Blockchain has shown profound advancements in the financial industry alongside transforming many business transactions across other industries. Blockchain provides a decentralized ledger in which the data regarding transactions are added in the form of blocks. Blockchain offers immutable and encrypted ledger databases with the use of distributed validation or consensus mechanismsOver the years since its inception, blockchain technology has been through many developments, with cloud-based blockchain platforms being the latest. Therefore, the attention on AWS Blockchain Template has been growing substantially in recent times.

The following discussion offers you an introductory guide on AWS blockchain templates, their benefits, and working. In addition, readers could also explore information regarding getting started with AWS blockchain templates in few simple steps.

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The Blockchain and Cloud Computing Equation

Blockchain technology on the cloud is a profoundly striking innovation with blockchain. Cloud computing is slowly opening up to decentralized infrastructure for achieving better accessibility, security, efficiency, and flexibility. Some of the new advancements, such as serverless technology, are resulting in profound transformations in the world of computing. 

At the same time, the new innovations are driving better flexibility for systems administrators in design, configuration, and management of servers and resources needed for running business applications. Furthermore, decentralized frameworks also relieve the profound setbacks related to centralized cloud computing storage. 

Subsequently, decentralized frameworks also allow options for extensive security through distribution of security responsibilities across various storage components. In the case of a blockchain cloud storage solution, user data is segregated into tiny shreds of data. Encryption of the tiny shreds of data helps in including an additional layer of security while enabling their distribution throughout the network.

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Significance of AWS Blockchain Templates

The emphasis on AWS Blockchain Template has been increased due to the potential benefits of using blockchain with cloud computing. Blockchain with cloud computing can ensure efficient ownership tracking with support for microtransactions and distributed supercomputers. In addition, blockchain in cloud computing ensures decentralization for benefits of improved security. Furthermore, blockchain can also enhance private key security alongside independence from geographical limitations. 

AWS is one of the leaders of blockchain adoption in the cloud computing space. As a matter of fact, it is the most trusted platform of enterprises for blockchain and ledger technology workloads. Almost a quarter of all the Ethereum workloads worldwide are presently running on AWS. 

In addition, AWS also has a massive blockchain ecosystem with more than 70 verified blockchain solutions from partners in the community. The large-scale popularity of AWS Blockchain has been one of the reasons behind increasing searches for AWS Blockchain Templates tutorial. So, let us find out what Amazon Blockchain Templates have to bring to the table?

Defining Amazon Blockchain Templates

According to AWS, the AWS Blockchain Template is the simplest tool for faster deployment of blockchain networks on AWS. They offer faster and simpler ways for creating and deploying highly secure blockchain networks by leveraging renowned open-source frameworks. The templates help developers in focusing on development of their blockchain applications

As a result, developers don’t have to worry about investing their efforts, time, and resources in manually setting up their blockchain network. Interestingly, users don’t have to pay additional charges for AWS Blockchain Templates as they have to pay only for the resources needed to run their blockchain network.

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Working of AWS Blockchain Templates

AWS Blockchain Template is basically a certified template that allows you to build a blockchain network by using open-source frameworks. The templates are available in the form of CloudFormation templates. Developers have to choose the platform for deploying their blockchain framework

AWS blockchain templates will deploy the selected blockchain framework in the form of containers on an Amazon ECS or Elastic Container Service cluster. Alternatively, you can choose to deploy your blockchain framework on an EC2 instance that runs Docker. 

Then, developers can create their own blockchain network in their personalized Amazon VPC. Developers could configure the network Access Control Lists and VPC subnets easily for defining the characteristics and functionalities of their decentralized network. Furthermore, developers can also assign granular permissions for their blockchain network in AWS Blockchain Template through AWS IAM. The granular permissions will help in establishing restrictions on the resources that are accessible by Amazon EC2 instance or an Amazon ECS cluster. 

Finally, developers could deploy decentralized applications by writing smart contracts and running them on their newly created blockchain network.

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Types of AWS Blockchain Templates

Therefore, it is clearly evident that developers wouldn’t have major issues in getting started with AWS blockchain templates. The simple process of selecting your desired blockchain template and configuring it according to your needs can revolutionize blockchain adoption. The next most striking highlight in any AWS blockchain templates tutorial would refer to the types of templates. If you want to use AWS blockchain templates for creating and deploying your decentralized network, then you must know the options you have at hand. Here are the two AWS blockchain templates that you can use currently.

Ethereum AWS Blockchain Templates

Ethereum is one of the renowned open-source blockchain frameworks adopted by enterprises all over the world. Developed by the Ethereum Foundation, this blockchain platform helps in writing blockchain applications with guaranteed performance according to specifications. The applications created using Ethereum run according to their programming without any concerns of fraud, downtime, third-party interference, or downtime. You can use AWS Blockchain Template for Ethereum if,

  1. You want to engage in transactions with peers on a public Ethereum network
  2. You want to utilize the Solidity smart contract language of Ethereum
  3. You want to develop a new public network 

Developers could launch AWS blockchain templates in North Virginia, Oregon, and Ohio regions by using links on the official AWS website. The links will help you launch the AWS CloudFormation templates, followed by which you can launch your Ethereum network. 

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Hyperledger Fabric AWS Blockchain Templates

The second most important template in an AWS Blockchain Templates tutorial refers to AWS blockchain templates for Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger Fabric is also another top mention among enterprise favorites in open-source blockchain frameworks. Introduced by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Fabric enables developers to write blockchain applications with the facility of permissions and access control for data associated with the blockchain. It is reasonable to choose an AWS Blockchain Template for Hyperledger Fabric if,   

  1. You want to develop a private blockchain network
  2. You want to restrict specific transactions from the viewership of each party

Developers could launch AWS Blockchain templates for Hyperledger Fabric in specific regions such as Ohio, Oregon, and North Virginia easily. Official links for launching AWS CloudFormation templates are available on the official AWS website. By clicking on the links, developers can launch a private Hyperledger Fabric network on a specific Amazon EC2 instance.

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Advantages of Amazon Web Services Blockchain Templates

Finally, it is important to reflect on the benefits of an AWS blockchain templates tutorial. Amazon Web Services Blockchain templates can ensure the following critical benefits for developers,

  • Faster Speed of Deployment

Amazon Blockchain Templates allow developers to begin working with blockchain in a matter of a few minutes. Developers could ensure faster deployment of their blockchain network on Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon ECS. Most important of all, developers can focus solely on developing applications. 

  • Collection of Management Tools

Developers could access additional components in Amazon Blockchain Templates for management, monitoring, and browsing their blockchains for better management. 

  • Advantage of Options

Developers could rely on AWS Blockchain Template for selecting templates for two renowned blockchain networks, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum

  • Pay Only for What You Use

Developers have to pay only for the resources they use in the case of AWS Blockchain Templates. Most important of all, it allows starting up and shutting down resources according to demands arising from application requirements. 

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On a concluding note, it is clear that getting started with AWS Blockchain templates is quite an easy task. However, you need to have a strong grasp of blockchain concepts and AWS services to understand how to use templates. The foremost advantages of AWS Blockchain Template, such as flexibility of choice, speed of deployment, and cost-effectiveness, bring profound value for users. 

In the long run, AWS Blockchain Templates can set benchmarks for new cloud-based blockchain platforms. Dive into additional information about Amazon Blockchain Templates and learn how to use them. Start learning and deploy your blockchain application with AWS Blockchain Templates right now!

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