We recently covered EOS in our beginner’s guide section. We discussed what EOS is, its advantages, its basic work model and so on. However, we never mentioned the top 5 EOS dApps. In this article, we will do just that.

EOS is a decentralized platform that works similar to Ethereum. This means it can be used to create dApps. EOS also has smart contracts that can be coded to run on the platform. EOS as a platform shows great promise and is at par with the likes of similar platforms such as Ethereum.

So, what differentiates it from Ethereum? According to the developers, it is way faster than Ethereum. With it, 50,000 transactions per second can be done by developers. On top of that, the transactions are free of cost. The EOS platform was promising from the start, but it started getting attention after DAWN 2.0 is released. The biggest positive point of the platform is that none other than Don Laimer built it. He is a cryptocurrency expert. He has already developed two successful cryptocurrency project, Steem and BitShares.

One more thing that makes EOS a great choice for developers is that it supports scalability to a new level. Now that we have covered some basic feature-set of EOS, let’s explore the top 5 EOS  decentralized applications.

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Top 5 EOS dApps 

1. Everipedia

Have you thought of a blockchain application that shares information without any cost? Well, welcome Everpedia, a dApp built on top of EOS. It is an online wiki and is aimed to take advantage of the blockchain technology. It has already claimed the top 10,000 websites in the world and is slowing slowly. It aims to be the supreme collection of information where you can find everything about anything. It is an education app that builds knowledge and scope of learning. Unlike Wikipedia, it is decentralized and ensures pure transparency.

2. Plactal

Plactal aims to solve the advertisement problem with the help of blockchain. It is a decentralized advertising platform aimed at mobile game industry. It aims to provide advertisement opportunities to the marketers and publishers without the involvement of any 3rd party. This also means that there are no 3rd party fees. Moreover, it is built on top of the EOS platform, making it efficient and scalable. Other than that the gamers also get advantage from playing games. They are incentivized and hence improve the growth of the game companies.

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3. Tokenika

Tokenika is another interesting project that takes advantages of EOS platform. Tokenika aims to build apps and services for the EOS platform so that it becomes easy for the anyone to deploy projects on the blockchain. Their EOS block production will support the EOS community and help it scale whenever needed. It also has a server infrastructure that aims to scale when needed. It is robust as well. They also released new command line interface that works on top of EOS and makes it easy to manage and deploy EOS dApps.

4. Ono

Ono is our last EOS application. It is a decentralized social network built on EOS. It is aimed towards new generation where every activity is incentivized. You can join the referendum and gain tokens while being part of the amazing community. Just like any social networking platform, Ono also heavily favors communication, share and other key activities that make Ono a unique experience.

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5. Scatter

Scatter also grabbed our attention as one of the important EOS projects. It lets users sign transactions and also let them share data without the need of exposing keys or other key information during Ethereum and EOS blockchain interaction with web applications.


This brings us to the end of the top 5 EOS dapps. EOS is an excellent platform with capabilities similar to or better than Ethereum.

If you think that we missed a popular EOS dApp, then don’t forget to comment below and let us know.

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