Just like any other industry, the contribution of women is notable in the Blockchain industry. This women’s day, let’s recall the 10 notable women in Blockchain industry and appreciate their contribution. 

The role of women in the progress of society and mankind is unquestionable. The whole world celebrates the spirit of womanhood on the 8th of March every year as International Women’s Day. Women’s Day is more than just a global event as it celebrates the various political, social, cultural, and economic achievements of women. 

Most important of all, the day calls for speeding up the global initiative to achieve gender equality. As Women’s Day 2021 approaches near, it is reasonable to consider the role of women in blockchain. The blockchain ecosystem is slowly expanding, thereby leading to the need for focusing on leaders and experts in the industry. 

Therefore, it is reasonable to look for the involvement of influential women in blockchain for ensuring the long-term and sustainable growth of the blockchain industry. Most important of all, the social importance of engaging women in blockchain projects showcases the crucial role of women in the blockchain industry. 

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Role of  Women in Blockchain Industry

Since the beginning of the blockchain industry, women in blockchain have played key roles in strengthening the technology’s global influence. Women have contributed to the expansion of the blockchain industry alongside supporting the capabilities for maintaining continuous development and exceptional levels of success. 

Women have been slowly gaining dominance in the tech sector as women presently hold around 20% of jobs in the domain of technology. Interestingly, around 17.7% of startups in the field of tech have a female founder. On the other hand, the participation of women in blockchain technology has been considerably low. 

Presently, only 5% of women are involved in the crypto sector with contributions in the roles of investors, developers, and founders. On the contrary, male community engagement is higher in the field of blockchain. Such numbers clearly draw attention to the necessity of changing the current social standing of the blockchain industry. 

The world needs influential women in blockchain for the following reasons,

  1. Better communication skills of women
  2. Better community-building skills of women
  3. Initiatives by women in the crypto space
  4. Need for a balance in the blockchain ecosystem
  5. Benefits of social media talent of women for the blockchain community

Exciting News for Women’s Day 2021

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Leading Women in Blockchain Industry 

If you are doubtful about the feasibility of entering the blockchain industry as a woman, then you must learn from example. Here are some of the top leading women in blockchain, and their achievements can show you how women can also excel in the blockchain industry. 

1. Rebecca Liao

Rebecca Liao Rebecca Liao is one of the examples of women in blockchain with promising results in terms of business excellence. She is the co-founder and COO at Skuchain, a leading blockchain company offering an end-to-end platform for supply chain and trade management. 

Rebecca also holds the credential as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer for 2019. Before her stint with Skuchain, Rebecca worked as Director of Business Development and Head of Asia for Globality, an AI-based international marketplace for services.

Among the many notable achievements in her purse, Rebecca Liao also served as a foreign policy advisor for the 2016 presidential campaign of Secretary Hillary Clinton. In addition, she also contributes regular pieces in the New York Times, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and Financial Times. 

2. Alisa DiCaprio

Alisa Dicaprio Alisa DiCaprio is another example of leading women in blockchain industry. She is presently working as the Head of Trade and Supply Chain for R3. Alisa takes care of trade strategy, governance design, and standards with a focus on building out finance, mobility, and logistics. In her previous role at the Asian Development Bank, Alisa was involved in leading initiatives for innovation, trade finance, regional integration, and the digital economy. 

Most important of all, Alisa enjoys experience in public as well as private sectors for trade, labor issues, export promotion alongside design and implementation of development projects. With a formidable track record in spearheading enterprise initiatives and active involvement in the blockchain space, Alisa DiCaprio is definitely one of the top women in blockchain.

3. Samantha Pelosi

Samatha Pelosi Samantha Pelosi is also one of the names you would come across when looking for notable women in blockchain. She is presently serving as the Senior Vice President for Payments and Innovation at BAFT since 2016. In addition, Samantha draws a major share of her expertise from her stints with the Federal Reserve Board, the US Treasury Department, and Travelex. 

She has shown promising skills as a collaborative and proactive leader capable of leveraging the emerging trends in the industry. In addition, Samantha Pelosi has also served in various functional roles spanning government affairs, public policy, strategic advisor, and legal and regulatory counsel in the past. 

4. Wendy Henry

Wendy Henry If you are looking for a list of top women in blockchain, you might come across the name of Wendy Henry. Managing director and GPS Blockchain Lead at Deloitte, Wendy brings decades of industry experience for guiding clients to better enterprise value.

Wendy Henry is profoundly involved with clients for understanding emerging technology and its use with existing environments for achieving business value. She is presently helping many clients with blockchain implementation and discovering opportunities for capturing value through using blockchain in the Government and Public Service (GPS) practice of Deloitte.

5. Emmanuelle Ganne

Emmanuelle Ganne Emmanuelle Ganne is an international trade expert and a senior analysis in the economic research department of WTO. She is easily one of the best women in blockchain ecosystem due to her work with WTO on the blockchain.

The major share of Emmanuelle’s work in blockchain focuses on intellectual property, trade finance, transport and logistics, and border procedures. She is also an avid blockchain enthusiast, with the book ‘Can blockchain revolutionize international trade?’ to her credit. 

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6. Leanne Kemp

Leanne Kemp Leanne Kemp, the founder, and CEO of Everledger is also one of the leading women in blockchain for her exceptional achievement in fostering transparency across global supply chains. Under her leadership, Everledger has more than 75 employees with operations in more than 5 global locations.

Furthermore, she also has the experience of working with the World Economic Forum as an inaugural member of the Global Future Council on Blockchain. 

7. Krystal Webber

Krystal Webber The Global Design & Strategy Leader at IBM Blockchain Services, Krystal Webber, has profound experience in specialties of blockchain and blockchain network design. Furthermore, she also specializes in enterprise design thinking.

Krystal also focuses on the factors of usability, human-oriented digital strategy, team leadership, user experience, and digital product management. The experience of Krystal as a Global Design Lead makes her eligible entry among the top influential women in blockchain. 

8. Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve Leveille Genevieve Leveille also deserves her place among the best women in blockchain due to her innovative entrepreneurial traits. She is the CEO of Agriledger, which is a blockchain systems provider tailored for agriculture. Agriledger aims to revolutionize the agricultural supply and value chains all over the world by leveraging distributed ledger technology.

Genevieve is also the Co-Chair for Distributed Ledger Technologies Working Group at techUK and an advisory board member at InnovatorsBox. In addition, she is also a mentor for the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition or BSIC incubator program. 

9. Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson Rachel Wolfson is known basically for her skills in journalism and English as an editorial professional. In addition, she also makes it among the top women in blockchain with ease. She is a regular writer on blockchain and crypto topics for Forbes.

In addition, she also hosts her own podcast titled ‘The Crypto Chick’ to initiate discussions on the blockchain. The Next Web has named her among the top five women striving to reform the crypto landscape.

10. Mary C. Hall

Mary C Hall Mary C. Hall is presently serving as the Director of Blockchain Product Marketing at Consensys. She is responsible for supervising the marketing initiatives for the Quorum blockchain product of Consensys. At the same time, she also has to supervise over diligence in the process of smart contract auditing.

Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Brand and Category Development, Lead Generation, Field Marketing are her other areas of interest. Her passion for blockchain technology has also helped her earn recognition as the best influencer on tech and blockchain from Onalytica Research. 

Bottom Line

On a concluding note, it is evidently visible that women in blockchain are playing a crucial role in the industry. The impact of blockchain would slowly influence many industries in the future. So, women are expected to have a considerable role in speeding up the blockchain revolution. The existing number of women in tech-related fields is definitely a setback for the blockchain industry. 

However, it does not imply that gender inequality will prevail continuously in the blockchain industry. On the eve of International Women’s Day, take the initiative to drive the participation of women in the blockchain industry. We at 101 Blockchains, salute all the women and their contribution to the Blockchain industry. Explore the details of our Membership Plan, which comes out on Women’s Day this year!     

More Power to Women!