of what it is capable of. With the growing trend of play-to-earn games, the interest of players in NFT-based trading card games has been increasing. Blockchain offers the benefit of security through data encryption alongside public-private key cryptography for securing token transactions. 

In addition, the Gods Unchained token, GODS token, offers a vital tool for strengthening the in-game economy. Players can enjoy the privileges of complete ownership over their in-game assets through NFTs. Furthermore, the game also enables new ways to encourage player engagement through Weekend Tournaments, the Forge and daily quests. 

As of now, Gods Unchained serves a formidable benchmark for the domain of play-to-earn games. It can provide an ideal example for new blockchain-based games and establish precedents for credible and engaging gameplay experiences. 

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The popularity of Gods Unchained NFT game is a prominent highlight in the domain of blockchain and NFT-based games. Web3 gaming has introduced new prospects for players to monetize their gaming experiences. In the long run, almost every game would shift towards the play-to-earn model for attracting users. The Gods Unchained NFT collection offers a practical example of combining game mechanics with NFTs and blockchain technology. 

As the domain of play-to-earn gaming evolves further, the examples of such games would inspire new game projects. With the potential for earning value-based rewards, players are more likely to turn towards NFT-based games in the future. Learn more about the NFT-based trading card game and uncover the fundamentals of NFTs in detail right now.           

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