Crypto airdrops are one of the most popular terms you would find in the vocabulary of a crypto enthusiast. As the name implies, cryptocurrency airdrops are events associated with the free distribution of cryptocurrencies to selected users on a particular network. For example, top crypto airdrops can go to early adopters or users who have completed a specific volume of transactions.

Users can become eligible for cryptocurrency airdrops by fulfilling different criteria, such as regular interaction with new or existing cryptocurrency platforms. On the other hand, developers behind new crypto or decentralized projects could utilize airdrops as a tool for attracting more users. 

Airdrops can serve as promising tools for increasing awareness regarding new crypto projects and adding more members to crypto projects. The following discussion presents a crypto airdrops list for 2022 with an overview of their functionalities. You can learn about the distinct advantages and highlights of each airdrop.

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Importance of Crypto Airdrops

crypto airdrops

Before you find a list of the best crypto airdrops, you must know about the importance of crypto airdrops. Many people would assume that crypto airdrops are basically free giveaways and could help in getting some free crypto. However, crypto airdrops have a broader objective beyond offering free cryptocurrencies or tokens to users. 

Crypto airdrops can imply the allocation of special privileges to users who have been associated with a specific project for a longer period of time. At the same time, the uncertainty of timing for crypto airdrops is one of the reasons why it is difficult to predict their value. Some crypto airdrops might be basically focused on introducing a new crypto token to the market without any immediate rewards for holders. 

Regardless of the objective, crypto airdrops in 2022 would become one of the significant choices for increasing exposure to new crypto projects. Most important of all, airdrops can get people talking about a new project with interest, thereby spreading word of mouth. As you can notice clearly, crypto airdrops are more than just a source for free crypto.

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Most Popular Crypto Airdrops in 2022

The interest in finding out more information about the most popular crypto airdrops has been growing recently. Here is an overview of some of the renowned crypto airdrops which made headlines in 2022. 

1. Tamadoge Air

Tamadoge Air

Tamadoge is a popular play-to-earn platform that has made it to the list of renowned crypto airdrops with its recent giveaway. The platform has planned a giveaway of $100,000 to one specific TAMA token holder. The condition for the crypto airdrop implies that the token holder must have over $100 associated with the token. Tamadoge qualifies for the top spot among answers to “What are the best crypto airdrops?” with a humongous reward. Participants in the Tamadoge airdrop would have to complete nine tasks alongside following the game on social media. 

The striking highlight of the Tamadoge airdrop is that it is one of the biggest airdrops in the world of crypto. Users can rely on the Telegram channel of Tamadoge to obtain frequent updates on upcoming airdrops by the project. Tamadoge is an exciting play-to-earn game with an initial supply of around 2 billion TAMA tokens. Players could feed or purchase toys for virtual pets in the game by using their in-game resources. The game offers rewards to players for taking care of their pets.    

2. Lucky Block

Lucky Block

The next addition among top crypto airdrop sites would refer to Lucky Block. It is practically a blockchain system based on the BSC chain and helps in conducting crypto and NFT tournaments. Smart contracts provide the benefits of governance for the crypto and NFT tournaments without any centralized human intervention. 

As a result, all players could enjoy a fair and secure gaming experience with Lucky Block. The platform has also hosted one of the most notable crypto airdrops in receiving times. You can stay updated about the latest and upcoming airdrops by registering on the official website of Lucky Block. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding new crypto airdrops on the official website. 

Most important of all, ownership of a Lucky Block NFT automatically guarantees your participation in the crypto airdrop. Known for the best crypto airdrops, Lucky Block NFTs can also enable your direct entry into the daily NFT lucky draws on the platform. Furthermore, Lucky Block also plans a special giveaway with a prize draw that would be conducted upon the sale of all the 10,000 NFTs. The special prize might include a $340,000 Lamborghini. Participants can enter the main crypto airdrop by buying a ticket for $5. 

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3. Metamask


The list of crypto airdrops in 2022 would also include some potential candidates who could mark a formidable impact. Metamask is the popular custodial wallet for millions of crypto users worldwide, with the facility for secure login alongside access to distinct private keys for users. Metamask can work as a token exchange or wallet, along with other functions for managing digital assets. The popularity of Metamask has increased by humongous margins in recent times, with more than 30 million active users associated with the platform. 

Metamask makes it to the list of top crypto airdrop sites expected to launch an airdrop soon for a specific reason. The popular crypto wallet extension might come up with its own cryptocurrency soon. Therefore, Metamask might conduct a crypto airdrop considering the radical growth in popularity of airdrops among new crypto projects. The creator of Metamask has explicitly pointed out the possibilities for the arrival of $MASK, the native cryptocurrency of Metamask itself. Considering the popularity of Metamask, you can expect a promising airdrop with the crypto wallet extension. 

4. StormGain


Another undermined player in the crypto airdrops list for 2022 would draw the limelight toward StormGain. The global cryptocurrency trading platform has helped users in purchasing, selling, and trading digital assets. StormGain has been able to garner more than a million new and experienced traders from all over the world. StormGain serves one of the most valuable crypto airdrops with distinct value in comparison to the free crypto tokens related to USD. Another significant highlight of the crypto airdrop with StormGain is the freedom from multiple complicated conditions to prove your eligibility. 

You can get one of the top crypto airdrops with StormGain by registering an account on the platform. New users can receive the 25 USDT airdrops on StormGain by registering for an account. The simplicity of the website helps new users avail of the free airdrop. However, you have to complete the necessary KYC verification to register your account on the platform.

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5. DeFiChain


The interesting additions among renowned crypto airdrops would also include choices like DeFiChain. It is an effective decentralized blockchain technology tailored to increase the effectiveness, transparency, and intelligence of DeFi services. The primary goal of DeFiChain revolves around ensuring comprehensive DeFi capabilities for the Bitcoin landscape. 

The decentralized blockchain technology platform made it to the answers to “What are the best crypto airdrops?” with its exclusive airdrop in late 2020. Users who had purchased Bitcoin through DeFiChain achieved eligibility for the airdrop. Bitcoin owners received 500 DFI tokens for each Bitcoin they purchased through DeFiChain. The decentralized finance platform helps investors in staking, lending or earning dividends on their crypto assets. DeFiChain is also giving out almost $30 worth of DFI tokens to new users, along with the assurance of an 11% bonus for an initial deposit on the platform.

6. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity

The collection of crypto platforms offering airdrops also includes notable mentions like Battle Infinity. It is a new metaverse game and has a promising future in the growth of web3 and decentralization. Battle Infinity has come up with an interesting plan for leveraging crypto airdrops to their advantage. The game offers crypto airdrops when it achieves certain pre-defined milestones in its plan. Interestingly, users don’t need ownership of the platform’s native currency, i.e., IBAT. 

In addition, Battle Infinity has also stipulated rewards for activities such as following the game on social media. Users can receive $3000 worth of IBAT crypto tokens for completing their tasks successfully. The game also plans on announcing its planned crypto airdrops on its own Telegram channel. With the help of IBAT airdrops, users can find an exclusive opportunity to join the metaverse project and explore the new potential.

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7. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

The most noticeable mentions in a crypto airdrops list would also include Brave Browser and its native utility token, BAT. A basic Attention Token or BAT is an exclusive resource for defining the future scope of the Brave Browser project. The mechanism of airdrops on Brave Browser depends on the distribution of funds among creators, distributors, and viewers of online marketing content and advertisements. One of the biggest highlights of the Brave Browser crypto airdrop points out the fact that BAT owners can receive 70% of the advertising revenue of the browser. 

The striking detail about Brave Browser airdrop is that you don’t need any complicated steps to participate in the airdrop. All you need to do is download the Brave browser, and you are ready to go. You can receive the necessary notifications regarding advertisements, which can help you in earning free BAT rewards during browsing.  

8. ViralCoin


The entries among the most popular crypto airdrops can also sneak in ViralCoin; a reliable DAO tailored for improving web3 accessibility. It serves as an accessible platform for making necessary payments for rent, video services, utilities, and many other expenses. You can look out for crypto airdrops with the DAO as it emphasizes helping holders make money through staking. The team behind ViralCoin has explicitly stated that the VIRAL tokens would not help in improving the network. On the contrary, it follows a unique mechanism for managing the liquidity pool alongside safeguarding smart contracts of the platform. 

9. Tidex


The examples of top crypto airdrop sites also focus on variety, as you can find the Tidex crypto exchange in this list. The London-based crypto exchange serves the flexibility for trading over 100 cryptocurrency pairs and 70 unique tokens. Users must note that the TDX token serves as the native token of the platform. Tidex serves a free crypto airdrop, which can help participants fetch almost 200 TDX tokens. Interestingly, Tidex has planned a huge reward pool, amounting to almost 20 million TDX for the crypto airdrop. 

Tidex follows the conventional method for crypto airdrops and requires users to complete certain tasks for airdrop rewards. The conditions and methods for participation in the airdrop make it easy for anyone to make the most of it. You have to register for an account on Tidex alongside completing the KYC procedure and depositing around $20 worth of cryptocurrency for participating in the airdrop.

10. PulseChain


The final addition among popular crypto airdrops in 2022 would refer to PulseChain. As a matter of fact, the project is an offshoot of the Ethereum blockchain. In comparison to the original Ethereum network, PulseChain offers better affordability, speed, and limited damage to the environment. 

Once the hard fork is complete, all the ERC-20 coins on Ethereum will be transferred to PulseChain. The PulseChain airdrop could garner a lot of attention, especially with an assessment of value. Users can claim eligibility for the next PulseChain airdrop with ownership of various ERC20 tokens and NFTs. Any user with ETH in their wallet would receive an airdrop of a corresponding number of PLS tokens. 

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Bottom Line 

The list of top crypto airdrops you must watch out for in 2022 showed many interesting examples and insights. Cryptocurrency airdrops have been painted as easy methods for getting free crypto through completing certain tasks. However, crypto airdrops have far-reaching implications beyond access to free crypto tokens or awareness about new crypto and decentralized projects. 

Airdrops are an essential mechanism for determining where users can dedicate their efforts to expanding a project. The growing demand for decentralization and the promise of free rewards with crypto airdrops can obviously draw in more users to the crypto ecosystem. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that crypto airdrops continue driving engagement from users in new projects. Learn more about the basics of crypto airdrops now.

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