The world is preparing for web3, and so should you, with our new Solidity Fundamentals course launched recently. We are excited about the latest addition to our massive collection of courses for blockchain training. The new Solidity course will help you build skills in the most popular smart contract development language. 

This solidity course by Gimer Cervera (Blockchain Engineer, PhD in Computer Science) is self-paced training course with an in-depth guide on Solidity programming with practical training. If you want to build a career in blockchain or a career in web3 technologies, you can rely on our new course for developing essential Solidity skills. Let us show you some of the important highlights of our new Solidity course.

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Solidity Fundamentals Course

The Solidity course launched recently on 101 Blockchains is a fundamental level course that helps you familiarize with the basics of the smart contract programming language. It has been tailored with specific attention to the learning needs of beginners as well as experts. The course is a promising resource for anyone interested in learning the skills for developing smart contracts. With the help of a modular design, our new Solidity course online delivers a flexible learning experience. You can figure out the value of our new Solidity course as you uncover more details about it.

Target Audience for Solidity Fundamentals Course

The use of Solidity as the popular choice for building dApps and smart contracts is one of the reasons to learn the language. In addition, continuously expanding sets of new features also make Solidity a trustworthy choice for developers. However, it is important to figure out whether you can gain anything from the Solidity blockchain course before enrolling in the course. Here is an outline of the target audience for our new Solidity course. 

  • People are seeking knowledge regarding smart contract development.
  • Software developers and engineers are interested in learning skills for developing decentralized applications.
  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs are trying to shape new business ideas with Solidity.
  • Blockchain professionals are aspiring to develop their skills and knowledge in smart contracts.

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Basic Details about Solidity Fundamentals Course

The most evident topic of interest for you right now must be what the new course has to offer you. Will it deal with Solidity basics only? What are the topics you would get to learn in the new Solidity course? Let us find the answers with an outline of the learning objectives. After completing the course, you will have,

  • In-depth understanding of the process of smart contract development and deployment on Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Fluency in the basic concepts, working principles, and features of Solidity.
  • Skills for using Remix IDE for scripting code in Solidity as well as smart contract compilation and deployment.

The learning objectives showcase how our new course can qualify as one of the best Solidity courses for beginners and professionals alike. You can also capitalize on the benefits of a modular course structure to familiarize with different topics in the course easily. The distinctively arranged modules for various components of Solidity can help learners establish a better connection between the topics. Apart from the facility of a coherent learning experience throughout the course, learners can also find demos and interactive exercises in the course.

Important Topics Covered in the Course

The new Solidity Fundamentals course launched recently gives you one of the reliable resources to start learning Solidity. Here are the topics you will find in our new Solidity course. 

  • Introduction to Solidity
  • Data types, control flow, operators, and variables
  • Scope and visibility of functions and data structures
  • Methods for ETH transfer in Solidity transactions
  • Inheritance, interfaces, and libraries

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How Can Solidity Fundamentals Course Help You?

The latest addition in our list of courses can not only help you learn Solidity fundamentals but also the best practices for using it. Here are some of the notable reasons to choose the new Solidity Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains. 

  • Training by Industry Expert

101 Blockchains has always emphasized the quality of training resources to help learners achieve their objectives. The latest Solidity course launched on our platform also brings you the assurance of training by an expert with years of experience in blockchain engineering. The course gives you a flexible avenue for gaining access to the insights learned by the expert over the course of their professional journey. 

  • Flexibility in Learning

The next valuable advantage of our new Solidity course online is the flexibility of learning. You don’t have to worry about time restrictions for completing the course or rushing the process of learning. On the contrary, the course is accessible through different types of devices with an internet connection. You can access the on-demand video lectures without any special conditions, thereby enabling better flexibility in your learning. The lack of any deadlines ensures that you can cover each and every module comprehensively with attention to every detail. 

  • Relevant Learning Objectives

The biggest value benefit of best Solidity courses is always evident in the range of topics they cover. With our new course, you can learn exactly what is needed to use Solidity for programming smart contracts. On top of it, the detailed coverage of different components and functions of Solidity alongside the use of Remix IDE serves as valuable highlights in the course. Learners can use the course to develop skills that would actually help them create and deploy smart contracts. Most important of all, the guidance of an expert and facility of round-the-clock support back up your learning experience effectively.

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Get Ready to Learn Solidity Fundamentals

The details of the new Solidity blockchain course can help you figure out how it can serve value-based benefits. You can find a self-paced training course that does not force you to speed up your Solidity training just for the sake of it. At the same time, our new Solidity course is as simple as it can get with an organized list of modules. 

The demos and interactive exercises in the training course also deliver promising advantages for learners as they can learn about applications of Solidity. Most important of all, an industry expert as your instructor is definitely a positive highlight for every learner. Learn more about the course and start preparing for Solidity smart contract development now.

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