Blockchain technology has not been successful in achieving mainstream adoption, although it has been recognized as a prolific tool for business transformation in different sectors. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, businesses were eager to shift to the digital landscape. Blockchain has proved its capabilities for the acceleration of various digital processes in critical use cases such as sharing patient records and contact tracing. 

The promising potential associated with blockchain definitely drives the demand for blockchain-free resources for learning. Blockchain is a vast and continuously evolving concept rather than just another technological intervention. So, you need some basic resources to help you get started with blockchain training. Where can you find them? The following discussion offers you a detailed overview of 101 Blockchains free resources you can use to your advantage.

Learn non-stop with 101 Blockchains free blockchain resources and take your blockchain expertise to the next level.

Why Should I Learn Blockchain?

The first and foremost factor that comes to mind when thinking of learning about blockchain refers to the reasons. If you want to learn blockchain free of cost, then you must be interested in knowing why you should learn blockchain. So, let us take a look at some statistics which can show how learning blockchain is a valuable proposition. 

  • The blockchain market achieves growth of almost 10.27% in 2020. 
  • The worldwide blockchain market would most probably grow to almost $39.7 billion by 2025, starting with the $3 billion in 2020. 
  • The global expenditure on blockchain solutions would most probably reach the mark of $17.9 billion by the year 2024. 
  • The professional services industry is all set for the fastest growth rate in blockchain expenditure, with a CAGR of 54%. The growth of blockchain spending in healthcare would be almost 43.9%, while state and local government expenditures in blockchain would increase by almost 48.2%. 
  • According to Deloitte, almost 88% of senior executives perceived the potential of blockchain for achieving mainstream adoption.

All of these numbers clearly show that learning blockchain can be a promising career development initiative. However, it is also important to find a reliable platform to help you with blockchain training and certification for career development in the domain of blockchain. 101 Blockchains provides the world’s leading online platform for accessing research on blockchain. It offers free resources to learn blockchain along with enterprise blockchain certification and training courses. Are 101 Blockchains free resources useful? Let us find out!

101 Blockchains Community

101 Blockchains Free Resources 

The term ‘free’ brings mixed thoughts to mind when considering a particular product or service. In the beginning, you are excited about getting something for free. On the other hand, you might wonder about the effectiveness of the product when it is offered free of cost. So, it is reasonable to wonder about answers to ‘Can I learn blockchain for free?’ and the collection of free learning resources on 101 Blockchains could offer the right answer. Here is an overview of the different learning resources available for free on 101 Blockchains.

Free Blockchain Fundamentals Course

One of the prominent mentions among 101 Blockchains free resources refers to the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course, available for free. The course is a simple and promising tool for introducing beginners to the world of blockchain. Learners could gain a clear impression of the actual identity of blockchain technology and enterprise blockchain terms. 

Furthermore, you could also learn more about fundamentals of smart contracts alongside the applications of blockchain for digital transformation. In addition, learners can access bonus material such as quizzes and access to online events and complimentary lectures. 

Blockchain Flash Cards

Another prolific entry among blockchain-free resources on 101 Blockchains refers to flashcards. You can find the interactive flashcards helpful for a better learning experience. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains covers basic as well as advanced blockchain concepts and helps learners achieve a professional understanding of the concepts. 

The easy accessibility of flashcards also provides a plausible advantage for learners as they can enjoy a seamless and productive learning experience. Most important of all, flashcards are the best free resources to learn blockchain at your own pace. As a result, learners could achieve significant levels of growth in learning blockchain. 

Blockchain Presentations

Blockchain presentations are also a formidable resource to learn blockchain free of cost. The interactive blockchain presentations on 101 Blockchains feature inputs from the industry experts. In addition, learning blockchain through slides becomes more interesting with the unique format of presenting blockchain concepts. You can find a wide assortment of blockchain presentations on 101 Blockchains regarding different topics. For example, you can learn about top blockchain projects or best practices for becoming certified blockchain experts from the slides. 

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Blockchain Glossary

101 Blockchains free resources also include a blockchain glossary for beginners. It can be quite difficult for beginners to familiarize with the new terms they come across while learning about blockchain. So, you could refer to the blockchain glossary on 101 Blockchains for understanding the meaning of different terms. As a result, you would not face any obstacles in your way while learning blockchain concepts. 

Blockchain Infographics

You could also choose blockchain infographics on 101 Blockchains as another promising entry among blockchain-free resources for learning. Infographics have the unique advantage of creative visuals and easy-to-understand mapping of information. 101 Blockchains offer 30 different blockchain infographics dealing with unique topics. 

The infographics help in learning blockchain-related concepts, best practices, tools, and other information in a precise format. With the concise arrangement of information in the infographics, learners don’t have to struggle anymore for relating concepts with each other. 

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101 Blockchains Blog

Above every other free resource on 101 Blockchains for learning blockchain technology, the 101 Blockchains blog gets formidable recognition. Blogs are basically comprehensive sources of information related to a specific industry. Learners could access blogs on various topics related to blockchain with insightful information. In addition, the blog is easily accessible and presents updated information related to specific topics. With industry experts authoring the blog posts on 101 Blockchains blog, you can learn blockchain free of cost with value. 

Webinars and Conferences

101 Blockchains also includes other free resources to learn blockchain apart from the resources mentioned above. Learners could choose webinars and conferences on 101 Blockchains as vital resources for enhancing their blockchain knowledge. The webinars and conferences feature discussions and interviews with top industry experts. As a result, learners could access industry knowledge without any cost through 101 Blockchains. Learning from experts definitely becomes easier with these webinars and conferences, which come with support for unlimited access. 

Bottom Line

It is clear that the different blockchain-free resources for learning blockchain on 101 Blockchains have promising potential. Free resources are important requirements for crossing the barriers of initial apprehensions about learning new technology. Free learning resources can help you find out whether you are ready for learning blockchain and verifying its relevance to your existing skills and knowledge or the industry you work in. 

A free fundamentals course, blockchain presentations, glossary, infographics, flashcards, and a blog – 101 Blockchains has almost every free resource you can imagine for learning blockchain. Furthermore, the platform also offers access to webinars and complimentary lectures for all learners.

If you have decided to start a career in blockchain, then you should start exploring the free resources for learning blockchain on 101 Blockchains right now!