The speed of change in digital technologies has brought the possibilities for bridging the gaps between the physical and virtual worlds. Over the course of recent years, the technology landscape around us has been changing in ways never imagined before. For example, digital art pieces are selling for millions of dollars, and people are purchasing virtual real estate. Concepts such as NFTs and metaverse have become mainstream topics of discussion among technology experts. Therefore, the attention to questions like “What is Otherside Metaverse” has been growing by huge margins recently. The Otherside metaverse is one of the prominent examples of how web3 applications could lead to the development of new solutions within the community. The following discussion offers an introduction to Otherside metaverse alongside a detailed overview of its special highlights and work. 

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What is the Otherside Metaverse?

The Otherside metaverse is a virtual world developed as an online multiplayer game associated profoundly with the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. It has been created by Yuga Labs and serves as an immersive gaming experience in the MMORPG model. The founders of Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club marked their entry into the metaverse with an initial capital funding of $4.5 million for the Otherside metaverse. The success of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, along with the exclusive benefits in these NFT collections, served as the necessary impetus for Otherside. 

One of the common highlights in discussions on the Otherside metaverse explained clearly refers to its similarity to other metaverse platforms. The Otherside metaverse is the same as Decentraland or Sandbox in terms of design. It offers the immersive experience of a virtual world where users can build different experiences and interact with other users. The metaverse features the facility for investing and earning rewards through the native Otherdeeds token. The Otherdeeds token represents virtual land in the metaverse, which users can purchase and sell. Otherside metaverse relies on the native currency, i.e. APE, for purchasing lands alongside other assets in the metaverse platform. 

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The Vision for Otherside Metaverse

An introduction to the Otherside metaverse would be incomplete without reflecting on the vision underlying the project. The founders of Yuga Labs have a completely different perspective on developing the metaverse platform. The Otherside founders want to build it as something more than the general metaverse platforms, with a focus on interaction. As a matter of fact, the founders have claimed that Otherside would try to serve as the new frontier for digital-human interaction. The collaboration with Animoca Brands has also served as a powerful boost for the project’s vision of creating a large virtual ecosystem offering ownership of virtual real estate through NFTs

In addition, the project also plans on turning NFTs in the Otherside metaverse into playable characters. The project offered 4500 owners of Otherdeeds NFT a glimpse into the Otherside metaverse and its offerings. Users participated in the Otherside metaverse in the form of avatars as they followed a giant Bored Ape into the portal. The portal led users to a Biogenic Swamp in the metaverse, which allows users to interact with the surroundings. Users can explore different functionalities of the avatars, such as dancing, running, and many other tasks. The founders released a teaser in March 2022 featuring a creative narrative around CryptoPunks, a Bored Ape, and many other elements. 

However, Yuga Labs have not offered any specifics about the Otherside metaverse experience. As of now, developers have pointed out that the platform would feature a natural voice chat facility without any bandwidth or latency problems by leveraging machine learning algorithms. The founders believe that the community’s power would drive the Otherside metaverse’s growth. The Otherside metaverse would empower users and help them tap into the potential for creativity in developing meaningful experiences throughout the virtual realm. In addition, Otherdeed owners could also make the most of ‘playtests’ to determine the latest developments’ eligibility. 

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Important Components in the Working of Otherside Metaverse

Before you try to look for “how does Otherside metaverse work”, you must identify the essential components in the metaverse, you must note that APE or ApeCoin and Otherdeed NFTs are the primary components in the working of Otherside. At the same time, you would also encounter digital creatures, known as Kodas, within the metaverse. Here is a brief overview of these components and their role in the Otherside metaverse. 

  • ApeCoin

ApeCoin, or APE is the ERC-20 token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. The cryptocurrency has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain, with functionalities for serving governance and native utilities in BAYC. Any individual interested in purchasing virtual land in the Otherside metaverse has to make the payment using ApeCoin. As of now, the role of APE in the Otherside metaverse is not clear. On the other hand, the broader privileges of ApeCoin owners in the BAYC ecosystem could enable exclusive benefits within the Otherside metaverse.

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  • Otherdeeds

The most crucial component in the working of Otherside metaverse is Otherdeeds. The Otherdeeds NFT represents the virtual plots of land within the Otherside metaverse and are dynamic in nature. You can figure out Otherdeed NFTs as dynamic NFTs featuring an assortment of different elements of the game. All the Otherdeeds feature a distinct collection of resources for the metaverse experience. As dynamic NFTs, the traits of Otherdeed NFTs could change according to the activities of users in the game. The facility of dynamic traits opens up the doors for adding or removing assets from virtual land parcels. As a result, the Otherdeed NFTs present the foundation for a secondary marketplace within the metaverse. 

The details of Otherside Metaverse explained clearly would also shed light on the five primary traits for the Otherdeed NFTs. Two of the five main traits are common and generally fixed as the substrate for the metaverse. The five traits are environment, sediment, resources, artifact, and Koda. The environment and sediment in the Otherdeed plot depict the natural surroundings and describe the nature of the plot. On top of it, users can find dynamic resources, which they can add or remove from their virtual plot of land. However, Artifacts and Kodas are the rarest assets and could increase the value of virtual Otherdeed plots.

  • Kodas

The massive ecosystem in the Otherside metaverse has been created to house Kodas, the unique beings that served as Otherside’s foundation. Yuga Labs describes them as creatures that helped users travel to the Otherside. In addition, the existing narrative around Kodas is considerably vague, especially considering the suspense around the Otherside metaverse. However, it is clear that Kodas are inherently associated with the Otherside land, and developers have asked users to tread cautiously when they encounter one. Apparently, Kodas could be found in only 10% of all the Otherdeed plots. 

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Special Highlights of Otherside Metaverse

The overview of important components of the Otherside metaverse provides an explanation for “how does Otherside metaverse work“, albeit without any specifics. With only a selected group of participants having an experience of what the Otherside metaverse offers, it is difficult to point out how exactly it would work. However, the most striking highlight of the Otherside metaverse is the vision for developing an immersive and interactively engaging platform with an interesting storyline for the game. As a metaverse game, Otherside wants to stand out by pursuing goals for bridging the gap between human and machine interaction. What does the Otherside metaverse have to offer beyond the promise of an immersive, virtual reality gaming experience? Here is an outline of the different highlights which separate the Otherside metaverse from other similar platforms. 

Highlights of Otherside Metaverse

  • Different Types of Otherdeed Plots

The integral component of the Otherside metaverse, i.e. the Otherdeeds NFT collection, brings the advantages of dynamic NFTs to the table. Users can explore different types of land perks with Otherdeeds, which can be divided into five different domains. The five types of plots include Infinite Expanse, Biogenic Swamp, Chemical Goo, Rainbow Atmos, and Cosmic Dream. Each of these land types has different levels of rarity and individual rewards. For example, Biogenic Swamp is the rarest variant of virtual land in the Otherside metaverse, while Infinite Expanse is the most common. 

As of now, the project has defined 200,000 Otherdeeds in total, and half of them are presently in distribution. In addition, 10,000 Otherdeeds were reserved for BAYC holders, while 20,000 were reserved for MAYC holders. Furthermore, developers working on Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse received 15,000 Otherdeeds in total. The Otherdeed NFTs not only expand the explanation for “What is Otherside Metaverse” but also provide a seamless ecosystem with its own economy. Every land parcel in the metaverse features its resources and could also contain unique artifacts one could not create normally. Examples of artifacts include sulfuric land or volcanic land, which are very rare and could have Kodas as the guards for the lands. 

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  • Engaging Storyline

The description of the Otherside metaverse explained the introduction of an immersive and interactively engaging storyline for the game. It has been developed with an interesting myth and backstory regarding Kodas, with an element of surprise. Interestingly, the developers have maintained suspense regarding the storyline without settling for anything specific. The basic storyline of the Otherside metaverse game revolves around Kodas serving as the magical celestial beings who introduce users to the Otherside. In addition, the storyline has also kept the nature of Kodas under mystery. While the Kodas can appear as cute little creatures, the developers have warned users to be careful when they encounter one. What are the Kodas capable of? All of these elements craft up an intriguing storyline for the Otherside metaverse. 

  • Collaboration with Improbable

The strategic collaboration of the Otherside metaverse with Improbable would help in improving ‘how does Otherside metaverse work‘ with technical advancements. With this partnership, Otherside could build the virtual experience on the M2 network to help users create their avatars and design their experiences in the metaverse. The support of the M2 network can help Otherside in supporting thousands of players playing the game at one time. Such an interesting improvement definitely separates Otherside from other metaverse platforms, which restrict the number of users to reduce the pressure on the network. 

On the other hand, the Otherside metaverse can leverage Morpheus technology to facilitate over 30FPS high-resolution experiences. In addition, Otherside also plans on passing the capabilities of rendering different avatars simultaneously alongside introducing new forms of animation. The partnership of Otherside with Improbable would also encourage participants to build new game experiences and environments, which could support a lot of users simultaneously. 

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  • Significance of APE 

The role of ApeCoin or APE is still under wraps in any outline for “What is Otherside metaverse”, albeit with specific references to its governance privileges. APE token owners have the privilege of voting on the community decisions regarding different components such as project selection, the definition of rules, and the allocation of funds. All the decisions for the Otherside metaverse and its future would follow the DAO-based model. In addition, the APE token also serves as a unique highlight for the Otherside metaverse with additional utilities beyond governance. For example, APE token owners could access exclusive merchandise, features, games, and events. 

  • Open Data Kits

The most crucial highlight in answers to “how does Otherside metaverse work” would focus on Open Data Kits. Users could depend on an Open Data Kit for developing games through the Otherside metaverse. Just like other metaverse platforms, Otherside also focuses on user-generated content alongside encouraging users to create and shape new experiences. The ODKs offer access to different crucial tools such as manufacturing and authoring tools, resource trading facilities, and moderation checks. 

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Bottom Line

The Otherside metaverse is a new metaverse platform associated directly with the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. It has come up with a unique vision to empower users with a powerful set of tools to develop the metaverse. The Otherside metaverse explained a new perspective on improving digital-human interaction. As the metaverse platform is new, many details about its components and working are still under wraps. However, the reputation of the founders and intriguing marketing campaigns for the Otherside metaverse present favorable opportunities for its growth. Learn more about the Otherside metaverse and applications of NFTs now.

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