What is the first thing that brought your attention to AI-based blockchain projects? Many enterprises are eager to leverage the capabilities of top AI-blockchain projects. The primary factor driving enterprises towards AI blockchain projects is the interesting proposition of combining the two new technologies.

AI or artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the promising technological interventions in recent times. As a matter of fact, it is poised to transform the way machines interact with us. Basically, artificial intelligence directly deals with the practice of enabling machines for tasks that require cognitive intelligence.

On the other hand, blockchain is essentially a new system that can help in documenting digital information with better security and transparency. The encryption and distribution of data across different computers with highly robust and tamper-proof databases in blockchain are also revising the way people and businesses used to store information.

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Why Use AI for Blockchain Solutions?

Since enterprises want to leverage the benefits of AI blockchain, it is important to look at different prospects for use of AI in blockchain. The constantly emerging projects with AI and blockchain are slowly becoming more prominent with each passing day. Before diving into an outline of the best AI-blockchain projects, it is important to understand how AI and blockchain fit together.

The first thing that establishes the perfect fit between AI and blockchain is encryption. AI presents various prospects for security through the development of algorithms that are capable of working with data in the encrypted state only. The relationship works from the other side also as blockchain supports tracking, understanding, and explaining the decisions in AI.

The recording of all decisions on blockchain could help in auditing the decisions taken through AI consensus algorithms on the basis of the data inputs offered to them. The support for recording all decisions on a blockchain comprehensively could improve the ease of auditing AI decisions. As a result, the public can gain a clear impression of trust in the use of AI in blockchain.

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Benefits Of Using AI Blockchain

The better levels of transparency alongside possibilities for gaining insights into the minds of machines with blockchain can help in developing public trust. The most important reason that comes forward when it is about selecting AI for blockchain projects is the ability of AI to effectively management of blockchains.

AI-powered algorithms can learn their way around different processes and tasks on the blockchain, thereby presenting the prospects for continuous learning. AI helps in blockchain mining through a highly thoughtful, intelligent, and interactive manner with the ideal training data required by the algorithm. Therefore, it is clear that the top AI blockchain projects can provide exceptionally revolutionary outcomes in their own capabilities.

As you can see, both AI and blockchain improve each other’s capabilities, thereby providing better scope for flexibility and usability. At the same time, you can notice that you don’t have to make compromises in terms of accountability and transparency when you opt for AI-based enterprise blockchain examples.

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Top AI-Based Blockchain Projects

The advantages of the use of AI in blockchain clearly establish the background for understanding the demand for AI-based blockchain solutions. Businesses want to capitalize on the power of the symbiotic relationship between AI and blockchain. So, there are many new enterprise blockchain projects in the market that capitalize on the functionalities of AI to deliver promising outcomes.

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The applications of blockchain and AI in unison across different sectors are slowly finding recognition. Now, let us find out the best AI blockchain projects that are helpful in serving some of the important tasks for enterprises worldwide.

  • SingularityNET

singularitynet SingularityNET comes at the top of entries when it comes to AI-based blockchain solutions in recent times. Have you heard of Sophia, the world’s first AI humanoid robot, who received the citizenship of a country? The team behind developing Sophia went ahead to develop SingularityNET. The primary objective of the team behind SingularityNET was to capitalize on the power of both exciting new technologies.

SingularityNET is one of the top AI blockchains projects helping in the creation of a decentralized AI marketplace. The marketplace can help in fostering the creation and financing of AI projects. Most important of all, SingularityNET has been developed for serving the role of a global network for AI algorithms.

Many people also have doubts about the complexities in the use of AI in blockchain with SingularityNET. However, the marketplace for AI services with SingularityNET focused initially only on three areas such as cybersecurity, cloud robotics, and biomedical research.

The marketplace helps developers and companies in the creation of their AI projects enabling them to sell tools, data, services, and algorithms. Another interesting aspect of SingularityNET directly points out the use of smart contracts.

Basically, SingularityNET comes as one of the top AI-blockchain projects due to its role in reducing the gap between researchers engaged in the development of AI tools and businesses depending on the technology for particular objectives. SingularityNET can help in projects that need bigger datasets for creating powerful AI solutions. On the other hand, it can also support organizations that want customized AI solutions.

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  • DeepBrain Chain

deepbrain-chain Another top mention that comes across when you find the best AI-blockchain projects undoubtedly refers to DeepBrain Chain. The DeepBrain Chain project is basically a decentralized AI computing platform with better cost efficiency and privacy safeguards. It leverages blockchain technology and actually serves the functions of a decentralized neural network. So, DeepBrain Chain is one of the most preferred sources for availing of a decentralized cloud computing network that could support AI development.

The developers of DeepBrain Chain have suggested that the project focuses on switching from the existing NEP-5 chain. On the other hand, it brings blockchain governance. Most important of all, DeepBrain Chain can also serve important functionalities for ensuring highly secure data trading. At the same time, DeepBrain Chain also ensures improvement in the value of data alongside ensuring data privacy through differentiation between data usage and data ownership.

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  • Thought AI

thought-ai You can easily find one of the best examples of the use of AI in blockchain with Thought AI. Thought AI is actually a unique take on the whole AI blockchain combination. It creates a new type of analytics approach using AI, embedded data, and blockchain. More so, it helps the digital information to act on its own without needing the application layer.

This unique approach will combine logic and data and create an AI solution that’s responsive, efficient, and helpful.

It can help you scale your AI across the business, generate meaningful value, faster development times, and govern the AI without any issues. So, you can think of Thought AI as one of the top AI blockchains projects with an interestingly interactive angle.

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  • Blackbird.AI

blackbird-ai One of the many prominent issues that trouble the world presently points to Blackbird.AI. Many websites and online sources have been flooding the internet with fake news. Therefore, people are facing difficulties in recognizing authentic news from fake ones. Blackbird.AI is one of the top AI-blockchain projects with innovation to combine AI and blockchain for content analysis.

It also helps in verifying the credibility of content, thereby filtering out fake news efficiently without any trouble. Blackbird.AI leverages AI for filtering and classification of content on the basis of certain credibility indicators. The credibility indicators help in determining if a particular piece of news carries hate speech, misinformation, or satire.

  • Matrix AI

matrix-ai It is quite impossible to build up a collection of the best AI blockchain projects without including Matrix AI. It can capitalize on functionalities of AI-based technologies such as Natural Language Processing or NLP. At the same time, Matrix AI also provides the basic functionalities desired with blockchain.

The notable features in Matrix AI refer to dynamic delegation networks, auto-coding intelligent contracts, adaptive blockchain parameters, AI-based blockchain security, and others. In addition, Matrix AI also features an AI-based secure virtual machine. The virtual machine helps in recognizing the possible loopholes and negative intentions while addressing the need of robustness.

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On a final note, it is clear that many of the best AI blockchain projects are presently focused on development. However, there are many other examples that showcase the use of AI in blockchain for different sectors, such as healthcare. In the long run, it is reasonable to expect other innovative advancements among AI-based blockchain projects. So, blockchain expertise with a special inclination towards AI could serve as the most prominent factor for employability.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of AI for blockchain solutions, then you should start exploring blockchain. Try diving into the fundamentals of the blockchain course and understand how AI can fit into the blockchain ecosystem. Start learning more about blockchain and AI right now!

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