Decentralized Finance has turned the tables for legacy financial services and systems worldwide. At the same time, it has also invited many security risks within a short period of time. We have come up with a new DeFi Security Fundamentals course to help DeFi professionals and practitioners understand and resolve emerging security risks. It is a dedicated course on different concepts for the security of DeFi protocols. The Defi security course launched showcases all the important highlights of DeFi security practices.

The necessity for learning about DeFi blockchain security has been growing profoundly in recent times, with the growing number of DeFi hacks. Effective resolution of DeFi security risks is essential for developing the trust of users in DeFi protocols. Therefore, security plays an important role in driving the adoption of decentralized finance in the future. Let us showcase some of the important highlights of our new DeFi security course and how it can help you.

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New DeFi Security Fundamentals Course Launched

The staggering growth of DeFi is one of the foremost reasons for drawing the attention of hackers toward the domain. The total value of assets locked in DeFi protocols increased to almost $200 billion USD in April 2022 from $600 million USD in January 2020. With the new DeFi Security course launched recently, we attempt to help learners figure out the underlying causes of security risks. 

However, the continuous decline of DeFi TVL has brought it down to almost $41 billion in November 2022. The sharp fall in the value of assets locked in TVL indicates a general decline in the trust of users in DeFi protocols. Therefore, DeFi security is an obvious necessity for safeguarding the future of this emerging domain.

Our new DeFi security course aims to help learners develop a comprehensive understanding of different types of security threats for DeFi projects. The course follows a flexible learning model and features engaging video lectures alongside demos and interactive exercises. The DeFi security training course launched now will serve an important role in preparing blockchain professionals for dealing with security risks in DeFi. 

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Target Audience for the DeFi Security Fundamentals Course

The necessity of learning about security in decentralized finance establishes a good reason for pursuing the new DeFi security course. As a matter of fact, any individual interested in DeFi must learn DeFi security to avoid unwanted mishaps. Developers, as well as DeFi users, should familiarize themselves with the best practices for DeFi security. Here is an outline of the specific groups which should take the new DeFi security course in our training library.

  • Smart contract developers working on DeFi projects can understand the common security risks for DeFi protocols and ensure security for their projects. 
  • Freelance DeFi practitioners could also use the decentralized finance DeFi security course to familiarize themselves with DeFi security best practices
  • DeFi consultants and advisors can utilize the course to identify the suitable course of action for security in their client’s DeFi projects. 
  • Senior decision-makers and executive professionals could rely on the course for evaluating the prospects in DeFi projects and identification of vulnerabilities.

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Basic Information about the DeFi Security Fundamentals Course 

DeFi hacks accounted for losses worth $1.6 billion within the first quarter of 2022. On top of it, more than 90% of all crypto theft is happening on DeFi protocols, thereby drawing attention to DeFi security. The DeFi security online course launched on our platform is a helpful guide for understanding the reasons behind these losses. However, you must know about the learning outcomes of the course to identify how the course will help you. The important learning objectives of our new DeFi security course include the following.

  • Building comprehensive knowledge regarding security threats for DeFi protocols.
  • Developing a practical impression of DeFi security through examples of real DeFi hacks.
  • Strengthening your skills and knowledge in best practices for dealing with security risks in DeFi.

The DeFi security course emphasizes helping learners understand DeFi security basics before moving toward practical examples. You can learn about each security risk in decentralized finance with insightful lessons on different topics. The course also features interactive exercises in every module to help you learn more about DeFi security in a new approach. 

If you are interested in our new DeFi Security Fundamentals course, you must learn about all topics. The outline of topics in the course could help you identify whether it can actually help you develop fluency in DeFi security. Here are the topics you will learn in the new DeFi security course. 

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How Can the DeFi Security Fundamentals Course Help You?

The DeFi Security Course launched on our training platform is a detailed learning resource for understanding the basics of DeFi security. It can help you learn about the DeFi security landscape and risks at every level of components in DeFi. In addition, you can also find the assurance of the following value benefits with our new course. 

  • The Uniqueness of the Course

The first thing you would note about our DeFi security online course launched recently is that it is one of the first courses on decentralized finance security. It is an exclusive learning resource for helping DeFi professionals obtain a competitive advantage. As a dedicated course on concepts related to the security of DeFi protocols at different layers, it can offer an additional edge in career development. 

  • Depth of Topics

The next crucial highlight of our new DeFi security course is its depth of topics. You can learn about user and wallet security concepts such as private key security and malicious DeFi approvals. The decentralized finance DeFi security course also dives into concerns in smart contract security, such as access control vulnerabilities, price manipulation, and arithmetic vulnerabilities. 

On top of it, you can also learn about security implications in another emerging component in the DeFi ecosystem, i.e., cross-chain bridges. The course can help in learning more about issues with cross-chain bridges, such as centralized validation, verification failures, and fake deposits. 

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  • Quality of Training and Support

Another significant reason to choose the DeFi Security course would be the guarantee of quality training and support. 101 Blockchains has built a reputation for creating comprehensive training courses based on inputs from qualified instructors and experts. The DeFi security training course launched in our library has been crafted by experts with attention to important topics. 

On top of it, you can always rely on us for support from experts. Every learner can have a seamless experience with our courses by accessing our support services anytime. In addition, you can enjoy the benefit of timely responses to support queries for a better learning experience.  

Prepare to Learn DeFi Security Fundamentals

The detailed outline of our DeFi security course offered a glimpse of what you can learn from it. Most important of all, it is a reliable course for developing your expertise in a crucial domain. The course can help you earn skills for recognition within the blockchain and crypto landscape. You can establish the foundation in DeFi security basics before taking the next step toward the future of DeFi

Fluency in security for DeFi protocols could serve as a vital asset for a broad group of professionals. Anyone interested in DeFi, including developers as well as senior decision-makers, can take the course. Learn more about the DeFi course details and start developing your expertise in preventing DeFi security risks now.

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