Heard about the latest news about the brave web browser? Here’s the honest brave web browser review for you to make an unbiased opinion.

The value of the internet in connecting people all over the world is unquestionable. Advancements in computing and networking technology have provided us with the right tools to access the internet and the massive assortment of services available on it. So, how do you access the internet? A web browser, obviously! Which browser do you use? Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Apple’s Safari, there are many popular options among web browsers at your disposal. 

However, the search for an ideal “brave web browser review” definitely means that you have heard about the Brave browser. Does it offer something different than the other web browsers you have been using? Let us find the answers to your doubts about the latest entrant in the web browser sphere with a brave browser review in the following discussion.

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The Browser Wars

A few years ago, any new web browser would basically imply a few improvements over the existing web browsers. For example, developers introduced improved HTML/CSS rendering engines alongside a highly responsive JavaScript engine. In addition, developers also worked on improvements like interactive UI around the web browser. 

However, the competition among web browser engines has finally been put to rest with the introduction of the Chromium engine and also referred to as Blink; the Chromium engine powers the most popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Opera. The only exceptions among web browsers that don’t use Chromium engines are Apple’s Safari and Firefox. 

So, can you expect a different web browser engine with a brave browser download? Honestly, the Brave browser does not offer anything special in terms of the engine as it also leverages Blink. However, Brave browser has introduced many prolific improvements in other aspects, which we will explore in this review.

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What is the Brave Browser?brave web browser

First of all, it is important to learn a definition of Brave browser before you think about concerns such as “is Brave browser safe.” Brave is basically a free and open-source browser based on the Chromium engine. The brave browser focuses primarily on improving safety, privacy, and speed through blocking trackers. 

Furthermore, the Brave browser also presents a distinctive highlight with its unique approach towards ad display. Developed by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Firefox, Brave browser features a distinctive mark of credibility. 

With a clear impression of the fundamentals of Brave browser, it is reasonable to reflect on how it is different from other browsers. 

  • Browsing Experience without Ads

One of the foremost aspects which you would find after downloading a Brave browser APK is the basic concept underlying its design. The brave browser resolves a formidable issue with web browsers, which does not garner adequate attention. You have a diverse assortment of trackers, data collecting parasites, and cookies spread all over the internet. 

As a matter of fact, you would find that the use of cookies and trackers is quite common and standard practice. Brave browser points out that these elements are, in fact, responsible for slowing down our web browsing experience. On top of it, cookies, data collection parasites, and trackers also drain the batteries of devices you use for accessing the internet. As a result, users generally end up with higher data charges and costs for using the web. 

The most striking highlight in Brave browser benefits refers to the design which supports it natively, blocking the ads, trackers, and other elements responsible for collecting data. The “Brave Shield” feature is a common highlight in any Brave web browser review for its unique functionality. With the help of “Brave Shield,” you can choose if you want to block or allow trackers, ads, and cookies. In addition, you also have the option of removing the shield completely.

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  • Safety with Brave Browser

The next critical aspect in any review on Brave browser would directly point to “Is Brave a safe web browser?” as one of the prominent highlights in Brave’s pitch refers to security. The browser combats malware alongside preventing tracking, which helps in ensuring the safety of your information. Brave browser does not dive into the personal data of users as its servers do not see or store browsing data. On the contrary, the browsing data remains private on the user’s devices. So, it is quite clear that the Brave browser could not sell user data to external third parties. 

You can also find your answer for “is brave browser safe” with the ideal blend of simplicity and security. The brave browser offers default settings for blocking malvertising, phishing, and malware. In addition, Brave also disables plugins by default, thereby strengthening the security of user data. 

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  • Privacy Features

Another important highlight in a Brave browser review would obviously refer to privacy. With the introduction of DuckDuckGo and Tor in the private window mode of Brave browser, users can find better scope for privacy. For example, Tor enables users to hide their history as well as mask their location. Tor helps in routing the internet connection of a user through different servers with high encryption for each jump.

DuckDuckGo brings the value of privacy in Brave browser benefits from a different perspective. The mainstream search engines such as Bing and Google generally collect data from user searches, which is unacceptable for privacy. On the other hand, DuckDuckGo helps in preventing other search engines from gaining information about your searches. 

  • User Attention

Brave browser has also introduced a prolific reform in the model for managing user attention. The generic fact with a Brave browser download is an emphasis on freedom from advertisements. As we all know by now, the basic design of the Brave browser focuses on ads as an intrusive element in user experience. 

Therefore, Brave has implemented a ledger system and a cryptocurrency for defining a new perspective on user attention. The ledger system would capture user attention anonymously while ensuring that the user’s data does not leave the browser’s local storage. The cryptocurrency employed in the basic design of Brave browser is the Basic Attention Token or BAT

The brave browser offers the flexibility for users to select whether they want to see ads or not. Interestingly, the ads are delivered on Brave through notifications. Users receive rewards for attention to the ads with BAT tokens. The best highlight about the user attention model in a Brave web browser review would refer to better targeting for advertisers. As a result, advertisers could experience better ROI for reaching the right audience. The money of advertisers goes directly to Brave, and the browser distributes almost 70% of the money to users. 

Publishers also find a promising space in the user attention model with Brave browser. Content creators could receive BAT donations from readers, subscribers, followers, and fans. Publishers or content creators could receive such donations as one-time payments or in a recurring manner. 

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Some Important Points to Consider 

The Brave browser obviously presents a lot of valuable advantages as a new web browser. However, it is also important to take a look at the concerns associated with a Brave browser APK before you actually download it. It is not necessary that something available for free would not have any downsides for you. For example, you need to consider the fact that the Brave browser does not disable the largest trackers by default. One of the prominent examples of such trackers would refer to social media trackers. So, users would have to disable the social media trackers on their own. 

Another important aspect in a Brave web browser review would refer to the multitude of features. While it is reasonable to find positive implications with the facility of a lot of features of the Brave browser, you would not be using many of them. For example, you may not want to use the crypto wallet or the torrent client. However, such features are optional, and you could choose not to download them if you want to save storage space. 

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Final Thoughts

Brave browser has introduced a completely new concept in terms of design for a web browser. The most prominent highlight in this Brave browser review focuses on how Brave has successfully addressed one of the common issues for web users. Brave browser has restricted a load of ads, cookies, and trackers as well as other data collecting elements on users. On top of it, the Brave browser also offers formidable improvements in security and privacy with enhanced features. 

Furthermore, it has also revised the conventional approach for capturing user attention while introducing massive improvements in user experience. On the other hand, the Brave browser is still in the stages of infancy and has a long way to go. Explore the features of the Brave browser now and check out whether it works for you or not!

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